Since I’ve read about Augus and Gwyn dancing in COFT for the first time, I wasn’t able to let go of all the beautiful images in my head. I have already drawn them sorta dancing, exactly a year ago (check it to see the difference to this one lol). But out of all the, ah, peaceful things I imagine them do, dancing is my favorite.

And I love this kind of dancing when partners don’t even touch each other. For some reason, it feels even more intimate.

@not-poignant , some soft things for you, with all the love from me.

He had huge words in his chest. Giant, meaningful words that he couldn’t say without feeling like he was being crushed. But he could think them, and he could imagine that Augus knew they were there.

-The Court of Five Thrones, Pia Foxhall ( @not-poignant)

(i´ve finished reading this today and i am SO EMOTIONAL i had to make this soft!gwny/augus edit im so glad these two get at least a little bit of peace and quiet )

not-poignant replied to your post “[[MOR] feel like there’s a fairly substantial quotient of thor…”

I feel this. Tbh I think we were spoiled with the amount of Thor and Loki encounters. They absolutely didn’t have to include Loki as much as they chose to, and they gave us so many good moments with him and Thor. I went in so prepared to hate it, lol, and came out like ‘oh they’re brotherRRSSSSSS’

is it possible that I just have absurdly low standards and high key desperation for Loki content that doesn’t throw him under the bus? oh for sure that’s definitely it

(no, I do think there were some excellent moments and scenes, it’s just. sigh. I’m feeling a little bummed at the moment, I’ll get over it)


I’ll just… let everything speak for itself. Ah… I hope @not-poignant will offer me an asylum in case any waterhorses come for my head…?

Also, Gwyn, the hockeyplayer, called me and said that skater Augus is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. Also, the hospital called, said that they have someone named Ash, who has almost died from laughter after seeing his brother rapping.

I wanted to do something creative for New Year’s Day, and I sort of wish I had written a Belldom drabble or something like that. But I spent a lot of time rereading @not-poignant’s Fae Tales last year, and I’m sure I will be this year as well. So, I think it’s only natural.

Have a splendid new year! :)



Augus Each Uisge moodboard

I am made of impossible things. Swamps that grow in darkness without the sun to kiss the leaves awake and unfurling. I was born in a lake that had no love for me and demanded my survival. I was given a brother I was never supposed to have. I was an Unseelie King who fell for a Seelie King who wasn’t Seelie. - Game Theory

not-poignant replied to your post “I wish you would write an RTC fic where Loki is locked and held in…”

…As someone who has read and reread RTC at least thirty times I can enthusiastically say I am definitely not sick of you writing Loki getting captured / suffering / being triggered / and then being kind of resistant to care afterwards, but still needing it. I especially imagine he may get more exasperated with needing it in the future, now that he’s sort of ‘anchored’ in himself better or something idk that’s not my call to make at all but just whatever you did…

…if there was more of this too, I’d probably scream happily. It’s weird, and I’ve always worried that wanting to read more of it is like my failing as a reader or something so no matter what you write knowing that it’s something you still think about for the RTC verse (and that other readers do too) actually is kind of a relief, no matter what happens in your writing <3

sometimes I worry about if I am a one-trick-pony when it comes to writing, or if it’s a failure of me as a writer that this is something I want/could do over and over and over again. so it’s…actually kind of reassuring to me, too, to hear that it’s something other people still find interesting/want. 

but like…damn, is it a thing that I love. 

if I analyze it a lot it probably has to do with the fact that I love breaking characters down because I feel like it lets me really get to the core of them - when someone falls apart sometimes it shows things that wouldn’t be apparent otherwise. but probably I just like making characters suffer because they’re pretty when they cry. 

and it would be kind of interesting to have Loki put in that kind of pressurized situation again - there was some of that in the most recent fic but it wasn’t as bad, I don’t think, because it wasn’t specifically targeting his most personal fears. and like you say, I think in some ways it would be harder because while Loki’s still very aware of his fracture lines he feels like he’s supposed to be Better and should never have any kind of backslide. and that backslide would feel more catastrophic because it would mean, to him, losing all the hard-won progress he’s made and going back to a place he really, really doesn’t want to go. which would kick up a whole nother layer of panic. 

it’s what I think of as the depression fallacy, where there’s this idea that improvement is always linear and always “onward and upward” and any slight setback is a sign that there’s been no progress at all, or a sign that any progress has been lost. 


I have no freaking idea when I will have enough energy again to finish Gwyn, at least his reference, so I’m posting this separately.

So, high school/college/uni/whatever AU with a pinch of magical powers. Because, apparently, I was bored and because I love classic AUs.

Very simple setting, Augus (who not-exactly-legally lives with his little brother Ash but without a guardian at the age of 17) and Gwyn (the same age) go to the same establishment, interacting only briefly because Gwyn always hides with his sketchbook (oh yes, I’m letting the boy draw something other than maps) and headphones, and Augus spends free time either preparing for the next class or talking to Ash on the phone.

Some people have magical powers (nothing really powerful, some simple stuff), or Talents, and must be registered and wear a badge (like Augus’ on the pic). Augus is a flora whisperer, he helps plants grow and is very sensitive to the toxic stuff, because of that he lives beside the border of the town to be able to breath clean air. And Gwyn can control electricity. Remember how I said Talents aren’t powerful? Well, I lied a little, ‘cause Gwyn is a really special snowflake yet again, being able to control even lightning, more so - he can control it over a ridiculously long distance. Basically, he is dangerous af, and - what you know - not registered. You can imagine Augus’ awe when he will see Gwyn literally taming a lightning. Oh, and Ash is a cute 7-year-old potato who can change his hair and eye colour.

And I, like, didn’t want to invent something.,. grim? Gwyn’s family is a bunch of wealthy dicks, but no stuff like beating him or anything. The worst that Efnisien has ever done is to burn one of Gwyn’s sketchbooks (which, okay, hurt a little a lot), the worst that Crielle has done is sabotaging his painting lessons by refusing to pay for them (Gwyn picked up a bunch of jobs where he could discreetly use his talent). Lludd… well, he is galloping over cities doing some business. Gwyn himself is very quiet, independent and doesn’t go out much. At first year of college fellow students tried to befriend them, but soon it became a standing knowledge that Gwyn is better left alone.

Gwyn meets Augus in the park where Gwyn spends the majority of his free time, sketching random people. That time he was drawing a cute kid whose hair flared up yellow and red when he was laughing. Augus thought him a creep for staring at his little brother, but Gwyn apologised and showed him his sketchbook and they worked everything out, especially when Augus remembered him from the college. Basically, after that Augus sits with him on the breaks between classes, sometimes they talk, sometimes not. If they talk, it’s about Ash’s shenanigans, Gwyn’s art and that time he travelled over the world, Augus’ summer work in the antique shop.

tl;dr, this is an inelaborate college AU with powers that is so very self-indulgent and sweet.

@not-poignant , hope it’s not too ‘wtf did you come up with’ to read :’D


augus each uisge series - #1

ok so this is probably the starting point of quite a lot more augus scribbles that i’ll continue uploading as I clean out my sketchbook - so imma call it a ‘series’ and hope it’ll help me keep motivated. 
i think we all know that augus belongs to @not-poignant and i can’t stop thinking about how much i love him - that being said i only read FTDWR & ISWF and not the other parts of the SALverse (nor the Fae Tales - yes shame on me i know) and my augus is always based on that– 

please click pictures for better quality T°T 


augus each uisge series - #2

i just love drawing men with delicate features.. heavily influenced by kaori yuki’s style *cough*rociel*cough*

augus belongs to not-poignant
please click picture for better quality T°T - cant emphasize this enough.. 

not-poignant replied to your post “Do you have a Loki redemption fic rec list??”

I love you for taking the time to write this out and find all the links. These kinds of posts take a long time to make (I’ve made a few myself) and I just really appreciate in amongst everything else going on, that you did this because I now have like, so much to read. And I just realised today it’s past time I reread RTC again. You’re the best.

I’m glad I can give you new reading material! there is just…so much good fic out there, and I really do love that I have a platform where I can rec people things and share it with people who may have missed it. 

it’s just very important to me that the good fic I read gets read by others. 

(eeeee I mean feel free to tell me all your reread feelings, I would not dislike that :D :D :D)

I am made of impossible things. Swamps that grow in darkness without the sun to kiss the leaves awake and unfurling. I was born in a lake that had no love for me and demanded my survival. I was given a brother I was never supposed to have. I was an Unseelie King who fell for a Seelie King who wasn’t Seelie.
—  Augus Each Uisge’s Thoughts, Game Theory by Not_Poignant