Museum of Death.

When she woke up, she found herself enclosed in a glass box just big enough for her to stand in. The box was in the center of a studio with twenty or so spectators meandering around the room looking into the other various glass boxes containing other human beings. She cupped her hands against the glass and stuck her face against them and squinted to view the human inside the glass box not far from her. He hung naked from a rope attached to the top of the box, blatantly dead. She looked down and saw a small sign on the bottom of the box that read “Death by lynching”. “Such a magnificent art piece,” she heard a spectator viewing the box say.

She looked around the room at the other various glass boxes containing humans. One was overrun with rats gnawing flesh, one cadaver floated in water, and one was hard to spot from the gas that filled their box. The panic finally sank in and she began to bang on her glass box, but only one guest looked just to turn away, uninterested. She stopped banging when a spectator walked up to her box and stared at her the way a tourist stares at the Mona Lisa. The spectator looked down at the sign attached to her glass box and she overheard them say, “Death by starvation.”


About 43 seconds into this amateur footage of a fire, the flames begin to emit an eerie screaming sound that is enough to frighten anyone. The whole things gets a little less surreal when you learn that the fire was created from gunpowder being burned inside large steel drums, and the noise created was from holes in the the steel drums, creating a whistle effect.


White House Hauntings

With the elections coming up, and the Republican and Democratic National conventions being held, there is no better time to reflect upon the many ghosts that the new president might get to meet when he/she moves into the White House. Here is a list of the haunted happenings that have occurred in America’s capital building:

Abraham Lincoln: Perhaps the most famous White House ghost is that of the 16th president, Abe Lincoln. In fact, Abe himself even had several ghostly experiences while he was living here. He claimed to have received regular visits from his two dead sons, Pat and Willie. Lincoln also had a premonition of himself lying dead in a casket days before he was assassinated. After his death, many former presidents, staff, and prestigious visitors have reported run-ins with former top-hatted president. Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s servant, Mary Evan, saw an apparition of Lincoln in the northwest bedroom sitting on the bed pulling on his boots. Other servants have seen him lying in his bed or standing at the oval window peering out over the entrance of the building.  One of the most well known sightings occurred when the Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands was sleeping in the Queen’s Bedroom. Late in the night she heard a knock on her door. She rose from her bed to open it, and was shocked to find the ghost of President Lincoln standing there staring at her.  The incident scared her so much that she fainted on the spot. Lincoln is supposedly especially restless right before a national crisis or war occurs. While visiting the White House during WWII, Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister, emerged naked from his evening bath smoking a cigar when he saw the ghost of Lincoln sitting by the fireplace in his room.

Abigail Adams: The wife of former president John Adams used to hang her laundry in the East Room since it was the warmest and driest place. Now, her figure, wearing a cap and lace shawl, can still be seen on occasion walking through the East Room walls with her arms outstretched.

David Burns: David Burns was not a president or president’s wife; instead he was the man who sold the government most of the land in which Washington DC was built. A valet formerly working for President Franklin D. Roosevelt heard a disembodied voice coming from the Yellow Oval Room saying “I’m Mr. Burns.” A similar incident occurred during Harry S. Truman’s presidency. During this time a guard heard a similar voice. Thinking it was the then-Secretary of State James Byrnes , the guard went searching for him.  However, he was later surprised to learn that the secretary had not been in the White House that day.

Dolly Madison: The wife of James Madison can be seen wandering around the Rose Garden, which she planted.

Andrew Jackson: The Rose Room, which was Jackson’s former bedchamber during his presidential years, is believed to be one of the most haunted rooms in the White House.  Jackson has been heard stomping and swearing from within the room. Just two months into his first term, Harry Truman wrote to his wife Bess about how he was constantly being distracted while working by the sounds of ghosts walking up and down the hallway, and even right in the study with him.  He said that the floors would pop and the drapes would move back and forth by themselves.

Demon Cat: While not a president, a Demon Cat can be seen in the basement of the White House on occasion.  Luckily it appears rarely.  When it does appear, it is before a national disaster. According to reports, the Demon Cat will look like a harmless kitten at first.  Then it grows in size and “evilness” as one gets closer.  The Demon cat was seen a week before the stock market crash leading to the Great Depression in 1929 by a White House guard, and before Kennedys assassination in 1963.


The Leap Castle Oubliette

In the early 1900’s, workmen cleaning out the haunted ‘Leap Castle’ in Ireland found an 'oubliette’ - a deep hole in the floor with a room at the bottom - a place to send prisoners and forget about them.

They also discovered many human skeletons that had been impaled on wooden stakes at the bottom of the drop, so many that it took three cart loads to remove them all.

A person would either be forced, lured, tricked or seduced into a small room where the oubliettes opening awaited. From there it was not so long a drop to kill you outright but long enough to ensure you could never climb back out. What greeted you was a room with only the one entrance/exit - the hole you tumbled down.

However, Leap Castles Oubliette was even more nasty, it had wooden spikes lined at the bottom so at the very least you would be quite injured… and with the hatch closed over it was all you could do to wail and cry until you succumbed to deaths embrace.

Leap Castle is haunted by many spirits, many of which no doubt saw their physical life ended in the oubliette.

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