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hey guys, i love your blog and you are doing a really great job! i was wondering if you could update the best friend and/or high scool tags? thanks ahead

it’s been awhile since best friends have been updated

Redamancy by voidstaleinski (1/1 | 2,290 | NR)

Derek and Stiles were a package deal, you knew one, you know the other. But then a girl named Heather happened and it looks like its up to Erica Reyes to help the oblivious friends realize how they really feel about each other.

cutest couple award by ericaismeg, foxerica (ericaismeg) (1/1 | 1,699 | G)

Imagine Stiles and Derek being voted cutest couple in their high school yearbook.

Imagine Stiles and Derek being voted cutest couple in their high school year book, and they’re not even dating.

All I Want and All I Need by dreamoutloud (7/? | 22,937 | R)

Stiles has liked Derek Hale since freshman year. He denied it many times to himself, never wanting to admit he liked a boy. When Derek comes back to high school to talk to the senior students about college, Stiles finds himself drawn to Derek again and Derek has a small fascination with the sarcastic teen. They both try to become friends, Stiles hoping it could lead to something more.
Of course their different personalities and outlook on things lead to problems in the friendship.

Don’t Be a Baby Scott! You’re Hot too. by Thatisanotoreality (1/1 | 23,576 | NC17)

He’d tried to ignore Stiles, thinking it was a matter of “ignore it and it will go away.” But it had been well over fifteen minutes since the man had gotten out of the shower, and he was still walking Derek’s living room in a towel.
Sighing, Derek let his eyes roam the sexy form of his friend. Maybe letting his attention linger a little too long on sleek muscles that disappeared beneath the black terrycloth.
“What are you doing?” he all but moaned, when Stiles made another circle around the couch on some seemingly pointless task.

He Could Be A Superhero by demonicweirdo (1/1 | 5,331 | PG13)

When he first met Stiles Stilinski, Derek knew they’d be friends immediately. Stiles was running around making airplane noises, and then he was climbing the fence and spotted Derek and gave him a smile, talking around the lollipop in his mouth.
“I’m Sti-ols,” he mumbled. “Wha’s your name?”
Derek had been shy back then, and he couldn’t take his eyes off Stiles’ eyes because they were pretty, and his mum had never told him eyes could be that pretty before.

Escape Route by LoveActually_rps (1/1 | 4,952 | PG13)

Stiles is a Seer and keeps predicting stuff about everyone’s life.
Derek is terrified of him, his power and the circular black tattoo on Stiles’ left shoulder.

Roscoe’s Modern Problems by OneterribleT (1/1 | 1,018 | G)

Stiles’s jeep stalls while Derek and him are getting dinner for the pack.

Count Your Lucky Stars by sourwolfies (1/1 | 3,791 | G)

The last thing Stiles expected to happen when he came home for Christmas break was to be greeted by Derek with a kiss.

Like, the very last thing.

I hate valentines day because it’s the day where people who are serious about “singles awareness day” and the really obnoxious couples (we’ve all met them) clash  and form a tornado of annoying posts to scroll past

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How do you feel about the idea of Codsworth having a little crush on Curie? And maybe wanting to become a synth because of that.

I’ve never actually thought about that. But the idea is a pretty cute. I mean Curie is just so adorable, and I can see Codsworth having a crush on her, though I don’t think he’d want to become a synth because of that. I think he’d really have to be pushed into the idea (I apologize if that sounds a little ooc) or have Sole ask him personally to do it. I say this because he seems comfortable in that little robot body…if you can call it that- as it is. 

The idea is cute, I think they would make an adorable couple, I really do! But I honestly believe no one else but Sole would have the power over him and have him actually wanting to leave the comfort of his robot body. 

though the idea of his little crush wanting him to feel things, to have actual human feelings is a really precious thought. I think that would add another layer of complexity to the character that is Codsworth!

Love your name, btw

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As an ace person who skips smut, would I like the captive prince? I can't find a straight answer on how much of the book is like that. (Well from what ive gathered, not much in the book is straight at all, so...)

I’ll give it to you straight! This MAY HAVE SPOILERS and hopefully I answer other questions people may have if they are nervous about the books; in all three books there are… 5 smut scenes. It isn’t really a major plot point, and a couple are short involving Damen and others. Skip chapter 19.5 of Prince’s Gambit (it’s an extra anyways so you probably don’t need to worry about it). Like the other m/m romances I’ve read smut happens within like the first 3 chapters. This series is very soft compared to those. It is easy to skip the smut scenes because they are short and there are few of them. I’d actually label it more adventure rather than romance (it may be already idk), it has a lot more political intrigue and deception and adventure and the smut/romance is almost a side aspect. At least to me personally it is. But I can’t promise there aren’t other sexual things. Vere (the setting of the story) is a very sexual society where the people will get handsy with each other in public. They have pleasure slaves and pets, and a lot of the dialogue from other characters are crude and very sexual but it’s more just a part of their personalities. If this doesn’t sound like your type of book already, I wouldn’t read it. I think that type of world building is interesting, but many do not.

SPOILERS AHEAD: I and many others believe Laurent is asexual which makes this book all the more interesting. You’ve got this “sexual-based” country and this pleasure slave sent to Laurent but he wants NOTHING to do with it. He never gets aroused no matter what’s going on in front of him. He is all brains and seems to hold no interest whatsoever in sex which makes the citizens of such a society call him “frigid” or a eunuch. This could be offensive to an ace. However as an ace myself l felt like I was finally understood. That just because you don’t prefer sex or hold any sexual attraction, people will actually say things like that!! It’s messed up! It’s degrading and disrespectful, especially when you see how different Laurent actually is then Damen’s view of him in the first book. I like to think people who don’t understand asexuality and read that it makes them think twice before saying things like that, and maybe try to understand.

Sorry that answer turned out so long but I have a lot of opinions on this book as you can tell

I also hope I didn’t get anything wrong, and everyone is welcome to add! I wanna hear some more opinions on this

Idk I weirdly like my body lately. Especially my hips??? And my boobs? I mean, I can actually hold my boobs in my hands now and squeeze them, I can see them through the baggy sweaters I always wear.

I hate that it’s validating, but I catch strangers staring at them. Like, lmao, a cis lady coworker just can’t seem to process that I have them.

And what! I like my face this week??? Just, idk. Idk what it is about it but I actually like it more. I saw pics of myself from a couple years ago randomly and fuckkkkkk my face really has changed a ton!

Idk I’m just happy about it enjoy this transition post?

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My girlfriend and I had a complicated start but now we're best friends and we've been dating for a couple of months. She makes me really happy and she's everything I could have ever asked for, and I feel so lucky to have found her

That’s incredibly sweet and I’m glad everything worked out for you guys ;v; I’m so happy for you!!

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How about Hiccstrid and 74 for the writing ask thing?

“Hiccup,what were you thinking??”

Hiccup shrank away a little as Astrid’s words hit him. He really hated making her mad. He really did. 

“That I could handle a couple dragons alone?”

“’Handle a couple dragons.’”

Uh-oh. Astrid repeating back what he had just said was never a good thing… 

“’Handle a couple dragons.’” 

Hiccup cringed. 

Does this look like ‘handling a couple dragons’??” she asked, waving almost frantically at the fire currently burning throughout Dragon’s Edge. 

All Hiccup could do was cringe again. Taking a half step back from Astrid. Her hand was inching a little too close to the handle of her ax for his comfort. And her scowl made it clear she was at the edge of her rope. As if he had any doubt about that just from the way she was talking. 

But instead of attacking him. Or even yelling at him, she rounded on the others. “Snotlout, Ruff, Tuff, get some water on that fire. Fishlegs, you’ll help Hiccup and I round up those dragons. Move, people!” 

Toothless bumped Hiccup’s side, looking about as wary as Hiccup felt. 

“Come on, Bud,” Hiccup said, grinning a little, despite the situation. “We better do what she says.”

Getting a little personal..

I know most of you don’t care, but I had some things I wanted to get off of my chest and tumblr is my go to place for that. I have been so unbelievably happy lately. I’ve been focusing so much on my friendships and keeping myself busy with school and my new (and amazing) internship…plus some of my other hobbies like my Etsy shop and blogging! I am having so much fun this semester going out and making the most of my life. I got out of my long term/long distance relationship in August and I genuinely wasn’t sure how I was going to recover, but then I realized how miserable I actually was in that type of relationship and how dependent I became on him. I’ve just been thinking and realized suddenly that I haven’t been sad for even a second these past couple of months and that a positive mentality really is the start to being happy!

I also want to thank all of you for being there for me every step of the way and being supportive a lot of the time! Love you all💘

So both of my SDs sent me flowers to my office, so awkward when people started asking questions 😂😖 Anyway, both of them are spending Vday with their wives thank god. I did have lunch with Xray SD thurs but I’m really getting annoyed that he only gives me $250 at a time. So I asked him to help me pay off the rest of my car loan ($700) and he says we’ll work something out. Um no you will pay it or bye bye. He texts me every. single. morning. it is soooo annoying. Anyway, I feel like I’ve been super unfocused with my goals the last couple weeks. Drinking too much again and feeling really down, gotta stop that shit. Today it’s literally zero degrees out so its the perfect day to sit home and catch up: look at my goals list, do some reading/writing, check SA and do some searching. I need to get back to the positive feeling I had at the beginning of this year, I don’t want to waste another minute feeling sorry for myself!

if tweek isnt in this game, especially with how he played a fairly big role in SOT and in the recent couple seasons, I’m gonna be really disappointed 

I’ve been working loads the last couple of days and i am again today, but it’s actually really nice serving lots of happy couples who are clearly very in love and idk it’s just actually very sweet

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Anon again: like I'm not even 17 yet i turn 17 in april and I have my own art blog but I never really use it. I just put pics of paintings and a couple shitty sketches on it XP

ay just keep posting! honestly idk if this works for everyone but posting art on a public site helped me get better bc i would see my art and be like “…i can do better.” and then DID get better 

look at this shit from 2012 this was the pinnacle of my art and it took me HOURS to draw 

but anyways what im trying to say is just post art

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What are a couple things you really enjoy talking about and could talk about for hours? :)

Anime and video games and certain tv shows and the past and helping people and how in love with my fiancé I am