I just rewatched Buddy’s Book and I noticed something a little odd. When Buddy meets Garnet and Pearl he recognizes them as some of the gems that saved him on the boat to beach city. He reacts the same when he meets Amethyst in the kindergarten.

However, when he meets the gem who is supposedly Rose and her seven lions in the desert he doesn’t recognize her as a crystal gem that rescued him. However, the painting from this moment (where Steven got the other gems outfits from) shows Rose with the rest of the crystal gems meaning Buddy should know her.

I think that the “giant woman” Buddy encountered wasn’t Rose, as Steven and Connie imagined, but was another gem. Maybe even pink diamond. We all know that this episode is deceiving because Steven and Connie are unreliable narrators basing the story off what they imagine to be true. And since the description definitely fits Rose it makes sense for him to think it is Rose, but Buddy should recognize her. After all he knew the other three crystal gems.

Also, on a fun side note the real Buddy shown at the end of the episode looks kinda like Greg which may be nothing but it’s a fun idea to entertain that Greg may be a descendant of Buddy!

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like i know this is most definitely not happening but imagine post last show afterparty outfit + nail polish on dan!! like nails and nice button up i

imagine dan and phil both getting their nails freshly manicured for an afterparty i’d never complain about anything ever again

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giant and a lot of tinies going to a fashion show, showing off an outfit they all made together, the tinies could also live on/in the clothes which could also make it an interior design show...?

A beautifully crafted and designed outift complete with housing and plenty of pocket homes for tinies, specifically designed by a group of giants and tinies as a way to not only make a beautiful piece of fashion but also homes for some of the smol’s!
How wonderful!!

anyway here’s the best omake in the entire series

Victoire Collection, Paris 1967.
Marielle And Victoire. In France, in October 1967, during a studio fashion shoot session, in the foreground, the stylist Victoire wearing a helmet, poses in front of eight female models wearing clothes from his collection of ready-to-wear . Paris Match 1967. Photos by Jack Garofalo


I met Dan and Phil yesterday and it was the happiest moment of my life <3 I am a terrible artist and thought it would be pretty funny to get them to sign a drawing of mine instead of my book. The sweeties thought I had tried really hard and were being so nice, admiring how amazing the drawing was and commenting that it must have taken a really long time lmao 

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The Tulip O’Hare Funko Pop that’s coming out this fall.

In Paris, in August 1967, three mannequins wearing the creations of Andre Courreges fashion show named for its ‘couture-future’ inspired by kinetic art, just left the studio for a foray into the street that attracts attention a pass. Photo by Manuel Litran (Paris Match)

i put together two outfits but im not sure if they’d like them ;; rin doesn’t come off as a dressy kinda person but i thought red dress would suit her-

Len: “The shirt is too femenine for me…”
Rin: “Maybe if it were more tight and short?”

((Rin isn’t the type to wear dresses but she looks cute on it??
Oh, and I didn’t draw the leggins bc it’d be uncomfortable to wear it with heels))