noadiederich  asked:

Hi! If an acquaintance greeted the Bad Friends Trio (plus Romano and Japan), and started talking to one of them, but they didn't remember his/her name, what would they do?

Prussia: He’d bluntly ask the person what their name was. He wouldn’t be ashamed of it at all. It happens all the time, why should he fret about it?

Spain: He’d try and gloss over the fact by not mentioning it, but it’d mean he spent the rest of conversation being visibly nervous that he’d get caught.

South Italy: Cleverly, he would ask them what their name was. After they replied, he would tell them, “no, your last name, idiot”. Foolproof.

(Pattern by Harper Finch)


“The case of the broken tiara”

A few days ago i posted about how the fleur de lys tiara was broken in the middle. In forums and facebook , people speculated about this saying that it wasnt broke and it was where the tiara could be articulated and adapted.

Well, here s the proof it wasnt like that.

Yes, the tiara can be articulated and adapted, but not in the middle, but in both sides! (Red circles)

Thanks god, as my friend Pablo Milstein (expert in royal jewels) noted, it can be easily fixed . ✌🏻

(Credit to Pablo Milstein for the images and info)