So this afternoon, me and my friend were driving to pick up her car that she’d left at my place of business while we went to lunch. AS WE GET TO THE LIGHT WE SEE OUT OF THE CORNER OF OUR EYES, ZOOM PASSED US: THE MYSTERY MACHINE. We glance at eachother to confirm what we just saw.

And then what we had to do became clear. We had to find The Mystery Machine.

And we did. Sure, we went a little over the speed limit, sure we almost followed him to another state, BUT WE FOUND HIM. IT WAS GLORIOUS.


HEY this is TOTALLY un-related to the Sims and COMPLETELY personal but if you want you can totally watch me and my Dad rehearse our cover of “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor

Just like if you want and/or you’re really bored or something idk i love you