whatever you do dont think about lily evans and christmas traditions because it’ll get you thinking about the following

  • lily evans who got pUMPED ABOUT CHRISTMAS, like this kid would try and start decorating november 1st
  • and she and her family always had those cute things traditions
  • tuney and lilypad would bake and decorate DOZENS of baked good for the whole neighborhood with their mom
  • and every year they would spend at least an hour at the tree farm because “no dad we cant just pick a tree it has to be perfect” and they would inspect every tree until they would agree on the tree 
  • and the party, oh god the party, every year lilys mom would put on a party every year and the whole neighborhood would come to the evan’s 
  • and lily would spend like 3 days cleaning decorating the whole house with lights and shit 
  • and she would practice christmas songs on her violin before even halloween so she could have them perfect by the time the party™ would roll around
  • generally christmas was just a super dope time around the evans household
  • enter hogwarts
  • lily can choose the tree or decorate the house or sew new stockings or practice her songs or bake the cookies while the radio plays christmas tunes play 
  • generally its kind of a bummer but this doesnt discourage lily evans christmas queen and after 3 years at howgarts shes got it down to a science
  • she has mama evans send her EVERY recipe and she and basically all the girls in her year make cookies in the kitchens with the house elves
  • and she charms all sorts of shit to play christmas songs in the gryffindor common room and lily just loves christmas okay?
  • Until 5th year when lilys mom dies at the beginning on november and lily just…
  • cant
  • and she doesnt go home for christmas that year
  • or the next
  • and she just stops altogther with the whole christmas thing and everyone is like ???
  • until finally she goes home during christmas no matter how much it hurts because it must hurt more for tuney who was there for all of it and felt like lily abandoned the family when they needed her most but we arent talking about that
  • lily and petunia have a tentative peace for christmas and they sorta try to do the things they used to do with their mom but it just sucked
  • tuney brings vernon home for boxing day and that gets lily and petunia talking about how excited they are to start families and have their own traditions 
  • lily evans finally getting to start those traditions with the marauders and then james and then harry!
  • james bringing over his traditions from his family and meshing them with lilys
  • lily promising herself that no matter what, christmas would always make harry feel safe and loved and happy
  • dont think about the boxes of christmas decorations waiting in the corner gathering dust
  • dont think the half strung up lights in the safe house because lily wanted it to be christmas when harry woke up 

A/N: I’m gonna combine these two again, if that’s okay! Warning: Name reveal/ after ending spoilers!


  • Yoosung’s mom spent the first few days with you at the hospital. Not because she didn’t trust the two of you, it’s because Yoosung asked, LOL. But ofc, she didn’t want to stay for long.
  • Y’know the “fake it ‘till you make it” saying? Yeah, that’s Yoosung.
  • He looks like he knows what he’s doing.
  • “Wow, Yoosung! He falls asleep in your arms so quickly!”
  • “Y-Yeah, right? Just call me super dad!”
  • But on the inside, he’s internally screaming. The living epitome of the “this is fine” meme.
  • In just two days, he’s already mastered the art of diaper changing and feeding. 
  • But he’s also the type of guy to jinx everything l m a o.
  • “Hey, this isn’t so bad! I’m a great dad huh, baby?” Cue the baby spitting up EVERYTHING.
  • If anyone calls you out for breastfeeding in public, he’ll guilt trip the person. Non-stop until they realize that they’re in the wrong.
  • “Oh, hello there. I can’t help but notice that you’re harassing my spouse. Tell me, is my child not allowed to eat? Is that what it is? My son was just born a few days ago and you’re going to deprive him of food? Is this the world you want my newborn to live in? Wow, how inconsiderate of you. Is this how you’re going to treat the youth of Korea, sir? If not, you’re going to have to apologize. “
  • “S-sorry…”
  • Yandere Yoosung comin’ in clutch.
  • Despite a few mess ups, he’s a natural dad to be honest. After all, this is what he’s been looking forward to since the both of you got married.

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Kara's path to become a successful reporter turns out way bumpier than expected that Cat has to come back and take over Snapper's role to teach Kara how to be a decent reporter.

P L E A S E. I would kill to have her lowkey keeping tabs on Kara and just getting more and more frustrated because what is this girl doing? Cat having a stack of the magazines with Kara’s articles covered in red notes and snide comments until she just can’t take it anymore. (Honestly this is barely fanon like I 100% believe this is what Cat is doing in between any diving ok.)

a trend that needs to stop right fuckin now is calling complete strangers “abusive” just bc they were a little mean to you during an internet argument.. 

like if you think they were being inappropriate then sure you can address it, but dont act like someones a literal abuser if all youre basing it on is the one singular interaction youve ever had with them, where they insulted you a little in some discourse or smth?? That’s Not What Abuse Is

                                               ❛        ———————-YOU’RE  GOING  TO  GET  HURT.         ❜                  did  it  matter  how  many  times  he’d  seen  her  pop  a  bone  back  into  place  ?                      not  a  bit  ;  he  would  ALWAYS  try  to  avoid  causing  her  pain.                  ❛           one  of  these  days  you’re  going  to  find  out  your  weakness  &  i’m  not  going  to  be  around.    ❜      //  @vxpergreen

So I decided to tweak steam Erik’s design a bit. The only real changes are him not having a nose and his mask covers a bit more of his face to accommodate for it.

I drew him with his hair non-styled in the right pic because I felt like it idk. I think he looks super cute with his hair messy :V
(also I doodled one of his cats on the side lol)

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Here's what my dad says about Harry's handwriting (I didn't tell him who it was so this was as unbiased as it could be), "Strong instincts but doesn't always follow through on them, not opinionated, organized and likes things in their right place, likes their space, is humble and doesn't think enough of themself." Most of the time handwriting tells you what you usually already know about someone but it's cool to know that he really is as he shows himself to be, y'know?



After a good long break, I finally have some actual cosplay progress to report: my wigs have arrived! These wigs are for my next three costumes, all of which I have already obtained fabric for. The first is for Nellas from Children of Hurin, which I intend to have ready for Dragoncon next year. The second is for Depa Billaba, from the Star Wars prequel trilogy. The third is for Leia (I’m doing her costume from the award ceremony at the end of Episode IV). Obviously, I haven’t even BEGUN to actually style these, but I am so happy with the quality and appearance of all three. Wigisfashion has, once again, come through.