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so in some posts you said that you think that an actor's race doesn't matter, but their ability to act instead. what do you think of representation then? the fact that it is rarer for people to see more diverse main characters that look like them compared to the overabundance of white characters in media? thats why some people were unhappy I think, its not fun to see an uncommon character that represents your race be replaced with something you can see everyday

What I’m saying is, if an actor it’s chosen over someone that could do more justice to the part just because of their race, isn’t that a pity?
I mean certain roles need a certain race because it’s one particular trait of the character itself, but with a role like Michael it doesn’t matter so you can choose the better one.
The representation is a very delicate issue, it depends on the decision of who is making the casting, but still I wouldn’t choose people because “their looks would please the audience” over “their acting would please the audience”.

Woah today I’m making risky statements, alright

Here’s something you don’t see everyday. Three Canada geese flying through a rainbow at Morris Wetland Management District in Minnesota. Made up of 245 small parcels of wetlands and grasslands scattered throughout an eight-county area, the Morris District restores and protects enough wetland and grassland habitat to meet the needs of prairie wildlife and breeding waterfowl, as well as providing places for public recreation. Photo by Alex Galt, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Bit more about Japanese culture and anime...

There was some interest after this Inuyasha post. Thought it would be cool to go more in-depth and relate it to anime, so next time you watch something you can go, “Oh yeah. That happens over there.”

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No, THAT doesn’t happen in Japan.

As a word of caution: I grew up near Tokyo in the 90′s, when the economic bubble had burst but your average family didn’t feel the effects until later. Culture may have shifted slightly after the economic downturn (I know there’s a more nationalistic undertone now, like most of Asia), and everything I say will not apply to all of Japan. Places like Sapporo and Ōsaka have their own distinct cultures, like how New York and Texas are uniquely different.

But since most anime are set in or are geared towards the Tokyo crowd, I have a good idea of the cultural influences. Especially when relating it to Inuyasha, which was published and set in the 90′s (at least in Kagome’s modern time).

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Also, what I’m about to say below is about Japan (Tokyo). Please don’t start applying it to other countries in Asia, or you will be laughably misled.

Additionally, I’m not some researcher who did extensive study on my own culture. I’m just relating to y’all my background, experiences, and the little bit of knowledge I’ve gleaned from my memories of living there as a little girl, as well as from stories shared by my parents.

Suffice it to say, you should not cite me for your research paper.

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You’re on your own, suckers!

I didn’t want to bother making multiple posts, so this is gonna be looooong. It’s not all roses either. If you have this fantastic, perfect vision of Japan, turn back now! You hear me?

Now then.

Are you ready, kids?


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Request: “Harry hook imagine where the reader stands up to Captain Hook for being mean to Harry?”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: None

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You were currently searching for your boyfriend Harry, normally he would be at Ursula’s Fish and Chips but today he wasn’t.

“Uma have you seen Harry? I thought he’d be inside but he isn’t.” You said.

“He’s by the docks talking to his dad.” She said.

“His dad, you mean Captain Hook?” You asked.

“Mhmm and don’t go over there right now I was about to train but after hearing them argue I left before they could see me.” Uma said.

“Alright thanks.” You said and she nodded.

You were stubborn, curious and wanted answers so knowing you, you weren’t going to leave. You were going to hear for yourself what was happening. You needed to know why Harry was arguing with his dad.

Once you got to a distance where you could hear well you hid behind some large barrels. And listened to the conversation.

“You’re a complete disgrace to the family you’re not as evil as your sisters ever since you started dating Y/N you became a softie.” Captain Hook said.

“So did you when you married mom I’m not going to do your dirty work just because you ask me to.” Harry said.

“I’ll ask your sisters frankly they act more manly then you do. Just remeber if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have people that are afraid of you and people that shiver every time they hear your name.” Captain Hook spat.

“I never asked for any of that you were the one that just gave it to me.” Harry said.

“You ungrateful child how dare you say that to me. You’re the only man in the family besides me and this is how you turned out, what an embarrassment.” Captain Hook said angrily.

“Enough!” You yelled as you walked towards Harry’s side.

“How dare you talk to your son like that, you might not have given birth to him but he is still your own flesh and blood.” You said.

“You’re no one to tell me how I should treat my son.” Captain Hook said.

“I’m his girlfriend so in a way I am someone. Harry is more of a man then you’ll ever be so you have no right to say such absurd things to him. The boy tried to get his hand bitten off by Tick Tock just so that he could please you and make you proud of him!” You exclaimed.

“It would’ve been horrible if that happened but thankfully Tick Tock ignored him and went back to sleep if he hadn’t you would’ve never been able to forgive yourself. You should be ashamed.” You said with a disgusted look.

“Okay okay everything’s alright now babe let’s take you inside before you throw a punch.” Harry said as he threw you over his shoulder.

“This is not over!” You yelled out to Hook as Harry walked away with you.

Once you were inside Ursula’s Fish and Chips Harry set you down. “Hey that wasn’t necessary.” You said pouting.

“Yes it was I saw you going in for the face. As much as I don’t like my dad I don’t want you getting in trouble.” Harry said.

“If it meant defending you it’s worth it.” You smiled.

“Thank you gorgeous, for standing up to my father like that when he was saying those things.” Harry beamed.

“No need to thank me handsome that’s what I’m here for and I’m not going anywhere.” You said.

You embraced each other in a hug. Feeling the warmth and heat of the other not wanting to let go. Two different people from opposite worlds came to love each other so easily. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday.
The Case of Endeavor: Finding Humanity in the Abusive Parent

I really like Horikoshi’s attempt to add a more human side to the abusive parental figure.

There’s no question that Endeavor is among the list of Worst Fathers in History. He neglects the emotional needs of his youngest son in favor of pursuing his own ambition and in the process, abuses his wife when she gets in his way, not to mention he sees his own family as merely tools to achieve his goals. He definitely falls short of the image of a loving, devoted father but when he finally sees All Might’s true form, we get this:

This is the first time we get a glimpse into Endeavor’s mind. It is interesting to note that when he reflects on his ambition to surpass All Might all these years, he remembers his son and wife, and this thought is accompanied by the lines “The despair of it drove me to…” The eclipses suggests hesitation, that there are things he would rather not acknowledge, and it is not difficult to fill in the gaps as to what he is implying. With the image of Shoto and his mom in the background, we can assume that Endeavor is saying how the despair of being second place to All Might pushes him to marry his wife and have Shoto, and we all know how that plan turned out. These thoughts are left unspoken and instead, we get a drawing of his eye, widening in terror. It is as if the reality of what he has done all these years has finally dawn him: his selfish ambition to become the strongest hero has caused pain for others and not just anybody, his own family, and seeing All Might weakened right in front of him, he realizes he caused them pain for nothing. He didn’t have to make Shoto his successor. All Might’s strength is already deteriorating and Endeavor naturally becomes number one without much of a fight. He finally achieves his dream, but all that is left is a wife in a mental hospital and a broken son who wouldn’t acknowledge him (and also several other kids he obviously neglected).

That is why he cannot accept his “victory”. Just as Bakugo (bless his angry soul) refuses to accept the result of the sports festival because his prize doesn’t prove his strength, Endeavor refuses to accept his position as Number One Hero because he didn’t even beat All Might to earn it. His plan, a plan he had used years to cultivate, is now useless and meaningless. Instead of triumph, he is now facing a sense of loss. This loss, I believe is not simply from the dissatisfaction Endeavor feels about this turn of events. There is another reason. Judging from the panel I analyzed above, Endeavor now, for the first time, comes face to face with the mess of a family that is his own doing. Without his goal, he now has to admit his responsibility for his dysfunctional family, and as a man of action, he resorts to rage and violence to release all the emotions bottling inside him (goodbye training room):

It is easy to create straight-up “bad guys” when writing abusive parents, and it’s understandable. Adult douchebags who hurt innocent children are the definition of pure evil. So writing an abusive parent from a vulnerable perspective is not something you see everyday and I’m glad Horikoshi added that in the manga. I’m not saying I like Endeavor, nor am I justifying his actions. Todoroki Shoto, his mother and the rest of the Todoroki family deserve so much more than this angry, prideful “hero” as their husband/father. But it is also nice to see the other side of the story (and one that doesn’t need more than 3 pages to illustrate). 

Sometimes, I guess, it is easy to forget that evil parents are human as well, and characters like Endeavor helps remind us of that.

Photos taken from Ch.93 & 95 of the My Hero Academia manga.
All credits to Kōhei Horikoshi

the ptr is too laggy for me to properly play with the horizon map but i have compiled a list of the voicelines everyone says when they look though the telescope in the attackers spawn room. Winston and Bastion don’t seem to have lines. if anyone knows Russian some help would be… appreciated

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Everyday (Brad Simpson Smut)

He’s just got to have you any time, any day.



I wake up, reaching to feel Brad but nothing. I open my eyes and see that he isn’t beside me. Strange. He normally stays in bed with me every morning. Maybe he had to get ready for work early. Although, his schedule has been free even after moving to our new apartment just two weeks ago. I check the time, it’s only 9 am.

I get out of bed to look for him. I check our bathroom and kitchen but no sign of Brad. I let out a sigh of relief as I spot his curly hair peeking from the couch.

“Hey, there you are”, I say as I walk towards him. My jaw drops as I take in the sight before me.

“I was waiting until you woke up. I was worried I’d be waiting forever then I’d have to cover up so I wouldn’t get cold.”

I just blinked at him. I was speechless. Never did I think I’d ever find my boyfriend in nothing but his birthday suit laying on the couch.

“Are you going to keep staring or are you going to join me?” he asks, breaking the silence.


“Not something you see everyday”, he laughs. “Here, I’ll help you out.” He stands up and starts undressing me. I shiver a little bit as I become fully naked. “Let me warm you up, babe.” He lies back down on the couch, motioning me to join him. His arms take me in, the warmth radiating off his body.

He leaves kisses on my body from my back to my shoulders then inching closer to my neck, my weak spot. As he gets closer I can feel my heartbeat increase. Goose bumps form and hairs rise as soon as his lips meet my neck. I let out a few moans from the feeling. It only took a couple of seconds before I could feel how hard he is.

I feel around for him then smirk to myself as I find what I was looking for. I take him into my free hand and begin pumping. He stops kissing my neck. “Fuck”, he curses under his breath. I keep going then stop.

I face him, looking straight into his eyes. “I want you right now Brad.”

“Anything for you.” He positions himself so he can enter me with ease. “Are you ready for me?” he whispers into my ear. His warm breath arousing me even more.

“Yes.” I feel him slip in. My mouth drops as he goes in all the way. He builds up a rhythmn, going a bit harder with every thrust. “Fuck”.

“Just the way you like it babe.” His hands pull my waist closer to him, closing the little bit of space between us.

Suddenly, an idea popped into my mind. “Hey..can you…” I try speaking but find it difficult to focus with him pleasing me so good.


“Push..your body…all the the…”

He chuckles as I struggle to speak. “I got you.” His body moves all the way up against the couch. He pulls me back to him and finds his way back inside.

“No, I got you”, I say as rock my hips. He lets out a long moan from the motion.

“You’re all mine”, he says then flips me over, getting ontop of me. “The love I have for you goes deep.” We moan in unison as he goes in deeper than ever before.

His body collapses on mine as we reach our highs. We catch our breaths then spend the rest of the time cuddling naked.

“Where did that idea come from babe?” Brad asks.

I blush. “I read it from an online article. Luckily I remembered it.”

“Thank God you did because that was incredible.”

“I think what you did was incredible. It felt so good.”

“I’m glad.” He smiles then kisses me. “What would you say to round two?”

“Fuck yes!”

He laughs darkly, moving us onto the floor. He sits up. “Rest your thighs on my legs and wrap your legs around my waist.”

I do as he says and await his next move. He slides into me easily, as I’m soaked from before. I wrap my arms around his neck to hold myself up.

His hands grip my ass tightly as he thrusts into me. His lips crashing onto mine. We moan into each others’ mouths as we make love on the floor.

After a bit, he stands up, still holding onto me and carries me to our bedroom. He sets me down on the bed, looking at me with puppy eyes. I furrow my brows a little. What is he up to?

“Can you please ride me?” he asks in the sweetest tone.

I giggle. “That shouldn’t even be a question.” He smirks.

I pull him onto the bed then push him down. I take in this glorious sight. My eyes lust over how amazing his body looks. So sexy. So defined. And all mine. I bite my lip. God damn.

I get ontop of him, placing him back inside of me. I swirl my hips around and watch him roll his eyes back. God I love being in control. I grind my hips against him and he grabs my ass. I moan out his name which causes him to curse.

I keep my eyes on his face and get so turned on by the facial expressions he makes. All of a sudden, his thumb finds its way to my clit and starts rubbing. My body jerks from the feeling. He lets out a dark laugh.

I lean forward, placing my hands on his chest as I ride him faster and harder. “Ugh fuck, don’t stop babe”, he moans deeply. His hands find my ass and pulls me down everytime I thrust.

“It feels so good like this”, I say as I lose myself in the heaven-like feeling.

We keep going until we orgasm. My body falls ontop of his. I can feel his stomach go in and out, trying to catch his breath. As soon as our breathing returns to normal, he kisses me.

“I love making love to you”, I say.

He smiles. “I love being able to anytime, any day, with you. I’ll give it to you everyday.”

Buffy the Vampire Slayer meme

Willow Rosenberg edition ( part one )

  • “Well, did you try looking inside the sofa in hell?”
  • “Yeah, great, there’s a sexy nickname.”
  • “I’m so evil, and skanky… and I think I’m kinda gay.”
  • “I’m storming off. It doesn’t really work if you come with me.”
  • “Say, you all didn’t happen to do a bunch of drugs, did ya?”
  • “Don’t worry. I won’t do anything that could be interpreted as brave.”
  • “You’re not gonna jokey-rhyme your way out of this one.”
  • “Hey, I eat danger for breakfast.”
  • “And now we’re supposed to decide what we want to do with our lives. And I just realized that’s what I want to do. Help people.”
  • “I have my own fun.”
  • “Are we hoping to find a body, or no body?”
  • “Usually I use that time to copy over my class notes with a system of different colored pens. But it’s been pointed out to me that that’s, you know, insane.”
  • “I’m not stealing. I-I-I’m just taking things without paying for them. In what twisted dictionary is that stealing?”
  • “Come on. Everybody loves fetal pigs!”
  • “Well, you know, I have a choice. I can spend my life waiting for _______ to go out with every other person in the world until he notices me, or I can just get on with my life.”
  • “You just don’t like him ‘cause of that time he beat you up every day for five years.”
  • “I hope this story ends with, 'And she lived happily ever after.'”
  • “When I’m with a boy I like, it’s hard for me to say anything cool, or-or witty - or at all. I-I can usually make a few vowel sounds, and then I have to go away.”
  • “She’s sad because her lover gave her twelve gold coins. But then the wizard cut open the bag of salt, and now the dancing minions have nowhere to put their big maple… fish thing.”
  • “Was it one of those vivid dreams where you could feel their lips and smell their hair?”
  • “You’re being too hard on yourself. Why don’t we wait a half an hour and try again?”
  • “I’ve seen honest faces. They usually come attached to liars.”
  • “Irony’s kind of ironic that way.”
  • “There are men, better men, wherein the mind is stronger than the penis.”
  • “I don’t care if it is an orgy of death. There’s still such a thing as a napkin.”
  • “That way leads to madness and sweaty palms.”
  • “Eat a cookie, ease my pain.”
  • “He said he wasn’t coming back until he’d driven to all fifty states.”
  • “No. It just means that you’d rather be with someone you hate than be with me.”
  • “I knew it. I knew it. Well, not 'knew it’ in the sense of having the slightest idea, but I knew there was something I didn’t know.”
  • “Well, there’s something you don’t see everyday.”
  • “Now that I know there’s something to know, I can’t *not* know, just because I’m afraid somebody’ll know I know, you know?”
  • “When did morning happen?”
  • “We had kind of a pajama party sleepover with weapons thing.”

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I find Sam's fanboying over dolphins doing their dolphin thing so endearing. He is just adorable.

Can I just say how much I love his fanboy spirit??? Dolphins are not something you see everyday (at least, not where I come from) so it’s really adorable how excited he is! On a side note, both he and Cait have been so happy and relaxed since coming to SA. You can just see their glow in their pictures. Cait posted 2 unrelated pics to her IG in as many days, something pretty much unheard of for her, so yea, I think we can say  that they are loving their time in SA!

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“Good morning my boy” Eskild said with his usual perkiness making his way into the kitchen. Isak was there cooking some breakfast for Even.

“Eskild what are you doing up so early?” Isak was genuinely curious as to why a person who loves to party and sleep late was awake at 8 o’clock in the morning. It’s not something you see everyday. 

“I slept well, thank you. And I won’t ask you because I know for a fact you had an amazing night” And that’s how the Guru avoids answering an awkward question. It did exactly what he expected. Isak got uncomfortable and started to look for things around the kitchen that probably weren’t even there. But that didn’t stop Eskild for noticing the hickeys on his roommate’s neck.

“Way to go Even, those are nice hickeys” Eskild said trying to get a closer look.

“Shut up” Isak finished pouring the juice.

“Morning everyone” Even appeared scratching his eyes and looking for his morning kiss from Isak “Eggs” He said grabbing a spoon to taste them “They’re not as good as mine, but they’re still good” Even smiled.

Isak showed Even his tongue mocking his boyfriend and then kissed him. And the kiss made both of them forget Eskild was there.

“Morning hickeys for Isak now right?” Eskild giggled ruining the moment.

“You’re an idiot” Isak laughed placing the cheese toasts on the oven.

“Good job there Even, really nice hickeys” Eskild kept teasing because it’s just the way he is…

“Thank you Eskild. He looks good right? The hickeys suits him” And Even played along because there’s nothing more charming and cute than a grumpy Isak.

“I’m right here you guys” Isak said unsure if he was mad or just trying really hard not to laugh. Even grabbed his arm and pulled Isak close to him placing his hands on his hips.

“And you look hot” Even kissed Isak.

Request: The Old Lady

Request: Please write an imagine about being old friends with Jax and Opie and finally coming back to Charming and bumping into the club. Also the reader catches the eye of Opie by wearing tight jeans and knee high boots and having a killer attitude. 

I’m sorry, I’m having a hard time with this writer’s block.

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Opie’s POV

Senior year in high school. Opie and Jax had made it so far, but they were more excited about the prospect’s kuttes they just had got. They had been living around SAMCRO since they were babies and people were expecting them to take their places at the table. Girls at school seemed to be excited to, glancing and giggling at the two new bikers in town. However, one of them couldn’t care less about the leather and patches. Their best friend, Y/N, was barely talking to them, so Jax decided to ask her what was going on.

“Man, she must be pissed off”, Opie grunted as they walked in the library, a place where they could always find Y/N, “A good girl like her doesn’t want to walk with bikers, soon to be criminals”

“Bullshit!”, Jax hissed, looking through the bookshelves, “She know us since forever! Y/N knows who we are, what our old men do and she still is our best friend”

“Maybe she found out you’ve always wanted to get in her pants”, Opie shrugged and Jax smacked the back of his neck.

“Are you sure I am the one trying to do that Winston?”, his best friend raised an eyebrow as Opie blushed. Y/N was beautiful, a sweet girl and that’s exactly why they would never work together. Club wasn’t a place for her and Opie was determined to do good as a prospect.

They found Y/N in an isolated place on the library, a book on her lap. However, she didn’t have her nose buried in it, she was looking at the sky through the window close to her, lost in her own mind. She jumped when they sat in front of her. Opie watched Y/N closely and noticed her eyes were red, she had been crying.

“Hello”, Jax smirked, cocky as always, “Can we talk Y/N?”

“About what?”, she creased her brow, carefully looking at the boys.

“Did we do something wrong?”, his friend blurted, as Opie continued to study Y/N’s expression, “You haven’t been talking with us lately. Actually, you seem to be hiding from us”

Y/N’s eyes widened for a second before she sigh and look down. Opie looked at Jax, who shrugged and reached for her hand. Y/N pulled it back, straightening on her chair.

“I’m leaving Charming”, she blurted, “My parents are getting divorced. Dad cheated and mom is moving to another town, I’m going with her”

“Y/N…We…”, for the first time Opie saw Jax Teller speechless, “Is there anything we can do?”

“Nothing”, Y/N whispered and gathered her things, “It was nice to meet you guys”

She was devastated, Opie could see, but he knew there was nothing he could do to make it better. He could hug her and tell he liked her, but it would be worse. She was leaving Charming and he would be a Son, they couldn’t be farther from each other than this.

Years later…

They had got the patches after one year as prospects, and now, years later, Opie knew his best friend was going to be SAMCRO’s vice president. His father was tired, getting sick and didn’t want to be in the place anymore. Opie was proud of Jax and ready to be his right hand. The club had always been his life, though Opie always had wanted a family too. Girls had always been around, but none of them was special enough. He still was looking for the one and only.

It was early in the morning and Opie was outside the clubhouse, smoking, before go to work on TM. Gemma’s car entered the parking and she walked towards him, instead of going to her office.

“Do you remember Y/N Y/L/N?”, Gemma asked. Opie froze, his hand stopping half way to his mouth. He hadn’t heard that name in years.

“Yeah”, he swallowed, blinking, “She was our friend, me and Jax. What about her?”

“Nothing”, she shrugged, not looking or sounding convincing, “He father just died and I was wondering if you guys remembered her, you used to be so close”

“She moved from Charming years ago Gem”, Opie bit his lip, “We haven’t talked with or about her since then”

“Yeah, right”, she waved, pursing her lips, “Well, I’m going to work. See you sweetheart”

Gemma walked to her office and Opie finished his cigarette, his mind wandering back to Y/N. He still remembered her, the sweet smile, kindness, cleverness and beauty. Y/N had been his crush in high school, that girl he never had the courage to ask out on a date, but always had imagined how it would be. The circumstances that made her leave Charming were sad and how she just stopped talking to him and Jax was even worse; maybe they could have convinced her to stay and finish high school with them, supported their friend.

He heard a bike and soon Jax was parking his Harley, hopping out of it and walking towards Opie. “Did you hear?”, his friend blurted, sitting by Opie’s side at the picnic table.

“About Y/N’s father?”, he glanced at Jax, “Your mother just told me”

“Man, I swear it took me a while to remember her”, Jax admitted and then, looked at his brother, “Do you think she will come to the funeral?”

“It’s her father Jax”, Opie got up, intending to start working, “I think she will”


Funeral would be in the next day’s afternoon. Opie and Jax drove to the cemetery and watched it from afar. They knew many people there, but no sign of Y/N. When they got back at TM, their brothers were gather at the garage doors, around a Harley.

“What’s so special about this Harley guys?”, Jax scoffed as they got closer.

“Not the bike lads”, Chibs smirked, “But its owner”

“Here she comes”, Tig grinned before they could ask who owned the bike. Opie turned around to see who was coming and saw a woman leaving Gemma’s office. She was wearing tight jeans that embraced her body perfectly and knee high leather boots. She looked like a biker’s old lady and Chibs was right, a girl riding a Harley wasn’t something you see everyday.

“I was wondering when I would see you guys”, the woman smirked, taking off her sunglasses, “Hello Winston…Teller”

“Y/N!?”, Jax exclaimed, but Opie couldn’t see his expression, all he had in mind was Y/N. She definitely had changed.

“Don’t be so surprised Teller”, she laughed and turned to Chibs, “I already signed the papers. When my bike will be ready?”

“I’ll start working on it”, the Scotsman answered, “As soon as possible lass”

“Great”, Y/N smiled, “Gemma has my number. Call me when it’s ready”

She looked at Jax and Opie again and walked away as they followed her. Opie still couldn’t speak, it was a great surprise to see her again and how different she was, nothing like the quiet girl he had met at school.

“I’m sorry about your father Y/N”, Jax spoke first and she gave him a weak smile, nodding her head, “We just got back from the funeral, we thought you would be there”

“Yes, I intended to”, Y/N sighed, playing with the sunglasses on her hands, “Our relationship wasn’t good, but he was my father. Well, I had some troubles on the road and I was almost at Charming when my bike practically died. Lucky me I still had TM number on my phone”

“How long are you staying?”, Opie blurted, making both, Jax and Y/N look at him. Her eyes softened for a moment and then she smirked.

“I don’t know Winston”, Y/N shrugged, “I’ll visit my father’s grave and someone will read the testament next week, maybe. I got time, since I don’t have a job, not anymore… Anyway… Good to see you boys, I have to go now”

“Wait!”, Opie called when she turned her back on them, “I can give you a ride”


She accepted his offer, hopping onto his bike and holding him as they rode through town. He was surprised when she said her father’s address, but it made sense; she had a house there, no reason to spend money staying in a hotel.

“Thank you Winston”, she handed the helmet back to him, smoothing her hair down, then she smiled, “It was a nice ride”

“You’re welcome”, Opie looked at her, Y/N’s eyebrow raised as she stood still under his gaze, “Your father’s business will be yours now, right? You could stay in Charming, since you don’t have a job anymore”. He didn’t know what he was thinking, he was rambling, her presence messing with his senses, “I mean…It’s just something that occurred to me, while…”

“I don’t know Opie”, Y/N rested her hand over the handlebars, using his name for the first time. She leaned closer, licking her lips, “Is there something else that Charming could offer me?”, All he could do was stare at her lips. Y/N grinned and straightened, winking at him, “Thanks for the ride Winston. See you around”


Y/N’s bike needed new pieces, fix it took longer than what Chibs had imagined. She had stopped by TM to see the progress on her Harley and stayed for a drink at the clubhouse. Tig and Chibs were trying to tell a joke when Opie walked in, something about two nuns and a bar.

“Hey Winston!”, Y/N cheered when she saw him. She looked tipsy, “Come here, have a beer!”

“No, thanks”, he said and sat close to her, who asked Chibs another beer. Opie watched as Y/N continue to drink; he wouldn’t let her go home alone. Luckily, one more beer and she stopped, “I’ll take you home”

“I can get home by myself Winston”, she protested, walking outside the clubhouse.

“No, you can’t”, Opie grunted and grabbed her arm. Y/N pulled it back, sobering up and glaring at him.

“You’re not my father Winston!”, Y/N raised her voice and tripped a little on her boots, “He is DEAD!”

“I’m just trying to keep you safe!”, he got closer to her, holding her arms. Y/N tilted her head back to look at him, grimacing.

“Why do you care Winston?”, she narrowed her eyes, “You never did it before. You were too busy enjoying your new kutte and pretty girls jumping on you, while I was breaking into a million pieces! I needed you, but you never looked at me! I liked you Opie! Damn it, I was in love with you!”

“Y/N…”, Opie tried to hold her as Y/N got rid of his grip, walking to the gate.

“Don’t worry about me Winston”, Y/N said over her shoulder, “I’ll leave Charming before you notice”


Opie helpless watched as Y/N left the clubhouse, finding a cab on the street to take her home. He tried to find her the next day, but he couldn’t. Her bike was ready, so he decided to wait for her to show up. He was back from some errands and noticed the Harley outside TM, but Y/N wasn’t around.

“She’s inside”, Gemma was at her office’s door frame, smoking. Opie looked from her to the clubhouse and marched towards there. Y/N was having coffee while the prospect cleaned the bar. She looked at him and put the cup over the counter.

“Thanks for the coffee”, Y/N smiled at the prospect and grabbed her purse. Opie blocked her from leaving, making Y/N sigh, “What do you want Winston?”

“Are you okay?”, he asked.

“Yeah, I am”, she answered and they stared at each other for a moment. Y/N blushed and cleared her throat, “Sorry about the other night. I was drunk, shouldn’t have yelled at you. It’s not your fault”

“It’s okay”, Opie mumbled, not quite sure about what to say. He was feeling like he was in high school again, nervous in front of the girl he liked.

“Okay then”, Y/N took a deep breath, gave him a weak smile and passed him, walking to the door, “Bye Winston”

“I liked you”, he blurted, making her stop on the way out, her back turned to him, “I fell for you, but I was too shy to tell you, and scared. You wouldn’t want a biker, you didn’t belong to this place and the club was my life. I also didn’t want to lose my best friend”

Opie waited as Y/N stayed on her place, looking down. She finally broke the silence with a laugh, “Good we were so stupid”. She leaned against the wall, running her fingers through her hair.

“Yes, we were”, he agreed and walked towards her. Y/N bit her lip, looking up at him, “Are you staying in Charming?”

“I don’t know Winston”, she shrugged and then the smirk was back on her face, “Why do you care?”

“I care about you”, he admitted, “I’ve been alone all this time and now I think that, maybe, I had been waiting for you to come back”

“I’ve changed a lot Winston”, Y/N stood on tiptoes, her face close to his.

“I know”, Opie whispered as he put a hand on her waist, gently pulling Y/N closer, “But at the same time, you’re still the same Y/N I fell in love in high school”

“No Winston”, she smiled, cupping the back of his neck, “I wasn’t ready back then, but now I am”

“Ready for what?”, he asked, watching Y/N lick her lips.

“To be your old lady”, she whispered and pulled him for a kiss. It was even better than what he always had imagined. Opie lifted her and Y/N wrapped her legs around him, smiling. His old lady was finally back to where she belonged.

anonymous asked:

So can I like applaud you on your attention to trigger warnings? It honestly helps a lot, and it's not something you see everyday, so thank you and hats off.

Thank you! We havent started implementing it until about a year ago, but its something thats definitely made our blog a lot better imo :) we want our readers to stay safe and have fun using our blog!