heatwave starter sentences

“I can’t bear this heat anymore.”
“I’m melting. I’m actually melting.”
“What? You said ‘get me something cold’. You never implied I couldn’t throw it over you.”
“Don’t be a pussy, it’s just a bit of warm weather.”
“We’re going to the beach. Now.”
“Yes, I’m naked and no I’m not ashamed.”
“Is it socially acceptable to go out in nothing but a wet towel?”
“Wow, you look even worse than I feel.”
“Just how many popsicles have you had already?”
*runs ice cube along the back of your neck*
*throws you into the pool, whether you want it or not*
“If you’re that hot, then why don’t you take something off?”
“No, no, no… not now. It’s way too warm for sex.”
“I’m sweating in places I didn’t even know existed.”
“I went out for ten minutes. Ten minutes! Look at me, I’m basically fried.”
“That looks like a nasty sunburn…”
“You’re not going out there before I’m lathered you in sun cream.”
“I can’t get up… Can you get up? I can’t… I can’t get up.”
“You’re such a stick in the mud! Everyone’s out enjoying the weather and you’re sitting inside complaining about it.”
“Another shower?”
“Please kill me now. This is unbearable.”
“Let’s break into that office block. I’m sure they have air conditioning.”
“I know! Let’s have a water balloon fight.”
*sprays you with a water pistol*
*blows cold air into your neck*
“I can think of some more things to do with ice cubes…”
“This is the perfect timing for an ice bucket challenge.”
“I can’t sleep in this heat.”
“I might as well sleep in the bathtub and it would be less wet.”
“I need refuge, my airco broke.”
“Your neighbours have a swimming pool, right? Let’s sneak in tonight.”
“I’m going to book a holiday to Alaska. Now.”
“I shouldn’t have stayed out so long… I think I have a heatstroke.”
“Is that a rain cloud? Is that a mother fucking rain cloud?!”
“Did you feel that? It was a breeze. We are blessed.”
“Even my cat wanted to take a shower.”
“Don’t smell me. There’s no deodorant that can mask this.”
*throws water balloon straight at your face*
“I take it back, summer is not my favourite season at all.”
“I made an ice water bath, specially for you.”
“If only it was always this nice and warm.”
“I feel lazy and it’s great.”
“Let’s go to the supermarket again and take a very long time staring at the frozen vegetables.”

Vinesauce starters

- “Now we are really getting to that authentic 2002 experience!”

- “This is what it’s like to get a nail stuck in your eye." 

- "There’s a Mr. Satan on the line for you, sir.”

- “I can’t wait for the V mouth.”

- "No! No! No! Come on!”

- “There’s so many things wrong with this picture.”

- “Is this a fucking flash game?”

- “Oh, that is such bullshit! 

- "Everything is $7.95.”

- “And that’s just happening.”

- “Blinkers mean I am trying to tell you, ‘You suck balls.’ …And I am pointing to which person I think sucks balls. Do you think you suck balls? Well, you better speed up then." 

- "Wow… Those are some, eh, quality graphics!" 

- "Nice mouth, Von Kaiser.”

- “So this is happening." 

- "Yeah, boy! Look at that! Still playable though!" 

- "It looks like a bowl of oatmeal, but… koalaty!”

- “The only conspiracy is that this game was approved for release.”


-  "Why is (name) just overtaking my entire island?”

-  “I was in nam when you bottled water in my fucking ass you fucking mustard nazi”

- “Who’s been drawing dicks?”

New Character: Newt Scamander

Tina: Mr Scamander! 

Tina: It was open?

Tina: That crazy Niffler thing is on the loose again? 


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  • “ that’s the way it is ”
  • “ chill out ”
  • “ what are you yellin’ for? ”
  • “ you’ve become somebody else around everyone else ”
  • “ you look like a fool to me ”
  • “ why do you have to go and make things so complicated? ”
  • “ you’re not fooling anyone ”
  • “ it’s all been done before ”


  • “ can i make it anymore obvious? ”
  • “ what more can i say? ”
  • “ secretly she wanted him as well ”
  • “ he wasn’t good enough for her ”
  • “ she had a pretty face but her head was up in space ”
  • “ she’s all alone ”
  • “ you missed out ”
  • “ we are more than just good friends ”
  • “ there is more than meets the eye ”


  • “ i thought that you’d be here by now ”
  • “ isn’t anyone trying to find me? ”
  • “ it’s a damn cold night ”
  • “ take me somewhere new”
  • “ i’m with you ”
  • “ everything’s a mess”
  • “ no one likes to be alone ”
  • “ maybe i’m just out of my mind ”


  • “ so much for my happy ending ”
  • “ let’s talk this over ”
  • “ it’s not like we’re dead ”
  • “ was it something i did? ”
  • “ you were everything that i wanted ”
  • “ all this time you were pretending ”
  • “ do they even know you? ”


  • “ i always need time on my own ”
  • “ the days feel like years when i’m alone ”
  • “ i miss you ”
  • “ i’ve never felt this way before ”
  • “ we were made for each other ”
  • “ i need to feel you here with me ”


  • “ you say that i’m messing with your head ”
  • “ love hurts, whether it’s right or wrong ”
  • “ honestly, i just need to be a little crazy ”
  • “ what the hell ”
  • “ all i want is to mess around ”
  • “ i don’t really care about if you love me ”
  • “ you can’t save me ”
  • “ you never call or listen to me anyways ”


  • “ why did you have to go? ”
  • “ guys are so hard to trust ”
  • “ don’t try to tell me what to do ”
  • “ you’re better off that way ”
  • “ i’m gonna ask you to stop ”
  • “ i’ve done no wrong ”
  • “ i’m better off alone anyway ”


  • “ i don’t like your girlfriend ”
  • “ i think you need a new one ”
  • “ i know that you like me ”
  • “ you know it’s not a secret ”
  • “ I think about you all the time ”
  • “ you could do so much better ”
  • “ that’s what everyone’s talking about ”
  • “ i can see the way you look at me ”
  • “ i don’t want to hear you say her name ever again ”
  • “ what the hell were you thinking? ”


  • “ i can be strong ”
  • “ it’s not like that at all ”
  • “ i wish you were here ”
  • “ you were always there ”
  • “ i love the way you are ”
  • “ i don’t wanna let go ”


  • “ you’re not gonna get any better ”
  • “ you won’t get rid of me ”
  • “ we’re not the same ”
  • “ are you going to treat me right? ”
  • “ i can put up a fight ”
  • “ be very very good to me ”

So there’s a PSA going around about underage players trying to coerce adult players into mature RP so they can turn around and get them into legal trouble because apparently “it’s funny”. So to those doing this, I have this to say to you: 

First of all, this is disgusting. If you genuinely believe that ruining someone’s life is “fun”, you genuinely need to seek professional help. That’s not normal, that’s not healthy, and that’s not what an even remotely decent human being would do. That is a huge red flag, intentionally harming others as source of recreation. 

Secondly, not only can it ruin the person being accused’s life– it can ruin your life. If they go to court and the defense has documentation that you said you were 18+ and that you were able to consent, there’s a good chance the case can be dismissed– and then the person you accused can turn right around and sue you for slander/libel, lost wages if they’re fired from their job, punitive damages, and perhaps even pain and suffering if your actions result in them being emotionally or physically harmed (which in cases like this is a very high risk, so keep that in mind too). It’s not as black-and-white as you think it is.

Thirdly, I don’t think you seem to realize how much of a pain the legal process is. If you pull this crap, you’ll more than likely have to testify, which means going to court, probably paying for legal fees, travel, etc. More than likely, your parents/legal guardians will have to escort you there (driving, taking a plane, whatever), and they’re going to be pissed that you intentionally got yourself into this mess. Cases like this can be over in hours, or over in days, depending on how much the prosecution and defense have to go over. That doesn’t even include preparing for a trial, which is super stressful.

So before you go thinking about trying to wreck someone’s life for funsies, realize that it’s not going to go down the way you think it is in your head. It’s going to ruin someone else’s life, but it’s also  going to affect– maybe even ruin– yours. Even if it doesn’t affect you today, or tomorrow, one day it’ll catch up to you– you’ll wake up and realize that you ruined someone’s life, and that’ll haunt you until the day you die. Trust me– that’s not something you want to live with