2D and Toon  Cross over(?)

Draw with the 2B pencil and mess up with Gimp 2.8, and here is the result… =.=|||


2D!Bendy: Henry, I’m so confuse, we woke up at strange place, I am out of page, you’re look like a toon, then next second we both got chased by a crazy version of me, and now we are running away for our life, with a man who also name… Henry?

2D!Henry: I’m confused as you are, Bendy. I’m truly no idea what should I need to do now.

Toon!Henry: Less talking more running, once that devil got us and we are done.

(psss,psss, Bendy my dear, just use your secret power already!!!)

To Be Continue…? (meh, may be not.)  (Well, Surprise !!! Here  come the sequel !!!)


Here is @shinyzango‘s 2D Bendy AU and @squigglydigglydoo‘s Toon Henry AU crossover, hope you guys like ‘em. 

Coloured one of askchibieren’s drawings. All credit to the mun for her original drawing which was made for a repost. I really liked the picture, so thought I’d add some spots and stuff.

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Okay, I’ll be going now.

Oh, also - if this causes offence to anyone, message me and I’ll take it down straight away.

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[Photo of a three and a half leaf clover against a black background. White text reads.]

In the clover patch
We found the one
With three and a half
And I wondered
If it were just as lucky

That night
We said we’d just be friends
But we’d have to say it once again
Three and a half years later