Signs Watching a Scary Movie

Aries ; is the one that says they don’t get scared but they actually jump in horror with Libra

Taurus ; literally never gets scared and is sleeping with Capricorn (not like that though…)

Gemini ; doesn’t even watch the movie because they don’t want to make a fool of themselves so they paint their nails with Leo

Cancer ; spends half of the movie covering their eyes with Virgo

Leo ; scoffing at the immaturity of everyone while they style their hair with Gemini

Virgo ; reminding themselves that it’s just a movie and covering their eyes with Cancer

Libra ; jumps every time the killer appears but refuses to admit they’re a scaredy cat with Aries

Scorpio ; switching the lights on and off to scare everyone with Aquarius

Sagittarius ; trying to make everyone feel better about being scared with Pisces

Capricorn ; spoils the movie for everyone with Taurus

Aquarius ; creeping up to everyone and scaring them, then laughing their heads off with Scorpio

Pisces ; telling everyone that it’s, again, just a movie and to not worry about the killers coming to life with Sagittarius