i hate people who post really long snap stories the first couple nights they get to college like we get it! u think u have friends now! give it like….another week!

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The Library Podcast

~Calling Writers~

So, I’m starting a podcast in which every episode is a reading of a new short story, between 500-2000 words.

If you’re a writer and you want to be a part of it, just attach your short story to an email and sent it over to, and I’ll email you back giving you a date your episode will air~

The only rules for submission are nothing sexual/pornographic and nothing too much over 2000 words. If it’s over 2000 words I’ll email you back about it to talk it through, because if it’s still short enough it can still happen. I’ve wanted to do this for like, a year, and the art showcase I did a couple of weeks ago really got me wanting to start it officially.

It doesn’t have to be something new, it can be something you wrote forever ago, and you can also submit multiple stories and they’ll be on episodes spaced a few weeks apart. <3

I’ll be sitting in front of a microphone reading the stories so it’s essentially like a miniature audiobook every fortnight, starting September 1st. If you want to know what the voice that reads your story will sound like, just go to, there’s some examples of my voice in there. <3

It appears my Greenland vs Iceland theory may be correct.

[The Iceland Vs Greenland Lesson

What if it was really talking about Riley’s relationships and the main ship.

Iceland represents Riarkle because no one notices them or expects them to happen. Personally, I don’t think the writers wanted people to immediately ship them. They are waiting for Riley and Farkle to develop and grow some more. It make sense because if you’ve ever seen Rowan and Corey together, their chemistry is off the charts. I see why the writers have limited Riley and Farkle’s scenes with each other. They are protecting the endgame relationship by using Rucas (Greenland) as a distraction so everyone will go there until they are ready to put Riley and Farkle together..

Greenland represents Rucas. Everybody thought they would be together because the appear to be the perfect couple. But really they were destined to die. Because the relationship is stagnant and really has no spark or life in it. I think Rucas is supposed to represent a girls first crush and moving past that and growing up. Its also meant to teach that you shouldn’t fall for someone because of the way they look. Lucas may look like the perfect guy, but clearly he isn’t the perfect guy for Riley and that’s what she’s starting to figure out.]

anonymous asked:

Hi! I've seen you around U of M campus a couple of times and I really wanted to say hi and tell you how much I appreciate how much you advocate for black women but I didn't wanna be weird!


you know when people are REALLY invested in discussing a couples’ sex life? When that couple is a same-gender couple and/or a couple where one or more of the people in it is trans. You know which couples get discretion and understanding when it comes to whether or not they have sex? straight cis couples. Like trust me I have been in both situations and it is a completely fucking different experience when it comes to people like, speculating on your sex life, on how you have sex and how much, asking invasive questions about the sex you may or may not have, etc. NOBODY, except for ONE single weird therapist who brought it up ONCE when I was in day hospital, has ever made a thing about whether or not I have sex with my spouse with whom I am in a man/woman relationship (and that was after I came out to him as bi). When I date women, we get CONSTANT innuendo and weird presumptions and it’s so awkward. Because cis man/woman couples are afforded a dignity when it comes to sex that same-gender couples and couples where at least one of the ppl involved is trans don’t get. Cis man/woman couples get privacy. They get understanding. That’s part of cishet privilege, or one of the provisional advantages of being perceived as straight, and that includes married couples.

cipollakateart asked:

Headcanon that the Young Avengers except for Kate have only really met the Avengers Avengers (or Elderly Avengers, as Kate calls them) a couple times, so they're never really sure if the stories Kate tells them are true because they SOUND like they could be true but also maybe not? (Only like 50% of them are true, Kate's spreading misinformation because some day the stories will make their way back to Clint and he'll be like "what the hell" and she can laugh her ass off)

1. “Elderly Avengers” - I hope there’s art for this!

2. Kate so would, but mostly to tease Billy and Teddy (out of love, of course).

3. Majority of her tall tales would be about Clint (because really, his life decisions are questionable at best), Tony (because she remembers him drunkenly spilling his drink on her dress in one of her father’s parties when she was seven), and sometimes Steve (because he makes it so easy). None of her tall tales would be about Natasha because Kate actually likes Natasha in a non-ironic way (and because Kate understands the meaning of the word ‘consequences’).


// so i feel like i owe an explanation for my lack of activity lately! basically what’s going on is in the past few weeks i have been overrun with stress + busyness, with stuff to do with school and just life in general. it’s a lot of boring stuff that i won’t go into- what it boils down to is that i’ve been incredibly slow with replies and askbox stuff due to lack of time and lack of muse

so i’m just gonna make it official and announce a sort of semi hiatus? i still want to be around here and do some rp, i’m just going to be slow as has been the usual lately?

anyway!! priority list for what i’m gonna try to get done:

1. the requests i owe!!

2. askbox things! (going to be doing some and deleting others- i’ve got stuff in there that’s like a month old)

3. replies in my drafts- these’ll be done more here and there than last, but they are currently lowest priority.

thank y’all for being understanding!! i know this is a super lame inconvenience, but for the sake of my own stress i am kinda putting rp on the back burner.

And here’s one to my brothers, @QUESTCREW .It’s really been a crazy couple months and even more of a crazy story from the day we all became crew. We have been so mad at each other but we have also shared experiences that would stay with us for the rest of our lives. @brianhirano I have always admired your work ethic and your ambition to always grow. I truly appreciate all the stress we make you go through being the base of our stunts. @joleethal being the newest member of the crew I know you get it the hardest but it is truly great seeing your growth not only as a dancer but as an individual too.@ru_areyou you are a true soldier and an amazing key player that we could not exist without. At first you came in as steve’s swing but you have grown far far more into your own being. @justfeng I know I tend to be hard on you a lot but I want you to understand that it is because I believe in you. I want to keep pushing you so you can constantly get better and become a leveled up version of yourself. @freakinaris I don’t think I know anyone else that is quite like you… That can just FREESTYLE LIFE in a way that you do. You have always been the best support character in my eyes and I’m glad we can all rock the stage together tomorrow. @dtrixpix I know me and you argue the most with opinions when it comes to shows but I am glad we go through the process to create what we do. we have had our ups and downs, and too many experiences to list since we first did #SYTYCD together. Let’s mark this one as another one for the books and enjoy what ever fate has to offer tomorrow! @steveterada I’m sorry I don’t really verbalize it too often but you are honestly one of the people I can say I truly look up to. What you have created in the tricking community is extra ordinary, how you went through that crazy neck injury and came back stronger than ever I do not know How you do it.Manpuku when the show is done! @ryanigram crazy to think of where we started and what we have gone through. If it wasn’t for you I would have not stayed in this country and we wouldn’t have had any of this. Thank you for your weirdness and for creating this amazing brotherhood with me. QUEST ON 3… 1,2,3!!!!! (at FAMILY)

Caught. Pt 3 (N.M,S.M.)

~Shawn’s Pov~

“Thank you New York! I love you!” I shouted to the crowd and ran off stage.

I didn’t see y/n anywhere so I looked in her dressing room to see all the guys there and y/n cuddled up next to Nate.

I felt my heart hurt at the sight.

I really liked y/n, hell I loved her. These past couple months have been the best months of my life with her, she makes me feel better when I’m sad, she always has a smile on her face and when she doesn’t it’s only to miss Nate, which I helped her feel better soon after, but her voice, oh my her voice is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. I could go on forever about this girl..

“Shawn! Finally your done! We were waiting for you!” Y/n exclaims as she stood up and came over to give me a hug.

I hugged her back and smiled “really? Where are we going?” I asked as I looked down at her, she was pretty short compared to me.

“Um I was think joes pizza? I’ve never been to the real one.” She smiles wider at the sound of food making me chuckle

“Sure, you guys wanna go there?” I asked the guys, they all agreed “alright, just let me change and we can leave.” I smile a little and left to my dressing room.

~Nate’s Pov~

My jaw clenched tightly when they hugged, his hands were practically at her ass. I have a bad feeling about him.

I never liked him to begin with though, ever since this tour started he’s always been so close to y/n, too close.

Once he left I sighed while y/n walked back over to me and laid her head on my chest, I smiled and kissed her head “you getting tired already? The night hasn’t even began babe” I chuckled.

“No I’m just bored, and Shawn takes forever get ready so we’re gonna be here a while.” She groans making me laugh slightly “really?” I asked

“Yes oh my gosh, we were in Florida and he wanted to look good for the crowd, took him three hours just to put on jeans and a t shirt.” She chuckled.

We made small talk after that and all she was talking about was Shawn. Me and Shawn did this and me and Shawn went here.

It made me kinda sad because I feel like she likes him more than me.

What if she Did like Shawn more than me..?

zeroxz21 asked:

Has anyone ever actually pulled off a functional bioactive leopard gecko enclosure? As far as I could find out myself, it's too dry for the typical organisms that would normally be used.

Yeah, I’ve seen it done really successfully in a couple of ways! The first thing is to use appropriate springtails and custodians- you gotta make sure not to get the tropical guys, which are the most common ones. This is the hardest part because not a lot of places sell anything but the rainforest/tropical species. Ready Reptile Feeders sells both temperate springtails and giant canyon isopods, which do well without the humidity that the tropical guys need. Then you need to set up little humid zones for them- a patch of wet sphagnum under some leaves, a big stone that you flip over and wet the underside of, that sort of thing- and they should be fine!

sadisticxxpanda asked:

so netflix added a couple more cool ass movies kid with the golden arm was sooooo fun to watch also heroes of the east is on there now...h.o.t.e was so annoying in the first hour but i really started to like the last couple of fights. any thoughts on these movies and the deadly crab style ?

I’m not the biggest fan of “The Kid with the Golden Arm”. It’s fine but, in my opinion, it’s a lower tier Venoms film.
I love “Heroes of the East” though. Fantastic film and one of Lau Kar Leung’s best. The Crab style is a bit silly but it kind of works.
I hadn’t noticed they were on Netflix. Thanks for the heads up.

The Stranger by Caroline B Cooney

and a lesson for us all in not trusting childhood memories.

Okay, remember that post from a couple days ago where I casually summarized a really good book from my memory?


I think I might have mish-mashed it with another book I’d read on the same day because its slightly different? And not in a great way. 

Also, I’m like 90% sure that this was the original twilight.Like I’m pretty sure Stephanie Meyer just wrote an Anne rice fan fiction with a The Stranger AU, like how some people write Groundhog Day AUs. 

here y’all.  

And the moral of the story is,  some things REALLY do not stand up to the test of time. 

(Im sending the title and author to everyone who asked, but I can only send like 15 asks an hour and way more people than that asked.) :P

From a couple of posts from blogger:

You know, despite being the Action Girl sister, Hinoka is also demonstrably the clingiest sibling in the entire game. Every single time she reunites with a younger sibling said to have gone missing, there is a lot of hugging and weeping and yelling.

and also:

Considering how Kamui’s kidnapping affected her it comes as no surprise that Hinoka’s really clingy. She doesn’t want it to happen again.

Yeah, makes sense.

Coming to think of it, that kind of I’LL NEVER LOSE SOMEONE PRECIOUS TO ME AGAIN *TRAINS VIGOROUSLY* mentality is typically associated with male characters. (Eg. Akihiko in Persona 3) Charming to see it on a female character.

I’m really glad that even though Hinoka is an Action Girl and fights like one, Hinoka doesn’t hesitate to show any of her siblings how she feels and that she doesn’t bottle it all in behind her action girl persona.

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hyuken shipper, we are just a bunch TT but I won't surrender!! ( and I'll fight for Rabin too). C'mon Hyuk and Ken are the wild but adorable couple!

yes ;;;;;;; don’t give up!!!! they are really really cuuuuute istg >/////<

live for this ^^^^^^