Pop Punk Problem #45

When blink-182 suddenly becomes wink-91

My mom’s so wild. When I’m at an even temperament she’s like “oh you’re not mentally ill, you have great control of your emotions”. And when I refer to myself as mentally ill she rolls her eyes, but when I’m severely depressed she’s like “you need to go see a doctor and get medicated, you need help”. She also still refuses to believe I’m bipolar even though I’ve been diagnosed for over half a year by 3 different doctors (and been showing the signs for years). But when I’m manic she’s always threatening to have me committed or saying “you’re scaring me, why are you acting like this?” Gee, I have no ideaaa 😒She’s also the sort to believe PTSD is a myth or that people who suffer from it should just “get over it”, so talking to her about my experiences is a no-go.

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ABSOLUTELY DO NOT FOLLOW SIXPENCEEE, i cant put links here cause theres not enough space but the person that runs the blog is incredibly problematic, stealing content from others and making their followers send death threats and harass people that call them out!

oopsie well that sounds like a mess lmao… no thx like i said i’ll stick to finding stories on my own