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Hello there! I’ve never really submitted anything to anyone before, so I hope I’m doing this right. I do these pixel art things, and I like your blog quite a bit, so I tried to pixelize your Chara and Frisk! You may notice that while Frisk has a nose, Chara does not, and there’s a good reason for that.

I don’t know what that reason is, but I’m sure that it’s probably a good one.

((aah this is really cool! thanks!

Guys. We should talk more about Bare - a pop opera. The music is beautiful, there are amazing lyrics and it touches so many important themes. Don’t let me suffer on my own, join me.

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Hiya ! Could you do RFA visiting their crush who's been hospitalized because they were being dumb, and forgot to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle, haha totally not me!! Thank you, I appreciate it bud!! ❤❤❤

(Are you ok?! I hope you are!)


  • Panics when he learns you are in the hospital
  • Refuses to let you do anything when you return home despite having only broken your arm
  • Quits LOLOL cold turkey while caring for you


  • Also panics
  • Was at rehearsal when you call him
  • Rushes to the hospital
  • Is confused when you don’t recover within a day


  • Gets you the best doctors
  • Leaves work early (Sorry Jaehee!)
  • Brings you Elizabeth III
  • Refuses to let you ride your bike without him around.


  • Frankly he’d probably also be in the hospital
  • You both were on the same bike
  • Doing something silly

(Sorry if this isn’t good, I don’t ride bikes ^^’)

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Hi! I'm quite new to your blog and am enormously impressed with your editing and giffing skills. You probably get asked this all the time, but I was wondering if there's a tutorial you have explaining how you make gifs and how you make them look so darn clean! Sorry to bother you about this, but you've become my ultimate inspiration! Ciao!

aw! this is incredibly sweet oh goodness gracious, thank you! 💚 and to answer your question, this giffing tutorial here was what i used when i was just starting how to use photoshop and make gifs!

Five minute ficlet (angst, pt6)

You forced yourself to breathe through the pain. Long, deep breaths, in and then out. In and then out. The contraction crested and you let out a sigh of relief. Your mother looked at you, concerned. 

“Y/N, isn’t it time we went to the hospital? You’ve been doing this for a few hours and they’re only a couple minutes apart,” she rubbed the small of your back. 

“If we go too soon, they’ll just send me ho-oh, fuck,” you gasped. “Home again.” The contraction struck mid-sentence, taking your breath away. You had a strange sensation and then your legs were wet. 

“Your water just broke,” your mom announced, as though you hadn’t noticed. You groaned as the contraction became significantly stronger. You couldn’t quite catch your breath, and your mom steered you toward a kitchen chair and helped you sit. The baby jerked downward suddenly, and you had to resist the urge to push. 

“Oh shit,” you moaned. “We are not going to make it to the hospital." Your mom sprung into action, running to the closet and pulling out every tea towel she could find and screeching for your father to come. 

In the midst of the chaos, the doorbell rang, sidetracking your dad, who stopped to answer it. "Did you call a doctor?” He walked in, pointing to the guy behind him. You looked up and were astonished to see Leonard McCoy. 

“What the fuck are you doing here?” You gasped between contractions. Leonard’s eyes widened as he took in the scene - you clutching your belly, legs spread, your mom on the floor mopping up the amniotic fluid and throwing down extra towels as she went. He sprang forward. 

“How far apart are your -" 

"I need to push!” You interrupted. 

He dropped to his knees in front of you and met your eyes with his own deeply concerned hazel ones. “I need to assess you.” He placed a hand on your knee, asking permission. You nodded, unable to speak for pain. With quick, skilled movements, he checked you. “You’re fully effaced and dilated. If you need to push, go ahead. I’m right here." 

The pain was blinding, and you felt as though you left your body as you bore down and pushed. The baby’s head engaged and you let out a scream - not of pain, but power, pushing through the pain and terror that had welled up inside you when your water broke. 

"Good girl, Y/N.” Your mom’s hands rubbed your back as you sagged and drew in your breath. 

“That was amazing, darlin’,” Leonard encouraged you. “A couple more like that and we’ll we welcoming this young man into the world.” The pain ramped up again and you felt your body trying to take over. You drew in a deep breath and pushed again. With a pop, you felt the baby’s head come free, and then Leonard’s hand guiding his shoulder. 

“One more, darlin’. Give him a little hand.” You dragged in another breath and bore down, and felt the baby slide free. Leonard placed him on your chest, bringing a towel up and rub the muck off. You felt tears sliding down your face as you looked on the beautiful, perfect baby in your arms. 

“Oh god, look at him,” you sniffled. 

“Why are you here?” You asked. The baby was long since swaddled, and snug against your breast. Your dad was in the kitchen cleaning and your mum was starting the laundry while Leonard continued to monitor you and the baby. 

“I knew your due date was approaching,” he admitted. “I wanted to check up on you. I wanted to reassure Jim you were fine." 

"Thank you,” you smiled, tears filling your eyes. 

“Have you got a name picked out?" 

"I thought I did,” you admitted. “But I’m thinking I might change my mind about the middle name." 

"Yeah?” He smirked. 

“I like the sound of David Tiberius Leonard,” you teased. 

“Tiberius? Jim’ll hate that,” he laughed. 

“I don’t care,” you shrugged. “I like it. I want him to have something of his father’s." 

"Can I send him a picture?” Leonard asked. 

You nodded and allowed a tired smile as he took the photo.


On account of you taking the liberty to be unbearably uninteresting and frankly quite infuriating when your identity is secret, anonymous questions are no longer allowed.

I. you do not need to remember falling, it is written
into the quaver of your outstretched hand and the spinning
in your head when you legs do not hold up and the moments
on the edge of sleep where your foot slips and heart

ii. you put on sunscreen without thinking but the light
does not burn you, will not
burn you, you are tinged pink but never set
aflame (again)
smoke makes your lungs ache and you never think to chase it, you never
dreamed of burning dreamed of sunlight you know

iii. you drip wax onto your skin and scrape it away
without a thought, it burns
for a moment and does not hold and you were never
afraid of it but you always knew it was never
quite enough
your shoulderblades still ache
tender and you scrape at them in the shower
peeling away dead skin that looks like paraffin shavings

iv. you have always liked the rain best
liked cloudy days
where it does not feel like looking up will swallow you
where it does not feel like you could fall up into the sky and never stop

v. you ride an airplane and watch the ground below and
it does not hurt but
does not help because this is not real
this does not count
this is only

vi. you chase memories and dreams of standing on cliff tops and catching wind
in your hair and it blows into your mouth and eyes and you look
down at the water and know
what it would be like to jump to fall to
you are not afraid (anymore)

vii. they miss the point every single one of them misses the point
you know that before you understand
why because one day
they call you by name, and icarus, you know
you have never forgotten
what it is to fall but oh, icarus
now you remember the most important thing
what it is
to fly.

—  February 18

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I'm just gonna say I absolutely love your account!! but I have to say; do you think I'm not getting anyone who is interested in me because my account is dark. I mean I love being a little and I love pink and glitter but I have to sides too. Is it okay if I have to sides because honestly people may be put off🖤🎀

Thank you! Means a lot 😊
I just went on your account and seems a normal tumblr blog 😅
Your blog isn’t that dark
U shouldn’t care what a person thinks about u tbh
Don’t compare yourself to other littles cuz you’re more interesting if you like other stuff too
It’s boring to like or be involved in one thing so I like that you’re different and unique in your own way ☺️
There are many littles out there who have quite similar interests like yours
But tbh I’ve seen worse “dark” things especially on tumblr.
Be happy and confident with your interests 😊

So what? You had a bad semester. You gained some weight. So what? You’re single again. You lost your job. So what? What now? You live. You try again. That’s what.
—  never give up

tea witch.

Tips For Success
  1. Show up.
  2. Breathe.
  3. Trust yourself.
  4. One step at a time.



This quote often saved me in the past, because you know that all of my animations are made with a Nintendo DSi, I always got the “well … you should try something more professional, buy a tablet” or “It’s funny but it’s for kids, try another program, with “clear” lines”, When you got too much of this you ask to yourself if you are going to the wrong way, but I love my DSi and it was the only thing I got to animate so I DIDN’T QUIT ! 

If I listened to these people, who certainly don’t even remember me “lol”, this blog would never exist ! So please ! Keep doing what you make and Love it ! 

Passion is for me one of the best energy we got ! We don’t have to leave it.

Few days ago I reached 100 000 followers, you can’t imagine how shocked I was, I never excepted a number that huge ! I was afraid of thinking so many people are watching my pigeons xD (and that so many people see my English mistakes ;u;)  but now I’m fine ^^’

I’m always happy to see that many people laugh, have fun and are happy seeing my animations and I will keep going this way because now I really love doing it and knowing that it bring so much happiness is enough for me to know that I will never stop ! 

Thank you everyone for your huge support ! I’m pleased to learn you some french :D !! Never be afraid to ask me things if you want to learn some ;) ! 

I wish you the best ! Je vous souhaite tout de bon ! 


You have been through so much. Keep going. You got this.

Keep a realistic outlook on life. See things for what they are without blowing anything out of proportion. Life is much simpler than what we often make it to be.