Grey’s Anatomy Appreciation Week - Day 3

Favorite Japril Moments

*Jackson getting his caveman on at Zola’s Birthday Party

*April and Jackson getting it ON in the men’s bathroom

*Jackson declaring his love of April in front of his coworkers and a whole bunch of strangers

*Scene at the end of the episode where viewers realized the drama at the beginning was all a fake out. Jackson and April weren’t done. They were just getting started.

*Jackson nibbling on April’s neck during an elevator ride


Liam: Hey,Little Gilbert!! I heard that you left your sister in Mystic Falls,and you ran away like a coward that you truly are. I bet she’s doing much better now,with a little sh*t out of her way

Jeremy: Whatever you say,Dunbar,just get out of my way,I need to get ready for an important date

Liam: Oh,I bet this is just another excuse for me to leave you alon-

Y/N: Jeremy,hi,I can’t wait for tonight,I heard that you already reserved the sits at the restaurant.Oh,hi,Liam.

Jeremy: Yes,I did,the best sits for the best girl…Now,what were you saying,Dunbar?

Liam: Umgh,uh…


Endless amount of ships: 5/? ♦ Stefan & Katherine [not my gifs]

 That sounds like the b e g i n n i n g of a love story, not the end of one.