Kissing Liam has always been and out of body experience and maybe that’s why Zayn enjoys it so much (that’s a lie, he enjoys it because he’s in love with Liam and Liam happens to be a great kisser).

It starts like this.

Chapped lips on his, a huff of breath retracted in a short sharp gasp, the growing tightness in his chest expanding into a full body tingle leaving electric pinpricks in his finger and toes and his lips where they touch Liam’s. It’s only a few seconds, a moment so brief that it shouldn’t leave Zayn feeling as disconnected with his own body as he does because he expected something but he didn’t expect this. He pulls away with a look of slight panic on his face which is in complete contrast with the thoughtful almost pensive expression Liam wears. And it doesn’t make sense because Zayn was the one who kissed Liam.

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