38 weeks update

👉🏻 two weeks ago vs this morning! My bump disappeared over night!!

👉🏻 Iv had a growth scan today and jasper has stopped growing since my scan 2weeks ago

👉🏻 Iv had 3 bouts of reduced movements so because of this and the static growth I’m being induced. Consultant wanted me inducing tomorrow but there’s no slots available untill Saturday. He’s agree ld to this as long as I have CTG done every day until then!

👉🏻 there’s a chance he can come naturally beforehand which obviously I’d prefer but in the same breath I can see the end and can plan for it which is handy having a toddler to think about!

👉🏻 Iv been losing a lot of show and watery discharge and having a lot of back ache and he’s constantly on my cervix so who knows what will happen before then!

👉🏻 Iv not been gaining any more weight since finishing with the dietician other than initial bloat from treat food but it soon comes off after a day of drinking extra water!


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