• Me:I love RWBY :))
  • FNDM:This show is really problematic
  • Me:Love all them characters :)))
  • FNDM:It has so many issues
  • Me:MMMMMMM what a fun show :)))))))
  • FNDM:There's too many problems to love it so much
  • Me:SO PROUD OF THIS SHOW :))))))))))))))))))

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Munakata the master of sparkles! XD what if a strain made him lose his sparkles? XD

That would be so sad for Munakata, imagine he gets hit by Strain power and everyone runs up all worried about their King, Munakata tries to give them a sparkling smile to show he’s all right except that nothing happens. Everyone is confused because it feels like something’s wrong with the Captain but no one can quite say why. I imagine that somehow with his sparkles gone Munakata seems weirdly stiff and dull, like his smiles seem like they belong to someone who has heard of smiles but isn’t quite sure how they work (so, oddly Fushimi-like). As the day goes on Munakata finds himself uncharacterstically tired and disheveled, like first he only has normal human smiles and then his flawless hair begins to get tangled and dull and his endless stores of energy begin to flag so that there are bags under his eyes. Everyone’s worried and they try to get him to take a nap or something, Munakata attempts another bright smile but it just falls entirely flat. Awashima tries to reassure him that everyone still respects him very much, Munakata lowers his head and sullenly tells her that her encouragement is appreciated.


“I rub my lucky rabbit’s foot, then I put on my socks and shoes, so no one can see that one of my feet is a rabbit’s foot.”


OMG these two are relationship goals!! Not only they’re wearing the same boots, but they also share clothes! (also, they have matching bikes too)



Why am I only seeing this now??? This guy is an amazing singer!!!