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I dont mean to be rude but you're making it sound as if not being a vegan or veggie makes you an awful person. ik all of the cruelty that goes on is not fair to animals and it's horrible, but your body needs protein and meat is the main source of that. Humans are omnivores.We're supposed to eat meat. Being veggie and vegan is great, not saying it isn't, but not being either isn't bad. So many veggies/vegans think they're so much better than everyone else and it makes people who eat meat feel bad

no i dont think so? i dont think so at all thats funny bc im completely against the bullying some people do when they find out others arent veggies (cough freelee) (cough) by reasoning that this is the only way to live and its damn criminal to do something they dont agree with but ive never been one to judge or comment or anything just giving some advice for people wanting to go veggie 


Jealousy is a sad thing. And pathetic, jealous people will try their hardest to hinder you. I won’t let anyone prevent me from doing what I want. So, I’ve decided to stop responding to hate and negativity. Don’t like my blog? Have something negative to say? I don’t care. So, just keep it to yourself and move on. And thank you to all of those followers that are kind to me and like my blog 💖and thank you everyone for 30k followers! ✌🏼
Much love, SYN