me: wtf i felt fine yesterday except for fatigue! i didn’t have any bad reactions to the contrast! but now my fatigue’s worse, i had night sweats, and now i have nausea, chills, and a low-grade fever, wtf is going on?

online medical journal: “Adverse reactions that occur 30 minutes or more after the administration of contrast material are considered delayed reactions… The symptoms of delayed reactions resemble a flu-like syndrome and include fever, chills, nausea… fatigue…” (source)



I scanned a few things from the 21th volume of Akatsuki no Yona (Kinda half-assed, but yes).

The volume came with a extra chapter too, which you probably saw it adapted on the first OVA. I haven’t see it scanned here and I’m not saying that I’m going to scan it too, but if someone wants to read it, I think I can take some pictures and post here later. So if you want it, just tell me, alright? And please, if anyone has posted it before tell me too because I don’t want to loose my time on it lolololol.

Moreover, I’m waiting for my Hana to Yume which comes with the Drama CD to arrive. I know that no one has upload it full yet so I will probably upload it later. Please anticipate that? Hahaha.

As always, be free to use my scans anywhere. Just don’t forget to credit me.

EDIT: Here the link for the extra scanned and translated! Thank you @sorasan00 for telling me.

Pregnant (Part II)

*Must read part one HERE first!*

My heart is racing a mile a minute, while my mind is everywhere. What will Draco think? What will he say? What will he do? I think to myself nervously. I try to piece together my thoughts, as I look down once again at the positive pregnancy test in my hand, as if it could magically change. Pregnant. I’m pregnant. I say over and over in my head like a mantra, trying to understand this whole situation. As my hands tightly grip the sides of the sink, I stare at my reflection in the mirror. I look at my face, eyes red and tired like I haven’t slept in weeks, my hair is messy and my uniform tie is crooked. My eyes then scan over my stomach. I gently place a shaky hand over top my robe, as I finally grasp the fact that I’m.. pregnant. I glance over at the time, and realise I was supposed to meet Draco in the astronomy tower ten minutes ago. I quickly attempt to fix my appearance and make my way out through the Gryffindor common room. As I reach the steps leading up to the tower, I hesitate. Not knowing if I can face Draco yet, but he’s the father and he must know, I reluctantly remind myself. Just then, a pair of familiar strong arms snake themselves around my waist, pulling my back close to their chest. “I’m so sorry I’m late babe, but I was getting you these.” He spun me around to face him, and held out a bouquet of two dozen red roses. “You seemed a little down, so I went to some muggle shop to buy these for you.” He beams, grinning from ear to ear. I look at him in disbelief. Draco Malfoy, the hater of all things muggles, went to a muggle shop to get his girlfriend her favourite flowers. “Wow, thank you, they’re beautiful Draco!” I beam, taking the flowers from his grasp, and bringing them up to my nose, engulfing their mildly sweet scent. “Anything for my beautiful girlfriend.” He smiles. I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him down to my level, and kissing him passionately. Being with Draco has always made me forget all of my troubles and worries, and this was no exception. In that beautiful moment I completely forgot the news I had just discovered. I slowly pull back, and look sadly down at the beautiful flowers, gently playing with their petals, not wanting to make eye contact with Draco. “What’s wrong Y/N?” he asks worriedly. “You know you can tell me anything right?” he says to my hesitation. “Y/N, please, you’re scaring me.” he sadly pleads. I finally look up, and make eye contact with a sad and worried Draco. As I look into Draco’s beautiful grey-blue eyes, I feel a wave of sadness wash over me. What if he leaves me? What if he wants nothing to do with the baby and I? I think anxiously. Without realising it, tears being to stream down my cheeks and I feel a soft hand, gently push them aside. “Baby please tell me whats wrong.” Draco urges. This is it, I think, Draco deserves to know. “I’m pregnant” I mutter, just above a whisper. As I look over at a stunned and speechless Draco, I fear what he might be thinking. His silence terrifies me, and I feel fresh, hot tears falling rapidly down my face. “Shhh Y/N, it’s okay love.” He coos, rubbing my back gently. I pull my face from my hands and look up at a less stunned Draco, whose now a much happier version of his previous self. “You’re-your’re not mad?” I ask slowly. “Mad? Y/N, why on earth would I be mad? I’m going to be a dad..I’m going to be a dad.” His tone changes to a soft and excited one as he mutters those last few words. My face instantly lights up at his excitement. “Y/N we’re going to be parents!” he beams, whilst placing his large hand, ever so gently on my currently flat stomach. “Hi baby” he whispers quietly to my belly. “This is your daddy and I want you to know your parents love you very much.” he says softly, now rubbing light circles over the area. I feel a tear fall from my eye at Draco’s words. “Whats wrong love?” Draco asks, pulling my chest into his torso and gently playing with the ends of my hair. “Nothing, I was just scared for your reaction, but I know you’re going to be a great father” I smile up at him, causing a grin to overtake his features. “I know it’s not going to be easy, but we’ll get through this okay?” he more so states, pulling me out from his grasp and looking seriously into my eyes. I nod, “I love you Y/N and this little one, he says crouching to the floor, placing a gentle hand over my stomach, and I know I can expect a lot more of that to come. “I love you too Draco” I respond, bending down and kissing his forehead. 

@gradblrchallenge - day 30 of 31

Oh wow - is August really about to end? Today, I had to run some errands in a different neighborhood, so I took my iPad and some scans of Richard Jackson’s Ordines Coronationis Franciae to finish cataloguing some info on manuscripts I may wanna look into later on.

I also got an e-mail from my department reminding third-year students about a grand application workshop and how we’re supposed to send a 3-page topic presentation by Friday - all of which, of course, I had absolutely forgotten. I guess I already know what I’ll be doing tomorrow!

just finished Almost Human... :(

I cannot believe a show with the phrase “you scanned my balls” got canceled. Oh Almost Human. You were so fun.


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Also yes, my love of Karl Urban is still going strong WHAT MADE YOU THINK OTHERWISE.

i suffered through Priest (2011) for this man. 

What’s next..


I actually have some scans on my computer from one of my last days in Japan when I scanned the covers haha. I’ll just have to bring my laptop to campus and upload them there. (Who woulda ever thought there’d be a day I wanted to use campus wifi lol) So that’s a start.

But sure! I make no promises or guarantees, especially for things that aren’t even in the book (something I was actually personally dissatisfied with for this second one). Though if you have some you’d like, just let me know. I’ll try and scan, now that I have my scanner. Though if those specific pages won’t fit properly, I’ll have to take pictures.

anonymous asked:

Personally I find you intimidating on the basis that you seem to possess an unending knowledge of the EU. I have a pet theory you're not just "some guy", you're actually a droid (probably one made by a Skywalker, too--because you know, the Skywalkers are responsible for creating everything). So the ultimate question is f/m/k: R2D2, C-3PO, BB-8 . . . or . . . HK-47, Mister Bones, K-2SO? YOU DECIDE, just remember: we don't serve your kind around here.

Unending is strong, I just have an eclectic memory for weird sci-fi shit I’ve read over the years, and of course access to the Wook to double check what I’m saying. Just assume anytime I talk about the Star Wars EU (old or current) I’ve at least double checked what I’m saying either on the Wook (seriously, its free, use this!) or just diving into my collection of scans from old RPG books and comics I’ve…..acquired over the years.
Stepping over how insulted I am you would assume I was built by a Skywalker (but seriously, how dare), I suppose I’d go with:
Fuck: HK-47 (because regardless what I do I will have to explain to @ohtze what I’ve done with her robo-husbando) and R2 (because I don’t want to put him anywhere else)
Kill: Mister Bones (because fuck Aftermath and the psychological scarring it has left on @and-then-bam-cassiopeia and myself) and C3-PO (I don’t want to hurt the little guy, but I don’t want to marry him even less. So here we are)
Marry: K2 (he seems nice, in a straightforward sort of way) and BB-8 (because he’s adorable and useful around the house)
petition: Petition to make Taylor Swift give her 2009 “Best Female Video” award to Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter
In 2009 Taylor Swift cheated Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter out of her award for the 2009...

Petition to make Taylor Swift give her 2009 “Best Female Video” award to Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter​