a thing i love in act v of measure for measure is when the duke unmasks in front of the crowd and angelo falls to his knees in self-recrimination and is like i fucked up i fucked up i fucked up so bad, and what he says is,

O my dread lord,
I should be guiltier than my guiltiness,
To think I can be undiscernible,
When I perceive your grace, like power divine,
Hath look’d upon my passes. Then, good prince,
No longer session hold upon my shame,
But let my trial be mine own confession:
Immediate sentence then and sequent death
Is all the grace I beg.

like obviously i love him saying instantly “i fucked up please murder me” but i mean. the words. the words he says. listen to them. try them out. try to drag the meaning out of them. “i should be guiltier than my guiltiness to think i can be undiscernible” what. that doesn’t. it doesn’t signify. anything. i mean absolute hand to god i-am-fluent-in-this-language-and-can-confirm that is a sentence that sucks in meaning like a black hole or a john green tumblr quote. even in shakespearean english, absolutely in shakespearean english, that is a fifth grader with a thesaurus doing his worst. and we can be assured of that coming intentionally, that sense of babbling smart-words panic gibberish, because it is a character trait ingrained in the text that in times of distress the state’s favorite brainy son just speaks more and more indecipherably. absolutely affirmed. affirmed all the way to the end. like after completely refashioning himself against everything he knows suddenly he has no power and has to do a statecraft-morality oral exam in his old best subject in two seconds. and he’s shit at it. what a garbage set of sentences angelo. i know what you’re trying to say but start again and speak differently

the rock would honestly make a great dwarf warden?

like you wouldn’t even have to ditch his nickname

just imagine when he’s recruited and hes out on his first quest for darkspawn blood with a couple other recruits some cheeky elf with a crush is like “i’m calling you the rock” and he’s like “let me guess… because i talk about my severed connection the stone?” “no… but you’ll see” *queue rock’s eyebrow raise*


even though only him and the elf and the senior warden that went with them remember the ref, it spreads and everyone ELSE just assumes its because he’s a dwarf

and he’s so charismatic and handsome and STRONG and he’s just a really great warden and a good role model for the new recruits and everyone loves him a lot especially the elf

they are an item and its cute

Y'all I gotta give a speech

We have waited a mighty long time for a good westallen scene… season 2 HAS been a bit slow with the two having scenes, but like I always say “a patient fandom is a true fandom.” IT’S TIME Y'ALL…. TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT WE RISE UP AND TURN UP. I’M TALKING ABOUT MAKE THEM GIFS, PICTURES, EDITS, QUOTE DEM QUOTES, SCREAM AND GET LIT IN THE TAG, AND BLESS YO SOUL WITH THESE AMAZING E2 IRIS MOMENTS… BUT MOST OF ALL GET READY FOR US TO FINALLY GET SOME KICK ASS WESTALLEN SCENES…….. I love you… and goodmorning ♡

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@noordinarymagic asked:  Derek fic where they’re dating and about the same age. They’re spend the day together and she gets him laughing (your choice as to why) She tells him: “I like your laugh.” and “I want you to be happy.” “I love you” is eventually said by both. Please?

Warnings: None

You loved your boyfriend Derek. He was everything you could have wanted and more in a partner. Though, you had yet to tell him that. He wasn’t really an expressive person. Getting him to open up took a lot, though you managed it eventually. You weren’t one to push, you let him open himself up when he was ready. 

You loved spending time with him as well. You spent a lot of time with him, going out on dates or just spending the day together. Like you were today. 

You and Derek had gone out for lunch before you were going to take a hike through the preserve. You spent most of your time talking because you liked making him laugh. You liked seeing him happy. 

“And then he realized he’d been holding them the entire time.” 

Derek laughed at your story, a smile lighting up his face. You laughed as well, Derek’s laughter very contagious. You smiled across at him as he laughed. 

“What?” He asked, still smiling across at you. 

“I like your laugh.” You said. Derek looked down at the table, taking a drink of his water. “I really do.” You reached across the table, taking his hand. “And your smile. Happy is a good look on you.” 

“I don’t think I can be happy.” He shook his head. “After everything that’s happened, I don’t know if I want to be happy. And I don’t think anyone else wants it either.” 

“I want you to be happy.” You said, squeezing his hand. “I don’t want you to be hurting anymore. You’ve hurt long enough.” 

Derek brought your hand up to his mouth, pressing his lips against your knuckles. 

“You’re so good to me.” He murmured against your hand. “Better than anyone else has ever been.” 

“Because I love you.” You hadn’t meant to say it there, but it slipped out, shocking both of you. 

You were scared for a moment, anxiety eating away at you as he stared at you across the table. Would he get mad, storm away from the table? Would he leave you, and disappear like he did before?

“I love you too.” He whispered so quietly you almost didn’t hear it. 

But you did. You caught those four words you had wanted to hear for a long time. He didn’t hate you for saying it, he felt the same way. 

“And I want you to be happy.” He said. “With me.” 

And you were.

i went to bulk barn the other day and i bought a massive bag of cinnamon hearts and like. i can’t decide whether this was a good decision or one of the worst ones in my entire life. like i can’t get cinnamon hearts anywhere else during any time because they’re only around during valentines day so i gotta stock up ya kno. but what if i got too many?? what if i eat the entire bag in two days bc of my low self control and then live in a firey, cinnamon hell for the rest of my life? i dont know if im ready for that kind of commitment, around valentines day especially like. i love cinnamon hearts, but do i love them enough to dedicate the rest of the forseeable future eating them??????? i just dont know

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i hasth a requesth. sam imagine based off the song Trampoline by Kalin and Myles?


P.S. @icecream-and-gadreel​ YOU WANT TALL GIRLS YOU GET TALL GIRLS


You and Sam had taken a case a couple towns over, leaving Dean behind at the bunker because he had a cold and could barely see to shoot. Now the two of you were celebrating at a bar after a successful salt and burn. The three glasses of whiskey and coke had left you feeling a little giddy, especially as Sam starting getting more touchy as he got tipsy with you. The beginning chords of one of your favorite songs came on and you quirked an eyebrow at the tall hunter, backing away onto the dance floor.

Usually, you were very self-conscious about your body, especially since you were taller than most men, especially when you wore heels. It also didn’t help that you had all the curves, from your breasts to your thighs, complete with a big bouncy tummy and ass. But you could never resist this song, especially not with those lyrics, and so you backed up, starting to sway your hips to the music as you kept your eyes locked on Sam’s face.

I met her in the function she was gettin’ low (low)
Throw it back, drop it down, tell me when to go (go)

You danced, dropping low and coming back up slowly, dragging your hands along your body as you went. Sam swallowed visibly, abandoning his drink on the bar.

Stretch it out, let me see you get physical
She got a work permit (get it)
Gimme whatcha got let me work with it

He drew closer to you as you smirked and danced, twerking and shaking your ass. His eyes were wide, and he licked his lips as he watched you.

You turn me on, I like what I see (You know I do girl)
When you bounce that thang, like a trampoline
Girl this your song (Bounce with it girl), You know you a freak
So bounce it for me, make it go trampoline

When the singer said “bounce it for me”, you dropped, bouncing on the balls of your feet and coming back up quickly, jumping a little on the up. A giggle left your lips as the sudden motion made you a little dizzy and you swayed to the side. Suddenly Sam’s large, warm hands were on your hips, steadying you. “You good?” he asked, voice filled with concern.

You giggled again, nodding and wrapping your arms around his neck. “I’m perfect as long as you keep your hands there, Sammy.”

He smiles widely. “You know you’re really hot when you bounce it for me.” Before you can respond he leans forward and kisses you. The only coherent thought in your head after that was thank God for tall guys who can kiss me without standing on their tiptoes.


Lightning Farron Appreciation Week: Day 7 - Why Do You Love Lightning ?

“I made my choice. I will fight.”

I love Lightning because she is strong and brave. She is ready to do anything to save people she loves, but also people she doesn’t even know, She fought in Valhalla for centuries to save the future, and was ready to stay behind to replace Etro. She could seem cold at first, but she’s really more than that. She has a huge heart, even if it is hard to reach it. She is a complex character, but I think it’s great to get to know her because she’s really one of the best characters in Final Fantasy games.

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More Solas/Cadash please its so gorgeous! Also I'd love to hear about their relationship :3 if that isn't too personal <3

Thank you so much! And no it’s not personal at all I’d love to tell you! Get ready for way way wayyyyyyyy more information than you wanted!

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The person I like isn't a girl

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by The_Jokers_Puppeteer

Hinata recieved a nice love letter to which his senpais congratulate him over in the club room. Upon asking Kageyama if he’s ever liked someone they become surprised with the second half of his answer.
( first Haikyuu fic lmao. )

Words: 864, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Fans tend to stick by their favourite characters. It’s sort of one of our defining features. Some people watch a film again and again to memorise every fact; others might build on fictional worlds in stories of their own – there are a lot of reasons to write fanfiction, but a common one is that you aren’t quite ready to give up the characters you love. We hold on to them after shows are cancelled too soon, or after individuals or relationships are massacred in the writers’ room. But one question leaves us divided: if you could have these characters back, if this show could come back on the air, would you even want it to?
—  I wrote about fandom and the upcoming crop of revived shows, starting with The X-Files

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