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if you're doing requests right now, but if u are can I request a Bucky x reader where the reader is Tony's daughter and the avengers are all having dinner together and the reader says "daddy can u pass me the (insert food item here) and both Bucky and Tony reach for it, thanks !

pairing: bucky x reader

warnings: smut, a lil bit of dirty talkin, swearing, bucky being afraid of tony

A/N: this is a piece of shit and i suck at endings but the idea is hilarious

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“Faster, daddy.” Y/N pleaded as Bucky pounded her tight hole. He grunted on top of her and sped up his movements, reaching the glorious spot inside of her that made her scream. 

“You like that, doll? You like daddy fucking you like this?”

Y/N nodded in response, not being able to come up with a coherent answer. Bucky didn’t like this and he swatted her thigh with his open palm. “Answer me.”

“Fffuck, yes daddy. I love it, nngh, so much.”

Bucky pecked Y/Ns lips. “You’re such a good girl, Y/N. Taking me like this.”
Y/N moaned at Buckys dirty mouth. He always knew how to get her under his spell in mere seconds. 

Bucky slipped a hand between their bodies and found her clit, circling it. “Come on baby, cum for daddy.”

Y/N came with a long erotic moan, holding on to her man for dear life. Her walls clenched around Buckys thick shaft, triggering his own climax. Buckys hips stuttered and with a deep groan emitting from his throat, he finished inside Y/N. 

As they came down from their highs, her father, Tony Starks created A.I made her presence known. “Ms. Stark, your father is excpecting you down for dinner shortly.”

“Yeah, okay. Thanks, Friday.”

“I better go get ready.’‘ 

Y/N sighed and nodded. Her father knew nothing about the relationship she had with Bucky. They loved each other deeply, but Bucky was too scared to tell Tony about it, after what happened in Siberia. That was a long time ago, but there was still tension between the two. Bucky and Y/N had been seeing each other for about 6 months now but Bucky showed no intentions of becoming exclusive. 

Y/N desperately wanted to tell her father. Sure, he’d be angry at first, but he would have to accept it eventually. Bucky and Y/N had been seeing each other for about 6 months now, but they couldn’t do normal couple things. Like maybe go out and see a movie. Or just cuddle in front of the TV without anybody seeing them. She didn’t want to sneak around the tower to see Bucky.

’'Baby, don’t be like this. You know I’d love nothing more than to show everyone you’re my girl.” Bucky pleaded you. He knew what you wanted. He wanted it too, but..

“No one’s stopping you.”

Bucky opened his mouth to say something, but decided not to stir the pot any more and just gave Y/N a quick kiss and muttering a see you later before gathering his clothes and sneaking out of the room. 

Y/N sighed and got up to clean herself up and put on a fresh pair of underwear. She had just zipped up her jeans when her phone buzzed on the nightstand. Y/N picked it up to see Buckys name with a heart emoji at the end and smiled. Maybe she was being too pushy with Bucky. Even though T'Challa had helped him with his trigger words, Bucky was still trying to put himself back together. And fix things with her father. The least she can do is give him time. 

Y/N unlocked her phone and saw that Bucky had sent her a photo, with a caption ‘Just thinkin about u’. Y/N gasped when she saw the picture pointed to Buckys crotch. He was wearing skin hugging white boxers and did nothing to cover his huge bulge. Bucky Barnes was the devil. Y/N contemplated on deleting the picture, just in case, but reconsidered. Instead, she sent Bucky a selfie or her licking her lips. She didn’t wait to see what he answered, instead finished getting dressed and headed out to the dining room.

All of the Avengers were already at the table when you arrived, including Bucky, which made Y/N wonder when excactly did Bucky take that snap of himself. Bucky avoided her gaze, as usual in these settings. Y/N greeted everyone and sat beside her father, giving him a quick peck on his cheek. 

The table was full of delicious looking food and Y/N was hungry. But before she could eat, Y/N had an idea. Bucky had his fun teasing her with that picture. It was only fair that she got her fun.

“Mmm, this all looks so good, dad. I can’t wait to stuff all of it down my throat.” Y/N smiled brightly. She heard a couple of snorts around the table and one particular cough. Y/N looked across the table to see Bucky looking at you wide eyed. “You okay, James?’' 

Buckys jaw clenched. He loved it when you called him that, but only in certain places and scenarios. This was not one of them. Bucky hummed and continued stabbing his food. 

Y/N filled her plate with meat, potatoes and vegetables. ’'Daddy, can you pass me the salt, please?”

That was the moment she realized she fucked up, bad. Both Bucky and you father reached for the salt and stopped before they could reach it. The table had quickly fallen silent as everyone had witnessed the tragedy that took place.  

“Ohh shit.” Someone muttered. Y/N whipped her head back to see everyone looking at her and Bucky, Sam the only one trying not to laugh as Steve lightly elbowed him in the gut. 

Tony quickly caught on as he looked between the two lovers before dropping his hand on the table and sighing dramatically. “Am I missing something?”

“No.” Bucky and Y/N spoke at the same time. Her eyes shifted left to right, from Bucky to her father. 

“Mmmmhm, beliveable. Start talking.”

Y/N took a deep breath and Bucky looked at her with pleading eyes, begging her not to do it. But Y/N decided this was it, take it or leave it. 

“Bucky and I are dating.” She blurted out. Bucky closed his eyes and sank down on his chair, trying to escape the wrath of Tony Stark. 

Tonys expression didn’t change much, like he was already expecting this. But he wasn’t, right?

“Glad that’s out of the way. You know, I was hoping Friday was wrong when she told me.”

“What? You knew?’' 

’'Of course I knew darling, Friday is my creation. Even though you told her to keep it to herself, I programmed her, so it wasn’t hard for me to find out.”

“B-but how long?”

“About 5 months, when you started sneaking into each others rooms.”

Y/N pouted. “I don’t trust her anymore. She betrayed me.”

Tony ignored his daughter and turned his attention to Bucky. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

Bucky cleared his throat before opening his mouth. “Well, I.. thought you wouldn’t allow it.”

Tony snorted. “You’re damn right.”

“Daddy, I’m sorry-”

“Don’t call me that.” Tony covered his eyes and groaned. “Barnes, you better get your armor out. Friday, install security cameras in both of their rooms!”

“DAD!” Y/N squealed but it was already too late. 

Tony and Bucky were going at each other, food and cutlery flying everywhere, Steve and Rhodey trying to separate them. Thor and Banner were placing bets on who would win as Sam and Clint were cackling over the entire situation.  

Natasha just placed a comforting hand on Y/Ns shoulder. “Don’t worry, he’ll get over it.”

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Sweet Jesus. There’s an eight legged freak under my desk.

I could use a hand. Anyone? I’m looking at you, blue-eyed cutie patootie.

Is that a flirtation?

You bet your feathery ass it is. I need a little angelic assistance.

Spiders are one of my father’s most industrious creations. Though not as integral to humans as honey bees, they do many good deeds, like control insect overpopulation—

Sure, whatever David Attenborough. Let’s just relocate the little guy. We can use a glass and this here postcard.

It’s so big.

Cas: (…)

This is where you say “That’s what she said.”

I don’t understand that reference.

Hold on to your butts!

That wasn’t so bad.

He is Hogna carolinensis, also known as the Carolina wolf spider, which is a bit of a misnomer as the range of this particular spider lies primarily in Southern California.

All I want to know is if wolf spiders climb, because if he crawls out of there–it’s game over, man.

We can secure the spider with this cube-shaped representation of collective behavior which you impulsively purchased.

That’s better. I don’t like the way he’s looking at me.

Now we can return him safely to the wild.

Wait, do you have a shotgun? Because I feel like we should have a shotgun.

That was quite an adventure. You may return to your workstation now.



I’m proud of us.

Thank you for reading. Me!Pop courtesy of @powerfulweak

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Some random Plumette headcanons? Maybe about her childhood or something like that :)

if i’m honest, i could write random plumette headcanons for days. here are some i pulled out of my personal backstory for her, plus a couple others!

requests / mine

(still linking to my creations tag ever though this is the first thing i’ve ever published on this blog. shhhhhhh)

- plumette was a nickname given to her as a child, when her only chore as a maid was to dust the baseboards.

- the nickname was given to her because she was a very small girl (-ette) who always had her feather duster (plume), and it sounded similar to her real name.

- her real name, pluie (in the rain), was given to her by a group of chambermaids, since she was born during a wild rainstorm and her mother refused to name her. (but, that’s a whole ‘nother set of HCs)

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HEY GUYS! So, voting has officially started for the design contest but unfortunately, my male hairstyle design did not make it to voting! I still wanted to share my creation with you though as I am still very proud of it. Ah well, I tried at least! Good luck to all finalists!

…in fact no other than the great Thorin Oakenshield himself, who was not at all pleased at falling flat on Bilbo’s mat with Bifur, Bofur, and Bombur on top of him….Thorin indeed was very haughty, and said nothing about *service*; but poor Mr. Baggins said he was sorry so many times, that at last he grunted “pray don’t mention it,” and stopped frowning.