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Do you think Zenyatta ever thinks about the possibility of being taken over by the God AI and wreaking havoc on people he cares about? Would Genji be willing to hurt him if that happened?

I’ve thought about this possibility before and… it’s a killer. But, it is quite possible if even the highly trained omnic on Pharah’s team could be taken over by it.

But, I’m sure the two of them have discussed what the other should do if it came down to where sacrificing one of their lives was an only option. I remind you, these two have a great deal of respect and understanding for one another. 

Though, if it came down to it being Zenyatta who had to go I think Genji would be very hesitant to do it. Because, Zenyatta is the one who came into his life and helped him heal, grow, and find peace. Without Zenyatta, Genji may fear that after he is gone he might fall back into those dark feelings again. 

But, Zenyatta would never want harm to come to Genji, especially if it is him who would hurt him. Genji wouldn’t want Zenyatta to suffer the God AI either, he’d know that it would be better for Zenyatta to be at peace in the Iris than harming the ones he loves and cares about.

Genji would be hurt, damaged even if he was the one who had to end Zenyatta’s life. But he’d have to remind himself that it wasn’t Zenyatta anymore. Genji would probably return to the Monestary and meditate a lot to heal again. Remembering all of Zenyatta’s teachings, and always keeping him in thought. Even with Zenyatta gone, Genji would be the one to keep his spirit and teachings alive and well.

Teenage LGBT group chat

I was thinking about making a group chat for teenage LGBT people to talk to each other on, quite a few people have told me that it would be a good idea so message me if you’d be interested. Not too sure if it would be on Kik, Whatsapp or iMessage but I’ll see what most people would be interested in. Ideally aged between sort of 14-20 message me/ask me if you have any queries at all☺️💕

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When my wife and I were leaving Ghostbusters there was a group of 4 boys, about 10 or 11 I think, I'm bad at guessing ages. We could n't quite hear what they were saying until one of the little boys very loudly said "Well I'm Patty". It seems each of the 4 boys were trung to pick a Ghostbuster they wanted to be and that kid wanted to make sure that he had laid his claim. I thought you might get a kick out of that.


After School Special - Part 1

Word Count: 2057

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, spn stuff

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Alright so, the girl Sam’s getting info out of right now…” You started, sitting outside a mental health facility with Dean, “she says we was possessed and swirlied another girl to death?”

“That’s the story.” Dean nodded, although something about his demeanor was off, like he wasn’t quite all there.

“Something bugging you?” You questioned, playfully nudging his ribs.

“What?” He looked at you as if he hadn’t heard you before he pulled himself together. “No I just…I was thinking about you actually. Do you feel good enough for this? You sure you don’t wanna go back to Bobby’s until we figure out what’s up with you?”

“No.” You barely took a second to think it through. “I’m safest with you. And I feel fine.” Sam approached, effectively ending the conversation and the impending argument.

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i need a hug 🌷

Any young girl who’s ever seen a film, or read a book, there’s so many instances of this subjectification of a woman as a muse. I’ve been the recipient of that, and funnily enough, being written about in newspapers… is an interesting part of my career. You’re captured in this moment, you’re captured as this thing, and people have a very sure idea of what you must be. And I like them to— to some extent, my whole job is to paint this persona, and to express that in a way that makes you think I’m this very profound character. That’s part of creativity. That’s part of telling stories. But when it’s very harshly turned on you, it can be quite difficult to move out of it. You’re almost silenced by that. I have to say, I’ve never suffered any trauma at the hands of working in male-dominated studios. I’ve been able to do what I wanted to do. I’m pretty headstrong, as people go. It just made me realize how frequently I have to step into spaces like that— studios— and wipe away, very quickly, this idea that I’m just an untouchable, feminine object. It’s not that I walk into studios and go, “Oh my God, everyone’s so overcome with sexual desire for me.” That’s not what I mean. I mean, I have to establish myself as a working part of this collaboration.
—  Laura Marling speaking at DICE Girls Music Day

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Have you played Steven Universe Soundtrack attack if so what did you think of it?

I have! It’s not a bad rhythm based game and has a nice dress up doll feature built in the game, and overall the game looks great- although sometimes I’m not sure about some of the song remixes. For a free game it’s worth a look, but for me it’s not quite as buzzworthy as Attack the Light was- but that just might be my game playing preferences!



Tate felt like he was drowning.

It was an odd sensation, really. After all, he couldn’t drown. He was dead! Deader than a doornail. But he felt like he was clawing his way to some kind of surface. Some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. He couldn’t really explain how or why..after all, there was no way he was moving on..right? Not to the other side. He was stuck, wasn’t he?

But here Tate was, desperately trying to reach whatever speck of light this was. He had to. He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t see, couldn’t think about anything other than this light! 

And he finally reached it, but what was on the other side of it wasn’t quite what he was expecting. Eyes blinked, once, twice. He felt groggy. His entire body felt heavy. Where was he? Not at the house, for sure, but where..?

Slowly, his vision came to, and he could tell that he was in some kind of..morgue..with..someone..Violet? No. It couldn’t be. There was no way. This wasn’t..

But that was when he heard it.

Ba-bump. Ba-bump.

He hadn’t had a heartbeat since he was killed. Tate was..alive.

But how? He tried to open his mouth to speak, to ask questions, but all that would come out was a slight, pitiful groan. Seemed like the vocal cords were shot. But he looked over at the girl, the girl that looked strangely like Violet, and maybe he couldn’t voice it, but his expression said it all.

What happened?


Wait, redheaded telepath? Are they really hinting what I think they are?

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Mission Prep || Deadpool x Reader

A/N : so I’ve finally decided to stop avoiding that deadpool request. I hope this is okay.
ORIGINAL REQUEST : prompt 23 with Deadpool.
Prompt 23: . “I love you.”

“Thank you.”

“Aren’t you gonna say it back?”

“I don’t think we’re quite there yet. Like sure I’d roundhouse kick someone who tries to hit you but I’m not sure about love. Or about a roundhouse kick cause I can’t do that.”

Being an Avenger and working with them meant having a varient skill set including , skill precision , top notch training and also patience. Because , as an Avenger , one had to deal with a lot of shit. Which was exactly what Tony Stark and Steve Rogers were doing right now. Dealing with a lot of shit , also known as the most recent Avengers Ally , the Merc with a Mouth , aka Deadpool. And really his shit wasn’t ending.

When you entered the room , you were greeted with the three sitting on the conference table , Deadpool talking with extravagant hand gestures , Tony trying to talk and Steve just sitting there clenching his fists. Quite frankly you never much minded the mercenary much , you found his antics rather amusing but clearly Tony and Steve did not share that sentiment.
“Now ” Deadpool exclaimed , slamming his palm into the table “ Where is my Spidey ”
“Peter Parker ” you interjected as you took a seat next to Steve “ is in school , because he , infact has a life ”
“Ah , if it isn’t my favourite Avenger, (Y/N)” he said and you nodded at him.
“What’s up , Wade ?”
“Well it’s really nice finally being written about after being avoided for so long ” he said nodding , looking into the distance. You just nodded in response ,Wade’s nonsensical words barely had any affect on you anymore so you just went along with it.

“(Y/N) can you please just ask Deadpool here if he will accompany us on the latest mission ” Tony asked , gritting his teeth together.
“Only if my baby Spidey will come too ” he said and you shook your head as Steve let out an exasperated sigh.
“Alright , alright , I’ll talk to Peter to see if he can come to the mission with you guys ” you said and Wade clapped,
“I love you , (Y/N) ”
“Thank you ” you nodded and he gasped really loudly , bringing a hand up go his chest , knocking a chair off in the process.
“Aren’t you gonna say it back ?!” “ I don’t think we’re quite there yet. Like sure I’d roundhouse kick someone who tries to hit you but I’m not sure about love. Or about a roundhouse kick cause I can’t do that.”
’‘Oh alright then. That’s good enough ”
“It should be ” you deadpanned as you got up “ alright then , I’m going to prep for the mission now ”
“And call Parker ? ” Wade asked , his voice laced with hope.
“And call Parker ” you confirmed.
“Good. Although I suppose you’ll call the new Spidey , I really miss Andrew’s Spidey , he was so cute , but no one got me a movie while he was still Spidey ” he mused and you quirked an eyebrow,
“Alright then , can I go now ?” You asked and he nodded,
“Don’t forget to call Spidey !” He called after you and you shook your head. This is going to be a long , long mission.


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[1] *curtsies* Duke, I am a soon-to-be second year student MA student in an English literature program, and I recently received word that some of my work, pending revision, was accepted in a small journal for publication specific to the author with which I want to work. I'm a little frightened to be published, however, as ...

[3] …I try to be very respectful of critics/artists in my field with whom I disagree, but I’m really suddenly quite terrified about the prospect of my scholarly/fannish worlds overlapping even more and I’m not sure what -if anything- I should do. Should I deleted my blog? Try to uncouple it from my name (Is that even possible on the Internet?) [4] …I worry (almost certainly to an irrational degree) that somebody will Google me, figure out that I think certain characters are cute or that they’d be fun to imagine as space pilots or whatever, and that I will be academically doomed for all time.

If there was a part [2] of this ask I never actually received it but I think I understand the gist of the question so:

I think you’re worrying about this more than you need to. When was the last time you Googled someone who wrote an article in a small academic journal? I’ve done that probably less than five times, and almost always with relevant research keywords attached. People finding your personal stuff does happen but not very often and here’s the thing: If your academic work is good, nobody cares what else you’re into, so long as it’s not sexist/racist/something else entirely objectionable. Case in point? There is a pretty prominent Shakespeare scholar who moonlights as a romance novelist. I discovered this entirely by accident and yes, a few of us absolutely cackled about it on the train, but that was pretty much the end of it. So she likes to write bodice-rippers. So what? That doesn’t make her PhD and her knowledge of early modern playhouse practice any less valid. You do you. Because the last thing you want is to spend the next five or ten or fifteen years living like Matt Murdock because you’re not ready for the world to know about your alter-ego. Does it pay to be smart about what you post online? Yes. But if you’re not posting anything legitimately offensive, you should be fine. Last pro-tip: On the off-chance that someone does find your Sherlock/Spock crackship fanblog or whatever, don’t make a big deal out of it. Laugh it off. Making a big deal out of it just invites other people to make a big deal out of it and guarantees they won’t forget. It’s like tripping in a public place. If you get really flustered, people are going to stare. If you just laugh and acknowledge that you tripped and keep walking, people will laugh with you and then completely forget about it. Everybody has weird hobbies.It’s not the end of the world for someone to discover yours.

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ok, so there is this youtuber who recently posted a video about love hotels and you got to tour this crazy one in Sendai (that rather large city in the Miyagi prefecture and I wasn't sure if you'd get a kick out of it for some writing ideas or not. Abroadin Japan is the channel. watch?v=IXgX_r-x-XE if you want to see it, I guess haha. The video is sfw but I just couldn't help but think what shenanigans kagehina could get into.



I’m a secretive asshole because I like surprising you guys but! Please don’t let go of this idea… about KageHina hotel shenanigans… even if it’s not quite a love hotel…. 

I’m watching the video regardless and god, I just… they’d get so distracted! There’s too much to do, they’d keep forgetting to get to the sex. Hinata would walk in and probably go nuts running around and looking at things and “Kageyama, look, we didn’t even have to bring our own lube! Look at all the different kinds!” First he’d be amazed by that, then he’d spend forever looking at all the costumes (…he’d be so cute in the Snow White one…. help me….), then he’d find the CHEAP FOOD menu… like, RIP, Kageyama, you thought you were gonna get laid but Hinata is g o n e

(and he would definitely keep switching up cosplay outfits throughout the evening to an excessive degree, like he’d have himself on a timer, beepbeepbeep, “where’s the maid outfit,” beepbeepbeep “Kageyama pull out for a second I need the bumblebee one–” “Hinata for fuck’s sake” “We’re never gonna get through ‘em all otherwise!”) 

I do imagine that once they finally got around to it, Hinata would be inspired by the atmosphere to be very… enthusiastic… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kageyama could possibly be convinced to agree to a love hotel again

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*prompt* "abortion is murder" "ILL SHOW YOU MURDER, C'MERE" Fahc?

Ahh i don’t really do prompts since i don’t write fic, just dump meandering headcanons on everyone. Also while i dislike them as much as anyone i’ve never really thought about the FAHC hanging out around anti-choice protestors so i wasn’t quite sure what to do with this, but i tried?

There’s this bank in Los Santos. That’s not news, there are a lot of banks in Los Santos, but this bank has just revamped it’s security and started marketing itself as untouchable; appealing to the many high rollers who are sick and tired of being targeted by the city’s riff-raff. There have been all too many break ins, all too many robberies, and this bank thinks it is the answer to all those problems. Highly trained guards, cutting edge technology and unprecedentedly secure vault systems giving rise to the boast that the bank is utterly impenetrable. Which, really, that just can’t stand can it? Turning up in the Fake’s city, making those kinds of claims, there was only one way this was ever going to turn out. Honestly it was pretty much a personalised invitation.

And to be fair, its not easy. It takes time and a lot of effort- getting into the system, working out the floor plans, deciphering the multitudes of security- but they’re getting there, and it’s going to be well worth it. Forget the money, the FAHC have a reputation to uphold.

One of the last steps in their process involves tracking the comings and goings through the front entrance and recording the movements, reactions, and change overs of the guards posted there. Which, in other words, means the inevitable return of everyone’s least favourite job; recon. Aka the stake out. Aka long hours of repressing boredom, complaining about whoever got out of coming along, and ignoring ones bladder. Joy.

That the bank is in a reasonably populated area, well lit and painfully lacking in convenient alley’s or, heaven-forbid, cafes to hide in only makes their job more difficult. Or it would, if not for the existence of complete and utter morons. See, there’s this women’s clinic across the road; clean, unobtrusive and otherwise utterly useless for their purposes, but where there is reproductive healthcare there are uneducated ‘pro-choice’ protestors.

They come out in droves, waving posters and preaching fallacies, standing on the sidewalk for hours on end; a perfect group to hide in no matter how much the crew complains. Geoff gives them all extensive warnings about shutting up and putting up; we all know they’re gross assholes, fucking trash their cars later if you want to, follow them home for all i care, but for now they are making brilliant cover, we’ve been planning this for months, do not fuck it up.

No one ever wants the recon jobs but there has never been a more fierce debate about who has to go; even Ryan, who is still trying to clean the last flakes of a dead man’s blood out from underneath his nails, turns his nose up in disgust. In the end Geoff grouchily goes himself, alongside Jack, with Michael listening to their complaints over the comms from a parked car halfway down the street.

To Geoff’s credit it does make for good cover, with a great view of the bank, no pedestrian wanting to make eye contact with the the rabble and the other protestors unconcerned with what they’re looking at so long as they’re holding an offensive enough sign, but it isn’t pleasant. The way the jeers and shouted insults pick up every time some poor woman walks by them into the building growing increasingly difficult to ignore.

Geoff comforts himself with the reassuring weight of the pistol tucked under his clothes, raising an eyebrow at Jack and joking that from the way everyone was carrying on anyone would think there were criminals in their midst. Except of course he’s overhead, some prissy sour-faced woman taking a break from bullying a teary teenager to turn around and snap that abortion is murder. Murder. And that’s just. That’s it. Geoff’s had it.

He’s reaching for his gun, snarling that he’ll show her murder when suddenly Jack’s between them, cutting eyesight with the woman who’s already turned back to her preaching, shoving Geoff backwards through the crowd. There’s a brief struggle, Geoff trying to resist and Jack giving no ground before she calls for Michael, who barrels through the protestors with even less regard for social niceties than usual ('scuse me, excuse me, bigoted trash. i said move you fatass) and together they extract Geoff with little trouble.

They did the right thing, Geoff acknowledges later, stopped him from making an utter scene and blowing their chances, but he’s not happy about it, stormy mood ensuring that no one even tries for the teasing jabs they’d normally be throwing around in the face of his great hypocrisy.

When they do manage to get their intel, Ray and Jeremy taking a more sedate, long-ranged approach to recon, the heist goes off without a hitch. They make off with millions, blow the banks security out of the water and leave no question as to who was responsible for the act. It’s a resounding success. And if Geoff abandoned his planned getaway route to climb aboard Gavin’s firetruck, spinning the high-power hose to blast everyone hanging around outside the clinic, well. It’s not like a little water could make those posters any worse.

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okay, so I haven't seen people talking about this much? but like, the photo that Stiles isn't in the he clearly was in before, where is he supposed sitting? When the finger (I think it's Scott's) points at the photo, he points at the space between Scott & Lydia, but there's not that much space between them. So just, like, is Stiles all cuddled up to Lydia? Is that what's happening there? Good Lord, I'm spiraling.

I knooooow it’s such a small space and I’m honestly not quite sure where he was supposed to be sitting? I was looking at her arm placement and stuff and their bodies and I’m just like ????

Also I’m really glad the picture isn’t full pack and is just older gen, because I love the shit out of older gen and I just want this to be their season. I want 6a and 6b to just be theirs, man. 

So in other news Lydia and air snuggled up today and the whole fandom is dying. 

A Class Act: Chapter Ten

A high school teacher AU. 

Chapter Summary: Mara wrangles with her feelings about Cullen and he makes a decision.

Need to catch up? Masterlist here. 

Also on AO3. 

Mara turned her car down his street in the pale blue light of the morning. It was slowly beginning to get darker in the mornings as the days raced towards autumn. The days were still blessedly warm, but the mornings had a bite of chill to them that promised winter wasn’t far off. It was her favorite time of year, but she wasn’t thinking about that as she drove down his quiet road.

Her heart was hammering and she couldn’t seem to calm herself. It had done the same thing as she hurried from his house last night. There was a moment, standing in his bright kitchen that she wondered if something might happen, and the thought terrified her. So she left. What exactly did she want? She wasn’t sure, but she knew she wasn’t quite ready to figure it out right then. It was complicated, they were colleagues and his admission had surprised her.

She’d heard of lyrium addiction, how it destroyed and took one’s mind but had no experience with it at all. She had images from documentaries and books filling her mind that were hard to reconcile with him, someone who was so whole and good. She knew her own prejudices and biases were swirling in her head, and she fought them. Wanted to accept the person she knew in front of her, not who he had been. He’d been so earnestly honest with her, and that was a gift she didn’t want to sully with stupid questions or judgement.

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Random thoughts on self diagnosis

I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit.

I believe that no one should ever self diagnosis themselves with any physical or mental illness, and should not state they have that illness without seeing a professional.

However, I do believe it is okay to tell people you are mentally ill without seeing a therapist because most people know when they aren’t well.

Just as you can tell when you’re sick but you’re not quite sure what it is without seeing a doctor.

I for one feel as if I am mentally ill but I don’t know what exact illness I have as I have not gone to a therapist other than one time.

Anyways those are my thoughts, feel free to agree or disagree I like hearing other points of views on the matter.


Rated: F for fluff and feels

Synopsis: He is lost in his own world, every move he makes reflects in his facial expression. You are lost in him, every move he makes reflects in you. How much you want to show your affection to him. 

Writer’s Note: Jungkookie for you all :) This is my first imagine in this blog, so please tell me if you think it’s good or bad, critics will make my writing evolve! I imagined a lot of Kookie’s performance of I Need U with Yoongi playing the piano in the background. While writing this i was listening bad boys from zara larsson but idk why?¿

Words Count: 865

The song echoed through the room. Sounds of claps coming from the song and Jungkook. You gulped lightly, seeing how passionate he was in almost everything. You weren’t quite sure if he knew you were there, assuming he probably forgot about what you two had planned when he got into the rhythm too much. You thought, “Well, I’ll just wait till it’s over”. You were so wrong.

As the song progressed, his moves and facial expressions would only intensify along with the energy he felt boiling in his veins. The floor felt soft under his feet, on cloud nine he was. He spinned and got on his knees, sliding on the ground.

Your breath hitched as you sat on the cold floor of. Your head was spinning along with his hips. So firm and smooth were his moves, his hands always going from a sweet caress to a punch in the air.

You wanted him so bad. God knows how you’ve been suffering because of your feelings. Any touch, words, look, would mean so much more than what they really were. You were constantly suffering with your heart beating fast, palms sweating and heat all over your body. Not in a sexual way, you just want him. Really bad. And hidding…was even more difficult than you thought.

Encountering yourself always in embarassing situations to explain to him, why would you tense under his touch so much or why you always try to escape when he asks about who’s your crush in his playful way.

Truth be told, you didn’t want to screw up. It was so hard gaining his trust and to get him to feel comfortable with you. He was very timid and frightened of girls, but you just happened to step into his life and make a way to his best friends’ group. And he, honestly, can’t see himself without you. But of course you don’t know, or hiding your feelings from him wouldn’t even be in your mind.

You snapped from your thoughts when his gaze went to you, piercing you. His lips were greasy and his hair attached to his forehead, sweat dripping from his neck to his collarbones. Your mouth agape at the sight, your fists clenched, breath totally disappeared. From that on, he would do his moves staring intensily at you. Your body burning with heat.

A last clap is heard from the song and it ends, along with Jungkook’s moves. Every muscle of his body tensed, chest rising up and down, breathing fast. Your eyes glued to him, you try to stop, to distract yourself, to do something, but you can’t help the urge to look at the amazing figure.

He walks over to you, every part of your brain freezing with a large red alert sign. “That’s it. That’s where you blow everything up.”, your mind screamed. He got the towel behind your head, lying in the bar, making you face his body and you gasped loudily, shifting uncomfortably in the floor. He cleaned his sweat and sat in front of you, a sweet smile in his face. Your heart mewled at the sight, automatically making you smile almost as sweetly as him.

He got his head down, a light blush appering in his cheeks and his lip becoming thin.

- (Y/N), you were staring and you kinda still are…-He said barely audibly. His fringe falling delicately in his eyes.

-Ahn, I’m sorry I didn’t realize I was staring…-You said immediately looking to the ground and laughing almost desperately, internally cursing yourself for knowing how stupid you probably sound.

-When were you going to tell me?- He asked still shy.

-Tell what?

-That you like me.

You froze. You slowly got back to looking in his eyes, wanting to bury your head in concrete. His eyes searching for an answer, wandering over your face.

-Of course I like you. You’re my friend. And honestly, how would I even handle your ugly ass if I didn’t?- You said trying to break the awkwardness in the air, chuckling and buffing.

-You know what I mean, (Y/N).-Jungkook said, not even a slight appearance of his shyness from before. He seemed sure about it.

When faced with silence again, he came closer making you hit the wall behind you. An ouch slipping from your mouth, and his eyebrows going up, still demanding an answer, not caring for your faked pain.

-Ok, Jungkook. I like you.

-As more than a friend?

You frowned and shook your head, asking with no words why the hell he needed more afirmations.

-Yes, as more than a friend.

-That’s why you have been so frustrated these days?

-Jungkook, what the hell is your poin…-Your raised voice being cut by his lips.

You frowned in surprise at his firm grip. Pushing you against his lips, pressure building in your stomach. Your hands in his arms, while one of his hands were in your nape, the other caressing your waist. He sucked lightly on your bottom lip, earning a shaky breath from you. Which made him disattach his lips to yours, his forehead pressed to yours and a grin on his lips.

-My point is…I like you too.

Our Monday Megababes, Olivia and Wendy, were out on a pre-camping trip grocery run at Waterloo Town Square ValuMart, dressed perfectly for a heat wave kinda day. Olivia (left) is not quite sure where her delightful jumpsuit came from (“it was five bucks from somewhere!”), but she said she just threw it on - one can only imagine how fabulous she looks when she actually tries! Wendy goes for a more classic summer look, dressed in Bluenotes. Both girls had glasses I just had to ask about (Olivia - Dolce and Gabbana, Wendy - Armani). Olivia shared her style philosophy: “I wear what I think looks best on me!” She loves locally made, hand crafted items, bold patterns and colours and whatever suits the weather and is comfortable. Enjoy your camping trip ladies, may it be filled with fun adventures and awesome fashion!