Klaus: It is a wonderful pleasure to see you again,love.

Y/N: Rebekah,Klaus,I could say that too but I have more important things to do..Want to join me?

[Request]BTS Reaction to finding a positive pregnancy test in your bag

J-hope: *Dances around happily* YESSS I’M SO HAPPY~~ JAGI!!

*Realizes that you haven’t told him yet* Wait…

Yoongi: *Doesn’t know what to do at first*

*Later sits you down* I think we need to talk Jagi.

Taehyung: ……

*Finally realizes* Omo I can’t believe this hehehe

Jungkook: “What is this?”

*Still cant figure it out decides to ask one of his hyungs, finally realizes.*

Oh no. 

Jimin: Omo

*Later runs up to you and gives you a hug* “I cant believe im going to be a father!”

Namjoon: What… *Gets happy*

*Realization kicks in* 

Jin: *Instantly goes up to you and hugs you* Jagi!! Why didn’t you tell me that I was going to be a father? The pressure on you must have been hard!

I was just looking at this gifset of Pietro, and he’s SO conflicting because in this gif, he makes me want to nurture him, like he’s my baby-son: 

And in this gif, I just want to swipe my hands all over his body: 

Do you see what I mean? He goes from son-material to bae-material (no pun intended) REALLY fast. And IT MAKES ME UNCOMFORTABLE. 

(PS; he looks SO sacred! (At Hydra) You can tell that he doesn’t want to be there.) 


Favourite outfits on Calum: Grey long sleeve


Lauren: *Denies Camren*

Me: * Thinks aggressively*

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