Seeing Dave and Dirk address the “bullying to make you strong” theme, though… seeing them turn the whole trope on its head and clarify that it does more harm than good, and that the narrative absolutely does NOT condone it was so satisfying.

Because being a Tavros fan means hearing the “butt she was helping him!!!!1” argument a lot.

And the line about how Dave got stronger *despite* the ordeal and *because* of his own merits? That meant the world to me, and I hope fans of Dave, Tavros, Jake, and Damara feel as good about this as I do.

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What are your favorite skinship quotes?

I’m always hesitant to answer these types of questions because I haven’t heard all of the audio clips yet, so all of these could be subject to a massive change! But at present my favourites are:

“Don’t look away” “Don’t turn your eyes away” and any variation of this line is an absolute hook for me (so far Odin and Marx are the only ones who’ve said this).

The entire lead up to the kiss from Suzukaze BECAUSE THAT VOICE DROP WHEN HE ASKS IF YOU’RE SATISFIED… and the teasing. I really really love ijiwaru men:

Is there something… you’re hoping for?

I will not lay a hand on you here.

What you want… if you don’t say it I won’t understand.

It can’t be helped. For now you will just have to be patient with this. Did this… satisfy you?

I apologize. When I’m together with you… I seem to become a bit of a tease.

We can never forget Joker’s infamous line “In front of everyone, I am always your butler… but right now… I want to mess you up” (”drive you senseless” or “make you go crazy” also works here).

And then of course Marx and Takumi’s S-Rank lines because… w o w give me a dose of suffering and I’ll thank you for it through my tears.

I have very few skills. Writing is not one of them. Thinking of cute wrenchers scenarios is kind of one of them.

Numbers doesn’t even like movies, not that much anyway. But he enjoys going to the movie theater, so he’s seen tons of movies. Rarely ever action films, though. He actually often prefers the most romantic movie he can find, and that’s never been due to some need for romance in his life, he’s never craved that, but there’s something satisfying about watching overly dramatized romances on screen.

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Who should you fight: Starfighter Eclipse edition

Helios: Fighting him would actually probably be pretty fun. It would definitely be a challenge, but if you catch him wearing that god damn Boy Toy shirt and collar combo then just grab him by the collar and he’ll probably go bottom bitch on you. Fight Helios. It’ll be fun.

Selene: Don’t. He’s everything sunshine and right with the world. He is the perfect person. If you try to fight Selene, I will come find you and kick your ass myself. 

Hayden: I mean, you probably won’t win. You can try, but he seems pretty strong. I still say fight him though because even if you land just one hit on him it would feel really satisfying. He’s creepy. Fight him.

Athos: PUNCH THE LITTLE TICK IN THE FACE. Honestly he’s never done anything wrong, he’s absolutely never done anything to hurt a soul, but PLEASE shut him up. Everyone will thank you. Literally everyone. Fight Athos. 

Luna/Patel: Neither of them are relevant for anything other than being brainwashed and fighting you, so take them out before they become an issue. Definitely fight them. Both of them. I bet you can win.

Valentina: Don’t you fucking dare. Not only could SHE kick your ass, but Helios would kick your ass, too. Also, I’m in love with her, and would be extremely upset with you if you fought Valentina. 

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seeing you talk about nisekoi's wasted potential makes me want to watch and read all of it and rewrite the entire thing FROM SCRATCH the way you describe bc it sounds so good honestly... it would be called 'rewritten' or something like that BUT I JUST CAN'T BE MOTIVATED TO BUT I REALLY WANT TO BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE SO SATISFYING FOR YOU AND EVERYONE KEEPING UP WITH IT

HONESTLY IM THE SAME I WOULD BE SO SO SO HAPPY TO REWRITE IT BUT :(((( I HAVE NO MOTIVATION :((((( and no one really reads nisekoi fanfic SO???

When we were talking about the marriage equality passing in class, this one dude asked “why do you care you’re getting married to a guy” and my professor started to say how we should all care (and of course we should) but then I told him “well regardless of getting married, I’m bi” and

Like he thought the world had exploded that I

A bisexual(really im poly by definition but let’s keep it simple)

Could exist

I guess. Either that or he thought I created the biggest sin by marrying and being bi and admitting to it. I’ve no idea

But the look on his face

It satisfies me.

Everybody else was just like “oh yeah ok that makes sense, cool.”

But that one guy HOH boy I thought he was going to have a heart attack

There’s not a lot that’s more satisfying than winning an argument YEARS LATER.  Even if you don’t talk to the person anymore.


Me: Mythology is a  really rich source for Monster High characters *gives examples*.  They already have gorgons and stuff.  They can expand on that.  But I do wish they’d made Wydowna Spider the daughter of Anansi rather than Arachne  for broader representation.

Someone else who I forgot: It’s MONSTER High, not GOD High.

Me: They made Cupid.

Other person: Cupid is a monster who was ADOPTED!


Mattel: Leaks pictures of many dolls including one who is the Daughter of Poseiden.


God knows what we need, and all that he does is for our good. If we really knew how much he loves us, we would be ready to receive anything from his hand, the good and the bad, the sweet and the bitter, as if it didn’t make any difference. So be satisfied with your condition even if it is one of sickness and distress. Take courage. Offer your pain to God. Pray for strength to endure; adore him even in your infirmities.
—  B. Lawrence

respirante replied to your post: goofyspud replied to your post: #FreeB…

Not really. It’s obviously atrocious that the confederate flag was even up there in the first place, but we should be promoting peaceful and diplomatic solutions, we don’t need to commit crimes to create change, but we can do so through our words.

Climbing a flag pole and taking down a flag is an absolutely peaceful act. No one was hurt. This was a planned action. It was not aggressive or violent in any way. And STILL it is criticized by racists like you because it involves removing a symbol of state power, violence, and oppression. 

Unbelievable. Nothing will satisfy you people. ANY act of resistance will be criticized, no matter how peaceful or “respectable.”

Confession:  Every time that I replay Origins, I look forward to this one particular fight in Fort Drakon during the Battle Of Denerim. A bunch of genlocks are waiting to ambush the Warden, forming a right angle ready to open fire as soon as you open the door. Why do I love it? Because they all fit perfectly within the area of effect of the “Blood Wound” spell. It’s really, really satisfying.

30 Things I want in the 2012 ninja turtles show: updated

In no particular order:

1. Raph without a mask.
2. Leo’s room.
3. Donnie’s room.
4. April’s room. We sort of got her skull bedspread, I am appeased.
5. The reason why Mikey started wearing tighty whiteys.
6. Casey’s family.
7. Raph hanging out at Casey’s (his house/room).
8. Turtle tots. Make this happen Ciro!
9. April in ninja gear (I would be satisfied even with knee/elbow pads and a mask over her regular w clothes).
10. A Christmas episode (Any seasonal holiday really but Christmas would be sweet. Putting a pumpkin on a TV screen doesn’t count).
11. A mutation-day episode. The first one doesn’t count, I want them to have a proper birthday party.
12. What really happened with April’s mom.
13. Karai living with the turtles and doing sisterly things.
14. Karai changing her outfit and make up to something that doesn’t scream “I am the daughter of the Shredder”.
15. Raph blushing. Thankyou!
16. Splinter telling Karai stories about what her mother was really like.
17. Splinter gifting Karai with the complete photo of her mother and him for her to keep.
18. Karai having Splinter wrapped around her little finger and Splinter enjoying every second of spoiling his daughter.
19. Karai’s room. Both at Shredder’s and when she moves in with the turtles.
20. Karai/April team-up and being awesome together in general. The C team?

New items to add to the list:

21. Karai rebelling/misbehaving and Splinter not knowing how to discipline because he’s just so happy he has his little girl back and wants a relationship with her.

22. Splinter trying to have “the talk” with Donnie/Leo and failing miserably leaving everyone embarrassed and confused.

23. Karai kissing Leo (even just on the cheek or something but damn she kissed Casey before Leo!) and Leo being suuuper embarassed about it and not being able to look her in the eyes for days, stuttering when giving commands on patrol. Karai takes full advantage to embarrass further.

24. The turtles confused/frustrated at the changes in their life with Karai: makeup scattered on the sink, getting told off for drinking from the milk carton… *cough* Donnie *cough*

25. Karai enrolling into April and Casey’s school and wreaking havoc. Detention is her new after school activity.

26. Leonardo having to struggle with 2 hot-heads on a mission. Raph and Karai bonding over making Leo’s life impossible.

27. Leo getting jealous over Casey’s obnoxious flirting with Karai (what do you mean SHE kissed YOU on the lips?!). Donnie nods in understanding.

28. Donnie bonding with Karai over asking her for advice with girls.

29. Donnie messing up his attempts to woo April. It’s horrible advice, Donnie what were you thinking?!

30. Karai missing Shredder despite everything and it infuriates her. She calls him “father” by accident when they fight and then sulks for days in her room.

I just realised most of my petitions are to do with Karai but I want her with the turtles sooo bad! Also, turtle tots. I could make a whole post about 30 things I want to see the turtle tots doing. Maybe I will.

Rachael Allen’s Favorite Girls Out for Revenge

Whether you’re for or against revenge, you have to admit it’s super satisfying watching others seek sweet vengeance. In Rachael Allen’s newest book, THE REVENGE PLAYBOOK, we get to tag along as four girls vow to not get mad, but get even.

Liv, Peyton, Melanie Jane, and Ana are joining the ranks of gals who know how to do revenge right. And from Rachael’s list of favorite, all we have to say is, watch yo’ back.

Rachael: I wanted to write a post on the best ever revenge plots. You know, ones that would really capture the feeling in The Revenge Playbook, of girls banding together and sticking it to the man and doing the impossible all because of their awesome friendship.

And instead I found…

Wait, that’s not right. No boiling bunnies in pots and rappelling off buildings with intestines and why is everybody always covered in blood?!

So, I tried again, and here are my ten favorite girl groups who are kicking ass and taking names and having BFF sleepovers all at the same time:

1. Shut Out by Kody Keplinger

Lissa and her friends resort to the most drastic of measures to convince their football and soccer boyfriends to make peace—a hookup strike.

2. John Tucker Must Die

Three ex-girlfriends and new girl Kate team up to break the heart of serial player, John Tucker. These girls are awesome. Plus, they know one of the most important rules of plotting revenge is making time for chocolate.

3. Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

A plane filled with pageant queens crashes on an island, but do these girls tear each other apart a la Lord of the Flies? No. They MacGyver useful survival stuff using items from their makeup bags, learn all kinds of amazing things about themselves, and take down an evil corporation at the same time.

4. All I Wanna Do

A bunch of girls at an all girls school form a secret society for girls who want to do big things with their lives, and they have secret meetings in the school’s attic where they eat stolen ravioli. That alone would be enough. But there’s also all kinds of plotting and hijinks because the girls don’t want their school to merge with an all boys school.

5. The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart

Okay, so there’s only one girl in this book, but who cares because Frankie infiltrates a secret boys club and has them do all kinds of amazing things, and I don’t know, but there’s just something about her that makes me think of Beyoncé.

6. Pitch Perfect

An all-female a capella group competes with an all-male group at their school to win Nationals. And it’s aca-awesome.

7. Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard

Only the strongest of friendships can withstand being tormented by A. Plus, they’re the kind of friends that love each other right down to the faults.

8. Mean Girls

I love the friendship that develops between Cady, Damien, and Janis as they plot to overthrow Regina George and The Plastics. And I love what this movie has to say about being a girl in general. And to anyone thinking that Damien shouldn’t be part of this list, any guy who makes it into the burn book and sneaks into all girl assemblies totally counts.

9. The Craft

Girls banding together to get revenge – now with added witchcraft! It’s just like the sleepovers you used to have in middle school only WAY creepier.

10.  The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares

I don’t think there’s actually any revenge in this book, but these girls make brave decisions and support each other like crazy and have secret friendship ceremonies.

What ladies do you think succeed at getting, sweet, sweet revenge? Share your picks with us!

Are you an Angel? Cause' I'm a Dinosaur

One-Shot request: You’re a new employee to Jurassic World and Owen fall in love with you and keeps flirting with you.
Announcements: I literally have NO idea how to flirt so I reverted back to dinosaur pick-up lines. Hope you enjoy!
Warnings: None

Dress codes sucked, you decided as you lifted the last sack of food onto the truck and shut the gate. I mean, it was 103 degree weather on a tropical island and you had to wear pants, like, really heavy long pants. You suffered in silence though, I mean, who can complain when you get to feed dinosaurs? This was a job of a life time that also satisfied your childhood dreams. You were new to Jurassic World but so far had gotten along pretty well with all of your coworkers and the animal trainers, at least the ones you’ve met.

It was later in the day and you only had one more stop, the Velociraptors. Chills went up and down your spine, this would be the first time you would get to see them. You had heard all of the stories on the news and gossip amongst the workers about what had happened 22 years ago when they first tried to open the park, about the horrors of Jurassic Park and how Raptors were a big part of it. But you pushed those thoughts to the back of your head as you climbed in, started up the truck, and made your way towards the enclosure.

Eventually you found it, parked, and hopped out of the nice cool car and into humid island stickiness. You noticed everyone seemed a little on edge and saw a skinny looking kid being looked at by a medic. You furrowed your eyebrows and frowned slightly as you looked around for someone who would tell you where to unload. You caught the attention of a man who came over to where you were leaning against the car.

“Hi,” you introduced yourself, “I’m here to drop off the food for the week. Can I asked what happened?”

He sighed and looked back at the skinny kid, “He fell over and into the enclosure. He’s fine but it gave us all a scare. Anyway, you can grab some guys and unload the food over there,” He nodded with his head over to a little area built into the side of the concrete wall of the arena.

You looked at him funny, “He fell in with the Raptors and he’s ok? How did that happen?”

He opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by another, rather cute looking, man with deep green eyes, “I, just being my usual awesome self, hopped in and showed the Raptors whose Alpha.”

The first man snorted, “Yeah, your ‘usual awesome self’, that’s a good one Owen, really subtle.”

Owen shot the man a slight glare, “Thanks, Barry, really.”

Barry chuckled, “Alright, alright, I’m leaving.” And with that he walked away and started up another conversation with some other men.

Owen shook his head and turned back to find you already unloading the truck, “Hey, do you need some help?”

“That would be great. Be careful though, sometimes the meat bleeds through the sack.”

He smirked as he picked up a bag, “That’s ok, I don’t mind getting a little dirty.”

You thought you saw him wink but your turned around too quickly to notice, you were trying to hide the fact your cheeks were bright pink. This continued for a minute or so, an awkward silence as the both of you went back and forth from the truck to the growing pile of food.

Finally you said something, “So, did you really jump in front of a bunch of Raptors?”

He looked up and smiled handsomely, “Yeah, like I said,” he looked you in the eyes with his dark green ones, “I’m the Alpha.”

“Oh,” you said simply. He was not really trying to be subtle was he, you thought.

Again there was a little time where neither of you said anything.

But then, “You know,” Owen started, “Kiss me if I’m wrong but you’ve seen the Raptors, right?”

You almost choked right then and there, “No,” you managed, “I haven’t had the chance.”

He smiled over at you again, “So, what have you heard about me?”

You glanced over at him, “Just that you’re the Raptor whisperer, and that you could be a little cold sometimes, at least that’s what I’ve heard.”

You turned around to find him right in front of you, “Don’t believe what you hear, I’m as warm-blooded as they come.”

You raised your eyebrows, “Oh, so we’re venturing into this territory now? Dino pick-up lines, nice,” You smiled and grabbed the last sack in the truck.

“Live in the moment, I like to say, we could all be extinct tomorrow.”

“Wow. Why are you flirting with me?”

He looked at you softly, “One look at you and I feel like I’ve died and gone to a museum.”

Your smile widened, “You do realized we’re holding bags of bloody meat in our hands, right? Not the most ideal place for this kind of conversation.”

“Does this mean Jurassic-ing me back to your place?”

You laughed and heaved the sack onto the pile and turned around to look back at the man in front of you, “These are possibly the most corny pick-up lines, and about dinosaurs I might add,” He looked down, slightly discouraged, “But, they might just be working.”

He looked back up, smiling that goofy smile of his, “I can tell you more over coffee if you’d like.”

You looked around, “I would say its carbon date!”

You both chuckled and said your good-byes, exchanging numbers in the process and went on your ways. Driving back to your little trailer you began laughing, what a dork, you thought.

The following Friday you met up with him at the parks coffee place. He looked good enough to eat.