Treasure Over Love (Rafe Adler x Reader)

Requested by: @xolovehyuna ! Thank you! I appreciate the idea! I had an enormous amount of fun writing this! I hope I didn’t let you down, haha.

- - - - -

The sun boils my hair while beads of sweat drips down my neck making my clothes stick onto my skin like peanut butter on a bread. They said that it’s more fun in the Philippines, but dear Lord, is it more hot. I haven’t imagined that a country like this can look utterly beautiful and yet feel hot and humid.

The birds sings around us and if I weren’t scavenging for the treasure I wanted so badly, I would be enjoying their beautiful chorus. I stop at a nearby tree, taking deep breaths while grabbing my water bottle that’s resting on my side and taking a swig out of it. “It’s been hours, Rafe! Don’t you think we can take a break?” I ask him, panting afterwards from hiking this mountain.

Rafe looks back at me, his hair hanging down to his face and his skin shining due to the amount of sweat he’s breaking. “You wanted this treasure for months and you’re giving up now?”

“But I’m tired!” I whine, resting my back onto the tree and wiping away the sweat on my forehead.

Rafe sighs and stares at me as I look at him with pleading eyes. Behind us, two representatives from Shoreline catches up with us, heaving for breath. Rafe turns his attention on them as they drink from their flasks. “Oliver, stay with her while I continue searching. Derek, come with me.”

Both of the soldiers salute him, saying, “Yes, sir.” Before doing their duty. Rafe disappears further in the jungle while Derek trails behind him, going out of view. Oliver stands, ready with his gun out and I scoff at him, knowing that a place like this will be in no need of firearms.

I pull my knees up and rest my arms on each. “Why don’t you sit?”

Oliver clears his throat and straightens his back. “With no disrespect, ma'am, but that will be going against my duties.” He says without even looking at me. I giggle at his soldierly manners, finding it quite cute.

“Well, I’m your boss, too. I order you to rest.” I tell him and he glances at me, twitching a smile and I can’t help but give a toothy grin. “It’s been a tiring day. Rafe will understand.” I assure him.

He swallows hard on his saliva and puts the gun to his holster. “Um, t-thank you, ma'am.” He sits down across from me with his leg stretched out while the other is against his chest.

I pull my head back against the tree, silence falling between us. It has come to a complete peace and serenity when you’re just sitting back and relaxing, enjoying the nature that this country has to offer. A small gust of wind brushes against my arm and I let out a breath, cooling down after the amount of hiking that was done.

Being taken out of my trance, I feel something slide out my belt and as I turn my head, a macaque has successfully taken my water bottle, prancing towards a nearby tree. I immediately jump to my feet and chase it, but it has already climbed up, resting himself on a branch while raising his eyebrows as if to tease me.

Scrunching my nose and pressing my brows together, I curse under my breath as he has taken my only source of hydration. Oliver has reached up behind me with a smile on his face, something that I haven’t seen since we have arrived here yesterday. Soon enough, he starts to laugh and I slap him on the shoulder and he quiets down. “Sorry, ma'am, but I haven’t–” He chuckles, “I haven’t seen a woman chase a monkey before.”

Hearing him say that, it is actually quite funny and I can’t help but laugh myself, picturing how dumb I look in his perspective. “How stupid did I look?” I ask him, gradually quieting down.

“Very, very stupid.” He replies, chuckling a little.

Not a minute has gone by since we’ve started to become more comfortable with each other: sharing jokes and stories and our personal lives. Rafe hasn’t been, in any way, pleasant these past few months, that talking to Oliver feels so much different than what I’m used to. There were a few instances that I wanted to rant about him, but Oliver just makes it impossible.

“–So the person goes, blows up the car and the movie ends!” He exclaims, flailing his arms after that mini-rant. “Just there! Can you believe it?” He pushes his back against the tree, giving out a sigh and I giggle.

Someone clears their throat, catching our attention and we see Rafe looking at us. Oliver and I stand and he goes back to his usual soldierly self as I dust the dirt off my thighs. Rafe, who’s currently clenching his jaws, switches his look from me and Oliver. “I found nothing. Let’s go.” He says blandly and we start to descend the mountain. I feel like I’m falling down as I know very well how this will end.

- - - - -

Back at our hotel room, the airconditioner hums loudly in my ears as I sit on the bed, reading a book while Rafe sits on the dining table, looking at papers. We share no conversation and the air between us feels familiar. I look at him from the edge of my book and he notices me. “You know you shouldn’t talk to our employees.” He says, not even caring to look at me.

I sigh and put my book down, ready to defend myself from another of our countless arguments. “You left both of us alone, you only have yourself to blame.” I say calmly.

“You were flirting with him!” He bursts, ignoring my defense and I am taken aback from his accusation.

We have argued about many things in the past, but this is the first where I’m starting to give up and leave, for real. I have given this relationship many chances but I cannot take this anymore. “Really, Rafe?! Do you really think I would do that?” I raise up from the bed and walk heavily towards the door, not even caring about his answer. I slam the door shut behind me while he calls after my name. I ignore him, not wanting to hear any more of his suspicions and false accusations. For the past months, he gets angry at little details of our relationships: saying that I don’t care about us, or about him, or even about what he does.

My footsteps stomps heavily onto the ground the more I think about it and soon enough, I hear the door behind me shut followed by the same hammering footsteps. He calls out my name but I don’t do anything than to continue walking, giving him the time to realize that I have finally given up with our fight and maybe soon enough, our relationship.

Catching me off guard, I feel his chin rest on my shoulders with his arms wrapping me closer to his chest. “I’m sorry…” He whispers and I stop in my tracks, the first time hearing those words come out of his mouth. “I was jealous,” he pulls tighter and I can feel his stubble rough against my cheeks. “I’m sorry…” He says, softly this time, and I can hear from his quivering voice that he’s fighting the urge to cry.

Nothing leaves my mouth as I’m taken aback from his effort of making things work. He never does this and I just stare blankly onto the never ending hallway.

“I have never met a woman like you who is as accepting, patient and understanding,” He says, starting to move in front of me. “And believe me, I’m trying to be the man you’ve always wanted.” I am touched by his gesture and cannot help but smile slyly. Seeing my lips curling, he smiles himself and pulls me closer to him once again.

“Rafe,” I manage to say, but the rising lump in my throat makes it even harder to spit out anything. “Y-You can be a complete asshole, but you still manage to come back.” I sob softly in his chest, soaking his shirt.

“Am I forgiven?” He asks, his chest rumbling deep as he talked. I nod my head and I feel him hug me tighter, not wanting to let go of our embrace.

I made a promise to myself years ago after breaking off from a bad relationship to never fall in love again. It broke me to pieces when I saw my past boyfriend sleeping with another girl; I loved him and put all my trust into him that finding out that he didn’t feel the same, it ruined me. Rafe suddenly came into my life, picking up the broken pieces of my heart and slowly gluing them back together. I thanked him for saving me and I’m thanking him now for saving us.


you know if i fucking hear the words somebody once told me ever again i’m going to very literally put my hand through the fucking wall do you hear me i am not exaggerating my tiny fucking fists will MAKE their way through the god damn wall even if i cant do it in one fucking punch i will very gently Knock Kncok it’s my Knuckles against the plaster for years until it wears away and my hand is athrough and only then will i be satisfied because I can;t fucking cope with hearing any more of this God Damn horseshit like somehow you’ve broken me here and all i want to do is curl up and throw myself onto a vespa because they look really damn cool and slowly ride it except i wont turn the engine on i’ll just put it at the top of a damn hill and let the fucker roll down breakless and then in my last moments as we’re careening down i’ll whisper to myself “Fuck Fuck Shit” because honestly i’m done here and I am at my limit 


I went with the hypnotic powers. This is really a remake of an older drawing I did with these two. There’s a speed draw video showing the process of this, and will be up on YouTube (or Vimeo) soon. This might be the last speed draw that I do on this laptop for a while. Getting real tired of Photoshop’s BS. Animation for some reason works so much better than drawing on my laptop. I need more animation on my YouTube channel anyway.

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🌼 for Noya, Kageyama, Sugawara, Akaashi and Yaku plase!! ^.^

I thought you guys would enjoy this ;;

✿ - Sex headcannon

✿ - Nishinoya does not last long, especially when he is the dominant in the relationship, but he goes for multiple rounds. He has enough stamina to continue for two or three more rounds, even his partner has already came. He is that one asshole who goes until he is satisfied. Of course, he wants to satisfy his partner too, their pleasure matters, but sometimes he loses his own self-control and resorts to only pleasuring himself. He can’t say that he’s proud, but he does it anyway. He is also willing to do many different positions, as long as they are not painful. He is not really into pain during sex. Being the adventurer that he is, if it’’s a unique position that he is alright with ( he is alright with most positions honestly ) he would love to try it out. 

✿ - He’s new to it all, and not really good at anything. Kageyama prefers to keep things simple. Frankly so, the topic of sex makes him uncomfortable ( I headcannon him as asexual ) and he would rather only touch the subject. He is very embarrassed during the act, and blushes, trips over his words, and overall is usually not the one to initiate the act unless he has been with his partner for a significant amount of time ( and they have had sex before ). That being said, his first time is really awkward. He needs reassuring from his partner, as he knows that his actions can be overbearing. He, like Akaashi, is constantly asking his partner if they are “okay” or if they are “feeling good”. 

✿ - Sugawara is the sweetest little thing. He is the type to have two sides when it comes to sex. He prefers the sweet, loving, sensual sex that he has with his partner, the romantic style. He overall just finds it to be more enjoyable to be in a close proximity with his partner when they have sex too, so he chooses a position where he could be held or where he could hold his partner, or give them kisses, things along those lines. The other side is a completely kinky and freaky side. Not necessarily rough, he tends to fray to the light bondage and orgasm denial side of things ( “Don’t even think about cumming first.” Or running leather over his partner’s skin. ) Though, he is ultimately turned off by latex. 

✿ - Expect the best aftercare of all time from this sweet guy. Akaashi constantly worries for his partners wellbeing, and like Kageyama, asks his partner quite often if they are “okay” or if he is “being too rough”. He does not like rough sex, as he thinks that it is fairly unnecessary and cannot say that he enjoys it, as it takes out nearly all of his energy. Plus, he never seems to feel too much pleasure from it. He sticks to the sensual side. His main focus, unlike Nishinoya, is to pleasure this partner rather then pleasuring himself. Of course, he makes sure that he has a decent amount of pleasure, but his partner matters more to him than how he feels. [ i love him so much u h g ]

✿ - He is like, a really vanilla type of guy when it comes to sex. Yaku likes to take things slow, sometimes to the point where it is painfully slow and his partner has to beg him to go faster. He enjoys hearing his partner beg, but not too dirtily, as it can be a bit embarrassing at times. Like I said,  he is the vanilla type, but he is quite the dominant guy in the bedroom. He likes to call the shots and be the one in control ( with his s/o’s permission, of course ). He also likes it when his partner rides it. Something about getting to see their whole body on top of him really gets him going, and it is probably the only other position that he does ( other than missionary ). 

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i scavenged your otp tag and the eunsook x junghee fanart is killing me please do a short one to satisfy the feels please pretty please and thank you so much love you lots!! <3

the fan art

and the fan art’s so good i die every time i look at it (you are right anon, its a killer) and i don’t think my attempt does it any justice, but i did enjoy doing it :3 ty so much lovely anon ♡

Junghee’s gaze lingered on other girls rather than boys, relishing the airy smiles and sweet voices. Her gaze lingered on their bodies too, but she couldn’t really gaze for long, feeling her cheeks heat up the moment they landed on the curves. She was already an awkward teenager, being silent, but otherwise, a stuttering mess when anyone, especially, a girl came over to her, smiling and inquiring in a kind voice.

On the first day of 12th grade, her gaze lingered slightly longer on the new student, Eunsook, who had a softer voice, but not a timid one. She had a charming smile, but somehow it was restrained, and her hair was a pretty kind of dark, unlike the colorful dyed mess that was her’s, neat in a ponytail, bangs combed down on her forehead, slightly overgrown, beginning to fall upon her tiny eyes.

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i know you said hugh comes to events but weren't those mostly talks? has he ever met fans at a con with photo ops/autographs before? i really wanted to meet him but i'm losing hope, maybe he actually doesn't like cons :(

I mean, if your question, “Will I ever be able to meet Hugh and take a picture with him?” then the a answer is a resounding YES.

At any talk/large con/panel event, Hugh always makes sure he gets to meet everyone who wants to meet him and makes sure they are satisfied. In one meeting, he let me take two pics (one was blurry) and ask for a drawing of a clock. Most people wouldn’t bother to scribble down their name. He stayed until every other person had gone. 

At SDCC, HE was the one who insisted that they had to stay until they met everyone at their signing, even though it was 100 degrees and his poor ears were burning in the sun, AND THE SDCC STAFF WAS ENCOURAGING HIM TO STOP. He said “Actually, we’re going to get through everyone.” And then figured out a way to make it so.

If your question is does Hugh like cons? I’m not qualified to answer that. He told me he wished he could go, but thought scheduling wouldn’t permit. He seemed sincere, so I’m going to take him at his word, because he looked right at me and said it. So that’s me. 

I would also say this is the first time he’s been approached to do a con, so there’s no good history on if he likes them. But again. IF YOUR CONCERN IS MEETING HUGH AND GETTING A PICTURE, THAN THAT IS 100% A THING THAT IS POSSIBLE IN THE FUTURE, EVEN IF IT IS NOT THROUGH THE STANDARD CON FORMAT. 

This weekend I went to Colorado to visit a college buddy who just got a new house and have a bit of a mini college reunion. It’s been refreshing and relaxing and helped to get me energized to tackle all the ongoing projects I have.

What projects?

  • Work on “Conspicuous Consumption” which involves editing the chapters that have already been written and outlining the chapters that have yet to be written. I’m satisfied with where this story goes, and I’m looking forward to having it all completed. It’s a different kind of beast than our usual!
  • Actually update some of my pending stories (’No One Has to Know’ and ‘Out of Beta’)
  • Work on super totally top secret except not at all MGS fan game (writing 20 simultaneous stories, totally easy ahaha)
  • Actually update pastel-hal because we’re long overdue
  • Prepare some activities for the fandom meetup at the anime convention I’m headed to next weekend (trivia, madlibs, bake more otacookies)

So. You know. Just the usual. (Send help.)

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Does gay guys turns you on?

It’s a long answer:
At first I didn’t like any of the white boys who would bother me, then I found some who wanted me to humiliate them and that was even worse but then I one night I was bored and I humiliated a boy, it was fun and funny and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed being entertained by them and then I began doing it more and more and started turning these boys and I got several different feelings from that, see you’ll get the “Pretender” that’s the boy who says he likes watching girls with BBCs but I know what he really likes, he likes BBC. Getting that boy to admit it, then act on it was so satisfying, I would make them make me videos touching their lil pee'ps claiming their love for BBC as they came. It was also satisfying to set these boys free, see they needed a safe place to be free and I loved that I gave it to them, and that they would do things: use toys, dress up, I popped a lot of cherries! I then started talking to sissies and one girl really got me to change my views on sissies, she described her first time with a BBC in detail and I understood, I understood how she felt. What its like to have a man really own you, to make you moan, make you do whatever whenever. Now o enjoy seeing a boy in panties, I enjoy locking them in caged, making them use toys and moan for me, moan my name. I enjoy the control, I enjoy turning them although I don’t really turn them I simply show them who they are and let them be that. I love black men, BBCs turn me on, a man taking charge turns me on, a sexy girl does it for me, gay men are a different pleasure. I hope that explains it.

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Oh, I really don't get why almost everything in gaming is competitive now? Like even the games like pokemon. Not everyone is out there to be a pro, I for one prefer casual play, but all my gaming friends hold me to their competitive standards? It really grind my gears when they do. I've beat all of them as Gannon though. So satisfying to see the looks on their faces when a "bad" character beat them.

Oh man we are really getting deep into the situation.

Yeah I agree that people force competition is stupid. Games were meant to be fun…

**twiddles thumbs and sweats nervously while eyeing the fire emblem fandom**


I’m scared. But… I want to tame my own weakness! - M.T.

You’ll become the person you have imagined for yourself
          Even if nobody recognizes you right now
                   It’s not a winter night’s dream
              If you feel the warmth of your heart.    x x

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you know Kubo's fucked up when even ICHIHIMES are upset at the ending. with the exception of the couples, the ihs on reddit were also unhappy with the characters and plot threads. glad the majority of fans are disappointed in kubo -- we're not alone, at least

Ooooooooh yeah Kubo was extra thorough in giving no one a satisfying end even the supposed winners!! I’d never thought I would say this but…poor Ichihimes. Even when she’s married and with his child, they never have a heartfelt moment where he looks at her like she’s his world. Even the fucking cover page feels like a slap to the face. I mean look at this shit with me…

There’s so many things cringeworthy about this…and I’m speaking as a IH sympathizer rn. 

 1. He uses her head as a armrest

This might seem really cute for some ppl and it may seem like a really loving gesture for a shounen manga, but like the IH in the chapter itself, it just feels soooooo half-assed especially on Ichigo’s part like their relationship

2. Eye contact

Once a-fucking-gain ORIHIME’S ATTRACTION AND DEVOTION IS EMPHASIZED!!!! She is looking at him like a content love-sick puppy while he pays her no mind again looking straight ahead. Yes, I am extremely aware that Ichigo is usually shown looking at the reader on covers but it’s unsatisfying to IH shippers. If he can look at Rukia with her giving him flirty looks back, He can fucking draw IH in a way that makes them look more like equals who are in mutual love!!! At least show Orihime looking away like Renji or looking where Ichigo is looking or some shit that shows her being confident in her relationship but no her last cover page features her looking like the bitch who finally got noticed by senpai while he looks unaffected af like how he has acted since the fucking beginning. And RUKIA!!! Why does he show her looking at Ichigo too??? I have been trying to figure out if her gaze is going toward Renji or Ichigo because maybe she is looking at Renji if I squint but even so….WHY THE FUCK AM I QUESTIONING THIS??? She should be looking at fucking Renji but fucking hell she seems to be looking at Ichigo with a look of smugness or confidence.

 Rukia is doing the exact fucking thing that Orihime is doing, only Rukia is doing it better….smfh…

 while shes laying near his fucking crotch. but that leads to my next point…

3. Body Language 

It just seems to me that Orihime is on the outside of Ichigo in terms of position. His leg being extended the way it is seems almost like a wall blocking Orihime out of his space. His body is also slightly angled away from her and facing who….fucking Rukia’s comfortably laid out ass. Ichigo’s body looks to be positioned in a way that’s very inviting to Rukia’s invasion of his space with his leg being bent back to accommodate her. And she looks soooooooo damn comfortable I fucking can’t…lying there in those short ass-shorts with her legs crossed like it’s her fucking home. Damn, I could pull a IH and photoshop the shit so she’s laying on Ichigo’s lap and I wouldn’t be able to spot the difference. And that’s the thing, Orihime could be taken out and NOTHING would feel out of place…Ichigo is technically resting his elbow on the fluffy couch pillow thing behind her so it’s not much of a stretch. That is some irritating shit. At least if you take away Renji, Rukia would be looking kinda stupid like “what the fuck is she floating on??”….that is until you move her over a little to the right… know what Imma pull a IH….here

Even with my shitty ass photoshop skills, my point still stands. You can even see how Rukia’s body is laid out in a way that fits Ichigo’s legs perfectly. Ichigo’s leg position and Rukia’s body position mirror each other perfectly. I literally only moved Rukia slightly to the right and the resemblance was as clear as day. Ichiruki is shown once again to fit each other perfectly, while he made Orihime and Renji unnecessary just like they were in the damn chapter.  

Fuck Kubo!! IF YOU’RE GONNA MAKE MY NOTP CANON AT LEAST DO IT RIGHT!!!! Don’t half-ass it!!! Give me a fucking reason to be pissed shit!!! Its like neither side won in the end….

Edit: Can a IRer make a better edit than me? cuz my OTP still slays in this cover spread tbh

If emison were to really happen in the finale i honestly think it would be one of the most sentimental, satisfying moments of this entire show…like how long has Emily struggling with her feelings for Alison…Alison who is now a completely different person than the bully she use to be….idk people change and I don’t think there’s a better time for them than now..

Doodling after a rereading of Landline - realised I’d never drawn these characters before so this was a quick try ☎️✨ (imagine the phone is yellow ok ^^;)

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music aesthetics: pentatonix
  • opening the curtains to let the sunlight flood the room
  • hearing a symphony perform live for the first time
  • twinkling chandeliers in a grand ballroom
  • leaves floating down a stream
  • the intensity of pulsing club lights
  • listening to your voice echo in a large empty room
  • catching fireflies in the dusky twilight
  • the anticipation before going onstage
  • shiny piano keys
  • looking out the window of a skyrise at night to see the city below you
  • the place in between awake and sleep
  • walking in a parade
  • knowing you nailed that thing you worked so hard for
  • cool breeze across the back of your neck on a hot day
  • recognizing a song someone’s humming under their breath
  • the ebb and flow of ocean waves crashing on a beach
  • a candlelit room where they’re waiting for you
  • clapping in time to your favorite song
  • the flirtatious smirk and wink of a stranger across the room
  • walking down a street at night with a group of friends
  • lullabies for a small child
  • the first snow of the winter
  • their kiss/hug that leaves you breathless
  • a toast to the past, present, and future

How the defense club spend their holiday, from otomedia september 2016 (click for full pic)

-seriously En what kind of timetable is that?!?!

-I can’t really translate the text at Ryuu’s part… anyone willing to help?

Edit: @vashtijoy helped translating :D 

- “ don’t laugh, even in the anime he’s always fiddling with his phone. in the same way, we wanted to do charts for one day spent with the defence club, but we weren’t sure all those pie charts would be very satisfying to spend time on”

thank you so much dear :D