Recently we’ve gotten complaints about more than one instance of anon hate being sent to members. Not only is this shocking, it is incredibly disappointing. Such a level of immaturity is an insult to not only the players receiving these awful messages, but to the integrity of the group as a whole. Roleplay is meant to be a fun escape and the last thing we want is for people to feel attacked when they sign on to particpate.

If you have problems with another member and feel like you are not getting anywhere trying to resolve it on your own, please do not hesitate to contact the main (or one of the admins) so we can help you sort it out. We are more than willing to mediate and assist the best we can. Sending hate is not the solution to a problem.

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Chelsea fans

Wether you like the fact that we signed Falcao is irrelevant. We have to support him now. We have to make sure he feels welcome here in London. It’s a player that always gives his all. He didn’t work out at United. But still gave his all from minute 1 until the last minute. Players who do their best don’t deserve hate. Only if a player rebels against the team/teamspirit we have a right to hate him while he’s still playing for us.

playlist tag

yesterday, i was tagged by the lovely tommoue to do this but have only gotten around to it now cos ive been burning alive on the beach all day

  • Hit shuffle on your music player.
  • Write down the first ten songs.
  • Then tag ten more people.

here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these turned out p nice

  1. slow - lido x halsey
  2. wish he was you - best coast
  3. bloodbuzz ohio - the national
  4. longview - green day
  5. used to be - beach house
  6. my gun - tove lo
  7. best i ever had - drake
  8. a little less sixteen candles… - fall out boy
  9. get home - bastille
  10. the mother we share - chvrches
i tag somethingobviouslycool / veganhurley / anotherwordforinevitable / zoyaahmed / larentsofficial / spinningreflection / raptortrash / claveldelaire / cyclopentanes / and yorkshireputin

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So wait there are 3 big brothers? U.S., UK, and Canada? I didn't know that. Which one do you like best? Sorry if this is really obvious and I missed it, I only recently got into BB, and just a few days ago started looking at the tag. Love your blog btw

Aw thank you, for me Big Brother Canada is my number 1 because they really make and effort to have an ethnically diverse cast. And because they cast diversely we are introduced to iconic poc game players such as Gary, Neda, Sindy and Brittnee. BB US needs to take notes because this mayo cast on bb17 is garbage mama

So I think I've figured out why I'm so upset about losing Saad

I’ve been a hawks fan for years and have watched time and again good players getting lost in trades, like Byfuglien and Bollig, but only in the past two years have I really gotten hooked on the sport. Saad is my first major trade that has affected me. It’s like a first heartbreak. I’ve never expected a sport to do this to me but it has and it tough for me and everyone else who has finally given in to this sport we love, but I guess it’s time to acknowledge that Saad and all the other trades were for the best and that the memory of these players in our jersey for however short a time is better than never having them at all

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Neymar is always better for Barca because Barca is a team. He doesn't have to worry because he can depend on his team to do their jobs so he can do his. With Brazil the only person he can depend on is dani and dani doesn't even have an official spot on the team. He can't be the player he can be when he's on his own out there. It's frustrating because he really could be the best Brazilian player of all time but he's unable to give the national team his best.

hes unable to give the national team his best? are we watching the same games if anything neymar plays better when hes with brazil. he would juts have more success if the team did the same thing. he gives it his all and so does dani. theres just no team chemistry between the players. the only ones with any kind of chemistry are dani and neymar due to barca. the only good chances we’ve gotten attack wise have been between the two of them 


Hi lovelys! So, we’re doing something a bit different for the application of Frank Longbottom, since at least three people have expressed interested in him, two of which are our own players, we’ve decided to lift the two week wait rule on secondary character for Frank only. We are not lifting the rule about secondary characters having to be generally separate from your main character, (so sorry Order members, Frank is not for you)

In order to keep things fair, we are accepting all Frank apps until SUNDAY 11PM EST. Take your time to give us your best Frank. At 11pm on Sunday, the Battle of The Bottoms will occur.

We want all players to know that Admin Smalls will be taking a back seat on this one since she is way to close to Frank and will hopefully be getting closer am I right ladies? So Big E will have final decision, with input from our lovely Alice.

Please, do not take the acceptance/denial personally, especially if you are a player. We accepted you because we love you and your writing, there should be no hard feelings. If, for whatever reason, you think any of this is unfair, please message the main. Again, our goal with this RP is fun first and drama never. We want getting a Frank to be the fun exciting thing it should be, and not turn into a drama snowball.


~Big E

The Golden State Warriors are the 2015 NBA Champions. Here are five of my thoughts from this finals season. 

  1. This was a great series. Filled with drama, tension, and two overtime games – I could not have asked for a more exciting series. Of course, it would have been nice if the Lakers were the champions – but we didn’t deserve to win it this year
  2. Basketball is a team game. Sure, Lebron totally dominated some games. But you can only do so much as a single player. Let’s just assume that Lebron is the best player in the world – the Warriors are still the better team. 
  3. Does the NBA sensor religion? I’ve been hearing about Curry and his faith, but the NBA and most press won’t write about it. And that’s understanding, since they’re about the game. But I wonder if it’s censored. 
  4. Is the NBA still a big man game
  5. The 3-pointer is money

Congrats to the Warriors, here’s hoping the Lakers can do some damage next year!

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Hey! sorry for bother you, but I saw that you reblogged a the rise of the tomb rider gameplay and it says it's gonna be released for xbox one and xbox 360 in november, it is completely exclusive for xbox? or it is a timed exclusive, if it is timed do you think they release it for ps3 since they are releasing it for xbox 360. Thank you and sorry again.

No apologies! I’ll be the first to admit that video games do not always have the clearest advertisements. The best example I have that video games don’t always advertise well is that my dad who only plays single-player games bought Titanfall because it was not clear in any ads that it was only multiplayer.

That being said, Rise of the Tomb Raider is being released on November 10 this year for Xbox consoles. Fortunately for those of us that have a Playstation we will not be left out in the cold. While we don’t know when it will be released on Playstation, and if it’s like Bioware’s agreement with Microsoft, Crystal Dynamics won’t be able to tell us immediately. If I had to predict, based off the Jaws of Hakkon DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition, we can hope to see Tomb Raider on PS3 and PS4 after a three month period or, which would put its release in February or March. I do think we’re going to see it on PS3 because it is being put on the Xbox 360. A lot of people have not bought the newest consoles because it is still expensive and there hasn’t been a major shift away from the previous consoles to warrant buying a $400 console. It would be a bad business decision to only put it on one previous gen console instead of both.


To have a break between the mini-camps and training camp as a summer intern for the 49ers is relieving, yet it is also motivating. I am struggling to be in repose, and restless for more work. Given the situation I am in, I am doing my best to keep my knowledge fresh in my head before training camp starts.

Working with Manny, Jeff, and Laura as well as the seasonal interns, Mike, Iain, Raymond and Bart have been eye opening for me. The diligence that they put into their work has made me even more motivated and excited for training camp. Granted, I only have been in their facility sporadically, but there is always something to learn each day. The players are also very welcoming and the more I am around the players, the more I realize that we are all normal human beings. I do not need to act a certain way to get to know the peers around me, but all I have to do is be myself and continue to work efficiently. However, there are so many instances where I wish I could implement a manual therapy technique that I learned at CBU, but to watch them run the operation helps me understand the patient population that I am exposed to, elite athletes who are running on a busy schedule from 6 in the morning till 6 at night. Having the opportunity already to work the mini-camps and the organized team activities is already a blessing for me, even with all of the dirty work I’ve been assigned to do. I know that I mentioned how I feel like I am in Daniel-san’s shoes in my last post, and it truly feels like that. Well, not that cleaning the coolers will directly translate into evaluating injuries as he painted the fences and fended off kicks and punches, but working efficiently everyday will help me along the way. All I can do on my end is to take direction carefully and stay humble.

I had a chance to catch up with a few of my classmates, but catching up with Lauren was pleasant, as we were wondering what the near future for us upcoming second years would be like. We were also excited for our lead sports, as I will be working with the wrestling team at CBU and she will be working with the Men’s Basketball team at UCR. As we are excited, we are also nervous, for the enormous responsibilities we have as we have one solid year of graduate level knowledge of athletic training under our belts. 

Most of us seem to be doing well, hearing back from Brittany, Ashley and Tyler who are working with the L.A. Kiss and Arizona Rattlers Arena Football League teams and Nathan and Zach who are in Florida with the ESPN Wide World of Sports. Tiffany is also having a blast up in Washington with the Seattle Sounders, as I see a lot of her pictures on Facebook all with smiles. I hope to get in contact with all of my classmates before training camp starts, but I am more excited for all the stories everyone gets to hear about their summers in states such as Arizona, Florida, even Courtney in Pennsylvania.

The more I view my current respite as limbo, the worse the feeling gets. I cannot make it seem like I am not doing anything productive with my time. I am scrambling for more books to read, and when I read, I feel the need to apply the knowledge sooner than later in order to have it stick. But then again, to have a respite, is rejuvenating. It is breathing a breath of fresh air, and enjoying the scenery outside. It is uplifting, recharging batteries, and getting ready for another year.

In my spare time, other than reading, I picked up bouldering. For some reason, it was worth paying a month’s membership at the local Planet Granite in Sunnyvale. Less than a month ago, I was struggling on the simplest V1 routes, figuring out the technical aspects. As I was watching more people climb different routes, I tried to mimic them to the best of my ability, only to find that I would always fall halfway towards the top. It made sense for me to fall, as I am different from all the other climbers are there. Physically, I may have less grip strength or finicky foot hold techniques, but everyone has their own path to get to the top. To mold my observations with my capabilities has been riveting in a sense that I can be creative in my solutions.

Nevertheless, it is nice to be on break, to take a step back, enjoy the view, and run forward who knows how many miles.

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So hypothetically, if we didn't get accepted as say, Bertram Aubrey, could we send in an application for Lily Evans? Since acceptances aren't technically until the next day? Or would we have to choose someone with no apps?

I’d definitely rather you picked someone without any applicants, or simply filled out an OC application using the same musing you had for the role you applied for? Not only have we probably already decided on a player for Lily, by then, but the accepted application graphic is probably already made, and ready to be posted – so, while I can’t stop you, and we’ll all do our absolute best to consider the application with the same mindset as the rest, I’d greatly prefer if that wasn’t the circumstance.

2. Dungeons and Dragons

Yes, I am indeed taking this from a Penny Arcade comic, but it remains a great idea and would have been the perfect way to use the asynchronous gameplay of the gamepad in a way that appeals to adults. One dungeon master play on the second screen, making life hell for three other players who do battle in his dungeon on the TV.

Nintendo only has a handful of truly great asynchronous gameplay concepts across the entire Wii U games line-up, and this kind of idea would have been one of the best uses of the system. Instead, we’ve never seen anything remotely like it.

Farmer Dan, Jason Anderson to take over Eastern Illinois baseball team

Former Danville High, University of Illinois standout, and Danville Dan Jason Anderson was named as the 13th head coach in Eastern Illinois University on Wednesday.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to lead the Eastern Illinois baseball program,” Anderson told the Commercial-News. “This university has had a long history of great coaches that have produced tremendous players and winning teams. I will do my very best to continue to keep that tradition alive and get the program back to the prominence that it has experienced in the past. My family and I are also excited to continue our involvement in this community that we have been fortunate enough to call home for the past few years. The foundation that has been put in place with our current and incoming players is very strong. We will not only strive for excellence on the field but also in the classroom and in the community.”

Anderson played with the Danville Dans 1998 and 1999. He was named Big-Ten Pitcher of the Year in 2000 with Illinois and played with the New York Met,s New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians, San Diego Padres and Philadelphia Phillies organizations from 2000-2010. He made his major league debut with the Yankees in 2003 and played in the majors with the Mets, Indians in 2004 and Yankees in 2005.

He started his collegiate Coaching career in 2010 as an assistant coach at Danville Area Community College and was an assistant coach at Illinois before joining the Panthers staff for the 2013 season.

Droppy Blocks

Hi everyone

We just finished our fourth game, Droppy Blocks, on Android and iOS.

It’s an arcade and addictive game like Crossy Road, Run Bird Run or The Quest Keeper with only one button.

Droppy Blocks is a simple arcade game in which the player must avoid blocks falling from the sky.

The game is in 3D and the goal of the game is to go as high as possible without getting crushed.

We hope you will want to give it a try !

In Rush Deeper, you play a little square trying to survive and to go as deeper as possible.

Dodge a maximum of obstacles and do your best !

Have fun !

tiens gaming policy. so I have a very strict rule that if theres someone in the game that is sexist or homophobic I immediately mute and report them.i just finished a match of cs go casual where my team was losing 4:7. my team was super quiet all game and the other team was openly homophobic and they were incredibly rude all game. especially toward their best player who happens to be gay and also better then me who was doing the best on my team. I play this game casually and very rarely pull all the stops and try my best, but after hearing all the things that they were saying to their teammate and to gay people in general I decided to invite their gay player to my team and I told him that we were going to destroy them. my and this one other guy went the rest of the game with only dying once and getting all but one of the kills. the final round in the game I killed 7 people. I have zero tolerance for people who don’t deserve it, even if its the entire enemy team. I just want to add that I feel great for actually going at it the best I can for this player. normally I find try harding to be unhealthy and stressful but this is one of those times where it is incredibly fulfilling. also, if for some reason the person that is reading this was on the other team, no, I wasn’t hacking. you guys had shit aim, no recoil control, zero understanding of how to listen to footsteps, and completely deserved to lose that badly.

An especially nerdy post coming up.

So I’ve written about that game Evolve at least twice now - both in the context of the job I’d like. This time, it’s about the game itself - and the fact that I might soon be playing it professionally.

A competitive league is coming to the console I on. And while I’d thought about it before, I hadn’t really realized how much I do actually want to play this game professionally. (By the way - that would just be on the side, not like, real job professionally.)

I donno. It’s a short post. I don’t have much to say on it, I’m just excited. The problem is we need five people for a team - and I only have one other player I really consider good enough to hold his own in competitive play. Hopefully I can carry, but having a good team makes my job easier - and I’m taking nothing other than literally the best I can get. So… wish me luck, I guess?

Northern Chess Tournament

Two weeks ago Mrs Paul decided to restart the Junior Campus Chess Club so that we could enter tournaments. On Monday we played at Scotch Oakburn Junior School in the Northern Chess Tournament. There were 47 students competing in the junior section representing Launceston Grammar, Scotch Oakburn College and Mind Moves Chess Club (this is a club with some of the best chess players from many northern schools).

Altogether we played seven games which was exciting but very tiring. Since we only formed our team recently we weren’t expecting to do so well but we came out on top in a ‘count back’.
We now have 4 students able to compete in the State Final in September. 
Alex Beaumont received third place with 5.5 points out of 7.

“The team was great, even the people playing their first game.  Everybody was able to win at least one game. I’m proud to be the leader of such a wonderful team. “

Alex Beaumont, Chess Leader
Mrs Greta Paul, Chess Coordinator

More photos can be found here: 

When the camera guy says to be a ninja and you have no idea what to do..

Proud of my team for this season. We almost never had a full squad (11 players) yet we played our best short handed. Extremely proud that we played the “number one team in the league” and only lost 2-0 in the pouring rain with 9 players. Love you girls.