Hello everyone!!
It is my pleasure to introduce chapter 11 of my first graphic novel Lights & Shadows designed with The Sims 4.
I’m really enjoying developing the story and designing the comic.
I want to thank all my followers on Tumblr and all the people who like my work.
Thank you very much from the heart.


literallyhetaliatrash  asked:

Spain.... Some one told me that you are jealous of Portugal when he is with England.... Because England get along better with him.... Is that true? Or you just don't care if Portugal and England are dating...? owo

Jealous of mi hermano? He and Inglaterra have been “amigos” por siglos! But if they started dating I would be disappointed! Not because I’m jealous, no no, I think of Inglaterra as a friend, en serio I do; but because I really believed my own hermano would have much better taste in a pareja. Inglaterra is really just a let down digo- I thought he’d at least fall for someone who could cook him a decent comida. 

DuckTales 2017 Dubs

The show is going to be released in 34 languages around the world and the local Disney channels are beginning to post trailers in some of these. The language nerd inside of me is geeking out!



Spanish – European


I’ll be adding to the list as things get released and I find them. Please say if you know about other videos out there!