(god this post is formatted weird i’m sorry) bUT HEY I FINISHED IT!!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

SO this started out a few days ago with me just wanting Thomas in floral, then i was like oh oh i need to add Leo too, that’d be super cute – ofc by the end of it all i had to add my main nerdlords as well. so all my lovely boys in one glorious picture ;w;/ i’m surprised sai didn’t crash tbh there were so many layers

please do not repost or remove my caption, thank you!! <333


Spiral necklaces now available at my shop!

And here they are! The surprise I promised today! A new line of necklaces :) I’m super happy with these and I will definitely be making more later if they sell well. Blending clay is so fun! Yes, that’s right, clay - no paint was used in these!

The Deep Sea one at the top is totally my favorite, followed by the Fire one! Please share them if you like them, it would mean the world to me! ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh and don’t forget that my emergency sale is still going on until today, 11pm UK time. So you can use the code EMER15 at checkout for 15% off any purchase!

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No Control (cover)
  • No Control (cover)
  • Hana

My first 1D cover! In honor of it being added to the OTRA setlist, here’s my ukulele cover of “No Control”. Sorry, the mic distorted anything that wasn’t super low, so it sounds a bit funky. I’m also sick and did this in one take, so be nice. 🙈 Anyway, enjoy!

From Fairy Tales to Reality

Originally posted by jonsnowsource

Request: anon asked “Hey could you please write a Jon Snow x reader after the battle of bastards. Like Jon saves the reader from Ramsey. Please make it super fluffy :D”

Warnings: cuss words, ramsay being disgusting, implied rape

Word Count: 1435


Your name: submit What is this?

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Take A Break

Note: This one is super fluffy, so I hope y’all enjoy it. I didn’t get to really make edits to it because I have this queued for my vaycay, so…oh well?


  1. Can I request #38 with TJeff
  2. I’d like a fanfiction #49 promise. You simply must give me a reader x thomas thomas! (Please, if you didn’t mind. Ps your blog gives me life)

Word Count: 1097

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Warnings: None

AU: College

Originally posted by thetrailsman

“Y/N, I’m a needy boyfriend. I need your attention.” Thomas dragged as if he was a little kid.

“Thomas, no, I need to study.” You said, glancing over at him for the first time in a while.

You were studying for an important exam you had in two days. You hadn’t taken a break all day, and when Thomas came to visit you, that hadn’t changed. He had made it his mission to get you to take a break, but so far, he failed.

“You’ve been ignoring me this whole time.” He pouted. You’d never thought you’d see him pout until now.

You chuckled. “That’s kinda been the point.”

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In the wake of big news, I believe it’s time I stop procrastinating for this blog. It’s almost time to celebrate HetaHumor’s big moment: 1-YEAR of being alive!

Brace yourseves - this wil be a long one.

When I first created this blog it was for fun, so I’m super surprised and pleased that it has gotten so many pleasant people following for the fun. I believe it is now appropriate to confess that I may or may not have skipped/missed three big milestones…

I thought this was funny.


I fell asleep trying to catch it and missed it. :[ But oh well, 4k!

Ya’ll know what this means…. If you do not, let me clarifiy:

REQUESTS ARE OPEN! To the 2k new to this, Admin has mediocre drawing skills and will use them to draw requests sent in by followers (or anyone) as celebration. These requests can be simple character portraits to scenarios that could become comics. Head over to the requests tag to see previous examples.

This time around, because there are twice as many people that could want something, we need some ground rules:

1. ONE REQUEST PER PERSON. Of course I have no idea if people would abide since I do allow anon, but I hope everyone is considerate enough to follow this rule. It allows the amount to remain consistent so I can complete them faster.

2. Unlike previous times where I urged to remain with the theme of humor, this time around I don’t mind if you just want a character drawn. Just make it simple and short.

3. NOTHING OFFENSIVE. To me, this means inconsiderate relations to current events or other people. Graphic gore and NSFW as well (genitals showing or characters having sex.)

If I deem something inappropriate for whatever reason I reserve the right to delete your request.

So far I haven’t had to do that, which is good. But as we all know, Admin is just one person with other responsibilities, so eventually my drawing hand will burn out. Do not despair, however.

4. If your request isn’t drawn, it will be saved for later. This is what I’ve always done. If I can’t do your request now (art block, bad hand, outside circumstances, etc.) then I will save it as introductory examples for future celebrations.

As such, people who have sent in asks that haven’t been answered from the last round to now will have them answered in the following days leading to HetaHumor’s anniversary on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18TH.

On that day I will unload all of the requests I have finished. This means requests must be sent by the day before, on Friday 17th. After that you will automatically be put in the ‘for later’ pile.

So get to it! I look forward to all of your ideas.


I have a task for all of you if  followers are willing.

Admin has a LOT of hobbies, drawing being one of them. While I have offered drawings in the past and will continue to do so, I believe ya’ll deserve more. So, it is for this reason that I will be offering two Mochitalia charms to someone who makes the best tribute for the blog. 

The tribute can be anything you’d like (poem, drawing, story, etc.) Time to get creative!


1. Participants MUST be comfortable with giving me their shipping information if they win. How else am I going to mail the prize to you? But don’t worry, Admin will pay for everything.

2. MUST have some winkwinknudgenudge to HetaHumor, although whatever you do does not have to be HetaHumor-centric. Just make it Hetalia if that’s all you can come up with.

3. Can be anything so long as you won’t go to jail for it. Art, crafts, writing, etc. 

4. To participate you MUST be a follower. It wouldn’t make sense otherwise.

5. Bonus points if it is Halloween themed!


-Tag your entry with ’hetahumor 2014 anniversary’ or send a link to it through fanmail (links don’t work on ask, but I’ve seen people abuse the spacebar to make it work so you could try that). If you are having trouble, message me and I will try to assist you.

- Winner will be messaged, then be allowed to choose the character mochis they want.

[About the charms]

Material? Poymer clay, perhaps some Sculpey glaze, and acrylic paint (wire as well if it’s an Italy). They will be fastened onto a silver keychain - maybe a phone strap if the ones I ordered get here in time. 

If anyone is allergic to these materials it would be wise to tell me and I’ll think of some other prize.

How many? Two. The winner will have to ask which mochis they’d like. You can ask for a pairing.

How big? The ones I’ve made in the past are about 1x1x1-inches. 

Examples?Yo-o. Yours will look better, I swear. Those were my first tries and I’ve learned since then.

Deadline? Just like with requests, people will have until Friday, October 17th to send in their entries. The winner will be announced at least two days after.

Hopefully I can make this an enjoyable anniversary. Thank you to everyone who has followed.



I finally decided to do a binder comparison. Mostly because I’m avoiding homework like the plague and because inquiring minds want to know. So here goes nothing:
The first picture is a normal bra, second is a sports bra. The third is an underworks full length binder, and the forth is my tri top binder from gc2b-apparel. Obviously the two “normal” bras are a no go, but I never realized how shitty the compression was in my underworks until I tried on the gc2b binder. I’ve had the gc2b one for awhile now, and I’m still super pleased at how well it binds my 34DD chest.
Oh. Also this is my “Your Gaydar Is On Point” shirt from boboacademy. They rock too.

  • Devil
  • 슈퍼주니어

Super Junior Special Album ‘Devil’ Lyrics [Rom/Eng] | 150718



(Hey Hey Well.. Hey Hey)

What I’m about to say might sound strange
I don’t know why but you’re a bit hard for me, I’m always struggling
I want you so bad, oh baby baby please don’t go
Everything, even kneeling before you feels so natural now

I keep begging you, endlessly
Dammit, I can’t even fall asleep
I can’t figure out what this feeling is

You’re cold and hot, devil
Like a midsummer rain shower
After drenching my hot body, you burn up my throat again
You’re the salt of the faraway desert, a shadow of the red hot equator
You make me taste a moment of pleasure then you burn up my throat again
You’re cold and hot

One day, when you’re lonely and crying
I’ll wipe away those tears, if you would allow me
The stars show my fate and now I desperately want you
All day, I’m in desire and despair, everything is just so amazing

No word is enough to describe this
A bit more complicated than romantic
I can’t figure out what this feeling is

You’re cold and hot, devil
Like a midsummer rain shower
After drenching my hot body, you burn up my throat again
You’re the salt of the faraway desert, a shadow of the red hot equator
You make me taste a moment of pleasure then you burn up my throat again
You’re cold and hot

My throat is burning up, I wanna taste the wet you
Listen to me (listen to me)
Accept me (accept me)
I say, I just like it all (I just like it all)
I say, I like everything about you (I like everything about you)
And I say, beautiful you (beautiful you)
And I say, be mine

You’re cold and hot, devil
Like a midsummer rain shower
After drenching my hot body, you burn up my throat again
You’re the salt of the faraway desert, a shadow of the red hot equator
You make me taste a moment of pleasure then you burn up my throat again
You’re cold and hot

You’re cold and hot
You’re cold and hot
You’re cold and hot

You burn up my throat, you’re a devil, so hot


[Siwon] Hey hey well hey hey
[Kyuhyun] Jigeum naega haryeoneun mari
Jom isanghalji molla
Waeinji neon jom eoryeowoseo
Nan neul jjeoljjeolmaenikka
[Donghae] Itorok wonhage doego
Oh baby baby
Please don’t go
Dangsin ape mureup kkulhneun geotdo
I modeun ge neomu jayeonseureowo

[Siwon] Haneopsi jakku aewonhage hae
[Heechul] Jenjang jamjocha mot jage dwae
[Yesung] Dodaeche I gamjeongi mwonji moreugetjanha

[All] Neon chago tteugeowo devil
Han yeoreum sonagi syawo
Dalgwojin onmomeul jeoksyeoon dwie
Geurigon tto mok taoge haji
Neon jeo meon samagui sogeum
Saeppalgan jeokdoui geuneul
Han sungan kwaerageul masboge hagon
Geurigo tto mok taoge haji
Neon chago tteugeowo

[Siwon] Eoneu nal mariya nega
Oerowo ul ttaee
[Kangin] Naega geu nunmul dakkajulge
Budi heorakhandamyeon
[Leeteuk] Byeoreun unmyeongeul deonjyeo
Ganjeolhi jeolhi wonhage dwaesseo
[Yesung] Onjongil galguhae tto jeolmanghae
Wa modeun ge nollaul ppuniya

[Kangin] Eotteon susigeorodo bujokhan
[Eunhyuk] Romaentikboda jom deo bokjaphan
[Ryeowook] Dodaeche I gamjeongi mwonji moreugetjanha

[All] Neon chago tteugeowo devil
Han yeoreum sonagi syawo
Dalgwojin onmomeul jeoksyeoon dwie
Geurigon tto mok taoge haji
Neon jeo meon samagui sogeum
Saeppalgan jeokdoui geuneul
Han sungan kwaerageul masboge hagon
Geurigo tto mok taoge haji
Neon chago tteugeowo

[Heechul] Mok taoreuneun da jeoksyeooneun
Matbogo sipeun geudaeya
[Kangin] Deureojwo [Leeteuk] deureojwo
[Kangin] Badajwo [Leeteuk] badajwo
[Eunhyuk] I say naneun geunyang da joha
[Leeteuk] Naneun geunyang da joha
[Eunhyuk] I say ne modeun ge da joha
[Leeteuk] Ne modeun ge da joha
[Eunhyuk] And I say areumdaun neo
[Kyuhyun] Areumdaun neo
[Leeteuk] And I say nae geosi doeji

[All] Neon chago tteugeowo devil
Han yeoreum sonagi syawo
Dalgwojin onmomeul jeoksyeoon dwie
Geurigon tto mok taoge haji
Neon jeo meon samagui sogeum
Saeppalgan jeokdoui geuneul
Han sungan kwaerageul masboge hagon
Geurigo tto mok taoge haji

[All] Neon chago tteugeowo
Neon chago tteugeowo
Neon chago tteugeowo
Neon chago tteugeowo
Moktaoge haji
Neon devil tteugeowo

Transed by: pop!gasa |

Jelsa Drabbles #2: Bikini

“How about this one?”


“This one?”




“Anna will you just pick something already!”

The strawberry blonde haired girl crossed her arms, “Elsa I love you but you have the worst taste in swimsuits.”

Elsa frowned, holding up the one piece she had been eyeing since they entered the store, “what’s wrong with this one?”

“Well for one, it makes you look like you’re a little girl.”

“But it’s practical!”

“It’s plain and trust me sis, Jack doesn’t want practical he wants sexy.”

“W-what?” Elsa stuttered, her face now a bright shade of red. “What’s Jack got to do with any of this?”

“Oh please, I know we’re only here so you can buy a super cute swimsuit for our beach day with the boys. Don’t even deny it!”

“All right fine you’re right but it’s not like he’ll even notice, he doesn’t even see me that way…”

“That’s because you hide yourself underneath those baggy sweat pants and hoodie of yours!” Anna grabbed a white swimsuit nearby and threw it at her sister. “I’m getting you this one.”

Elsa blushed looking down at the piece of fabric that her sister handed to her, “but it’s so revealing.”

“That’s the point!”

She held the two-piece in front of her, “do you really think I’ll look good in this?”

“Oh trust me,” Anna said, a mischievous grin spreading on her face. “When Jack sees you in this he won’t be able to keep his hands off of you.”

One week later

“Geez what is taking them so long,” Jack sighed, throwing the beach ball to Kristoff.

“Oh you know how girls are,” Kristoff joked.

“Well easy for you to say,” both turned around as Anna emerged from the bathroom. “All you have guys to do is put on some shorts. Kristoff will you be a dear and go get me a snow cone?”

“Sure thing babe,” he said, giving her a kiss on the cheek before disappearing to the other side of the beach.

“So what’s taking Elsa so long?” Jack asked. At that moment, the door to the women’s restroom swung open and what Jack saw made his jaw drop and the blood rush to his face. There stood Elsa in a white string bikini that complimented every curve of her body that Jack didn’t even know existed. Elsa could feel her face heating up as she felt Jack’s eyes scan her body from head to toe.

“I’ll leave you two alone,” Anna smirked, walking away from the two.

Elsa started to feel uncomfortable with the silence between them. She waved her hands in front of his face, “Jack?”

Jack opened his mouth to answer her when a group of boys walked by them, whistling and giving Elsa flirtatious smiles. She suppressed a few giggles which caused Jack to take off the blue jacket he was wearing and put it over Elsa’s shoulders; he zipped it up all the way. She was a little startled by Jack’s actions and disappointed that he didn’t say anything about her new swimwear. She silently scolded herself for agreeing with Anna’s ridiculous idea.

“You can give it back to me later,” he mumbled and walked away.

Elsa sighed and went to go look for Anna. For the rest of the day, Jack avoided making eye contact with her, especially after Elsa removed his jacket. She was gaining a lot of attention from the other boys at the beach, but not from the one she wanted. Towards the end of the day, Elsa stood by herself at the far edge of the beach watching the sun set. From the corner of her eye, she saw Jack approaching her.

“Hey Jack what’s up—“she was interrupted by her body being pressed against his toned chest and abdomen and his lips crashing onto hers. Jack snaked one arm around her waist and used his other hand to play with her braid. He pulled away and stared intensely at Elsa, both of them breathing hard.

“What was that for?” she asked breathlessly.

“I like your new look,” he said, pulling her even closer to him.

“You do?” she asked, her head still spinning from their kiss.

“Let’s just say white is my new favorite color.”  


Ask Human Rainbow Shy is now on PATREON

RD: Hey guys and gals! The one and only Rainbow Dash here with some totally awesome news!

Do you love Ask Human Rainbow Shy? The answer, of course, is yes! Do you want to support Ask Human Rainbow Shy? The answer, again, is yes! Do you want some totally cool, super awesome behind the scenes bonus content? IF YOU DON’T SAY YES TO THAT ONE, I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S WRONG WITH YA!

So, watch the video, click the link! A whole new level of Rainbowshy awaits!

FS: If you haven’t heard of Patreon the video describes how it works, so I hope it answers any questions you may have. But, uhm, if you’re still a little confused or unsure, please feel free to message us any questions you might have. 

Oh! And if, maybe, you can spread the word around? That would be very nice as well…

Thank you so much for your time!

What kind of boyfriend is T.O.P.? (request)

Anonymus asked:

Hello :) What kind of boyfriend T.O.P is please? Thank you ~~~

I’m finally back, after so many month. I’m so sorry… But I finally have energy to work on some requests. Let’s go. :)

Originally posted by vipalumni

1. You’d think he’d be the mature one… Oh hell no. He’s the childish one

2. But he can be mature, if needed.

3. No need for supergood cooking skills. Choom-T.O.P. will eat everything, as long as it’s not too disgusting

4. Not that he wouldn’t like a high quality and super-well done meal.

5. But you know what? He’d take you out to his favourite restaurant.

6. There would always be a good wine in the house, even if there is nothing eatable there.

7. Lazy cuddling, for hours.

8. Understanding each other almost without words.

9. Him bragging about your taste in furniture.

10. Which leads to him buying new ones and you letting him do it.

11. Him texting or even video chatting with you every day he is away, no matter how tired he is.

12. Not much pda in public, but even more cuddling and touching in private

13. Him worrying more about you than himself.

14. Switching between sweet and daddy in a matter of seconds.

15. Whispering dirty things in your ear with the deep voice of his.

16. And then him being amused by your embarrassment.

17. Him wanting to be the strong one in your relationship.

18. But lowkey loving the comfort you give him.

19. Because you’ll always know when he needs comfort.

20. Sitting in a quiet place with a glass of wine together and talking about anything for hours.

21. You laughing about his jokes everytime, even if you don’t want to.

22. Lazy picnic dates on the floor in the living room.

23. You both being lowkey jealous, when the other is too close to someone else for your taste.

24. But still not believing the other one would cheat, ever!

25. Him stealing the hearts of your family, especially your parents, just because he is like he is.

I’m sorry if it isn’t that good. I kind of have to get into this again…

Xoxo, Admin C

hello, i am a musician. i work on various different projects but my main focus is my band seaqueens and my solo work. occasionally i will do some other things, yknow, collaborating with people or working as a session musician but for the most part those are my main output.

i’m in a bit of a financial pickle right now so i’m doing a bit of self-promotion. all my music is pay-what-you-like (which basically means it’s free) so if you super enjoy it & have a lil money to spare how about throwing a bit my way? or if you don’t have spare cash just download and enjoy! i’m just glad there’s another person who enjoys what i do. and if you don’t like it one bit that’s a shame but oh well

i hope you like what i have made. if you do like it please share it & this post around! thank you


Aaaand new ref for Yerman!!

He got two outfits but this is his current main one. The other outfit will be linked up on his profile, and the outfit design credit goes to Jet! (I took some liberties with the boots tho eheh ;v;” )

And I am super pissed at Tumblr right now because it has been butchering the quality of it, so I had to chop it into two images, please fullview it here.

anonymous asked:

I present: the Four Horsemen. At the Grand Prix, there will be NO DRAMA... but then everyone finds out that 4 of judges are this super eccentric group of experts that they have to cater to. They're the best of the best, but they're WEIRD & are all up in the boys' biz. And each one is obsessed and perfectly attuned to each of the 4 aspects of judging: Difficulty, Technique, Presentation, & Interpretation. And the group has a really hard time pleasing ALL of them in one routine. Shenanigans ensue.

Oh shit man, that would be so difficult and such an orderly system as well!

Two-Bit Mathews headcanons

- wishes his last name was spelled “normally”
- Matthews, rather than Mathews
- “math is ew, you’re right”

- LOVES hot chocolate
- coffee is disgusting, apparently
- and tea is for middle aged women

- please don’t give him candy
- he gets super hyper
- and acts 19 times as childish

- his best subject was English
- the teacher loved him
- and he was great at acting out the different plays
- and he analyzes characters so well

- Two doesn’t have the patience to be an author but if Pone ever needed help with his stories, Two always had the best advice

- his favorite subject is lunch

- he’s such a theater kid oh my word
- but not one of the cocky ones
- well…
- he doesn’t boss stage crew around and act like he knows their jobs better than they do
- but he does act like his role is the most important

- can taste the difference between Coke and Pepsi
- he can taste the difference between most things

- y'know those blind folded, guess-the-snack kinda games? he’s the master of those
- that’s how he spends his Thursday nights with Soda and Steve, instead of doing homework

- he hated gym
- everyone treated it like the Olympics whereas he died every gym class
- “running is gross. exercise is gross. food is great. I wanna die.”

- he actually likes his gray eyes
- they remind him of thunderstorms
- and although he prefers the sunshine, he does love a good thunderstorm
- “they’re so refreshing, y'know? like you letting everything go and when it’s over, you can start fresh.”

- he always saw Ponyboy and Johnny as little brothers
- and he’s *very* protective of them