On December 26, 2013, with my first semester of college behind me, I went to the hair salon I had been going to since I was 8. I was there to get my last relaxer. I was born with kinky, coil-y, curly hair, but never let it see the light of day as my mother and I would without fail try to find a way to straighten it. On July 26, which I won’t say is around the corner because I want to convince my self this summer is going by slowly, it will be 1 year and 7months since I’ve gotten a chemical relaxer in my hair. At first, my decision to go natural filled me with courage and fearlessness, but it didn’t fill me with the knowledge of knowing how to take care of my own hair because I’d always gone to a salon to get my hair relaxed and washed. The first month of transitioning to natural hair was a doozy, I subscribed to anyone who had a video titled “Natural Hair” on YouTube, and bought very expensive deep conditioners because I believed that if it cost more it would do more for my hair. Now for all of you girls out there who are transitioning, or maybe you’ve been natural for a bit but feel like it isn’t for you because everything you’re trying to do to bring life into your locks is failing like Bow Wow’s attempts to get us to call him Shad Moss, I dedicate this post is for you! (Disclaimer: Bow Wow, we still aren’t going to call you Shad Moss)

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Welcome my naturalistas! Today I will be talking about deep conditioning. Before you can master the Wash and Go, Twistout, Bantu knots, straw sets, top knot, or the iconic Scary Spice two bun half up half down style, you must learn to properly wash and condition. When it comes to my washday I’ve been consistent with sticking to co-washing, aka Conditioner Only Washing. I incorporate this with my deep conditioning so that I have a no fuss routine and get this, it’s also very easy on your wallet!

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The deep conditioning basics will only call for:

  • Conditioner/ deep conditioner of your choice
  • Plastic bag
  • Cotton t-shirt
  • Hair ties (unnecessary if you want to use bantu knots or twists to separate hair)
  • Spray bottle of water (no need to run your head under a faucet sink)
  • About 30 minutes to spare before you shower
  • By the time you get used to this routine you can add oils to your routine if you’d like, or use a hooded dryer into the mix too, get creative!

To start you want to have your hair separated in parts, you can opt for tiny buns from bantu knots, tiny twists, or put mini ponytails through out with your hair ties.
Take a hair tie down and spritz it with water, no need to get it soaking wet, just maybe a little damp. Then place about a dime size of your conditioner onto the section and make sure it is evenly spread and then twist back up. Repeat this for each section.
Afterwards use plastic bag to tie around hair like a shower cap. You can actually use a plastic shower cap for this, but I stick to plastic bags because they’re so disposable that I don’t have to go to a CVS every time I need to wash my hair.
Now use the 30 minutes to spare to let the water and conditioner heat up from the plastic bag to deep condition your follicles. You don’t need longer than 30 minutes because that’s actually the amount of time it takes for the ingredients to penetrate the hair shaft, any longer and you’d just be wasting time. When time is up just wash like you normally would. When leaving the shower, don’t towel dry, instead rub an oil of your choice in your hair and then wrap your hair with a cotton t-shirt, its not rough on your hair like towel fibers are. As your hair is air-drying you should notice how much softer your hair feels. Natural hair tends to texturize up to a brillo pad feel when not conditioned properly so deep conditioning is your chance to get moisture in.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and would love to hear about a time you tried to follow something you saw on a natural hair blog and it went awry, or you could just tell me what you’d like to see next here on rorytrillmore!


So the first pic is me the last time I relaxed my hair. That was April 2015. The second pic is me today July 1, 2015 transitioning to natural hair. I also haven’t put ANY heat (blow dryer/straightener) to it since The last time I got a relaxer. Its also the first time i’ve tried bantu knots which as you can see, didn’t turn out the best lol. But i’m trying to find someone to do my hair. I want braids because I don’t know what exactly to do with my hair so it would be good for me to get those so I can grow my hair out a little more and I can do more with it. Still trying to figure out what products are best for transitioning hair. My hair is short so they’re isn’t much I can do. Want to start over and cut all the relaxer out so that way I can just officially be be natural but i’m WAAAY to insecure to do that. Think I’m gonna start a new blog so I can mark my progress. My roots are really curly but thats it lol. Anybody have any tips?

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