They'll Never Find the Man Who Killed My Daughter.

I keep expecting them to. I keep thinking that after all this time they would have found some scrap of evidence that would lead them to him. I’ve imagined the day they find him so many times that when I close my eyes I can see exactly how it will play out.

There will be a police car waiting in my driveway when I come home from work. My heart will be hammering in my chest as I step out of my car. A stone-faced police officer will come out of my house and tell me that he needs to speak with me. I’ll follow him into my living room and collapse into one of the chairs while he stands over me. He’ll tell me that they’ve found him. I won’t need to ask who.

I don’t know how I’ll react. Will I laugh knowing that it’s finally over? Will I cry knowing that I won’t have to live another day with my secret? All I know for certain is that I will feel relief. That and the cold metal of the handcuffs as the police officer slaps them down on my wrists.

But none of that has happened. Instead, I sit here, staring at a picture of my daughter and thinking about the man they will never find. The man who begged for my forgiveness when I found him. The man who cowers in my basement, waiting for me to decide what his punishment will be today.

The BTS boys were once again in filming for another series for their VLive show up in the mountains. The boys got a cute lodge with three bed rooms, two baths, and a awesome large living space with a kitchen tuck away near the front door.

Thankfully when it came to who room with who, Jimin got Jungkook. The couple was excited and quickly went to place their things away, sharing quick kisses that the staff would edit out while giggling. Of course the boys played games for the camera and stuff before the staff pack up for their own cabin just a few yards away.

Jungkook and Jimin washed up before heading to bed. Jimin sigh looking out the large window. Down side to the room was that it was on the bottom level, giving a creepy view into the dark woods along with one of their cars a few feet away. Jimin shiver, feeling a weird feeling in his stomach, before moving up to pull the curtains closed.

“What are you doing?” Jimin jump before turning around to see his boy friend drying his hair. Jimin let out a shaky whine making his boy friend laugh. “Aw don’t be scared hyung, I’ll be here to save you from the scary chipmunks.”

“Shut up Jungkook. You can be such a jerk.” Jimin mutters as Jungkook walks up to kiss and hug Jimin who melts into him. “I hate you. Stupid big buck tooth bunny.” Jungkook chuckles as he captures every insult mutter from Jimin’s mouth.

“Not very nice.” Jungkook teases before his hands lower to tug at the waist band of Jimin’s pajama pants. “But, I bet I can get you to get your mind off the window.” Jimin smirk backing Jungkook to the bed. In no time the boys had their cloths off and Jimin settle between Jungkook’s legs, thrusting in and out of the younger. Jimin tilt his head back, rolling it to the side as he enjoys how his younger lover takes him.

However the bliss is stopped by Jimin horrified scream, pulling out of Jungkook as he falls off the bed. Jungkook jolts up following Jimin’s finger pointing out to the window. There stood a man in front of one of the cars in the dirty green jacket and a smile on his face, holding a knife.


PSA- girls living in North East Ohio-

Don’t meet up with or talk to FallsPhenom17, or any variation of these user names.

He lives in Cuyahoga falls Ohio.

This dude has had at least 3 accounts to try and talk to me. I wish I would have gotten a screen cap of his catfish picture, but these are the user names he’s had so far. This shit is freaking me out… Hours after he deleted his catfish account, he messaged me with this current one, and that’s too much of a coincidence for me.

Please be safe! Talk to guys for at least a week before you meet them! I’ve had so many catfish accounts message me bc on ok Cupid you don’t have to match to talk with someone. Please tell a friend exactly where you are, who you are with, and when you’ll be home! People can be really scary sometimes and you need a backup plan to get out.

Please pass this along if you have an OKC and live in NE Ohio, or know someone who does. I just want you all to be safe and this guy has really freaked me out…