I’m sorry, but I really don’t understand Eliza saying bellarke “isn’t going to be a thing, obviously.” Obviously?? They’ve been setting that shit up since season 1, and especially in season 3. 

like… w t f do you call this:

and don’t even get me STARTED on this scene:

I’m just so tired of being attacked for shipping bellarke. A literal canon ship. There is no way anyone can convince me there were no romantic undertones between them this season. The lingering looks, caressing, hand holding, the emotional embrace…the camera work reveals itself! Also, it’s abundantly clear Bellamy realized his feelings for Clarke this season.

Now, I’m personally a fan of both clexa and bellarke. I cried when Lexa died, (even though I was aware Alycia got offered another job, therefore I understood why the writers had to kill her off). Nonetheless, Lexa’s death was tragic and I felt for the clexa fandom. Until I began to witness the ship wars, and the terrible harassment bellarke shippers were getting and even cast members. 

I don’t care that Eliza doesn’t ship bellarke, but the way she dismisses the possibility of their romance astounds me. It’s so obviously happening. So I’m going to stay positive and hopeful for season 4. Bellarke is rising people. Don’t let the haters get you down <3

Red Velvet Reaction to you coming home after visiting family in a different country for a month

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When Irene picks you up at the airport, she was incredibly happy that you were finally home since you two had never been away from each other for this long. With a quick, loving hug Joohyun starts driving home, on the way she asks about how your flight was and how everyone in your family was doing. For her it feels a bit surreal, so Irene sneaks looks at you while your talking to remind her that you’re actually back home.

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Once Wendy is able to see you after you have arrived back in Korea, she’ll feel a little worried before and during your reunion because it’s been so long since she’s been able to hold you and actually see you in person. When her nerves subdue Wendy will become extremely cuddly and she will sweetly tell you, “Jagi let’s not be away from each other for that long ever again, okay.”

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As soon as you walk through the door into her dorm, Seulgi is immediately all over you showering you in kisses and short-lived hugs. Normally she’s shy with skinship but since she hasn’t seen you in so long it feels natural and refreshing to give you lots of affection after a month. She will relish in the fact that you are finally home, Seulgi will try to make up for the time spent apart by taking you on a small café date.

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Out of all the members, Joy will be the most excited since it was torture for her to be away from you for a month and in that month she was deprived of her best friend and girlfriend’s presence. So once you two are finally reunited again Sooyoung will be her usual self, talkative and flirty when she tells you, “Wah jagi you got prettier, what about me? Doesn’t my skin look nicer? Really I missed you so much!” She also feels relieved but you don’t need to know that secret.

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Yeri is absolutely over the moon happy when she comes to pick you up from the airport with the rest of her members in order give you a warm welcome after your long trip. When you two are alone Yeri will definitely give you a passionate kiss because she never thought she could miss you as much as she did when you were gone. She’ll be honest telling you the details of what she felt when you gone and the feelings she has now that you’re back in her arms.

The Ten Types of Supernatural Episode:  an Illustrated Guide.

1.  The Generic:

This is the kind of episode fandom veterans fondly refer to as “Old School Supernatural.”  Features a 70s rock soundtrack, a classic (yet in hindsight, relatively nonthreatening) ghost or monster, comically bad special effects, and body horror.  Probably from season one. 

Examples:  “Wendigo,” “Bloody Mary,” “Bugs.”    

2.  The Classic:

Not to be confused with the Generic, the Classic is the kind of episode that everybody remembers and everybody loves.  It’s infinitely quotable, carefully toes the line between hilarious and absurd, and is still frequently blogged about even if it came out 7+ years ago.  Almost definitely features Gabriel. 

Examples:  “Tall Tales,” “Mystery Spot,” “Changing Channels.”

3.  The Life Changer:

Once you see this episode, you will never be the same.  Whether it introduces a beloved character, kills them, or raises them from the dead, the Life Changer is the episode that either sends you into a downward spiral of unhealthy obsession, or merely accelerates it.

Examples:  “Lazarus Rising,” “Abandon All Hope,” “Lucifer Rising.”

4.  The Black Comedy:

Though much of Supernatural revolves around a unique cocktail of horror and humor, the Black Comedy is almost impossible to miss.  From famine-induced cannibalism, to a would-be antichrist, to a killer pagan Santa Clause, the humor of these episodes is darker than Batman’s worst nightmares and probably at least twice as depressing, yet manages to be oddly magical all the same.

Examples:  “Yellow Fever,” “My Bloody Valentine,” “A Very Supernatural Christmas.”

5.  The Crack Fic: 

These are the episodes whose only real purpose is to make you wonder if Supernatural is some kind of elaborate fever dream.  Neither advance the plot nor provide much further insight into its characters, but still entertaining in terms of pure absurdity. 

Examples:  “Man’s Best Friend with Benefits,” “It’s a Dog Dean Afternoon,” most of season seven.  

6.  The WELL-WRITTEN Crack Fic:

Despite having the same brand surreal absurdity of the Crack Fic, the WELL-WRITTEN Crack Fic not only serves to further character development, but will also tug at your heartstrings, make you laugh, and very likely make you cry. 

Examples:  “Monster Movie,” “Sam, Interrupted,” “Hunteri Heroici.”

7.  The Meta Fiction: 

Some shows break the fourth wall, but this one comes at it with a sledgehammer.  From directly addressing the fandom and its terminology to the show itself, the Meta Fiction episode is usually surprisingly enjoyable and well-done, if you can get past the sheer mindfuck of it.

Examples:  “Fanfiction,” “The French Mistake,” “Don’t Call me Shurley.” 

8.  The Tearjerker: 

This one specializes in one thing and one thing only, and that is emotionally destroying you.  May disguise itself as other kinds of episodes, like the Crack Fic and the Meta Fiction, before swiftly and efficiently moving in for the kill.

Examples:  “the Rapture,” “After School Special,” “the Man Who Would be King.”   

9.  The Tragedy Porn:

Do you enjoy watching your favorite characters suffer and die horribly for no particular reason?  No?  Well in that case, you picked the wrong show, my friend.  From the heart wrenching pain of Dean being forced to kick a newly-human Cas out of the bunker, to the soul-destroying injustices that were Kevin and Charlie, the Tragedy Porn is an episode that exists for no other reason than to make you want to crawl into a hole and die.

Examples:  “I’m No Angel,” “Dark Dynasty,” “Rock and a Hard Place.”

10.  The Grand Finale: 

The Tearjerker, made ten times worse with the addition of “Carry on my Wayward Son” and a cliffhanger ending.  Specializes in metaphorically ripping your heart out, making you sob like a pre-adolescent girl, and psyching you up for the next season, no matter how emotionally exhausted you may already be.

 Examples:  “No Rest For the Wicked,” “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” “Swan Song.”  

10 reasons Castiel is the best boyfriend in the universe:

1.  He knows what to do on a first date.

2.  And has great, self-confident pickup lines.

Non of this “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven” crap for this angel. 

3.  His smolder game is on point.

4.  Is willing to patiently work through his boyfriend’s “no-homo” bullshit.

Season after season after season. 

Even though he’s fooling absolutely no one.

(Seriously, get it together, Winchester.  You’re supposed to be the smooth one).

5.  Simultaneously refuses to put up with his macho facade. 

6.  Gave up his family, life, grace, and home for him, while asking for basically nothing in return.

7.  Knows how to make an apology.

8.  Would legitimately die for his bae.

(And has.  A lot). 

9.  Willingly.  Completely on his own accord.  Just to avoid being without him.

10.  He’s possibly the most adorable divine entity in the universe.

In short, Dean Winchester is one lucky bastard.

(At least, in this regard.  Seriously, he never should have broken those damn mirrors).