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All this hate towards Sakura make me really sad 😔

Aww don’t be sad anon– some people just don’t want to realize how awesome Sakura really is …they’re blinded by their own stupidity. It doesn’t sadden me tbh…I just don’t understand it… I mean just




















“And they called me the…Winter Soldier,” he finished, rubbing his lips together and waiting for your reaction.

Your jaw was practically on the floor, your eyes as wide as saucers. You took a deep breath, “You’re an assassin…” he nodded, “from the 1940s…” he nodded again, “who worked for Hydra…” and another nod, “But not anymore,” you finished. He took a deep breath and looked away from you.

“(y/n),” he said, his hand reaching for you. You jerked away, “Just…give me moment, James,” I whispered. “(y/n),” he sighed, disappointment filling his voice. You got up, pacing the room before turning and look at him.

“Are you sorry?” you demanded, fear filling your gaze as you worried about the result of his confession. He put his elbows on his knees, and ran his hands through his hair. When he looked up, it almost looked as if he were about to cry, “All the time.”

Your eyes watered and you walked over to him, kneeling between his legs. You put your hands on his cheeks gently, with a shaky voice you said, “I believe that you aren’t that person,” you whispered, the tears pouring down your cheeks, “I believe they made you into a monster.” He locked eyes with you, his gaze resembling that of a deer in headlights, fear shrouding his usually clear gaze. “And I believe that you are not that monster anymore,” you smiled, pecking his lips gently, “And I love you so, so much.”


Endless amount of ships: 1/? ♦ Nathan & Haley [not my gifs]

        Thank you for coming home to me. 

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I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH!!!! THESE ARE MAKING MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna ask you something everyday just to get responses like these that make me laugh and make me 10000x happier instantly. Wow. Thankyou.

Awww, sweetie! I just don’t know what to say!

You are being so nice! Thank you!!

I’m glad you like my responses! I always try to find the perfect GIFs ;)

Feel free to ask my anything (and everyday)! I love doing this kind of posts! As long as there isn’t anyone mad at me for using their GIFs (though I would be totally okay to give credit to any of them, if they let me know).

 To be honest, if I could, I would only talk in GIFS, even in the real life haha!

Thank you again! You really made my day brighter!