Greenmoxie Tiny House Project

Greenmoxie–a great site for all things green and environmentally friendly–recently tackled a Tiny House. The results of the Greenmoxie Tiny House Project will make you want to quit your job and move to the middle of nowhere. On top of the 30′, 10-ton custom built trailer platform you’ll find propane heaters, low voltage LED lighting, First Flush Roof water recovery system, filtered water storage, a propane range and refrigerator/freezer, all kinds of custom wood accents, composting toilet, dining table, power, speakers and too many other things to mention. Oh yeah, and there’s a drawbridge deck. This tiny house is prettier, more functional and better laid out than some Airbnbs we’ve stayed in, and it’s designed to be completely off-grid and eco-friendly.


“Hmm…” He tried to think for a bit. “Maybe practice on talking a little more quiet than usual? Also it honestly depends which part of Hoenn you’re in! Some people bow before talking, that’s where my family gets its greetings and such. Other times it’s simple waving or a handshake.”

reading Helen oyeyemi is like being submerged into water and finding a world quite but not quite like yours and there’s a sense of eeriness that slips into the base of your chest and that you don’t quite know if it’s from the unfamiliarity or the familiarity of this place but you stay until it’s over and you’re left with bated breath

I’m afraid of a lot of things.
I’m afraid of being attacked. I’m afraid of the course the United States seems to be on. I’m afraid I won’t be strong enough to live the life I want. I’m afraid I won’t be strong enough, in general. But I think, most of all, I’m afraid the deflector shields will be quite operational when your friends arrive.

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I've been thinking about today about why Killian didn't see anything when Emma said she was willing to die rather than cut away her savior-ness and all her family just went along with it. It reminded me of when the self-destruct device was going destroy the town and they all decide to do the hero thing and risk everyone's lives and save Regina. Killian didn't want to do that. I'm sure he thought if he would have said something he would have to some faith hero lecture just like he did before.

I definitely see what you’re saying, but I’m not sure I’d go with the self-destruct situation as the analogy.  He was at such a different place at that time–at the very beginning of his redemption arc, still motivated more by selfishness than concern for Emma (or anyone else)–that I think his reasons for not speaking up were quite different there.

Your ask did make me think of other times he’s gone against the family’s prevailing wisdom though: 1. during the Frozen arc when Emma decided to go to Gold to give up her magic.  2. more than once in Camelot when someone talked about using the dagger to control her.  I’m sure there were other times too that I’m not thinking about. 

The thing with Killian, is that, despite his way with words, he often doesn’t talk about things, he just does them.  The other important thing to keep in mind is that he always, always has Emma’s best interest at heart.  He sees her more clearly than just about anyone else (other than maybe Henry). I think just about everyone else sees “Savior” as an integral part of what makes her her–and what makes her special.  He sees Emma first, and the “savior” as a role she plays.  If it comes down to a choice between the “savior” and “Emma”, I think Killian will opt to protect Emma, hands down.

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I'm already worried about Izetta to be honest. The pointless fanservice is growing exponentially. There's no need for 800 shots of Izettas tits every episode, and of course they had to introduce the "Pervy Older Woman" who incessantly gropes people. It's a solid premise with a good start but its going down a shit path at this rate.

Quit your worrying.

We had 3 straight episodes of very expensive action, they were clearly padding the episode to save money. An anime-original production doesn’t have the piles of a cash from the manga/LN publisher behind it.

tea witch.

incidentally, this is still the single most hilarious anecdote re: apollo astronauts i have come across

Apollo 13 was halfway to the moon before Swigert realized he had not filed his income taxes and that he would be quite unable to do so before the April 15 deadline. The subject came up as scientist-astronaut Joe Kerwin was reading the Sunday morning news: “Today’s favorite pastime across the nation—Uh oh, have you guys completed your income tax?”

Swigert radioed, “How do I apply for an extension?” Mission control exploded with laughter. “It ain’t too funny, things happened real fast down there and I do need an extension. I’m really serious…”

“You’re breaking up the room down here,” Kerwin said. A few minutes later he assured Swigert that there wouldn’t be any problem: an automatic extension is granted to anyone who is out of the country at tax time.

So what? You had a bad semester. You gained some weight. So what? You’re single again. You lost your job. So what? What now? You live. You try again. That’s what.
—  never give up