Nations in Theater

America, such a good actor it’ll make you reconsider how manipulative he is in real life.

France, that over dramatic actor who takes his roles to heart and off stage.

China, the actor that’s been there forever. Has been in everything

England, the Stage Manager. 

Germany, the Director.  

Poland, in charge of costuming. 

Japan, in charge of lights and sound.

Canada, head of stage crew. 

Spain, Romano, Prussia are said stage crew. 

Russia, built the set. 

Italy, all the extras. 

Europe: I want to know where are you from and who would you like to represent your country next year! I want to know new artists from all Europe.

I’m from Spain and I would like Alvaro Soler to represent my country

ID #42169

Name: Leticia
Age: 18
Country: Spain

Hi! My name is Leticia, although most people call me Leti so you can go with whichever you prefer.
I am currently finishing the first year of medicine at college in Madrid. I would love to have a penpal with whom I could talk about anything, about my day, about the secrets of the universe or just how much it sucked my day. Or maybe about how badly I want to eat pizza.

I’m the kind of person who loves to talk, who writes a lot, gets excited with small things and will keep writing after a long time.

Also something I love about having a pen pal is that you get to know someone a lot, and how is really life in the country they live, and I don’t know, that sometimes it is easier to talk to someone who lives miles away from you than those who are right here.

My interests include reading, like Harry Potter, Shatter me, the classics, the name of the wind… Music: like Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, Bastille, Dodie Clark, Ed Sheeran

I love to cook, art, people who know when to stop arguing, rain, long walks…
I don’t like people who don’t own up to their mistakes, artichokes, things that are done carelessly.

I would love to snail mail with my penpal, but email is good too :)

Preferences: Maybe just that you are around my age, 18 or more. Also someone who is open minded and respectful.


Geology trip in the Pyrenees. Anyone feel free to translate.

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You somehow forgot that I'm tiny and face planted into the floor with like spamano or something?

Okay ngl I only reblogged that prompt list bc height differences are my weakness but here you go!

Prompt: “You somehow forget that I’m tiny and just face-planted into the floor because you tried to lean on me. I know it probably hurts but this is too funny.”

Lovino had never really come to terms that, in terms of height, he had pulled the genetic short straw. When added to the fact that it was almost laughably easy to get him to explode, it meant that Antonio, his long-suffering and deeply-loving boyfriend, sometimes had to physically pick him up to stop him from tearing into someone much bigger, rather like an owner of a little terrier who liked to go after mastiffs.

Unfortunately, Antonio wasn’t always the sharpest crayon in the box. Especially when he’d had a long day of dealing with deliberately obtuse idiots. He was blinking slowly and heavily as Lovino bustled up towards him with a ‘you damn idiot’ look on his face.

Then again, that look was almost always on his face, with some varying modulations. Right now it looked like number three: fond exasperation with a slight ‘I’m gonna take care of you so hard’ overtone.

Antonio lifted his arm, intending to rest his elbow on top of his boyfriend’s head.

He misjudged.

The next sound was a loud thud, swiftly followed by almost hysterical laughter.

2ps and Finals Week

2p America: *Currectly watching Star Wars Episode III while his English class is reviewing grammar* 

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2p Canada: Oh look a pencil. Maybe if I picked it up I could get some work done. *flips desk and leaves study hall*

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2p France: Nope. Finals are a waste of time. Gimme an F. Expel me because I ain’t gonna do shit.

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2p England: *Making his own study guides. Has multiple colorful highlighters and gel pens and will get at least a B in every subject* He is just a pure little smarty bun.

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2p Russia: A’s in every class except English. He got a C that was originally an A because he refused to take that final. He thought English was to easy of a subject to have a final on. Didn’t give any fucks.

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2p China: “Wh E n uR WoR K i S gAR b A gE a N d iT’s N o T O k A y GO To ThE Tra S h a Nd ThRoW uRseLF A wAY~!” *tried finishing up his science report, ended up in the cafeteria and is currently smuggling boxes of frozen mini corndogs*

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2p Germany: Passed finals with D’s. That’s it. I mean Luciano wouldn’t let him fail so he forced him to study all week with him. So he is kinda dead at this point.

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2p Italy: *DEaTh To ALL HuMAnS!* Straight A+, except in art. He got an A- in there because in one project he didn’t “express his feelings into it”. So that teacher is gonna get to see his anger expressed for sure.

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2p Romano: Passed with all C’s and one A in home ect. He had like a fashion class so he actually cared about his grade in there.

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2p Prussia: He got a mix of C’s and B’s. He got by with coffee and some of those McMuffins from McDonald’s.

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2p Japan: A’s on everything. He pulled all nighters and if you approach him right now he will not hesitate to lollipop your throat with a sharpie.

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2p Austria: *Possessing his math teacher to get a C* Besides possessing teachers he is napping in every final and not giving a single shit on this.

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2p Spain: Sleeping and getting to every class late so only finishes half of every final. He fails everything, but Flavio pays the school to let him continue onto the next year.

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