There are very few things I’m willing to say I’m “absolutely positively sure about” if I don’t know the parties involved directly, but Karlie Kloss not having a mean bone in her body is one of them. She was, I’m sure, contractually obligated to make that Yeezy post. So if you’re dragging her, please come fight me because if you think for one second she’d condone what Kanye said about Taylor (or any other woman) personally, I will snatch your weave so fast it’ll give you whiplash..

I wanted to blow off some steam by quickly doodling. @moinstar‘s human version of @yoralim‘s Echotale AU G!Sans is cute. I apologize if he looks too different ( /)A(\ );;. Is it weird I think a monster-type of Frisk would also suit him as a friend and/or partner?

why do tinhat shippers always choose the homosexual forbidden love romeo and juliet-esque ships to ship?? i’ve seen with this other fandoms too like with the glee fandom and darren criss / chris colfer and lea michele / dianna agron and naya rivera / heather morris and then also with 5h’s camila cabello / lauren jauregui like you’re basically just taking a pair of best friends who have never come out and said anything about being a part of the lgbt community and forcing this idea that they’re in this loving fairytale relationship all while being super fucking invasive and demanding answers when the simple answer is that they are friends and if they are more they’ll let you fucking now if AND when they damn want to like jfc chill…. have some respect it’s not your life !!!

what if there was like a subjug convention

like all the subjugs/purple government officials get together to pat each other on the back for how brutal and competant they are

theres awards for like keeping lowbloods in line and catching revolutionaries and gettin the sting on rebellion plans

performances from famous entertainers who have no choice but to come because how you gonna say no when everyone whose gonna be in the room could literally tear you to shreds

i dunno i was just thinking about that

// shipping is all well and good, but also consider – 

casual hookups! friends with benefits! making out just ‘cause! crushes that don’t actually go anywhere! missed opportunities! genuinely completely platonic hardcore bdsm handholding! 

Ok I wasn’t going to say anything but fuck the people trying to put AKF and YouAreNotAlone against each other (on either side)! like they’re charities and outreach programs designed to help people!! why the hell do we need to make it a competition?? This is not about your fav or your ship or any bullshit like that. It’s about the cast and fandom coming together to make a difference in this community that we all love (anger comes from passions and caring). So can we just stow our crap for a while and support each other for one goddamn second??? thank you.

turtletotem asked:

For you and SNA's thoughts re: Erik not liking you -- if it helps any, with gay rights and mutant rights being such close parallels, any gay fan might "translate" into the X-Men universe as a mutant! (Alas that I am straight, but I don't think I'm Brotherhood material anyway.)

Oh, good point! I mean, that “coming out” scene in X2 with Bobby’s parents was perhaps the least subtle metaphor I’ve ever seen lol. 

(I’m straight too, so he’d kill me anyway, but you’re a turtle, so I think he’d spare you :) (Though now I’m thinking about Erik having a pet turtle and it’s making me giggle XD He keeps it with him in his super secret Brotherhood base and dotes on it when no one is looking. One time, a new recruit makes fun of his turtle and learns very swiftly that there are stiff consequences for doing so because Erik’s turtle is the best goddamn turtle in the entire world, thank you very much.))

one time, because I am a full grown adulterman, I went out and ordered a meal full of nothing but fries and home fries, skins and potatoes, and all that good stuff. I stuffed my face enough for 2 days.

it was fantastic and no one could stop me tbh. but my old gay body couldn’t handle it.
I felt it the entire day like my stomach wouldn’t agree with me; it felt like a burning pit of gurgling swamp refuse. I was lethargic, slow, and felt like a full sack of shit and regret.
I’m not saying I regret it, because I don’t, it was gr8. so I guess what I’m saying is: eat your vegetables. or a balanced whatever, even if your daily veggies is just idk a leaf, your body will thank you.

Because @hawthornewhisperer wrote an Octavia/Roan drabble and I had a thought:

If Lincoln does die this season (*sob*) I will never get over it to be honest because Linctavia is so great but have people also considered: Ice Princess Octavia?!?

Like: Roan takes over the Ice Nation from his mother and starts making amends to the Coalition & Skaikru. Skaikru decides to send an ambassador to watch over Roan as he assumes the throne to make sure he keeps his word. Still feeling out of place with the Arkers and deeply mourning Lincoln, Octavia volunteers to leave everything and everyone she knows behind (she’s not running away, damn it!) to fill the position. She doesn’t take any of Roan’s shit and is constantly suspicious but his snark and strength that is surprisingly tempered by compassion starts to grow on her. They save each other’s lives several times over, and Octavia can’t believe it, but she feels something for him. It won’t ever be like what she had with Lincoln, but still–she can’t help but wonder.

Several years down the line, Octavia ascends the throne right next to Roan, and when she sits down next to him, she finally feels a little bit at home.


just your friendly neighbourhood narcissist stopping by to tell you all that im cute as fuck !

( they/them )