Hiccup has PTSD after Shell Shocked Part 2 (RTTE S5 Theory)

Okay, so this is a really interesting theory I’ve developed with my most recent re-watch of RTTE Season 4. I’m going to go ahead and apologize because I have no idea how to do that “Keep Reading” thing, and this is going to be long.

So the last two episodes of RTTE Season 4 was named Shell Shocked Parts 1 and 2. Shell Shock was actually the word for PTSD before science declared it a disorder. For those of you who don’t know, PTSD is a mental disorder that is “triggered after either witnessing or experiencing a terrifying event.” 

The name for Viggo’s operation was “Operation Shell-Fire” not “Operation Shell-Shock” It would make no sense from a writing perspective to name these episodes “Shell Shocked” unless they were planning to give a character Shell Shock.

But what event would give Hiccup Shell Shock? A lot of very stressful events occurred during both Shell Shocked parts 1 and 2, but I think we can all agree that the most stressful event for Hiccup was when Viggo held Astrid at Axe - point and demanded Hiccup choose between her and his future or the Dragon Eye. Hiccup, not wanting Viggo to have the Dragon Eye back but also not wanting to loose Astrid, threw the Dragon Eye into the volcano nearby. Viggo chased after it and fell into the volcano, screaming Hiccup’s name once he started to fall. Soon after Viggo’s death (Since we now know Viggo survived we can’t deny how traumatic an experience that must have been for Hiccup just seeing it) we see the volcano on the Edge explode, more than likely taking Hiccup’s home away from home and burning it to the ground. And if the Edge survived, several dragons must have gotten hurt. 

I don’t have a link or anything (Sorry about that, and because I don’t have a link I don’t expect anyone to take my word on it) but I remember an interview where Douglas Sloan and Art Brown - the head writers of the show - said that the last 3 episodes would have the most emotional tests for Hiccup. That is something worth noting.

The show has increasingly been getting darker anyway. Remember Enemy of My Enemy? The Snotlout Anxiety Episode? Midnight Scrum? Berk nearly dying of starvation in Dire Straights?

Now, we all know that Viggo had plenty of deep quotes from Maces and Talons Parts 1 and 2 that foreshadowed future events, the most popular being the one where Viggo says “Black and white can become gray so easily.” However, there is one quote from Viggo that never seemed to connect to anything, until now. In Maces and Talons Part 1, Viggo takes Heather to an edge in his camp and he tells her “A man will never know how far he’s willing to go until he steps to the edge and looks down.” There hasn’t been any other moment in the show that I can recall where a character symbolically does this, except in Shell Shocked Part 2, where Hiccup runs to the edge of the volcano, looks down and says, “It didn’t have to end this way.” That was Hiccup’s moment where he realized how far he really went, and how far he was willing to go.

The Shell Shocked person might have been Viggo since we know he survived. Falling into the volcano must have been traumatic for him too.

But I don’t think so.

It does make sense for it to be Hiccup because it would 100% explain why he is so anti-violence in HTTYD2. From what I have been seeing around the fandom, all theories on how Hiccup became the strong supporter of peace in HTTYD2 revolves around Hiccup realizing that he can change anyone’s mind about dragons by giving them a flight. It worked with Astrid, Stoick, kind of Dagur, Mala, and the other teens in Hiccup’s gang. But what if the real reason he is so anti-violence is for a much darker reason? Part of the definition of PTSD or Shell Shock, is to “avoid situations that bring back the trauma”. If Hiccup never goes into another conflict with violence, then what happened to Viggo won’t ever happen again. No one has to die (or nearly die) from any decision Hiccup made. 

Also: The show is no stranger to giving a character a mental problem, for lack of a better word. In one episode, Snotlout was super paranoid about not being important enough for the gang, thanks to his father’s words. In that episode, Snotlout had some extreme anxiety and was very insecure. And after seeing Midnight Scrum (let’s talk about how violent that episode was), I wouldn’t be shocked if they continued along such a dark path for Hiccup. Especially remembering that Hiccup jumped at Grump’s explosion at the beginning of How to Train Your Dragon 2. Maybe the sound of the explosion took him somewhere in his past.

But that is just my theory and while I’m not sure I like this route that the show has the opportunity to take right now, I can’t deny that it is completely possible and probable.

Also, I am certainly no expert on PTSD and if I mentioned anything in the above that is inaccurate to the diagnosis, please tell me so that I may remove or edit that section.

If you read this far, thank you! I know my thoughts were all over the place, so you might not have understood a word. But thank you for your time! 


Orla wasn’t wrong, of course. But what she didn’t realize about Blue and her boys was that they were all in love with one another. She was no less obsessed with them than they were with her, or one another, analyzing every conversation and gesture, drawing out every joke into a longer and longer running gag, spending each moment either with one another or thinking about when next they would be with one another. Blue was perfectly aware that it was possible to have a friendship that wasn’t all-encompassing, that wasn’t blinding, deafening, maddening, quickening. It was just that now that she’d had this kind, she didn’t want the other.

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What do you do to make your art not boring? Some advise to tell stories or to just draw what you like, but I'm not sure what I like to begin with. I feel like what I draw may look correct technically, but it lacks personality (or something like that). Tips?

I felt that way about my work for a long time, too. I got really gungho about ‘learning the rules first’ before breaking them – but I took it a little far in school. I realized I had a bunch of technical skill but no voice. What helped me to develop it, albeit a little late, was to look back on all the media and art that inspired me – the works that really left an impression on me and kind of reminded me of why I wanted to become an artist.

I took it from there and kind of developed a style that tried to, at first, emulate all that – and eventually it kind of grew into its own thing.

Hope that helps!

Got a long, loooooooooong overdue haircut so I can feel like me again. I was mostly growing it out out of laziness and a misplaced sense that getting older means I should try to look more square. I’ve never had that feeling before so I don’t know where it came from. I did not tell my hairdresser that this haircut is the one that makes me feel most ‘like me’, whatever that means, but when she asked if I was sure I was like 'yes, god, it’s all I’ve thought about for months.’ It was. And in 11 days we dye it pink! Fuck square, I guess.

If I look extra tired it’s because it’s been an extra hard week and I am.

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Two things: One, are you excited for the Marichat balcony scene in Season two? And two, do you think you could do a quick sketch on how you think the scene will play out? :3

Of course i am. It’s one of the things im looking forward the most. 

Eh about the sketch. Tbh i dont think i could, There are too many reason why that scene is happening and i would prefer to see what the writers have planned for it. Speculating is fun, but i’d prefer to be surprised. Sure i can say stuff like they are very comfortable with each other there and it seems a semi-serious moment but otherwise i’d just stay with those thoughts and wait for the episode when it happens. 


I seriously spent too much time on this (not really but it sure damn felt like I did;;;) Anyways! I just wanted to say hello to my new followers!! ❤ ❤ ❤ My name is Ruby and I want y’all to know that y’all can feel free to send me a msg or an ask anytime about anything, anytime. ❤ ❤ ❤ 

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So you guys may know that I’m not really a shipper. Sure, I have couples I like and characters I wish ended up together, but I rarely get involved in the whole shipping thing. But the two MC from the book I’m reading right now? They. Are. Killing. Me. I need me some fluff. I can’t even.
(The book is La mémoire de Babel and y'all lucky it wasn’t translated in English or I’d bother you all and make you read it)

The stress effect....

I don’t know if it happens to anyone else but I have this thing that I call the stress effect. Every single time I am really suffering from work and personal anxiety and stress, if I take a couple of weeks off it hits me like a truck the first two or three days. It never fails, the first 2 days I could sleep all day. Yesterday I had a 2 hr nap in the afternoon and today I slept for 5hrs. I still feel like I could sleep for another 10 hrs.

I’m sure I will feel like myself tomorrow but for now I will sleep and relax and let my body and mind heal.


willas tyrell; kindness

Request: Can you do some Willas Tyrell fluff? The reader is a Stark and let’s pretend everyone is happy and live and her family goes to Highgarden and they meet and fall in love and have a lot of cute moments (also the reader is a warrior and he is not crippled and at one point they have a sword fight?)

notes: I dunno if this is what you wanted, i’m not quite convinced and i’m not sure if I like it, but I hope you enjoy it anyway ^^

“Why do I have to go?”

“You don’t have to go. We have, because the Tyrells have kindly invited our family to Highgarden.”

Lady Catelyn gave you a pointed look and you rolled your eyes. You had been arguing with your mother about this visit to the Reach throughout the entire trip. You knew that they wanted you to marry soon. Your loving parents had given you the opportunity of picking a husband yourself, instead of forcing you straight away. So when a raven arrived from House Tyrell to visit their home, you knew what they wanted. Your father, Ned Stark, had been very pleased. You knew that he felt slightly guilty by the fact that even if you were the first-born, you would not inherit Winterfell, for it is Robb who would get that honour. Your father thought making you the Lady of Highgarden as a way of getting your forgiveness. However, they didn’t understand that forcing you into an unwanted marriage away from the North where you had to play the doting wife is far from getting you to forgive him.

“What if I don’t like him?”

“Willas Tyrell is a kind man; everybody who talks about him mentions his good heart.” You huffed, of course she’d say that.

“He’s not a northerner. He doesn’t understand our ways. He might even dislike that I pray to  the Old Gods, mother.”

Of course, your lady mother didn’t buy it. “I am not a northerner and I think I fit just fine in Winterfell.” You kept quiet, although you didn’t completely agree with her. Your mother still prayed to the seven, but you didn’t know if the Tyrells would allow you to keep your faith to the Old Gods. And you also knew that your mother missed Riverrun, after so many years living in the North. She was lucky, as she did love Ned Stark. But what if you were trapped in a place you didn’t like with a husband who didn’t respect who you are?

When you arrived, you could see the members of House Tyrell: Lady Olenna, Lord Mace Tyrell, Lady Alerie, Willas, Loras and Margaery. While your parents exchanged pleasantries, your eyes drifted to Willas, and although he was looking rather polite, the moment his eyes laid on you his face showed a grimace, and his kind eyes seemed to be asking for your forgiveness. You discreetly winked your eye at him, and smiled in what you hoped was a soothing smile.  You both knew what was going on in the fortnight you will be staying in Highgarden.

“Willas, shall you show Lady Y/N the gardens? They’re beautiful in this time of the year.” It was phrased as a question, but you knew that refusing Lady Olenna’s offer wasn’t really an option. Willas only extended his arm towards you, and you grabbed it swiftly. He was your only ally in this situation.

“Shall we?”


“I feel like I should apologise for my family’s actions. I’m afraid you’ve been ambushed, milady.”

You laughed lightly at that. Although you had been against the idea of marriage, you had to admit that your mother was indeed right, and Willas was a kind man. “Do not fret, my lord. I had weeks to get ready. Besides, the company is not completely unpleasant.”

A blush covers his cheeks, but his eyes were not afraid to look at you in the kindest way.  “I have to agree with you, my lady. However, I do have a feeling that you are not enjoying these gardens as much as my family expects you too.”

It was your time to blush at his teasing words. “I like them. It’s beautiful. But it’s not very… exhilarating.” You picked your words carefully, for you were sure even the nicest Tyrell ‒such as Willas‒ would be offended if you insulted their house symbol. He wasn’t offended, though, and he laughed openly at your statement.

“You’re from the North, true. What do you like to do on your free time? I’d rule out the sewing and the singing.” You grimaced at this, remembering the hard times with the Septa, and how mother thought you weren’t a good example for little Arya. “Seems like I’m right. Do you enjoy riding? Swimming? Maybe… sword-fighting?”

Your breath got caught in your throat. If your mother was here, she’d tell you to deny Willas’s guesses ‒even if they were right, and they were‒ but you were certain he wouldn’t mind. It was confirmed in his following words. “You can tell the truth, Y/N. I’d like to get to know you, not the person who our families would deem as appropriate.”

You smiled thankfully. “I love riding. I love animals, actually. I have a direwolf. Her name is Visenya.” Your smile faltered when you thought of your wolf, as you remembered that you couldn’t likely bring her to the south. Direwolves belong to the North.

“I’d love to see it. Though I’m surprised at the name choice. Starks fought against the Targaryens during the war.”

You nodded. Many had had the same question as him. “Visenya was still an incredible woman. She was a great fighter. I’d love to be like her.”

He seemed thoughtful for a moment. “Do you know how to sword-fight? We could train together. I’m afraid I’m getting a little bit rusty, so you might have to go easy on me.”

“Sure.” Your stay in Highgarden will be better than you expected.


Your sword hit the floor again.

“You were lying! You are no way rusty. Not even close.” You said, your hands resting on your hips and a teasing smile on your lips.

“Yes. I might have lied a little bit. You’ll have to forgive me, my lady.” He answered, as he picked up your sword and gave it back to you. You grunted at him in response, but he only laughed.

You had already spent two weeks in Highgarden, and as long as you had been here, you have quite enjoyed Willas’s company. As your mother had said, he was kind, very intelligent, humble and quite funny. Not to mention how handsome he actually was, even if he looked oblivious of the fact.

You had specially bonded over your shared love for animals. He had promised to visit Winterfell to meet Visenya, while you had the opportunity to see for yourself his amazing job at breeding hawks, hounds and horses.

We could go riding one day, right, Willas?”

He laughed at this. Your back was turned to him, so you couldn’t see how he eyed you adoringly. He had been hoping that you’d like him, and he was pleased to see that while you were still reticent to leave the North, you seemed more than content with being, at least, his friend.

Of course, Y/N, any day you want. There’s a nice lake in the forest. We could go there with the horses and spend the afternoon there.”

I’d love that!” You said. In the time you had spent with Willas, you had grown fond of him. You found out that you had many things in common: the love for animals, sword-fighting (although you both found wars to be despicable), swimming in the sea, and a surprising like for bad jokes.

Great. Now I’ll show you the hounds. They are not as big as a direwolf, but I think you’ll like them anyway.”

You nodded. He brought you to the place where he kept the hounds, and while you tried to keep your mind focused on his explanations, your mind kept drifting to Visenya, and how you could possibly ever leave her behind.

Y/N, are you okay?” He looked at you worriedly. You doubted if you should tell him or not, fearing his answer, but you trusted him.

What’s going to happen to Visenya?”

What do you mean?” He asked, seemingly confused.

She’s a northern animal. What will I do with her.”

You bring her here, of course. I’m sure I can find a book on how to take care of a direwolf.”

You opened your mouth to answer, but his words had rendered you speechless, so you only lunged yourself at him and wrapped your arms around him. You both seemed to forget about a lord and a lady’s proper behaviour as you embraced each other, feeling thankful for being in each other’s arms.

“Don’t be distracted, Y/N, or you might lose again.”

You put your feet on position and drew your sword. He stood in front of you. You had learnt to fight like your brothers; therefore your strokes were bolder and more focused on your strength, while Willas had stunned you with his unbelievable elegance. You had been the first one to move the first times you had sparred, so now you let him have the first move. It was easy to stop it, the first few blows, but he was too fast and again, as it happened all the fights before, you had to give up the possibility of attacking and you could only defend yourself. The moment you tried to move from defence to attack, it was easy for him to disarm you. You closed your eyes, not wanting to see his smug face, but you could hear his laugh.

“Shut up.”

“I’m not talking.”

You gave him a death stare, but you soon cracked into a smile yourself. It was quite hard to stay angry at Willas.

“Honestly, I thought I was better. You will teach me how to fight, won’t you?”

“Of course. However, you know that for me to teach you, you’d have to stay here in Highgarden, don’t you?.”

You nodded. “I do.”

He tried to contain his smile, although it was obvious he was beaming at the implications of your words.

“That means I can tell my grandmother to stop pestering your family to accept the proposal?”

You laughed, and looked up to his glistering eyes. “Yes, you can tell them that I accept the proposal.” Your lips met in a sweet kiss, hoping your life would be as blissful as it was right there.

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hi omg okay lemme tell u something. like two years ago I started talking to this girl on here. a year later I was crushing so hard it was actually pathetic, I couldn't focus on anything but her, but I never told her bc I was sure she didn't reciprocate and I was scared of losing her. distance, bitterness & bad communication ruined everything we had and we drifted apart and almost stopped talking. (to b continued!)

(part 2) a lil while ago we talked about why everything happened like it did and I admitted I’d liked her. her response was “whatever you felt, I probably felt twice of it”. Turns out she was in love w me back. turns out she never said anything bc she was so sure I didn’t like her like that. Turns out all we had was ruined by fear, uncertainty & ironic miscommunication. And now it’s too late for us. so pls TELL UR CRUSH U LIKE THEM. It’s scary but it’s worse to waste ur feelings & miss out!!!

omg honestly like ngl i’m like def more open to telling her now and like . i’m not going to Yet bc like in my Gut i don’t feel like the timing is quite right but i’ll def ,, consider it ,, also i’m so sorry things turned out that way !! sending u both love 💓