Mama, wenn ich älter werde, such mir k e i n e n Mann

        alles was mich glüklich macht kann ich a l l e i n

Pia Douwes & Maya Hakvoort in the Original Vienna Production of Elisabeth


A little extra included in Furuba Another vol.1 (download)

Hello, dear Furuba fans, I’ve brought some feels to you! I know, I know, I promised to post this a thousand years ago, but I’ve finnaly found some time to scan the extra and you can see it now~~ It would be very nice if someone could translate it.

You can download it here. Please support the author by buying this volume or something else of her works if you can. And I’d like to ask you: in case you use my scans for scanlations, please give a link on my blog or note the scanner somewhere in credits.

namixchwan  asked:

I have beef with you Sims. fiRST OF ALL, how dare thee cheer me up with that video?? How dare. Second, you need to stop it with the Overwatchships. I don't know a thing about Overwatch. NOTHING. But now I'm over here crying over McHanzo, Reaper76, Pharmercy and NeonDragon. LET'S NOT EVEN TALK ABOUT YURI ON ICE. I'm not a big fan of using the tumblr mobile app but I needed to get my otp fix everyday (yes, it's a problem), so I just basically scan through my dash everyday. Then you posted-

-something about an Ice skating anime. I thought, ‘huh, might be similar to Free!! I'l watch it after I get my laptop back.’ Then you kept posting and I kept seeing it on my other tumblr and I fell into Victuuri hell. Why? Why do you do this to me?? I did not need this. I don’t know how many ships you’ve made me fall in love with. I was content with my Sterek and Destiel. Did you think that was enough? NO. Now I’m here crying over a cinnamon roll that has become a sinnamon roll and his husband. SO, thank you for making me fall in love with all the ships I didn’t know I needed in my life.

Just letting you know that you’re precious and thank you for making my night oh my god. ;______;

Also you’re welcome! <3333