From Fairy Tales to Reality

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Request: anon asked “Hey could you please write a Jon Snow x reader after the battle of bastards. Like Jon saves the reader from Ramsey. Please make it super fluffy :D”

Warnings: cuss words, ramsay being disgusting, implied rape

Word Count: 1435


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Knives (Final Rose)

“Vanille, not every weapon is a knife.”

Vanille raised one eyebrow. “How so?”

Fang shrugged. “Well, how about a spear?”

“That’s a knife taped onto a stick.”

“Seriously?” Fang sighed. “How about a sword?”

“Oh, please. That’s just a big knife.”

“Fine. How about a gun?”

“It’s just something that shoot mini knives at people.”

“Okay, rail gun.”

“Easy. That’s shoots knives at people super fast.”


Take A Break

Note: This one is super fluffy, so I hope y’all enjoy it. I didn’t get to really make edits to it because I have this queued for my vaycay, so…oh well?


  1. Can I request #38 with TJeff
  2. I’d like a fanfiction #49 promise. You simply must give me a reader x thomas thomas! (Please, if you didn’t mind. Ps your blog gives me life)

Word Count: 1097

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Warnings: None

AU: College

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“Y/N, I’m a needy boyfriend. I need your attention.” Thomas dragged as if he was a little kid.

“Thomas, no, I need to study.” You said, glancing over at him for the first time in a while.

You were studying for an important exam you had in two days. You hadn’t taken a break all day, and when Thomas came to visit you, that hadn’t changed. He had made it his mission to get you to take a break, but so far, he failed.

“You’ve been ignoring me this whole time.” He pouted. You’d never thought you’d see him pout until now.

You chuckled. “That’s kinda been the point.”

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I finally decided to do a binder comparison. Mostly because I’m avoiding homework like the plague and because inquiring minds want to know. So here goes nothing:
The first picture is a normal bra, second is a sports bra. The third is an underworks full length binder, and the forth is my tri top binder from gc2b-apparel. Obviously the two “normal” bras are a no go, but I never realized how shitty the compression was in my underworks until I tried on the gc2b binder. I’ve had the gc2b one for awhile now, and I’m still super pleased at how well it binds my 34DD chest.
Oh. Also this is my “Your Gaydar Is On Point” shirt from boboacademy. They rock too.

When Thomas Astruc tweeted his sketches of adult Ladybug everyone started to draw her too and at the end I didn’t resist and (instead of colouring another part of the comic) gave it a try too, but my fave was the second one so here it is. (except it looks super silly in my version, oh well). Also I gave her longer hair because I don’t like the very short haircut she has in Thomas’s sketches.

(Please don’t repost or use anyhow, thank you)

knbaes-n-bakas  asked:

Why do you have to go ripping out my heart and stomping on it because oh my god that child birth one where s/o is dying made me cry T-T it was soooo goooodddd so may I request some fluff? So flash forward, GOM + Kagami tells a story to their child about a memorable event between them and their s/o? I guess the child is just curious because he/she have not even had the chance to meet their mother. Please stitch my heart back up with your amazing writing ;u; please and thank you >u<

writing the child birth scenario made me super sad as well LOL. THIS IS NICE I AM EXCITED TO WRITE THIS.

In case you’re unaware, this is the angsty childbirth scenario (death tw btw) that our dear Lily is referring to.

Note: the children are all five years old. Also, the s/o is referred to as a “mother”, as requested. 

Kuroko: “Otouuu-san! The teacher didn’t see you again!” Kuroko’s son Haru giggled, gripping his dad’s fingers tightly as they walked home. “You’re like a ninja!”

Kuroko huffed a soft laugh, tilting his head to the side to peer down at Haru. “Only your okaa-san was able to find me right away, y’know.”

“Was Okaa-san a ninja too?” Haru asked with wide unblinking blue eyes.

Kuroko shook his head. “No, they weren’t a ninja. But they always seemed to be able to see me.”

“Like how!”

“Well…” Kuroko squinted his eyes as he thought hard, but then brightened with a small grin when he remembered a perfect example. “Once, when your mother and I were on a date–”

OOOOH, Otou-san went on a daaaaate, and you kiiiiissed,” Haru cut him off, making loud kissy noises.

Kuroko rolled his eyes at his son, chucking. “Yes, yes. Otou-san kissed your okaa-san.”

“Ewww!” Haru shrieked, covering his eyes with his free hand, even though there wasn’t anything yucky to see.

Anyway,” Kuroko said pointedly, and Haru piped down immediately (but a few giggles slipped through here and there), lowering his hand. “So we were on a date. We went to this huge event, I can’t remember what it was for. But there was a very large crowd. We accidentally got separated–”

“Okaa-san shoulda held Otou-san’s hand like me!” Haru said proudly, raising their linked hands.

“Yeah, you’re right Haru. But we didn’t. So we were pulled apart, and I was trying to find your okaa-san because I knew that they wouldn’t find me. But a few seconds later, I see your okaa-san standing on a very big fountain, waving at me with both their hands.”

“Like this?” Haru let go of Kuroko’s hand and waved his arms wildly.

Kuroko nodded. “Exactly. Even in that very large crowd, your okaa-san was able to find me! It made me really happy.”

“I can find you too! Like Okaa-san! I’m like Okaa-san, then, right?” Haru asked, threading their fingers together tightly and then looking up at his father with an expectant expression.

Kuroko’s eyes crinkled when he smiled widely. “Yes you are.”

Kagami: Kagami was indebted to Alex in more ways than one. Why? Well, besides teaching him and his brother core basketball skills and being a cool-ass mother figure to the both of them, she also instilled within them another necessary skill: hair braiding.

“'Tou-san, are you done yet?” Ai asked, twiddling her little fingers in her lap.

Kagami grunted around a mouth full of hair pins. Ai sighed.

Another five minutes later, Kagami was finally done. He proudly held the mirror up for her inspection. “Whaddya think, eh, Ai?”

Ai seriously turned her head from left to right, appraising the work. Then, she gave a decisive nod and stood up to wrap her arms around Kagami’s neck. “It’s great, thanks ‘Tou-san.”

“Cool, that means I can go watch my show now? Wanna come?” he asked, sitting up, groaning when some of his joints popped.

“’Kay!” Ai said cheerfully, and skipped alongside her dad as he took two long strides to the couch and settled down. She climbed into his lap and waited patiently for him to click on the TV. While Kagami flipped through channels, Ai piped up again. “'Tou-san… y’know, I was talkin’ to Shika-chan and she said her ‘Kaa-san braids her hair. Did my ‘Kaa-san braid my hair too?”

Kagami was caught off guard by the question, and he fumbled with the remote, almost dropping it if not for his quick reflexes. “Well, no, they didn’t get the chance to. But,” he shifted Ai on his lap so that they were snuggled closer. “When you were in your ‘kaa-san’s tummy, ‘Kaa-san was always trying out weird hairstyles out on me when I wasn’t paying attention.”

Ai gasped. “Why!”

Kagami wasn’t able to hold back his laughter at the memory very well. “Because they said that when you came out of the their tummy, they were gonna make you so pretty every day. That’s why I make your hair nice every morning before school. If your ‘kaa-san saw that I wasn’t, they’d kick my a– butt. They’d kick my butt.”

“Yeah they would.” Ai nodded seriously. “'Kaa-san was smart. They planned ahead. They told me that if you didn’t make my hair pretty, I would have to kick your butt for them.”

“Haah?” Kagami scoffed. “When did they tell you that!”

“When I was in their tummy!” Ai argued.

“Li-ar,” Kagami sang, tickling Ai’s sides. “You just wanna find a reason to fight me.”

“N-no!” Ai gasped out between loud bursts of laughter. “You weren’t there, you wouldn’t know!”

Kagami stopped when he noticed the theme song of his show beginning to play. He quickly placed a light kiss on his daughter’s forehead. “Fine, you and your ‘kaa-san had a secret club without me. Hmph. So lucky.”

Kise: Kise stood on his tiptoes on the ladder, reaching his hand out as far as it would go.

“You can do it, ‘Tou-chan! Reach farther!” cheered Kise’s darling angel of a son.

“I’m trying, Miyuki-cchi! You really got the ball stuck far. I still don’t understand how you were able to get the ball stuck up here. It’s not like we were playing soccer,” Kise grunted, shaking the sweat out of his eyes.

“I’m a podidgy!” Miyuki yelled happily.

“Podidgy?” Kise mumbled to himself, confused. What was tha– oh, prodigy. “Yeah you are!”

Eventually, his fingertips brushed the orange ball and it tipped, hitting four branches before bouncing to the ground. 


“Hooray!” Kise echoed. 

When Kise managed to climb down, he saw Miyuki staring up at the top of the tree with a thoughtful look. “What are you looking at?” Kise also stared up at the tree, squinting at it. Was there another ball that got stuck?

“Maybe Mama is stuck in the tree as well,” Miyuki said, completely serious. He was mimicking Kise’s squinty-eyed expression. 

Kise barked out a surprised laugh, and Miyuki’s mouth twisted down in displeasure at the sound. “I’m not making a joke, ‘Tou-chan.”

Crouching down to be eye-level with his son, he shook his head. “No, Miyuki-cchi, your mama isn’t up there.”

Miyuki’s expression fell, eyes beginning to take on a defeated quality. That was not a look a five year old should have been wearing. Quickly, Kise fell onto his back, pulling Miyuki down with him so that the both of them were lying in the grass facing the tree. 

“But once Mama did get stuck in a tree, y’know,” Kise said, and he smiled in relief when Miyuki giggled. “They were trying to compete against me, to see who could climb the highest. I went re-a-a-ally far, but your mama went even farther, to the very top, and then realized that they were scared of heights.”

“Haha! That’s so silly!” 

“Your mama was a very silly person. But very cute as well.”

“Am I cute?” Miyuki angled his face up to give Kise a wide-eyed stare.

Kise’s heart clenched at how perfect his son was, and he aggressively cuddled him, nuzzling his face into Miyuki’s hair. “Of course, you’re my perfect copy!”

Midorima: “Your lucky item for the day is an onion, Yoshi, go and get one,” Midorima said, clicking off the T.V. 

“Okay, Otou-san!” Yoshi agreed, and scrambled up to head to the kitchen and hunt down an onion. 

Midorima busied himself with packing his briefcase for the day. There was his lunch, his files about his patients, paperwork to be done, and his blessedly small lucky item: a kangaroo doll. 

“Got it!” Yoshi announced, holding up her onion like it was a trophy. 

Midorima patted her head as he walked past her towards the front of the house. “Good. Get your backpack, you don’t want to be late.”

Yoshi ran off to get her bag, then walked back to put her shoes on. Midorima bit back a smile of pride– she was finally able to wear shoes without help from Midorima in getting them on. Once Yoshi gave the okay, the two walked out to the car. 

Midorima usually liked to drive in silence, but the next best thing was listening to classical music. Today, they were listening to Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto # 2, Yoshi’s personal favourite. In the middle of it all, Yoshi spoke up. 

“What was Okaa-san’s sign?”

Midorima nearly swerved the car into a ditch. He cleared his throat. “What?”

“What was Okaa-san’s sign?” Yoshi repeated patiently, kicking her legs a little while she waited. 

“U-um, it was ____,” he answered, and held his breath. For what, he didn’t know. 

“Do you think they have their lucky item where they are?” she asked. 

Midorima felt his chest become heavy at the idea of Yoshi worrying about whether her mother was safe, but did his best to keep his composure. “Of course they do, I make sure to check what their lucky item is every day, and then that way, Okaa-san knows what it is and can get it.”

Somehow, he felt pressured to keep talking. “I used to bring Okaa-san her lucky item every day, and once, it was a puppy. It almost peed on her, but I pushed the puppy away from her in time.”

Yoshi nodded in approval, “Good job keeping Okaa-san safe, Otou-san.”

He bit back a laugh, and glanced at his daughter through the rearview mirror. “Thank you, Yoshi.”

Aomine: “Oi, Eiji, what’s next on the list?” Aomine said, pushing the grocery cart down the canned foods aisle. 

“I dunno, ‘Tou-chan, I can’t read!” Eiji explained, staring hard at Aomine’s nearly illegible handwriting as he speed-walked on his small legs, trying to keep up. “alpees?”

“Apples,” Aomine corrected. He turned the cart towards the fresh produce section. “And yeah you can read, kid, don’t say that. People will think I’m neglecting you.”

“Like Satsuki-nee?”

Aomine scrunched his nose in distaste and scoffed, “Satsuki-nee can’t tell a horse’s face from its ass, what does she know?”

“OO-OOHHH ‘TOU-CHAN SAID  AAAAASSSS,” Eiji bellowed, and Aomine shushed him in horror, sideglancing a mom who made a ‘tch’ noise at him. 

“Hey ‘Tou-chan?” Eiji asked a few minutes later after his giggle fit at Aomine  being scolded by a grandma subsided. 

Aomine tossed the apples into the cart. They bounced off of the eggs, making Aomine wince. He’d replace the carton, just in case. “What now, brat?”

“What does my name mean?”

Aomine blanched. He knew he’d have to have this conversation one day, but he hadn’t mentally prepared himself for such an abrupt attack. “I-It, uh… it means, um, second son.”

Eiji furrowed his brows. “But I don’t have a nii-chan.”

Aomine started tossing some tangerines into a bag, so as to keep himself from blushing. “I-I know. Uh, I kinda made a mistake. I liked the name, but I forgot to check what it meant.”

Eiji thumped his forehead with the palm of his hand and sighed wearily. “This is why I hafta take care of you, ‘Tou-chan. I shoulda picked the name. I’d name myself something that made sense.”

Aomine raised a brow. “Like what?”

“Like, Crasher.”

Aomine nodded understandingly. “Makes sense.”

“Did ‘Kaa-chan wanna name me Eiji too?”

Laughing, Aomine shook his head. “Your ‘Kaa-chan would’ve named you something sensible.”

“Like Crasher?”

“Exactly. They were always taking care of me like you do. Like, once I almost fell asleep while waiting for food to boil, and they woke me up before I burned it all.”

“They probably had better writing than you too.”

“HEY, when did you become so cheeky?”

Murasakibara: In all honestly, Murasakibara was terrified of his daughter for the first few years of her life. She was just so small, and he’d admit, he’d dropped her a few times. He’d almost died. But now, he’d realized that Chiyo was essentially a purple haired monkey and he let her do what she wanted. 

On one particular summer afternoon, when the two of them were lounging around eating popsicles while watching Chiyo’s current favourite anime (he didn’t like the main character, but Chiyo said she would watch his favourite anime with him if he watched this), Chiyo said, “I like Azuza-chin’s ‘kaa-san, she makes yummy food.”

Murasakibara nodded. “Yeah, she’s the only character I like in the show.”

Chiyo rolled her eyes and decided to climb up on Murasakibara’s shoulders to hang out there, resting her chin on his head. “Did my ‘Kaa-san cook good food?”

Absently, he nodded. “Of course, why would I have a kid with them if they didn’t cook? You gotta have priorities when you look for a partner, Chi-chin.”

She hummed, seemingly in thought. On screen, Azuza did something stupid again. “See, Azuza-chin is a loser,” Murasakibara pointed out, as he had done many times in the past. 

“Shush ‘Tou-san, Azuza-chin is nice. Also, what priorities do I hafta have when I look for someone?”

Murasakibara shrugged, tousling Chiyo. “I dunno, what do you like?”

“I like to eat,” Chiyo said, and Murasakibara nodded in agreement. “I like to build stuff, and I like kicking that stupid Natsuo-chin in the head–”

Heeey, Chiyo-chiin, you can’t do that,” Murasakibara cut in, pulling Chiyo down from his shoulders so that he could look her in the eye, “Natsuo-chin’s ‘Kaa-san got mad at me for that. What an angry little woman.”

Chiyo crossed her arms, “He thinks he’s smarter than me!”

Murasakibara shook his head, “Don’t beat him up with your body, Chi-chin, beat him up with your words. That way, he doesn’t have proof when he tells on you.” 

“Would ‘Kaa-san tell me to do that too?” Chiyo asked, mimicking Himuro’s words when he was scolding Murasakibara about parenting.

He rolled his eyes. “No, they would say to be kind to Natsuo-chin and say mean things to him in your head. Then draw a mean picture at home. They did that once, when they had a bad coworker. Drew a huuuge picture of them looking like a pig. It was so funny, we almost framed it.”

Chiyo furrowed her brows. “I think Muro-Oji-chan would yell at them for that too.”

Akashi: Akashi felt like he had the most rambunctious child in the world. He had recently gotten into a new phase, after learning about superheros, and was now punching everything. It didn’t help that Tadashi’s punching range was at about crotch level. 

“Otou-san, look, I can fly!” Tadashi yelled from on top of a cabinet– oh holy shit, how did he get up there?”

“Tadashi, wait!” Akashi yelled as he shot out of his seat grabbed Tadashi from mid-air. Tadashi laughed, pleased.

Akashi huffed, relieved that he’d caught him in time. “Tadashi, why would you jump from so high?”

“I knew you’d catch me though!”

He stared at his son, perplexed. “But you know that it’s unsafe. How could you be certain that I’d catch you?”

Tadashi shrugged, wiggling in his arms to get Akashi to put him back on the ground. “I’m right about everything.”

Akashi sighed, rubbing his face with his hands. “What am I going to do with you?”

“Play with me!” Tadashi waved a cape at him, as if it was something enticing.

Akashi waved helplessly at the stacks of paper on his desk. “But who’s going to do all this?”

“No one!” Tadashi cheered, running around. 

Deciding he did need a break anyway, Akashi spent the next half-hour playing as the villain to Tadashi’s superhero. After Akashi– hair tousled and cheeks red from the exertion– announced that it was time for him to go back to work, Tadashi pouted. 

“It would be easier if Okaa-san was here right?” he said, not sadly, but in a subdued tone.

Akashi didn’t know what to say. Of course it would be easier, but he didn’t want Tadashi to feel as if he was a burden or something of the sort. “Well, Okaa-san was always helping me. Sometimes, when I would work too long, Okaa-san would come into my office and would throw small balls at me until I did something with them.”

“So, I’m right, aren’t I. I’m always right. It’s okay, don’t worry Otou-san, I’ll throw things at you until you play with me too.”

Akashi kneeled down next to Tadashi to give him a hug, chuckling. “I’m so lucky. Thank you, Tadashi.”

Hello, Goodbye

A Samurai Love Ballad Party special New Year edition!

This fanfiction is dedicated to my friends is twitter, thank you for spending this year with me! Please take good care of me too next year!

SLBP 12 men x OCs

Warning of super OOC!

this is a story filled with bunch of sweet short stories from each pairings, so please do enjoy! also, please take this as my greeting card for you all! Love love~!

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(god this post is formatted weird i’m sorry) bUT HEY I FINISHED IT!!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

SO this started out a few days ago with me just wanting Thomas in floral, then i was like oh oh i need to add Leo too, that’d be super cute – ofc by the end of it all i had to add my main nerdlords as well. so all my lovely boys in one glorious picture ;w;/ i’m surprised sai didn’t crash tbh there were so many layers

please do not repost or remove my caption, thank you!! <333

In the reception after our ceremony of Being Awesome in Trademeet, we are abruptly approached by a stiff, regal-looking sort of woman with a highly affected accent:

Lurraxol…Lurraxol…where have I– oh, of course! You’re the one whose house had the carpet with naked people on it.

Pleased to make your acquaintance as well.

You had me at “reward.” You see, I’m working on trying to rescue a friend of m–

Um. Hello to you too.


Great. I will think SUPER carefully on it. (By which I mean I will consult the wiki. :P )

Ooh. That sounds much more worth checking out. *goes to look*


Please imagine:

Actual Loser Adrien Agreste taking Marinette out to a fancy dinner with Alya and Nino and when he gets down on one knee everyone in the vicinity is super excited because ‘oh gosh the agreste boy is proposing’ except when he opens up the ring box the proposal ring is made with Cats Eye.

Marinette just stares at the ring for a second before bursting into laughter and shaking her head ‘no’ and everyone else just gasps but Adrien just starts laughing as well. 

“I refuse to marry you with that ring”

“But it’s only the engagement ring I swear the real one is even better”

“If it’s more cats eye i’m walking out.”

“Noooooooo Mari pleaseeee”

may-darling askedTHIS. Oh my god: ‘‘hey i’m sorry to bother you but i’m trying to convince my friends i’m a sex god so can you please write a fake number on this napkin for me real quick’ au OMG THIS IS SO BRILLIANT I CANT. Cas trying this approach because man Gabriel and Balthazar are a pain in the ass AND HE IS NOT STUCK UP DAMMIT. But he is babbling and awkward but Dean thinks it’s super adorable. Dean all flirty and suave writes his real number down and asks for a date *heart melts into a gooey puddle* 

Author’s note: I totally loved this prompt, but it got a little long. Oh well, what can you do. ;)

“Have another one, little bro.” Gabriel insisted as he put another round of shots on the table and pushed one in Castiel’s direction. “I’m going to remove that stick from your ass even if it is the last thing I do. Cheers!”

Castiel huffed indignantly, briefly glowering at his brother before his eyes dropped to the tiny glass filled with clear liquid. Doing shots? Not something Castiel enjoyed. Noisy, crowded bars such as this one? Definitely not the kind of place where Castiel preferred to spend his Saturday nights.

“You might as well give up on that already.” Balthazar, Gabriel’s best friend, commented dryly. “Cassie here is obviously a lost cause when it comes to having fun.”

“May I remind you two that I’m right here?” Castiel snapped, by now deeply regretting his decision to humor Gabriel for once by coming along.

Gabriel and Balthazar exchanged one of their typical looks, only to shrug simultaneously, a gesture that undoubtedly said ‘see if we care’.

Narrowing his eyes, Castiel downed the shot, if only to avoid any more aggravating comments. The liquid burned his throat in a way that he would describe as ‘deeply unpleasant’.

“Excellent.” Balthazar praised before downing his own.

Gabriel did the same, smirking as he put down his empty glass. “See, that wasn’t so hard. Was it, little bro?”

Castiel didn’t even have the energy to come up with any sort of verbal response; Gabriel kept talking anyway.

“And that was only the beginning…” Gabriel announced ominously, cocking an eyebrow at Castiel; the look on his face promised that nothing good was about to happen. “Next step… Getting you laid! You’re twenty-seven, it wouldn’t hurt you to get some action every once in a while.”

Balthazar nodded his agreement. “He’s right, you know. You’re not getting any younger, and it seems you’re having trouble getting some, if you get what I mean.”

“That’s because I’m not looking to ‘get laid’ or to ‘get some’.” Castiel retorted exasperatedly, wincing a little as he quoted Gabriel’s and Balthazar’s words. “If anything, I’m looking for a meaningful relationship with another person with whom I can share my life.”

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Super Junior Special Album ‘Devil’ Lyrics [Rom/Eng] | 150718



(Hey Hey Well.. Hey Hey)

What I’m about to say might sound strange
I don’t know why but you’re a bit hard for me, I’m always struggling
I want you so bad, oh baby baby please don’t go
Everything, even kneeling before you feels so natural now

I keep begging you, endlessly
Dammit, I can’t even fall asleep
I can’t figure out what this feeling is

You’re cold and hot, devil
Like a midsummer rain shower
After drenching my hot body, you burn up my throat again
You’re the salt of the faraway desert, a shadow of the red hot equator
You make me taste a moment of pleasure then you burn up my throat again
You’re cold and hot

One day, when you’re lonely and crying
I’ll wipe away those tears, if you would allow me
The stars show my fate and now I desperately want you
All day, I’m in desire and despair, everything is just so amazing

No word is enough to describe this
A bit more complicated than romantic
I can’t figure out what this feeling is

You’re cold and hot, devil
Like a midsummer rain shower
After drenching my hot body, you burn up my throat again
You’re the salt of the faraway desert, a shadow of the red hot equator
You make me taste a moment of pleasure then you burn up my throat again
You’re cold and hot

My throat is burning up, I wanna taste the wet you
Listen to me (listen to me)
Accept me (accept me)
I say, I just like it all (I just like it all)
I say, I like everything about you (I like everything about you)
And I say, beautiful you (beautiful you)
And I say, be mine

You’re cold and hot, devil
Like a midsummer rain shower
After drenching my hot body, you burn up my throat again
You’re the salt of the faraway desert, a shadow of the red hot equator
You make me taste a moment of pleasure then you burn up my throat again
You’re cold and hot

You’re cold and hot
You’re cold and hot
You’re cold and hot

You burn up my throat, you’re a devil, so hot


[Siwon] Hey hey well hey hey
[Kyuhyun] Jigeum naega haryeoneun mari
Jom isanghalji molla
Waeinji neon jom eoryeowoseo
Nan neul jjeoljjeolmaenikka
[Donghae] Itorok wonhage doego
Oh baby baby
Please don’t go
Dangsin ape mureup kkulhneun geotdo
I modeun ge neomu jayeonseureowo

[Siwon] Haneopsi jakku aewonhage hae
[Heechul] Jenjang jamjocha mot jage dwae
[Yesung] Dodaeche I gamjeongi mwonji moreugetjanha

[All] Neon chago tteugeowo devil
Han yeoreum sonagi syawo
Dalgwojin onmomeul jeoksyeoon dwie
Geurigon tto mok taoge haji
Neon jeo meon samagui sogeum
Saeppalgan jeokdoui geuneul
Han sungan kwaerageul masboge hagon
Geurigo tto mok taoge haji
Neon chago tteugeowo

[Siwon] Eoneu nal mariya nega
Oerowo ul ttaee
[Kangin] Naega geu nunmul dakkajulge
Budi heorakhandamyeon
[Leeteuk] Byeoreun unmyeongeul deonjyeo
Ganjeolhi jeolhi wonhage dwaesseo
[Yesung] Onjongil galguhae tto jeolmanghae
Wa modeun ge nollaul ppuniya

[Kangin] Eotteon susigeorodo bujokhan
[Eunhyuk] Romaentikboda jom deo bokjaphan
[Ryeowook] Dodaeche I gamjeongi mwonji moreugetjanha

[All] Neon chago tteugeowo devil
Han yeoreum sonagi syawo
Dalgwojin onmomeul jeoksyeoon dwie
Geurigon tto mok taoge haji
Neon jeo meon samagui sogeum
Saeppalgan jeokdoui geuneul
Han sungan kwaerageul masboge hagon
Geurigo tto mok taoge haji
Neon chago tteugeowo

[Heechul] Mok taoreuneun da jeoksyeooneun
Matbogo sipeun geudaeya
[Kangin] Deureojwo [Leeteuk] deureojwo
[Kangin] Badajwo [Leeteuk] badajwo
[Eunhyuk] I say naneun geunyang da joha
[Leeteuk] Naneun geunyang da joha
[Eunhyuk] I say ne modeun ge da joha
[Leeteuk] Ne modeun ge da joha
[Eunhyuk] And I say areumdaun neo
[Kyuhyun] Areumdaun neo
[Leeteuk] And I say nae geosi doeji

[All] Neon chago tteugeowo devil
Han yeoreum sonagi syawo
Dalgwojin onmomeul jeoksyeoon dwie
Geurigon tto mok taoge haji
Neon jeo meon samagui sogeum
Saeppalgan jeokdoui geuneul
Han sungan kwaerageul masboge hagon
Geurigo tto mok taoge haji

[All] Neon chago tteugeowo
Neon chago tteugeowo
Neon chago tteugeowo
Neon chago tteugeowo
Moktaoge haji
Neon devil tteugeowo

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What kind of boyfriend is T.O.P.? (request)

Anonymus asked:

Hello :) What kind of boyfriend T.O.P is please? Thank you ~~~

I’m finally back, after so many month. I’m so sorry… But I finally have energy to work on some requests. Let’s go. :)

Originally posted by vipalumni

1. You’d think he’d be the mature one… Oh hell no. He’s the childish one

2. But he can be mature, if needed.

3. No need for supergood cooking skills. Choom-T.O.P. will eat everything, as long as it’s not too disgusting

4. Not that he wouldn’t like a high quality and super-well done meal.

5. But you know what? He’d take you out to his favourite restaurant.

6. There would always be a good wine in the house, even if there is nothing eatable there.

7. Lazy cuddling, for hours.

8. Understanding each other almost without words.

9. Him bragging about your taste in furniture.

10. Which leads to him buying new ones and you letting him do it.

11. Him texting or even video chatting with you every day he is away, no matter how tired he is.

12. Not much pda in public, but even more cuddling and touching in private

13. Him worrying more about you than himself.

14. Switching between sweet and daddy in a matter of seconds.

15. Whispering dirty things in your ear with the deep voice of his.

16. And then him being amused by your embarrassment.

17. Him wanting to be the strong one in your relationship.

18. But lowkey loving the comfort you give him.

19. Because you’ll always know when he needs comfort.

20. Sitting in a quiet place with a glass of wine together and talking about anything for hours.

21. You laughing about his jokes everytime, even if you don’t want to.

22. Lazy picnic dates on the floor in the living room.

23. You both being lowkey jealous, when the other is too close to someone else for your taste.

24. But still not believing the other one would cheat, ever!

25. Him stealing the hearts of your family, especially your parents, just because he is like he is.

I’m sorry if it isn’t that good. I kind of have to get into this again…

Xoxo, Admin C

No Control (cover)
No Control (cover)

My first 1D cover! In honor of it being added to the OTRA setlist, here’s my ukulele cover of “No Control”. Sorry, the mic distorted anything that wasn’t super low, so it sounds a bit funky. I’m also sick and did this in one take, so be nice. 🙈 Anyway, enjoy!

Reservations At Nine

Request by anon:  Love you and your stories ^_^ can you write a scenario when TOP is jealous beacuse you and his bandmates get along very well and are super close, please :D 

Thankyou so much :D I tweaked it a little but I hope you enjoy it. I don’t know why, but lately I just cant get enough of pouty T.O.P. He’s. Just. So. Damn. CUTE.  


Like he was pouting in the live countdown for Bang Bang Bang and I just…OH. MY HEART. *dies*

-Admin Kitty

P.S There’ll be another T.O.P one shot coming very soon, because *.* I CANT GET ENOUGH RIGHT NOW

Originally posted by jiyongkun

As soon as you let him now you were off the plane, he asked you to come down to the office. 

You usually made a point to never bother him at work, but he insisted until you couldn’t refuse any longer.

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