please watch this video and the rest of them in this series because this man is honestly so passionate about what he knows and its so inspiring and precious i literally cried about it

this is literally everything i aspire to be with regards to dinosaurian knowledge and education

Today was brutal. I finished the WOD at 13:03 and am very pleased with that. I scaled the ring dips and HSPUs but still feel very good about the workout. :)

Dominic also did a good job today. I really liked having him there and am looking forward to more couple workouts in the future. He said he thinks he’s going to join. :) That makes me happy.

Well, I’m exhausted and have lots to do including baking some paleo cookies for my man. Ha! Good night, everyone!

xion1212 asked:

I eat almost exclusively "bro food " that's Lean protein and veggies (think body builders ,chicken rice ,broccoli ) missing out? Hell no . I'd take this over greasy non nutritive garbage any day .

Yeah it’s not the healthy food’s fault that people ate so much shit they don’t enjoy it anymore. People with a proper diet (especially ones that grew up on a good diet, which is why it’s SO important that these people learn proper nutrition because their issues will affect their kids if they don’t) crave and enjoy snacks like red peppers or apples just as much as chips and candy. If I eat poorly for too long I crave fruits and veggies. 

Sweet potato hash. Slice 2 pieces of bacon thinly and cook over a low flame until almost crisp, add ½ cup diced cooked sweet potato, 1 cup of chopped kale and cook until the sweet potato is browned and the kale wilted- about 4 minutes. Scramble 3 eggs in a separate pan until done to your liking. Top with ½ avocado and season with a pinch of salt. Total calories= 549. Adjust the amounts to fit your needs. #breakfast #recipe #fitness #paleo #primal @cfnyctheblackbox #crossfit