This blog is pretty much done.

(Hey so yeah, as the title says, I’m not really going to update this blog anymore. I’ve kinda moved away from undertale and just generally lost interest in it.

The characters present here and going to move to my main and be turned into my own characters so I don’t lose them.

But yeah, sorry everyone but this is the end of this blog.)

Yee Im probably going to not be drawing for awhile after today for a week or two? Just because the surgery and stuff!! BUT I do want help picking a possible new fursona design!! IT WILL STILL BE HER just?? Im a little tired of her old design jjjjj
I might even make all of these her design and pick one MAIN design!! :0


Fruit Loops: I loveee bright colors and I really love rainbows, SO I REALLY WANT RAINBOW BUT also torn because I want to make her into a fursuit and this one might be too hard to do?

Natural: Looks more like me IRL IRL I have brown hair and I love piebald/ calico!

Skyfall: A more updated design of her old one, with a few more details I admire! Along with the cloudy calico like design!

Popsicle: Simple-ish but striking! Still fits with those bright colors, with a lil pink flair!



Usually I don’t post sketches but I’ve been getting a lot of messages about Chronotale and its absence. I want to clear things up and make this official announcement about it.

So, I plan to continue Chronotale with a new format that will make it easier for me to update, along with giving the main 3 a bit of an updated design.  As for the format, I thought it would be best if I switch over to normal comic book layout (with color and everything) instead of my really long comic strips that take forever to complete. 

I’ve been really busy this summer with a bunch of things, so that’s why I haven’t had the time to work on the next arc of Chronotale. Thank you for enjoying the series, and I hope you enjoy the new changes coming soon.

Homeworld Update

Anonymous said:

I know!!! I have a lot of photos I want to post regarding Too Short to Ride, but I just want to talk about Homeworld and Era 2 Peridot’s and assistive technology really quickly.

1. The current Homeworld rationale

In my Yellow Diamond Character Analysis I brought up three main points. First that Homeworld has become incredibly efficient. Efficiency is their goal above all else because of all the resources lost after the war. Second, that Homeworld is not an evil place. And third, that YD as a ruler is hurting about Earth and the war, while trying to do the best for her people.

I’m very glad my analysis of Homeworld based on YD’s behaviour turned out correct. Because it gives depth and reason to Homeworld’s actions beyond: They’re evil. And this is something we really do see in SU.

So what’s the first thing we learn about this in Too Short to Ride?

There is a lack of resources. Whether from the war or any other fronts, there is a depletion of resources that has made it difficult for new gem material to surface. As such, the matter that makes up the gems of Era 2 Homeworld is lacking. 

I’d been using the terms Old Homeworld and New Homeworld for a while now, but since canon has brought us real terms, it’s Era 1 and Era 2.

A rough timeline, for me, would put Era 1 at Gem Genesis all the way until Homeworld started losing the war for Earth. In my gem genesis post, I use terms in the study of demographies, and it’s exactly that. Homeworld has passed the Pioneer and the Log phase, and about the time after the war, they started to Lag. What actually comes after the lag phase, where the population stays stagnant for a while, is that it starts to go extinct. Because the resources could no longer sustain the size of the population. There are populations that decline and then stabilise again, but that’s usually after a lot of control is done over resources (including the population numbers itself). 

So Era 2 is post war (Lag phase) until present, where we’re seeing a sharp decline. But you may wonder what would cause Homeworld to use that many resources in the first place. They don’t eat, they don’t sleep, or breathe to survive (they probably need air to vocalise though). But they’d need materials to build ships, and warp pads, and Kindergartens. Homeworld had to rebuild the gem population after the war, and no doubt as they continued to conquer, they would need more manpower for the management of colonies.

The rationale now is definitely efficiency. That’s why YD would rather send this Peridot, who (from what she’s heard) is terrible at her job, straight to her next mission rather than shatter her. There’s no time and gems to waste.

The other thing about Homeworld is that it’s not an evil place. They still let new gems exist. There’s an ethical question of whether, after newborn screening, a society should let children who have congenital conditions that lead to short lifespans, or low-functioning, and conditions like that, be born. That’s a non-negotiable “YES, let them live” for me. Because the entire thing about life, is that it is moving past the limits of what we’re born with. We exist in a society where we can make lives easier for people of those conditions. We can make their lives better and they can still live a full quality of life.

The question is whether our society lets that happen. And judging by the ratio of stairs to ramps in many, many buildings, the answer is that we’re still a work-in-progress. But Homeworld, when these gems are created, immediately gives them assistive technology.

I’ve talked about it here, and here, and here because it’s a topic that means a lot to me. They gave Peridot limb enhancers so that she could function and do her job like an Era 1 Peridot. They let her feel productive and that she belonged somewhere in the Homeworld structure. It’s not a high place, but in a world where the key is efficiency, feeling useless is the absolute worst. That’s why Pearls are ranked so lowly, because they’re thought to be not “capable” of work. As Peridot mentioned in Back to the Barn, they’re “supposed” to stand and hold your things prettily.

But there is a negative effect to this. Because it comes alongside a rigid caste system. This means what Peri is expected to do is, for all her supervisor, YD and everyone in between cares, all she can do. There’s no room to explore potential and new things.

2. Homeworld is stuck in patterns

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peridootandthemagicalpoot  asked:

I'm confused about your comic. What happened?

That’s ok! There’s a lot of unspoken context based on other stuff I’ve doodled.

The main concept is that Ichi is trying to give todomatsu an opportunity to learn to protect himself instead of always letting other people fight for him. (The two gang members he’s holding back were featured in the latest Heso Wars Update)

Todomatsu starts to go into self protection mode but before he can really do anything himself (hit the other guy with the brick) Jyushimatsu steps in. I like the idea of Totty being this little brother in the gang that everyone is very over protective of, but only Ichi is willing to admit that it isn’t doing him any favors.

Haha but yeah that’s kind of where I was coming from. Hope that clears it up!

Just a reminder, while I still share jewelry related posts here pretty regularly because it’s my main focus, I created a separate IG for it so I could keep this page as a personal page. I will be really trying to post current product shots and updates on it on the daily, like today’s spotlight on “The Anole” from my #magicoftheswampdarkcollection through @cvltnation. So if you are intersted in staying up to date, give @silverstallionhandmade a follow, thanks ❤️ ((now back to your regular nature, dog, life programming 🍻))

Made with Instagram

((Hey my beauties, I will be putting this blog on hiatus starting on July the 18th, so I can create content for the Summer of Steven month-long Season 3 episode airing. I really want to support this show and see it succeed so I’ll take a break from this blog and be predominately on my main blog and my art blog. I’ll check activity on this blog from time to time during the season run and update my assassin!kirkland blog too!))
Oculus | Chapter 15; Nobody Came

Summary: Tweek has been haunted by the grotesque form of his missing best friend since childhood. Perplexed by his vivid visions and growing bond with the mangled little ghost boy, he has searched for years to find the answer to one question: Who murdered Craig Tucker?
Main Characters: Craig, Tweek, Kyle, Kenny,
Rating: M
A/n: I haven’t gotten to edit this chapter quite yet, but I really wanted to update before the weekend was totally over and it 11pm so HHAHAH. I’ll read over it again tomorrow! 

Personal update...

I might disappear for some days (the queue will continue posting), to avoid Beyond spoilers before the main/SDCC premiere.

Also because Pim & I are trying to finish cosplay stuff for various events and I’m helping some more people with theirs also, and time is really running short.

Hi! I don’t know what to call myself, I’m not the main admin I guess, I just took over FY!STELLAR when the original owner could no longer do it. But anyway…

I’m writing this to inform that I can no longer be a part of FY! STELLAR full time. I’m sure not many people really care, but the reason I’m bothering to write this is because I need someone who can take my place. Things are updated, usually, as they should be. But I’m going to need someone who can help around, be it fancafe updates, answering questions, posting videos, etc. I know that’s not a lot of work and any of the admins that we have now can do it as well, of course. But I want them to have someone who can do that work for them if they cannot. I don’t want to leave them without any sort of support. I DO NOT want FY! STELLAR to die after how much its grown but I simply cannot handle both my personal life and a fansite anymore as much as I wish I could.

What I need for anyone who may be interested, is the following.

1. AVAILABILITY - Main reason I’m leaving, I don’t have it anymore.
2. RESPONSIBILITY - FY!S is like my “baby”, so I need and want for it to be taken care of and for it to be the best at all times. Always reliable, neat.
3. KNOWLEDGE - On where and how to obtain updates, news, photos, anything and everything you’ve seen on FY!S.

As for me, I WILL be around, solely for the purpose of assisting if my assistance is required, for projects, and will take care of FOR_STELLAR (Twitter) during promotional periods. That’s as much as I can do for now so I will do that myself.

I know Dengke (stellar twinkles) and Olivia, another one of the wonderful admins will be here to take care of the majority of the things but I don’t want to leave them with all of the work.

Anyone interested and who thinks they can do this, please email or DM me at my personal @kimjiyoos so we can talk.
Thank you and good luck!!



Some of you may know this, some of you may not - but this blog isn’t my main blog and I have tried to figure out for years how to make this my main blog so I can delete my other one, but to no avail.

I have become really bored and tired of the actual blogging/reblogging aspect of tumblr and would really like to just run this poetry blog and be done with it, but if I have another blog the temptation grows and even though I am bored with it, I will inevitably get on tumblr and waste hours I could be doing something else with.

SO - and this will cause me to lost a lot of followers, but I am going to be moving to new blog with a new email address. I will be creating a FAQ so that any questions you all previously asked will be answered and I will be transferring a majority of my poems over to the new blog. While doing so, I may edit the poems/ update them a little bit, etc. 

I will keep this blog up for a few weeks, making sure everyone knows I am moving it over. I will change this blog name to something else and make sure my new one has the same URL as this one - so if you search for me, you will still be able to find me. 

It will take some time to add new stuff over and to make the shift - so please be patient as I jump and add and remove things from here to there. This is something I have been thinking about doing for awhile, but I would really just like to blog my poems and not actually anything else and this is the easiest and best solution.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. 

Friday Update - 7/7/16

Still working on the revisions to Corvin’s route, which is my main focus at the moment.  Some parts are getting substantial rewrites and there are very huge additions to the story.

That said, I’m working on other things as well.  The artwork above will appear in the game - it’s an image of a character I haven’t really revealed anything about yet.  Her name is Reul and that is all I am saying about her.  Mwa ha ha!

I also sketched out some school uniform concepts for the students.  Ideally, I’d really love for all the high schoolers to have school uniforms.  Unfortunately it’s kind of a really back burner project at this point since I can’t do that and work on everything else too and they appear outside of school enough that casual clothes took priority.  At some point, when the script is further along, I will probably start seeking additional artists for the team, and when that happens…maybe then we can do a few clothing changes for them.

I’d really love to do Halloween costumes for those that wear them in the story, too.  But again, we’ll have to see.  It would be a really fun addition though.

And the MC’s  PJs.  LoL

Anyway, in addition to all THAT.  I also sketched out a few CGs and backgrounds.  =O  

My shoulder started bothering me again yesterday so I’ll probably have to take it easy for the next few days art-wise.  That means…all the writing!  

I’ve started plotting out Elliot’s route as well and I have to say that I am really looking forward to it.  His route is probably the one I’ve been most excited about writing. >=3


Hello everyone! Some of you guys know this already, but most do not - starting this Sunday I’m going to be in Gothenburg for one week! I don’t really want to go lmao but I’m being forced by mom. I’d rather stay home and draw and be with friends, but I’ll be going to the Gothia Cup, Liseberg and to a bunch of museums and stuff so hopefully it’ll be fun! I’ll come back home next weekend (hopefully Friday the 22nd), but on the 26th my friend Meta ( @whyyesiampossessed ) will be coming here to Sweden!! I’m super excited about it, she’s absolutely wonderful. She’ll be staying with me until the 7th of August, and after that I’m going to Greece for one week! So, while I may still be rather active on my main ( @xshujin ) and you’ll still be able to reach me most of the time on discord and whatever, I will probably not be able to draw very much ): not digitally, at least! I’m bringing a sketchbook, but I’m not sure how busy I’ll be and it’s been like 4 years since I worked traditionally.. So we’ll see! I’ll be playing a bunch of 3DS, watch Steven Universe and eat as much food as possible, but I’m gonna miss you guys and I’m gonna miss drawing. Have a wonderful week, everyone, I love you!

Some clarification

Last week I made a slightly impulsive decision to unlist my videos on my YouTube channel. Figured no one would really notice for the time being. Whelp, literally a day later, a fantastic SFM animation based on Become was posted.

People noticed.

I realize now what I did without any explanation was dumb, so I promised this post to clarify things for any of you who might be slightly interested. So here are the main points I wanted to cover. I’ll make it quick.

  • unlisted videos

An admittedly rash decision as stated above. Not by some crazy “I HATE EVERYTHING I DO” tantrum, though. I can still safely say that those songs still make me proud for what they are. The unlisting was actually because I’m done with MLP songs and way more excited for what’s next. Which leads us to the next point.

  • I’m done with MLP songs

The novelty of the show wore off. A long while ago in fact. I spent a long time trying to tie up loose ends and finish projects that I started years ago. But the interest wasn’t there anymore. (pretty sure this is where some overused dead horse metaphor goes) I have one last thing as a “parting gift”, though. More on that soon.

  • “respin” will undergo some changes

Some more obvious than others. The most noticeable one will be yet another logo/style change. The biggest change, however, is that I’m going all out with music now. As in, I quit the job I hated so I could focus on music. The goal of this is to put out more releases of the same quality, but this also means not all my music will be free of course.

So that should be about it. Thanks to all of you for sticking with me despite inconsistent releases. Like, fucking seriously. Thank you. I’m really excited for what’s next.


Okay, we ran out of main characters for Early Days.. pfft!

Soooo as a warning, today’s update is a lot of rambly developmenty kinda nonsense, so if you’re not interested, I reckon these are the highlights:

That’s just another twine mess of some outline stuff I was plotting out… that square in the top right? Death. Mwah..ha.ha.And this is really just a bit of the game in the scheme of things so ahah, but I still thought it would be fun to show!

I hope everyone’s having an awesome week <3

The wordy ramble update is over at !

anonymous asked:

Hello friend. I saw your live asks were open, and I was just wondering if you know when you might upd8 stockyardstuck? No pressure or anything, I know you're having issues with your disability lately, I was just wondering. You're amazing and great and wonderful and so is your art and writing by the by, just so you know :3c

I’ve actually been meaning to make a post about this!

First of all, I have every intention to finish stockyardstuck. Most of it is written. It basically just needs chapters linking the main story points together and a lot of editing. The thing that’s holding me back is my post trauma vision syndrome. Reading is very difficult for me so working is too. I’m going to start vision therapy soon though so that’s good.

Stockyardstuck will hopefully start updating come fall/winter. I can’t make any promises since I have very little control over when I’m able to work. I really am passionate about the au though and even if no one cares in two years, if it’s not done, i’ll probably be working on it. (though i want to get it all posted by next summer at the latest).

Thank you!

Ardently fondly, 2

The more things change, the more they really do stay the same. This show is part of the first wave of fully preproduced Korean dramas to air after the smash hit Descendants of the Sun. But in spite of its groundbreaking roots, Uncontrollably Fond feels like something screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee has had stowed away in a dark corner of her hard drive since 2008. It’s a slightly updated version of the same old story about young lovers who are separated by tragedy only to reunite as adults, complete with birth secrets, whispers of incest, and a main character who suffers from a fatal illness. The narrative structure is a bit different than it might once have been–the premiere focuses on the lead couple as adults, only to flash back to their youthful meeting in episode two–but the story it’s telling is pretty standard.

The head start at filming has allowed for better than average production values, as evidenced by arty camera angles and the kind of long shots you rarely see in Korean dramas. (Some of the overhead views are reminiscent of Will It Snow at Christmas, Lee’s gloriously bonkers 2008 melo.)

Even though I like the cast and production team, I’m not fully sold on this drama yet. The tone splits the difference between the gritty realism of yore and today’s glossy haven for product placement. (I see you, red ginseng!) One of the ways the series updated the classic melodrama storyline is by aging up the leads and making their personal history a bit more convoluted, all at the expense of the halcyon youth section that was once a hallmark of the genre. The result is that these first two episodes felt heavy on plot and light on heart–there’s a lot going on, but not much emotional context for it.

So far both Kim Woo Bin and Suzy are doing fine work, and it’s intriguing that No Eul isn’t the goody-two-shoes most female leads in her position turn out to be. Her back story has similarities to the life of Uee’s character in Marriage Contract. They’re both young women on the run from loan sharks, but while Hye Soo was ever noble, patient, and hard-working, No Eul is a corrupt journalist who took a bribe to help pay her debts. The moral implications of her actions haven’t really been explored yet, but it’s clear that No Eul isn’t like the other Candy girls. Her hardscrabble life raising a younger brother on her own has left her tarnished, as if growing up safely came at the expense of the do-gooding fighter she once was.

These two episodes barely scratched the surface of the show’s story. The second leads hardly appeared, and lots of questions remain about how the present-day situation came about. I’m looking forward to where we go from here: No Eul’s quest to find her dad’s killer has promise, as does her entry into Joon Young’s world of privilege. I could also really go for an unabashedly sad finale, although most modern kdramas with terminal patients prefer ambiguous endings. (Is the premiere foreshadowing that I’ll get what I want? Joon Young decided to die in the end, after all.)