Hi, i’m Olivier Smythe. I don’t really want to be here but the staff at the hospital said I need to make some friends and they won’t let me have a phone and if Charlie’s on here then I guess it can’t be that bad. I live with Charlie. The one with the nice hair. Sometimes I think about putting bugs in it because my hair is all dead and weird. One time I put crushed up moth on Sebastian’s food to see if he’d notice. Apparently you should ignore most of what I say because I don’t have a filter so I say just about anything and that “get’s me into trouble” but I think i’m interesting so fuck them.

non-art students in my art classes keep feeling me out to see if they can make fun of abstract art in front of me in the same way straight guys try to test the waters and see if they can make homophobic jokes around you

I used to have a crush on of my best friends when I was 16 and turns out she used to have a crush on me???????? This is so unexpected?????????? And great????????????? But also like why did we not know this when we were 16?????????? Why?????????????,

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 “TOP 10 OTPs!!!!”

1. Makoharu *can i ship myself with makoto.*

2. IWAOI  (sometimes Oikawa reminds me of that shithead *he kind of look like him too* in my class and I kid you not, he teases *or flirts with* his guy friend who is pretty similar to Iwaizumi.) 

3. Kagehina (I ADORE this pairing so much.)

4. Kuroken *can i ship myself with kuroo too cause DAMN he’s hot*  (kuroo protects Kenma and he notices the little things that kenma does. *dies from cuteness*) 

5. BOKUAKA (Absolutely adore this pairing as well. *bokuto, where can i find a guy like akaashi?*

6. BOKUROO (my favorite Brotps. Love it.) 

7. Kurootsuki (I CANNOT express how much I LOVE this pairing. I desperately want to see more fan art for this pairing. Please?) 

8. DAISUGA  (the dad and mom of karasuno. They are just too cute.)

9. Tsukkiyama (I can’t stop myself from shipping them after seeing that episode when they were kids. It seems like they are literally made for each other.) 

10. Asanoya (Lovely pairing. :D) 

I pretty much ship everyone. Either platonically or romantically. Either way, I just find these OTPs adorable. Some OTPs even reminds me of my past relationship/friendship which is cool.

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when will people understand that yes, oliver lying is wrong, but he’s ONLY lying because he HAS to in order to have a relationship with his son per samantha’s demands. this is his kid, and you’re hating him because he’s choosing to be a father to the kid that was taken from him??????? i dont ??? understand ???!!!! ?? your shipper insane logic? ?????? ??? !!! ??