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Typically, I'm quite a straightforward person who is realistic and optimistic, but I tend to say things how they are. I'm not an emotional person in terms of like expressing feelings and emotions and crying and whatnot, but recently, all I feel like doing is crying (I hate saying this out loud omg). I'm going through a rough time with my parents seeking a divorce, but whenever I want to cry the tears won't come out. I don't really talk about it a lot as I don't want the sympathy. What do I do?

Hello love,

I’m not quite sure how to help you because I’m not really good with advice and that kind of situation. I understand it must be hard for you since your parents are seeking a divorce. it’s okay for you to cry. Maybe you can’t cry now because you’re not used at being emotional. I think you should do something to truly relax and try to let it all out. You could try doing yoga? I think it’s important even if you’re not emotional person, to feel sadness during this situation. The first step is to accept it and accept the fact that it’s going to hurt. Crying will relieve your stress and you will feel much better after. Take care.

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Also harumichi 15

15. What they would change about each other




i think, sometimes when they’re out together, especially nearer the beginning of their relationship, i think michiru would want to make haruka more like, aware of etiquette, more upper class, more you know…acceptable to the circles she travels in. because for all her “i’m not like them” thing and her attempts to rebel, she still is a kaioh and she can’t quite shake it even if she wants to. im not sure if that is a heartfelt wish, but i definitely think it enters her mind on well more than one occasion. 

i think haruka, if you asked her, would deny that she would ever change anything about michiru because Michiru is Perfect, but i think if she could, she would perhaps want her to be a bit warmer towards others, not for haruka’s sake, or for other people’s sake, but for michiru’s, because haruka wants michiru to be happy and she figures if other people could make michiru happy too, then that would be a good thing. i think. this is a hard one.

Landing on Earth had been easy enough for Peter. He carefully avoided satellites that surrounded Earth, then guided his little pod to a small group of trees - woods, Peter believed the name was - and landed  carefully in the underbrush. What he would do upon landing, however, was an entirely different question.

First thing Peter noticed once he finally reached the end of the trees was that mankind had changed since his species last visited. Their vehicles were more advanced and the population was dressed quite differently, to the point that Peter wasn’t sure what they would think of his own attire. But he continued walking for a long while, looking up at the tall, rocky structures and making an attempt to subtly observe the humans that bustled around him.

Finally, he paused at a shorter structure, and after standing outside for a minute or two, Peter decided it should be safe enough to enter. Needless to say, he was estatic about what he found on the inside.

Books everywhere; stacked on wheeled contraptions, shelved, and piled up on a table. Peter was in awe as he wandered further into the shop, to the point he didn’t see the man in front of him until their bodies made contact.

These bad boys finally came in! 😍 I want to thank everyone so far who got one of these!! Every single cent is going straight into Summer Nights to shower you guys & gals with the loves and likes of pizza!! A super fresh free live show that should provide free chuckles! And an array of fun little things that I’m going to be extremely vague about so I don’t give it away! These bad boys are almost sold out with another batch arriving next week! If you are want to get one make sure you fill out the order notes with what you want on your poster. And if you forget no worries we will email you to find out what you want on it! 😊 But seriously thank you for supporting a goon like even through life fires of my 2014. I got hit quite a few times last year! I think we all did! What I’m saying is 2014 was just the worst. Like two chip clips to the nipples it wouldn’t let go! However battle worn and with all of your incredible support I got back on my two feet ready for another round of life.👊 This year I’m bobbin and weaving up a storm and I’m having fun! I’m trying new things and exploring new mediums to tell stories. I’m hungry for new memories with you crazy lovable peeps! Can’t wait for Summer Nights!!!!! 💕 (I Doctor hearts you!)


Aidan “My Face is Up Here” Turner

That’s what we had in mind when we initially wanted you to get your top off in the shoot.
“’m way too hairy. I think keeping my top on these days is probably a good idea. Plus I’m in nothing like the shape I was. It’s quite hard work to get into that sort of shape, people are just, “Hey, where’s your six-pack?” I’m like, “I’m fat now, what are you talking about?”

So if you did take your top off, people would go, “Oh.”
“Yeah, they’d be so disappointed. If I went to the beach right now, people wouldn’t recognise me. But I’ll be in shape again surely enough when September comes along.” (X)

On the mysteries of human consciousness

My thoughts don’t feel like electric chemistry, but that is what they are. I find it quite a consoling thought that our modern scientific view of the world which has explained so much, we can’t even begin to explain how consciousness, how sensation arises out of electric chemistry, but the fact of the matter is it does. …
The sense of awe and mystery, for some reason, has gotten greater as I’ve got older. I’m not sure why. Maybe because many of us, as we get older, we start thinking more about the fact our life is going to come to an end, and we become a bit more religious and philosophical. If you don’t have conventional religious belief, as I don’t, I think in a way thinking about the mystery of one’s own consciousness and the universe is a sort of compensation for that in some ways.

Advice: Writing a Situation without Experience

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Hi ^^ A lot of time when I write I draw on my own life experience to describe something more vividly, but there are many things that I want to write but never experienced. I try to do research about it but often it’s not enough for me to describe it the way I want to, like when my POV character is having a panic attack, I can write *what* they are but not how it feels to them. Do you have any advice about writing that sort thing

Think about actors.

Actors always have to act out things they have never experienced. For example, we can be quite sure that Daniel Radcliffe had never fought off Dementors with magic before he did it for the Harry Potter movies. Yet, somehow he was able to reach inside himself and figure out what that might be like. That’s what acting is, and writing is the exact same thing, it’s just that we give our performance on the page rather than with our bodies and voices.

Much like actors, we writers have to constantly reach inside ourselves and figure out what something we’ve never experienced might feel like. Although people have close calls, most writers who write about dying characters have never actually experienced the feeling of dying. Some writers write elaborate battle scenes despite never having fought a battle. Other writers write extensive childbirth scenes without actually having given birth. This is what writers do, and you will need to do it, too. You’re doing your research which is the first big step. After that, you have to take what you learn and imagine yourself going through it. Typically you can find similar experiences to draw from. For example, someone writing a death scene might recall what it felt like to go under anesthesia. Someone writing a childbirth scene might think back to an episode of particularly bad cramps or appendicitis. Someone who has never led a sneak attack on a rival army might recall sneaking through the woods in a game of hide and seek. You’ve never had a panic attack, but maybe you’ve experienced some of the symptoms through other things. For example, most of us know what it feels like to have our heart racing. So, take what you learn about something and find ways to connect them to your own experiences. Even the remotest connection will help you put yourself in your character’s shoes. Just do your best, and trust yourself to do what writers do best, which is to trick people into believing we’ve experienced something we haven’t. :)

  • Satoru Iwata:Bowser is quite a character, isn't he? I often wonder to myself: just why does he kidnap the Princess over and over?
  • Takashi Tezuka:I often wonder what kind of gay dad Bowser is.
  • Satoru Iwata:I'm not sure I understand what you mean.
  • Takashi Tezuka:Well, I think it goes without saying that Bowser is a gay dad. But what kind of gay dad is he, exactly?
  • Satoru Iwata:I see. Why don't you tell me more about Mario's new hat.
I’m not sure how to feel...

I’m actually quite pleased with this episode…like finally we are getting places. For so long it stayed stale with the same characters doing the same thing and not really building on the plot. Yes, Francis and Mary got back together a little too quickly for my liking, but I don’t think its that bad. Honestly, Francis loves Mary no matter what and based off his look after their love scene and his convo with Nostradamus I think its more about protecting her. He knows he doesn’t have long to forgive and protect her and he is trying to move forward before he is gone and can’t love and protect her. And honestly, Mary has loved Francis all along. She never stopped loving him. After her attack I think not only did she associate her attack with that room and the castle in general but she felt almost unworthy of Francis and his forgiveness and love. She even said a few episodes ago that his loving gaze was crushing her. And she deserves props for FINALLY being the old kickass Mary we love and know. 

Delphine…well I knew she was trouble when she was introduced. Poor Bash, his wife is pregnant with someone else’s kid, which really infuriates me and now he has bedded and is “linked” to a witch… Like why can’t we have one happy couple with a legitimate kid? Kenna should have talked to Bash instead of trying to pretend it was his. That was stupid….and is she really going to try and marry this other king? whhhyyyyyyyy….

Lola and Narcisse, thank goodness!!!!! And with Catherine gone, they can finally go somewhere!!!!! 

and props to Greer and her girls! Like holla way to stick it to the man. 

WHY IS CONDE STILL ALIVE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


HEY! Wow, so its been awhile eh?
(eat that canadian shit right there) 

Anyway. Im currently locked in a basement with no windows.. please send help. I can hear people upstairs dancing wildly to the beat of what I can only assume is human sculls clacking together while they attempt to use them as instruments. 

I thought that might be an interesting thing to say other than I just didn’t want to post anything because I didn’t care to.

What have I really been up to?

Well, since I last posted Ive drank maybe a pound and a half of coffee. What more did you think ive been doing? 
I am currently in the middle of a kafluffel I can’t really talk about just YET.. but believe me.. you will be third - forth to know when I can. 

I recently got a haircut and am currently in the “shit what is my hair doing?” phase. You know when you aren’t quite sure if your hair is good to go or not. Its a typical thing for me that lasts a week or so, During that time you can find me wearing a hat and touching my hair to make sure its still there.

Anyway PEACE. 


yoooo happy meet the aro day! 

i thought i should participate cause i forced my friend to do ace day so it is only fair. i’m reusing selfies cause i am too lazy/exhausted to take some new ones today. so i picked some choice selfies of mine. 

i’m nisha/nash (they/them or he/him) for those of you who don’t know! from what my past relationship told me, i am indeed aro! (i’m not quite sure sure where on the aro spectrum i am since the other terms i don’t think i fit with, so i just ID as aromantic for rn)

i guess a part of this is to share some facts about myself so imma do just that!

  1. i am a indian/burmese aromantic pansexual (all or nothing, man) kid, who lives in canada. which is all totally rad! B) 
  2. i am a huge fucking nerd and all my friends tell me that all the time, you know who you are. 
  3. cosplaying is super cool and i have a fun time doing it for the most part. i love going to cons and hosting panels and such.
  4. i love music more than anything ever and i probably have a music addiction, oh also i sing!
  5. i love sciences and i plan to do that for post-secondary schooling, after i graduate next year. 
  6. a very important thing about me is that i cherish friendships like no other. friendship is the most important thing in my life and i love all my friends a whole fucking lot. my mom likes to tell me that the relationships i make with people are the only things that give me meaning as a small life form in this huge universe. so i take that to heart and keep my friends close to me, making sure they know i love them. <3

i had fun with this and i hope everyone has a lovely aro day! shout out too all my other aro kids who are killin’ it! hmu if you want to have more aro friends (i know i do). peace out!!

Okay guys, I would like to talk about Samuel, the Janitor of Blackwell.

A lot of people find him creepy, but I would like to talk about some theories, headcanons, symbolism that revolves around him.

First off let’s start with the biggest thing that makes Samuel a suspect for the disappearance of Rachel Amber. Besides the fact that his voice actor conveys the character with a somewhat ‘creepy’ voice, he also says strange things, and has pictures of Rachel Amber in his ‘office’(not quite sure what you would call the room, but that’s what I’ll refer to it as.) In his office Max finds both a missing person’s flyer

and three photos.

If you ask Samuel about the photos he states that Rachel gave these to him. I personally though have a headcanon that Samuel may have some mental disabilities. I am no expert on what I think he has, but with some research I believe Samuel maybe be on the Autism Spectrum. Things that have lead me to believe this are:

 The way Samuel words his sentences and his topics in general may sound odd to the “normal” person, even giving off a creepy vibe under circumstances for him. He may not understand how his words are being taken, especially sentences like “The squirrels whisper to me…”

Also Samuel does refer to himself in the third person, which is a symptom of Autism.

He also has these photos of Rachel Amber, saying she gave them to him. Now, she may or may not have directly gave them to him. Perhaps she did something that he took as her “giving” them to him, in which he may have taken them without her knowing. Also, when Max confronts Samuel about the photos he seems a little bit upset at her prying. Even the fact that she says “I’m not trying to pry or anything” yet she is, which he talks about, seems to confuse him, or upset him. ASD people have a hard time understanding social sentences, such as “it’s raining cats and dogs,” they might actually think that instead of taking it as “it is raining hard”. It is also said that they react differently when people appear out of context, which he might see Max as doing when she asks him about Rachel. 

Samuel also has a box of random things laying around in his office.

For some people on the Autism spectrum it is known that they will take things, or collect things, maybe even steal. I would like to note that in this box are things like, Magazines, sunglasses(possibly women’s), and it gives off that “girly” vibe. A thing that happens is that ASD people might take things for reasons of “it was shiny”. For samuel, fashion might be the case. Let’s think back, Rachel Amber wanted to be a model, perhaps he took some interest to her for this. Also her pictures that he has are pictures of her posing, maybe he took them because it reminded him of fashion magazines.

Another social problem some people on the ASD spectrum might have is making eye contact, or using peripheral vision when talking to someone. Here are some screenshot I have taken from when Max talks to Samuel. **Please note this may be just a glitch or something like the way the lips don’t match the talking in the game.

In this picture I have drawn in lines representing where I estimate Max is(using the dark blue), and where Samuel's eyes are looking(using the light blue). For another angle here is where Samuel’s eyes would probably be if the last picture is correct.

Now onto another topic, Samuel says that his spirit animal is a squirrel. Here are some meanings of squirrels I feel pertains to Samuel.

“In some stories they are praised for their industrious food-gathering and courage, and among southeastern tribes, squirrels are honored as caretakers of the forest. Some Northwest Coast tribes consider the squirrel a messenger who may bring warnings of danger to the people.

Through out the game, there is a lot of danger, such as the tornado and Chloe constantly dying. When asking about Rachael, he tells max to “Keep on prying,” at first I thought this as almost sarcastic, then I thought back to the possibility of him being ASD and wondered if he really meant it. If he meant for Max to keep prying and to uncover the mystery. 

Also, squirrels in general are gathers, and Samuel along with the possibility of ASD, might be collecting things in relative to his spirit animal.

Another thing to note, and I got this idea from geekremix and a video of theirs. I wanted to add this theory to the topic of Samuel and his Squirrels for those who have not seen the video(you should really watch it and check out their awesome channel and tumblr, there’s a whole bunch of theories there.) So anyways the theory is that through out the game there are tons of squirrels everywhere. Samuel says his spirit animal is a squirrel. He also mentions that they whisper to him. What does all this mean? Well as said before he tells Max that she should “Keep on prying” Which might mean that he knows something, maybe perhaps through his spirit animal. He also says “Sounds like you have a lot of time on your hands”. This might be because his squirrels have seen it, in turn him seeing Max’s power through the squirrels. Also with the ASD theory and how ASD people can be bad with metaphors, think about how Max rewinds time. She holds out her hands and reverses. Another thing mentioned in the video is that the name 
“Samuel” is originally the Hebrew name “Shemu’le” meaning “God Has Heard” Which might be connected to this theory. 

Also another thing I would like to note is there is a nursery rhyme type thing that goes for magpies and I read another LiS fan pointing this out but I lost the post (if anyone has it message me) but it goes

One for sorrow,

Two for joy,

Three for a wedding,

And four for death. 

And when we see Samuel talking to Max he has two Magpies next to him, perhaps telling that he is not the killer. Also the animals seem to be comfortable with him, and if he was bad that would be out of character for them. He must have gained their trust somehow.

Welp that’s all I got for tonight, I might add more later but it’s late now hope you guys liked it! I would also love to hear what you guys think about it!



David Tennant in Hamlet Act 1 Scene 4-I love this scene because there is so much going on it. I don’t just mean Hamlet’s display of lunacy, but the fact that Horatio and Marcellus have to just sit and listen to him going on about keeping secrets, and swearing oaths, and not even uttering a word about what went on during that night, and to make sure that they don’t think he is mad. And, I am pretty sure those two are like looking at Hamlet like,“You are completely off your rocker. If we didn’t see that ghost of the king earlier as well, we probably call the royal physician on you and have you bled or something.”  

 Also on an acting side note, David Tennant’s range of emotional temperament during this small monologue is just phenomenal because he has to showcase a man who isn’t quite sure if he is losing his mind or not. And all the while he has to make sure that the other two there aren’t going to think that he is crazy even though he frantically trying to get them to swear an oath to him and a ghost. Okay, I will shut up now, sorry, I just really love this Shakespearean play, and David Tennant is just one of the best Hamlets I have seen thus far. And this scene is just one of the many countless reasons why his version of Hamlet is my favorite. 

Dear Little Sessed Pits...
It has been brought to my attention how desperately volatile you are ‘exoloding ovaries and puss filled brain cells all over the place’ How you cling so needily to notion that Rob is deeply in love and sending out wedding invitations as i pen this. If he looked as in love as some idiots believe he is, then maybe he should tell his face that, because ‘muderous glare’ doesn’t quite cover it. If you think (what am i suggesting, of course you don’t think) that a man in love is meant to look at you as if he’s two seconds away from driving a steamroller over you, then i truly believe you haven’t got any concept whatsoever about life.In fact, I’m truly amazed you can even function, never mind wash and dress yourselves. Poor little bitch girls…so eager to try and push two people, who are obviously not together (not even the shit rolls are so sure anymore and they generate the shit quicker than the sessed can) even going so far as to suggest they are very much loved up. Your definition of love is fucking scary. How a mild mannered, gentle and compassionate guy, can look at another woman (supposedly his gf/fiancee) with such deep anger, scowling at her as if she was worthless. Walking with distance between them, always looking pissed off…wow guess he must be a sadist to put up with all those angry emotions he has stored up? Bottom line dear little sessedtwits, you wouldn’t know a true emotion if it gnawed on your leg as if you were a happy KFC meal. You want the strung out prima donna, who incidently put you lot down along with playing the victim race card in her latest interview (if all else fails, bring attention to the colour of your skin, instead of embracing and owning it) oh feel sorry, because her music sucks and she knows it. Expect a famous name to bring attention to you, because you can’t do it on your own, meanwhile idiots rallying around stupidly following you, you make fun off and they’re that thick, they don’t see it.
A Brother’s Care: Ice Bros, Frozen Fever

I love ice bros! I honestly think that they’re my favorite relationship- but I don’t think I could ever do it justice because they’re so perfect. This is the closest I could come. Please note that I have taken writer’s liberties, as I have with my last Frozen Fever fic- Elsa’s sneezes do not make snowgies, but snow instead. Also, I’ve made it so that not the entire town saw what occurs when Elsa is sick- I think her delirium was exaggerated for the purposes of the movie and I like to think she’d have been a bit more private about it all once she realized she was releasing her powers. 

“Now remember, Anna, the Baron’s quite set on his changes to the treaty so you have to make sure to-”

“I got it, Elsa, stop worrying! Just relax, okay? I got this.”

“But you also need to show them the evidence behind the budget for the-”

“I know, Elsa, I know!

“Can you at least just go over with me again how you’re going to bring up the-”

“Elsa! C’mon. Stop. This is just one meeting. I’m not going to screw anything up. Well, heh…not too badly, that is…..kidding! Kidding, yeesh!”


Elsa. I got this. Everything will be alright. The kingdom won’t go to ruins from one little meeting without you in attendance.”

“…I know. I trust you. I do.”

“Good. Then lie back in bed, relax, sleep. Drink your tea and eat your soup. We’ll be in to check on you every so often, alright? I’ll see you later.”

Anna flounced out the door, full of energy from the excitement and anxiety of running her very first council meeting on her own. Elsa knew, ultimately, that everything would be fine. She laid back into her pillows, trying to stifle a fit of coughing, then relaxed and closed her eyes.

Suddenly, they shot back open- “We?!”

Later that day….

Wrapped up in her masses of work that she had to make up from missing out on precious work time and meetings, Elsa nearly missed the soft, timid knock on her bedroom door. She sat hunched over in her seat, back aching from the tireless work and the muscle aches that came with her fever. 

She pressed a hand into the small of her back, working her fingers into a knot that had formed there, but it didn’t seem to help much at all. Being sick was something she was not very familiar with, and definitely never would get used to. She felt awful- the fever was making her feel like she wanted to crawl out of her very skin; she was suffused with a strange heat that seemed to radiate everywhere despite any cooling she attempted. It burned internally, and though she didn’t sweat she felt sticky and uncomfortable.

Every muscle in her body throbbed, and paired with working at her desk for the better half of the day she felt sore and stiff. The weight of her head felt as though it would soon crush her neck- she was sporting an excruciating headache that wouldn’t go away no matter what she did. Any movement, no matter how sudden, seemed to rattle her brains inside her skull and make her wince. The bones felt tender, raw, and something repeatedly pulsated behind her eyes and in her temples. She pressed cooled fingers there- thumbs above her ears, her remaining fingers across her forehead and the bridge of her nose- yet the pounding continued. 

Not only was the headache there, but the congestion made her head feel full, her voice sound thick and her thoughts fuzzy- she found it was extremely difficult to move her watering eyes across the pages and to clarify her thoughts. Compounded with those difficulties while she attempted to get any bit of work done were the constant distractions of a running nose, plaguing coughing fits, and constant sneezing. Despite Anna’s efforts to keep her pile of handkerchiefs stocked, she always seemed to be using up the last one. Her nose had turned red and raw from the attention and it now seemed to burn even when she wasn’t touching it. Similar to her throat, which now was stinging constantly and seemed to rebel every minute with another fit, despite her constant drinking.

But the worst, oh the worst- the sneezing. Not just because it was annoying- because, hell, it was. Nor that her nose tingled constantly now, another sneeze always threatening to burst forth. It itched and stung, but no matter how much she rubbed, flared her nostrils or twitched, the pricking would never go away. But no, it wasn’t the annoyance of it, or the constant need for handkerchiefs or the worry that, heaven forbid, she would spray someone. 

It was the embarrassment! 

With every sneeze she felt the leak of her powers; watched the cold and ice and snow flee from her being against her will. And just as it was impossible to close ones’ eyes during a sneeze, so too was it impossible for her to hold back the release of flurries let loose from the nasal irritation. And for others to see her slip-ups in power in addition to her very visible illness? …Well. That was something which she couldn’t allow to happen. No one could know besides those closest to her. What would people say, if word got out? The controlled, domesticated animal would once again be seen as the feral, uncontrollable beast. 

So she hid behind a door once again. At least only temporarily, this time. And it was kept unlocked. People knew to knock, at least. 

Speaking of which- there was that knock at her door again. 

“Come in!” She called weakly, her throat protesting. She smoothed back her hair and sat up straight in her chair; threw the used handkerchiefs off of her desk and into a collecting basin for laundry. Anything she could do to make herself look presentable. Though, in all likelihood, this was Anna, eager to share her stories of the morning’s meeting, and her appearance ultimately wouldn’t matter.

The door creaked open slowly, as tentative as its knock. So not Anna, Elsa realized. It must be Gerda, then; concerned she’d woken the ailing queen in bed. Elsa smiled at the housekeeper’s consideration and began to rise from her chair, back protesting.

But instead she saw the floppy head of dirty-blond hair, prominent nose and woolen working clothes. “Kristoff?!” She exclaimed with a gasp, drawing her hands to her chest in surprise and breaking into a violent fit of coughing from the sudden intake of breath. 

Kristoff’s apprehension seemed to leave him then, and he rushed into the room to approach Elsa, who had lowered herself back into her chair to try to stall her coughing fit. It didn’t seem to help, however, and Kristoff merely stood by her: hands outstretched towards her as if to help somehow but completely at a loss for what to do.

As Elsa tried to recover, Kristoff took in her appearance and his eyes widened in response. Now he understood Anna’s overbearing concern for her older sister- she couldn’t stop fretting about Elsa, even when she was alone with him.

Redness crept up the back of Kristoff’s neck and ran across his cheeks- the queen had relinquished her usual regal dresses for her dressing robe which was secured on top of her long undergarments. He and Elsa had grown quite a bit closer over the past year, yet there had always been some sort of propriety between them; a reminder of their difference in status. Though she asked him to treat her as he would family, as that’s how she viewed him, he could never quite get past every layer of royal blood that lay between them. Despite their familiarity with each other, he could see that this whole interaction would take things to a new level, and sincerely hoped they both were ready for it. 

“K-Kristoff, what are you doing here?” Elsa asked, surprise and shock evident in her voice. “You should go- you’ll catch whatever it is that I have.” She pulled the edges of her robe tighter together, though Kristoff wasn’t sure whether it was subconsciously or if she was concerned about the inappropriateness of her attire. 

Her face was flushed- though Kristoff thought some color looked good on her. He noticed that her cheeks and her neck just below her ears were swollen- more so than yesterday; he had thought something looked different about her when he presented Anna with her cake. He found that, for some odd inexplicable reason, he had to resist the temptation to cup his large palms around the swelling for comfort. 

He tried to hide his surprise and think logically. “Um, I think that by this point it won’t matter,” he said. “I spent the entire morning with you yesterday and even before that, to help set up for Anna’s party.” He paused for a moment, suddenly recalling yesterday’s events. “You- you even put your saliva on me.” He blushed at the memory just as he had when she had done it- that had certainly taken him by surprise- she, the queen!

Elsa’s eyes widened in recognition. “I did…” She sunk in on herself. “I’b so sorry…I didn’t know, I-”

“Elsa!” Kristoff said, interrupting her. “Stop! It-it’s fine. You couldn’t have known and I don’t care if I get sick- that’s why I’m here! I wanted to make sure that you…that you were alright.” 

Elsa looked up at him, surprise evident on her face.

“What?” Kristoff asked. “As you said, we’re family. And family looks out for each other.” He hesitated, brought his arm up to rub behind his neck. “And….Anna might’ve also threatened-er-sent me- to check up on you while she’s away,” he admitted.

Elsa shook her head in disapproval at her sister’s overzealous fretting, but got an odd look on her face suddenly. Kristoff waited, confused, and was finally about to ask what she was thinking before her expression changed and she shot forward, doubling over with a sneeze. “Heh-choo!”

She sniffed, recovering, and brushed her bangs out of her eyes. “You don’t have to do that,” she said. She felt so guilty! First Anna felt forced to spend her birthday yesterday with her, which surely ruined the special day, and now Kristoff had been dragged into taking care of her as well! “Just tell Anna that you came and stayed with me, and I’ll tell her the same- she doesn’t- heh- have- hatchoo!- to know any better if our stories match.” 

Her last words were rushed- she had clearly felt that the urge to sneeze hadn’t abated, and grabbed a handkerchief (Kristoff was quite stunned at the number in the laundry basin) to press to her face as she doubled over once more. “Eh-tchoo! hehTschh!” She brought her hand up, twirling her fingers oddly, and the snow that had nearly reached Kristoff’s ankles evaporated into thin air. 

Her sneezes had been heavy and wet and she groaned thickly- and Kristoff realized that as odd as this moment between them was, he didn’t want to leave- he wanted to fulfill his promise to Anna and care for her sister- for she was his sister too- almost, anyway. After taking just one look at her he realized he wanted to help all along. Not only that, but Kristoff immediately sensed that despite her words, she wanted him to stay- either her poker face skills had sharply plummeted in the past year, or he had begun to read her with surprising acuity. 

“No,” he stated simply, with gumption.

“No?” She parroted, shocked by his response.

“You clearly need someone with you,” he said. “Otherwise you’ll stay here at your desk all day, working and not getting any rest, which is clearly what you need.”

“But I deed to get the work done,” she explained, her congestion affecting her speech. “If I don’t, the people-”

“If you don’t get rest,” Kristoff interrupted again, “the people won’t have a ruler that’s well enough to do anything for their sake ever again.”

Elsa sighed in defeat- she could tell Kristoff wasn’t going to let this one go- besides, she could use a break.

“Fide.” She crossed her arms over her chest and Kristoff had to bite his tongue to hold back his laughter at the change in her voice and her attempted haughtiness in her sickened state. “But only for a little bit. I have things I need to get done.”

Kristoff held up his hands in mock submission, palms facing outward. “Alright, alright, easy,” he said, placating with a chuckle. “That’s all I ask.”

“So what do you suggest then?” Elsa asked.

“Well,” Kristoff responded, looking around. He spotted a tray propped up on a nearby side table, clearly untouched. “You can start by eating or drinking something. You probably haven’t had a single bite all day.”

Elsa’s face reddened further, confirming his suspicions. “I drank the tea,” she protested weakly, her voice rough and cracking on the last word. She tried to clear her throat.

“Well clearly you could use some more,” Kristoff said. “And some food, too.” 

“Big words from someone that lives off of carrots,” Elsa shot back, amusement shining in her eyes.

Kristoff rolled his eyes, pretending to be offended, and left the room briefly to call up for some more tea and a fresh lunch. 

“So…” he tapered off, upon coming back into the room. He pulled up a chair diagonal to Elsa’s at her desk. He needed to keep her from her work, he knew. But how? It was rare that the two of them had moments together alone, and while conversation always came easily when Anna was there, this time he held himself responsible in leading their afternoon together. “…how…are…you doing?” He floundered.

Elsa shot him a dry look. “I’m fide. Obviously.” Her narrowed eyes dared him to argue otherwise, fully knowing that her voice, dripping in sarcasm, demonstrated quite the opposite. 

Kristoff looked around the room, grasping at straws for something to talk about. Books and papers were scattered about across the desk and her bed, papers lain everywhere and ink splotches dotted the immediate area. Though the room felt a bit chilled from Elsa’s occasional snow, the room felt stuffy. Besides her work and the furniture, the room was quite barren- certainly no conversation topics here- at least not out in the open, anyway.

Kristoff sighed. “Why don’t we go somewhere else for a bit- maybe the gardens?” He suggested. “Get some fresh air. Might make you feel better too; clear your mind and head.”

Elsa’s expression darkened suddenly, eyes downcast and Kristoff became concerned when she clasped her hands together in her lap and took a deep breath in and out before responding. She twined her fingers together. “I can’t.”

“What? Why?” Kristoff was confused. He couldn’t think of why she couldn’t leave- she was the queen, after all. 

“The sneezing.” Elsa stated simply. “My powers? The snow? You haven’t noticed?” Her eyebrows came down low over her eyes- was he serious?

“Well of course I did,” said Kristoff, now even more confused. “But…forgive me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t it already been revealed to the entire kingdom that you have control over ice and snow?”

“Exactly,” Elsa pronounced. “Control. Does it look like I- heh- have it right now?” As if on cue, she turned away with another fit of sneezing. “Etchoo! Hih-hetchoo!” Flurries materialized with each sneeze, springing into action with her emphatic sneezes and swirled around their feet. “Ha-etchoo!”

“Well, no…” Kristoff agreed, once she had finished, “but we all know that you can control it otherwise. And you take it away right after. It’s not like this is in danger of hurting anybody. What’s there to worry people?”

You know I can control it otherwise,” Elsa said, dissipating the snow that appeared once again. “But to everyone else, especially the other officials, lords and dignitaries around the castle- I’m a threat once again.

“As much as they accept me now,” Elsa continued to explain, “I’m on thin ice, no pun intended. I have heard, and still do hear, the things that people say about me. If they were to see this, all they would think of is how I could turn on them at any moment, or something could go horribly wrong and how I’m a terrible danger to the kingdom. I can’t allow any signs of weakness. Or any signs of lacking control. Do- do you understand?” 

“I do,” Kristoff solemnly nodded. “I get that. But some people have already seen the snow from when you sneeze- aren’t you worried about them?

Elsa nodded. “A little, but for the most part those that saw me were only castle staff the morning of Anna’s birthday. Since then, the only people I’ve allowed to see me are you, Anna, Kai and Gerda, and you all know to keep a secret. As do the rest of the castle staff, I’m hoping, and they shouldn’t have the opportunity to spread word around to the people I’m concerned about.” She cleared her throat, looking around her bedroom.

“In the meantime… I stay in here.” She looked down again at her hands, sniffling to stave off a sneeze, and realization hit Kristoff.

He now saw through to the true Elsa- not the queen- but the girl inside that every day struggled to crawl up through the weight of the snowdrifts; through the pressure and prejudices held against her. But most of all, he saw the frightened girl that he had been told stories about who had been confined to her room. He looked to Elsa and met her eyes. Pleading with him for genuineness and understanding, she needed him to understand, he saw. She was asking for a confidante. And that startled Kristoff, because…

“You haven’t told Anna.”

“What?!” Elsa’s eyes widened in shock, then darted around to look anywhere but at Kristoff.  Her next words were soft, nearly a whisper. “What are you saying? What haven’t I told her?”

Oftentimes Kristoff would grow exasperated with Elsa. He couldn’t understand her behind the walls she erected; she would never let him in. Most times when he was with her she was “The Queen”; the others, those rare moments when he caught her and Anna joking and playing, he was shocked at her joviality and momentary immaturity. The last few weeks planning Anna’s birthday with her had shocked him into realizing he really didn’t know the hopeful young woman that lay inside. He couldn’t read her, and couldn’t understand why she often pulled away- even from Anna, at times, and that made him mad. No one should ever hurt Anna. 

But this time, after seeing her undying devotion to Anna these past weeks, he understood how she worked and thought just a little more. He knew of her history, of how she had locked herself away, had thought, had been convinced that that was the best thing to do. And now here she was once more doing the same thing. Probably reliving the old, dark memories with nowhere to go and little to do to distract her mind from the past. A forced regression, of a sort. 

Kristoff chose his next words carefully. “How this is affecting you, making you feel. Having to stay in here and not leave. Again.”

Kristoff expected Elsa to either admit begrudgingly that he was right in the face of the truth, or shrivel in on herself and ignore the question. She did neither.

Her eyes met his own sharply, boring into them. They narrowed, and her mouth split open in a snarl. “I’b not having this discussion with you,” she spat. She stood up suddenly. “You’ve come to see me; you’ve done your assigned charity duty. Now leave.” Her face, flushed with fever, turned even redder and her glassy, watering eyes grew harder. Kristoff noticed, however, that she clenched her chair tightly once she stood, eyes closing momentarily as she swayed a bit. She must have gotten up too fast than her body was ready for, Kristoff realized.

Kristoff stood up slowly to meet her, his heart beating wildly in his chest. Looking directly into her gaze he saw that he was correct in his assumption; she had attacked not out of anger but out of defense- she had been seen; was wounded, and had to protect herself. Someone had seen past her outward defenses, and now she was made vulnerable once more. 

Kristoff once again found himself making a conciliatory gesture with palms out. “Wait,” he started. “I don’t mean to read into you or anything, try to make weird connections and tell you what you should be doing instead. I just want to know why.”

“Why?” Elsa deflated, then, like a balloon- it seemed she had used up the little of what remained of her reserves of energy getting riled up. She sat back down, this time on the side of her bed, and her glance shot over to Kristoff. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have reacted so strongly. I just…I don’t like when people bring that up; presume to understand.” 

Kristoff nodded. “I get it. It’s alright. I’m not saying I know anything about you or what it was like. I just want to know why you’re keeping this all from Anna.”

“You can’t tell Anna. Promise me.”

“This is between you and I.” He gave his word, sitting down at the opposite corner.

“That is at least some of the reason why I keep working,” she admitted. “It keeps my mind off of things. Of trying to hide what I am from people. Having to stay in here…it makes me feel like I should be hiding away in here again.”

She paused to cough and blow her nose. “And I can’t talk to Anna about it. S- she’s-I’ve-” Elsa struggled to continue, looking as though she was going to cry. “She’s spent her whole life thinking about why I’m in here, and not out there with her.” She sighed and looked up at him, eyes alight. “It’s been a wonderful year.” She gave a small smile, which quickly fell. “But it’s not enough, never will be enough. There will always be reminders of those times. And I don’t want to make her remember them any more than she already does.” She groaned. “Heaven knows I’ve already ruined her birthday enough.”

Kristoff was shocked that he had gotten so much out of her, to actually talk to him about what she was feeling, for goodness sakes. But he understood. He didn’t like discussing feelings either. “It’s not just a girly thing!” Anna repeatedly nagged him when he was upset but wouldn’t talk about it. “It’s what human beings do! Talk to me!”

But, surprising him even further, Elsa kept going. Maybe in her ill state her filter had been loosened. Or maybe she had continued to bottle everything up for so long that the opportunity to admit everything set her free. 

She brought her hands up, cupping them over her nose so they covered everything but her eyes, as if she wanted to hide. “I just wanted to give her one perfect birthday. But I ruined it. Just like I do everything.” Her eyes closed momentarily. “And then she felt obligated to spend the whole rest of the day with me, even when I was in bed and sneezing and gross.” She brought her hands back out in front of her, questioning. “And now she probably regrets ever wanting to spend it with me. She’s just too selfless to leave me and just too nice to tell me she wanted to go to you the whole time. I made her stay with me to celebrate and see all the things I planned, but that was all about me wanting to be with her! It was so selfish and she doesn’t deserve that from anyone and I ruined it- so I can’t bring her down even farther with me stuck in here!”

Kristoff thought if he grew any more shocked at her words his eyes would fall out of his head. “Whoa, whoa, whoa there!” He said, as if he was talking to some of the horses and reindeer he helped care for. He smiled, then, a placed a hand on her shoulder. She turned to look at him, eyes streaming and face even redder than it had been. “I think you’ve got it all wrong.”

“What?” She nearly whispered, brows drawn.

“Anna loved yesterday,” Kristoff started with a grin. “She still won’t stop talking about it- about all you did for her and how amazing the whole day was.” He took on an excessively high and girly voice, imitating his girlfriend. “Oh my gosh, the sandwich was sooo good!” He squealed. “And the picture- how did she find someone that could do that?! Ooh, ooh, and we went to the docks and Elsa was conducting the children,” he gushed, “She even wrote the song!” 

Elsa giggled thickly, trying to stave off the few coughs that came with it. Her eyes had dried, and they shined up at him, hopeful. “Really?”

“Yeah!” Kristoff could see that he was getting through to her. “But even more than that- it wasn’t just what you gave her- she kept mentioning how you kept going the whole day to make sure that her day was great, even though it was obvious you were sick and struggling. She feels guilty because she thinks that she made you stick around with her all day when you should’ve been resting in bed!”

“Oh, Anna!” Elsa looked horrified. “It’s anything but that! I would’ve given anything to not be sick so I could have done more for her!”

“I know that,” Kristoff laughed. “But I think that you two need to realize that you both want to be together- no one’s making someone do something that they don’t want to do.” He paused, not wanting to push his boundaries. “And that maybe she would want to be there for you too, to talk about anything difficult that you or she is going through.”

Elsa nodded once, pensive, and bit her bottom lip. “I’ll think about it. Keep it in mind.” 

“Good,” Kristoff said. “You should.” 

Just at that moment, there was a knock on the door- Gerda had come up with a tray of tea and some food. Kristoff took the tray from her, his attention focused on not spilling or dropping anything as he brought it over to the queen. She, however, met Gerda’s eyes and they shared a secret smile over Elsa’s new dedicated caretaker.

After finishing her tea and nibbling some of the sandwich (which Kristoff polished off rather happily), Kristoff noticed that Elsa seemed to be struggling to keep her eyes open- her eyelids had seemed to grow heavy, and she was drained from the physical symptoms of her illness. 

“Why don’t you head over to bed?” He suggested. “You look like you’re about to collapse.”

Elsa’s half-lidded eyes slid over to the piles on her desk. “But I’ve taken a long break,” she started. “I should really-“

“Nuh-uh,” Kristoff interrupted. “You’re not doing anything but climbing into that bed and sleeping.” He looked around, spotting something. “C’mon,” he said, eyeing a book that was clearly not work-related from its decoration along the spine. “Why don’t you get under the covers and let me read to you- I’ve been practicing!” He seemed proud and excited, and Elsa found that she couldn’t deny him- she was also interested to see how his reading had progressed, and, if she could admit it to herself, was eager to have someone read to her- no one had done it for years. 

“Fide, then.” Elsa responded, her congestion coming back despite the hot tea. She sighed- it would take time, not just tea, before she was back to normal, she knew. Might as well enjoy what she could. She slid herself under the light sheet. Leaning back into her pillow, she smirked. “Proceed.”

Kristoff rolled his eyes, stunned yet pleased by her teasing attitude and acquiescence. As Elsa watched, he began, slow yet steady as he read.

After a few minutes, he watched as her eyelids began to fall, but at times would open as she kept herself awake to listen. Going back to the page, he paused. “Wait, what’s…how do you say this one?” He scuttled over to the head of the bed, next to her, so she could see. 

“Physique.” She told him. “The form or size of someone’s body. As in, ‘that’s really heavy to lift, but your physique helps, I’m sure.’” 

“Ah,” he said, continuing on. He didn’t move from his spot next to her above the covers. He lowered his voice so she could sleep as he read, and found he was drawn into the story line, his voice taking on different tones and dramatic tendencies, changing his pitch to match the atmosphere of the story. He became so involved that it took a gentle yet sudden pressure on his shoulder to break him out of the words on the page.

Elsa’s head had fallen to rest on his shoulder. Kristoff started; shocked that such a thing could actually happen. Her hair lay draped over his arm, and he noticed with surprise that Elsa actually had freckles just as Anna did, but much less visible. He could just barely feel her breath graze his upper arm.

He tried to softly slide her head off of him, wrapping his strong arms around her frame to guide her back to rest against the pillows. He was afraid of waking her, but it appeared that her poor body had had enough of being awake for the day and she slept deeply. He pulled the sheet up around her chest and carefully stood up from the bed, placing the book on top of the many piled high on the night table. 

Walking out of the room, he took a quick glance back at his girlfriend’s sister- his sister. She would be okay, he knew. She just needed to give it time and rest. He was family, after all. He would make sure of it.

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When anti sasusaku say that sasuke poking sakura's forehead isn't romantic just bc itachi poked sasuke, it doesn't make sense. That's like if I hug my husband and then my brother in front of people, people are like "ewwwh you do that with your brother too???" Totally not gonna happen bc people know the context/meaning. Even if someone did say "why did you hug your husband??? you hug your brother!" pretty sure the others & me and my husband would look at that person and be like r u serious lol

I am incredibly sorry anon, but I just woke up, I’m quite a bit grumpy too because I’m waiting for my food, so forgive me for what I’m about to do. Although, I don’t think you will mind, I’m just gonna abuse buzzword your little ask and use it as an excuse to take another chidori potshot at those problematic annoying tards. Disclaimer: abusive sarcasm, don’t read it if your useless ass can’t handle it. And to be quite honest, I think some of you forgot how hahahihihahaho ridiculous those people are, guess I need to remind you why exactly Kishi created this Gaiden the way it is. 

disclaimer: no. not all of them. but enough you would need the good old apocalypse to get rid of them  and no, not everybody ships those ships for the reasons, just the tards.

You can’t expect asses to understand the difference between a storywise crucial romantic and a platonic toxic relationship and non existent relationships aka the types where Kishi made the mistake to create two characters with a similar hair color but don’t you dare to ask me to talk about them too because there’s nothing to talk about in the first place - non existent - not a buzzword.

Relationships they thought were romantic but weren’t:

NaruSasu because in their world, puking at the thought of kissing the same sex is just another form of 50SOG-type BDSM but at the same time also homophobic because dear god no heterosexuals don’t exist and if they do they’re a disgrace to the world, welcome to the club of extinct heterosexuals - by the way - calling someone a deadlast while stabbing them is a term of endearment, you might want to try that out next time you’re alone with your partner.
It’s like ‘oh hey I like character A and I like character B they don’t seem to be in love but if I try hard enough I can pretend their platonic bond is just another porno’

SasuKarin say hello to the worst parody of 50SOG you will ever find because apparently trying to rape someone is just as sickeningly sweet as Kate and Leonardo’s Titanic but don’t try to point it out to them, you will have raging feminazis screaming BUT THATHUTHAKU in your ears for the rest of your life - and don’t defend yourself feminazis are only nice to you if you give them what they want - and I will skin myself alive before I start riding the rusty ‘Karin is empowering’ train

HashiMada (hides behind a table) nope won’t even touch it I would rather not die

NaruSaku (more like they took it too serious) aka the FUKIN BITCH HE BOUGHT U FLOWERS OPEN UR LEGS U FUKIN SLUT relationship. There are two kinds, this is where the nice guys are narutards. they don’t even necessarily ship it, they just demand for everyone and everything to bow down to him because the woman they asked out 329874 years ago said no

and if you thought the other sex doesn’t have those, you’re wrong. I call them jefferson starships. because just like the show it came from, it describes weird hybrids that in this case not only have the nice guy(girl) complex but also a weird need for validation and attention. aka the listen here you uneducated little shit, I studied biology in 6th grade so when I say glasses are hereditary they fucking are and if you really need proof here have my lit degree that ain’t even a real lit degree but it didn’t stop me from making 500 copies and hanging them up all over my house

Relationship that actually were right in your face and 50%100% romantic:

SasuSaku storywise very crucial aka the only ship Kishi really gave a shit about, the only one that still continues to destroy whole cities and the one that makes people want to crawl back into their mommy’s womb and cry - aka the THATHUTHAKU ABUSIF OMGZ NAH MAH EYEZ FUKIN JESUS WHERE AREE U ship. It’s the only one Kishi cared to develop and shove into people’s faces despite both parts of the ship being 129874 miles away from each other for the majority of part 2. Poor man thought people would undestand that part 1 was everything that ship really needed but unsurprisingly enough said people in question erased those 130 pages from their memory and replaced them with the only thing they seem to be capable of remembering - ‘HE SAID SHE’S ANNOYING’ - let’s not even talk about all those times they completely misunderstood scenes and took them at face value because convience seems to be their best friend, the amount of typing I would have to do to convey the absurd lack of intelligence would literally kill me so I think it’s enough when I say - no Patrick - burgers aren’t appropriate gifts for a wedding. No Patrick, comparing your loved one with fast food is not romantic either.

You see. it amuses me. it really does. because once you’ve spent several hours - which is all it takes to understand these tiny pathetic creatures - reading their arguments you will quickly realize that the word ABUSIFFF seems to be their very own twisted version of a crucifix. meaning, they believe by just shouting that word people will suddenly stop stomping them with facts, Kishi will stop shitting on them and erase the ending, thathuthaku will stop existing and their moms will stop feeling embarrassed for their very existence. Which is what they must have thought would happen if they just kept throwing that lovely word for more than a month. Instead they got thathuthaku Gaiden - convience is your friend, karma is mine.

NaruHina did I say crucial? oh, where do I start. it’s a lovely ship, it doesn’t have that many moments hey shippers what’re your top 10 moments if you exclude the last movie ok im sorry dont hit me but it still made enough sense to become canon so it did. Hinata was the right one for Naruto, otherwise she wouldn’t even exist, although Kishi did seem to have had second thoughts for a few minutes but he - obviously - didn’t went through with it because thathuthaku. your lord and savior you’re welcome I’m just kidding chill 

Unsurprisingly enough the lack of interaction didn’t stop that ship from fucking with the nice guys and to this day you will still find angry little peasants foaming at their mouth if you just scream NARDO DIDNT LOVE SAKURA loud enough. the nice girls aren’t as vocal but you can find them in their little corner where they will spend the rest of their life repeating ‘b-but…kushina….sakura..’ over and over.

If you’re still reading and haven’t already scrolled past this or sent me ten death threats you might remember that I said there are two kinds of nice guys. say hello to the second kind. those are the yes hello excuse you, uchiha cancer, hyuugas are important, Hinata can fuck you up without even moving no I don’t care Sakura is said to be the strongest Hinata will still do it because my mom didn’t hug me enough as a kid so I need this to calm my raging ego so if you dare to bring the pink pest up I will stomp you with my delusions and call you a bully for even trying to save me from myself people. the ‘SHE DESERVES HIM AND THE WORLD’ yang to the ‘HE DESERVES HER AND THE WORLD’ yin.

anon I’m sorry. this is probably totally not the answer you wanted from me. welp.

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Do you think King Leopold would've been as hard as you are on Hook or even harsher?

Well, from what I understand, Leopold was a kind man.  But… a father likes to be sure that any man that looks at his daughter a certain way knows what will happen if they ever hurt that daughter. And I missed almost 3 decades of getting to be there like that for Emma.  I might be making up a little for lost time.

By now, I’m quite sure Hook knows what will happen if he hurts Emma.  Although he might be more worried about what she’ll do.

Also, I was never a pirate.

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it always gets me when people now try to retcon Narutos importance to Sasuke. No, he didnt leave Konoha because of Naruto. He left because of his retraumatization and obsession with Itachi and power. Narutos life being threatened was just an initial catalyst that got quickly overridden by his Itachi obsession. Same with why he didnt kill N. It also ties in with Itachi because S didnt want to become that monster his brother became. (1)

 (2)  During the course of shippuden Sasuke doesnt really think about Naruto. Their might be remains of their bond that could be awakened (and I actually think that would have been good for Sasuke in the ending) but S wasnt NEARLY as concerned about Naruto as N was with him. When S nearly dies he thinks of Itachi, and only him. And that he wants to cut his last link to the world (Naruto) is quite influenced by reincarnation biz and Ns persistence, not great attachment, whatsoever. (end)

I am not sure what you mean by “I actually think that would have been good for Sasuke in the ending” so forgive me if I misunderstood you:) 

Sasuke’s main thought, his main goal, has always been Itachi. His obsession is evident since his first appearance. Then he bonds with Naruto, they become rivals and friends, they have funny and touching and tragic moments. But despite their bond becoming stronger Sasuke’s main thought remains Itachi. 

When Sasuke knows Itachi is nearby he frantically looks for him. Yes, Naruto is in danger and he is worried but while he runs he recalls the moments spent with his brother, not those with his friend.

(I’ll add that he recalls the happy moments first and foremost.)

When he sees Itachi threatening Naruto he’s not worried about his friend. He   goes berserk, but only for Itachi. For him, in that moment, only Itachi exists. He tries to beat him using all his force, all his willpower. He doesn’t want Naruto to meddle. He doesn’t want Jiraiya to help. Itachi is his, he says this clearly.

He decides to leave the village and follow Orochimaru because he wants to become stronger. Konoha is not the place where he’ll become stronger, and to him his goal, his reason to live, his revenge against Itachi, is more important than the bond with Naruto.

When they fight at the Valley of the End Naruto tells Sasuke he considers him family. Sasuke replies that Naruto doesn’t know what its like to have one. To me, this means he clearly doesn’t consider Naruto the way Naruto considers him. He already has a family. He lost them but they’re all in his heart. 

(Even Itachi, because he recalls the happy moments before the sad ones…)

He doesn’t kill Naruto to obtain Mangekyou Sharingan, because he wants to do things his own way. He says this before leaving. Again, he confronts himself and his choice of the path to follow, with Itachi, not with Naruto.

Then there’s shippuuden, where Sasuke is NEVER shown thinking about Naruto or feeling regret or longing for him or Konoha. When Naruto and team Yamato meet him he is cold, uninterested, unemotional. Not a hint of feeling towards them. When Naruto tells him that Orochimaru wants his body as his new vessel he says he doesn’t care. He is completely goal oriented, and his goal is the revenge against Itachi. Itachi is still more important than Naruto.

When they meet again Sasuke knows the truth about Itachi and his new goal is to avenge his brother and destroy Konoha and its people. Once again it’s Naruto who shows interest for him. For Sasuke Naruto is one of the many people in Konoha who deserve to die.

Sasuke asks Naruto why he is so obsessed with saving him, Naruto says because he’s his friend, and Sasuke is surprised. This is a touching moment indeed. But it is also another proof of how Sasuke does not feel the same attachment Naruto feels. 

Sasuke does not feel guilty for his actions. Why should he? He is pure, he does what he wants without considering how his actions will impact on others. He doesn’t think he is good or evil. He does what he wants. He wants to avenge his beloved brother. He told his former comrades he killed Danzo and it felt good, cause it’s the first step of his plan, not the result of a whim. He is not crazy, he has not fallen into the darkness. It’s better to say he doesn’t conform with Konoha’s views (since said village destroyed his brother’s life, his family, his own life).  so he is an enemy of the villlage and its system, and his views are considered insane by those who don’t understand him. So, when he hears Naruto’s words he is not surprised because he considers himself guilty or in need to be saved or whatever fans like to say to support their headcanons. He is surprised because he doesn’t return those feelings at all. 

Another evidence. When Naruto is told about his comrades’ plan to kill Sasuke he has a panic attack. 

Sasuke has a panic attack too…when Obito tells him the truth about Itachi.  It’s evident that Naruto is extremely concerned about Sasuke. He’s obsessed by Sasuke, whether it is for the promise he made to Sakura or for sincere caring (that he kind of forgot in the ending…ooops)  he has a great affection for him. But this doesn’t change the fact that Sasuke is not concerned about him.

Sasuke would have NEVER defended Konoha if it weren’t for the meeting with Itachi. He states several times his hate for the village. Itachi tells him he is not the one who can change him. (Itachi is a dead man. He knows he will leave soon, he knows he will not be able to look after Sasuke and he entrusts him to Naruto because Naruto is alive and cares about Sasuke. cared…ooops…

Sasuke insists, repeating that it’s Itachi the one who changed him, who changed his life, since he was supposed to die. If Sasuke wanted to be saved he would like only Itachi to save him. It’s obvious… 

When Itachi leaves forever Sasuke meets the past Hokage and decides to fight for Konoha and create a better world where no one will have the same fate Itachi had. Still Itachi is the most important person in his heart. Even when he teams up with Naruto. And when he’s dying he thinks ONLY about Itachi. Not about Naruto. Not at all.  

I won’t say that Itachi and Sasuke’s bond is the strongest because I said it already too many times….oops I said it…but mind you, I’m not talking as a shipper. I’m talking about their REAL CANON bond, that is stronger than any other bond SAsuke has.

Then, the reincarnation bullshit. I hate it, because it erases the underlying theme of rivals/friends such as Gai/Kakashi or Obito/Kakashi, Jiraiya/Orochimaru, Gai/Neji and probably some more. All these characters become useless and no longer important, the different generations repeating the same patterns theme becomes less important. Even the rivality between Senju and Uchiha becomes only a reflection of Ashura and Indra. 

Everything is predestinated and predeterminated. Madara and Hashirama’s deep relationship is no longer that deep. Their meeting, their unlikely secret friendship, was just meant to be. Sasuke and Naruto’s bond is no longer the silent bond between two kids who suffered too much, who despite their differences liked each other and ended up becoming rivals and then friends. It’s just destiny. They didn’t choose each other. They would have been predestined anyway. Even without the painful experiences that made them who they are and made possible that Sasuke could understand Naruto’s loneliness when sakura talked ill about him.

This, along with the fact that Naruto is no longer the kid who worked hard to be acknowledged by everybody but instead is a predestined hero with all sorts of benefits, is a horrible retcon and a horrible writing.

With this opinion, and keeping in mind that kishimoto rushed the ending and changed/twisted events thinking more about how to make new characters for  money the movie and the sequel, than about how to tie loose ends and write a proper ending, it’s not even a surprise that Naruto’s talk no jutsu worked so smoothly on Sasuke. Even after he failed at the Valley of the End first, and after Danzo’s killing, even if Sasuke was the only one who through all the story kept an independent mind and independent thoughts, and by independent I mean immune to Naruto’s words. 

Thanks for asking, anyway. As usual I wrote too much…

I am a little sorry you wrote on anon, there are not many who are against this. Apparently shitting on some pairings is OK (yeah I know, SS is so pathetic it’s impossible not to shit on it…) but expressing an opinion against the sacred SNS bond is the worst crime in Naruto fandom. 

Nevertheless THIS IS MY OPINION. 

To those who don’t agree: deal with it. 

It’s tagged properly, so fuck the police.

Vive la Révolution.

o--taco asked:

Got7 reaction to their crush being extremely nervous on their first date? (Like their crush keeps blushing, playing with their fingers and constantly fixing their hair) Ty 😊💕

sure thing, i hope this is what you’re looking for!

  • Mark - On the inside Mark would feel quite awkward about it, but on the outside he’d just laugh it off and he wouldn’t think much of it either. He would be pretty chill and tell her not to worry or be nervous and he’d probably try to divert her thoughts to other subjects. 
  • JB - I think Jaebum would feel a bit accomplished knowing that she’s nervous for their first date. He would probably enjoy seeing her all flustered and stuff as well, so he wouldn’t really do anything about it and he’d just continue to be the sweet boy that he is. 
  • Jackson - Her being nervous on their first date would just fuel Jackson’s confidence. He would probably find it really cute and joke around with her so that she would feel more comfortable around him. 
  • Jr. - Jinyoung, like Jackson, would try to joke around to divert her attention away from her nervousness. He would probably find her nervousness cute and it would make him fall for her even more. 
  • Youngjae - Youngjae would be really awkward, probably because he’d also be a little nervous. He wouldn’t even notice her nervousness because it would be overshadowed  by his own. His little stutters here and there would probably cause her to feel more comfortable too. 
  • Bambam - Bambam would be really sweet about it all. He would also probably find it really adorable that she’s nervous to meet him. Knowing that she’s nervous and all, he would make the first move to start a conversation so that she would feel more at ease. 
  • Yugyeom - I think Yugyeom, like Youngjae, would be a little nervous himself, so he would probably find comfort in the fact that she’s feeling the same way. He would be really awkward with her at first, but he would also try to make her feel more comfortable with him.