Alright! Now that I’ve finished my first collection. I’m going to focus on a few other things. More creations will follow up, though my main focus will currently be:

  1. Finishing sim requests [ For @kai-babez, @sgisims, @lilyssims, @explosionofpixels, @glisimc ] Ehhh.. tell me if you’re still interested.. xD I’m sorry for the long wait. >///<
  2. Get the bbbc house done and continue.

@lilyssims will be helping me out with the house. (THANK GOODNESS). I’ve much respect for lot builders, because I can’t OTL

Shameless Self-Promotion!

Good day, people! So just a friendly reminder that I have an artblog:

>>> spica-starson

Yeah, so I made a new blog to solely focus on my artworks; so that people won’t have a hard time finding my creations. Most of them are fanarts though; simply because I draw when I get inspired, and cartoons are usually the source of that. I….might..draw original content, someday? But for now, don’t count on it lol.

To clarify what I actually post in the blog…

  • Digital Art
  • Traditional Art
  • Random sketches

(As you noticed, most of them are Steven Universe lol. The reason for that is because SU is what inspired me to draw after a long ‘artist’s block’.)

This blog is still fairly small…that’s why I need your help to spread the existence of this blog so that I might obtain more confidence in posting my stuff here :D Remember; REBLOG > LIKE (but I still really do appreciate it when you like my art!)

Oh, I also post the majority of my digital art to my DeviantArt.

And if it isn’t too much..could you please hit the reblog button..? Thank you so much, gosh.

Taking a moment for some much needed appreciation:

Hey, everybody! I know I haven’t been around much since my out-of-nowhere semi-hiatus, but there’s something important I’d like to address: 

My confidence with Jack completely plummeted. 

This is why I up and disappeared after five weeks of being on this blog literally daily to only showing up for an hour here and there. Even though his personality was my own creation, I feel like I’m not doing his character justice – like everything I write is wrong and that his character just falls flat in comparison to others. 

&& then I see people calling Jack a favorite. Calling him interesting, fun, special. Even after my disappearance people still tagged me or mentioned Jack or simply acknowledged that he exists. I can’t even begin to tell you how truly happy that makes me. Maybe I’m not comfortable with my own portrayal right now, but the reception he’s gotten shows that I’m at least on the right track. 

I did not abandon this blog – honestly, I just needed to take a step back and really take a look at the character I created. He has a lot of depth that I haven’t touched on yet and that’s really overwhelming to me. But you all are making it easier to come back, to not abandon this character, and to develop him further. Thank you for that. 

I’m still going to take my time revamping him: new theme, new icons, a rewrite on everything. He’ll still be the goofy, shitty, violent, sarcastic person he is ( that’s something I can’t ever change ), but I plan to be confident in his portrayal when I come back. 

Thank you all for taking a liking to this Jack ass ( ha, get it? Jack ass – ).
He’ll be back soon enough!

Elements Prologue 1 of 5

Alright this is a story of mine that I have been working on for a little while now and before anyone asks it’s not a fanfiction but something of my own creation. Though the idea seems I bit over done it’s just something I just started writing.

Note: Updates will be more or less weekly 

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Universal Connection

If my mind is a creation of the universe, then wouldn’t I be connected to it? Though somehow in that creation process my mind was born knowing nothing about the universe. Maybe I’m just eyes for the universe. Maybe the universe uses my mind and senses to let it know what’s going on in my location.
Or maybe since I was created with the same materials as everything else in this universe, I am the universe, just as much as anything and anyone else. We are all connected in a way.
It’s crazy to think how small we are compared to the rest of the universe, were like very complex bacteria that the universe doesn’t really care about. Hahah though I’d rather believe that I’m more meaningful because thinking that you’re nothing is just depressing haha.
Speaking of emotions! Why do we have them!? What would be the point in having emotions if you’re already doing what the universe made you for? There would be no point in having emotions to help motivate you to do something if the universe already had intentions and a design for you.
Just forget all of this lol! Haha everything that I’m thinking about it starting contradict its self. Bye haha

It’s been a productive day creatively, and I feel really blessed as a creator, despite low views, because it’s a place to start and I find success in that and in wholeheartedly enjoying every second I spend doing it. I’ve been plugging my creations all over social media today, and though I have no doubt it was annoying you all came through and took a few minutes to inquire and entertain my imagination. I hope it wasn’t disappointing, and I’m sure after today I will be learning and evolving my craft to produce better content for those willing to bare with me. The fact that even one of you took the time to watch me means everything. We can only go up from here, and I’m hoping with hard work that’s exactly what’ll happen. Thank you so much for tolerating me today and in the future. #VOLDEFETISH #vine #youtube #bedheadqueen #izzyelewis #comedy #funny #viner #gay #gaymer #lgbt #instagay #creator #blessed 🙌🏻
Amazing picture of Donald Trump drawn by ME for Charity!
Amazing picture of Donald Trump drawn by ME for Charity! in Art, Drawings, Contemporary (1980-Now) | eBay

My sister has done a thing.

If you fancy an exquisite picture of Donald Trump drawn in biro on the back of an old lottery ticket, then bid now.

All proceeds will go to rescuing and re-homing of mistreated animals.

“I drew this picture on a cold stormy Tuesday night, which I think really sinks into the dramatic aesthetic of the piece.It is drawn on the back of an old lottery ticket I found in a kitchen drawer, this is to add a more earthy human feel to my creation.The piece took approximately 15 minutes to create; though I did stop to go to the toilet and get a drink in the middle.

The pen used is a classic ‘Bic GripRoller’, I purposefully scoured the floor, looking high and low for pens that were almost out of ink. This lad fits the bill perfectly.

I’ve included a photograph of the inspiration for my picture, and I think you’ll all agree the resemblance is uncanny.If anyone wants to hire me to do a portrait of your family or anything just message me, my rates are very reasonable.
This beautiful work of art would make a fantastic addition to any home, and would certainly be a talk point of many dinner parties I’m sure!”


Cool little coloring app I found :) I don’t really color because my hands end up hurting so bad with the tendinitis in my hands.. Particularly my right hand which is the one I write one. I love this app now though! This my first creation!

napstatonbrand asked:

slides in my url hello


   O-OH—!!   N-Napsta . .  ? of COURSE I think they’re c-cool  !! e-even though they’re one of my creations , uh , I’ll admit … one of my most successful ones , h-honestly  ! But it was Napsta’s soul that made it better , t-though … they’re precious to me , however— even though they really enjoy breaking their arms &. asking me to fix it for them-

Curious feet, AKA How to make an art room floor

I wrote last week’s blog post exploring a different way of looking at Time a while back…before I bought a glass fusing kiln. 

Unbeknownst to me, this was an old-style kiln, needing to be constantly in the not-too-far reaches of consciousness while being fired. As the manual cheerfully explains, ‘at settings above 4 the kiln temperature can continue to rise and could permanently damage the brick and the elements.’

So, I come full circle, intermittently dominated by clock-time and making sure I don’t ‘lose track’ of it…but happily so, as I get to continually play and experiment and be part of the wonderful alchemical process of disparate shards of cold, sharp hardness melding and becoming one. 

Rather than being a post about glass, though, I thought it was a good moment to share a part of the creation of my studio - in Rennaldburn’s back entranceway which, though it still manages to be a powerful mess vortex, is becoming a more ‘real’ creative space all the time.

Creating the studio started last Summer, as I finished making a mini gallery in Rennaldburn’s dark and dingy back hallway by painting the floor green. (It’s still waiting for daisies, just as the ceiling is still waiting for butterflies. Girly? I don’t know what you mean :) 

The obvious next step for the left-over green paint seemed to be to continue it out through the junk-attractor portal/would-be studio, so I did - happy with how the gloopy gloss covered over the irregularities of the rough, cratered concrete underneath.

Aware that I had small and interested visitors at this time, I locked the door leading through to the wet floor, safe in the knowledge that my bedroom was now the only one which led through to it.

You’ve probably guessed where this story’s going by now - deep in divination môde with the mother of Brennan, the one with the most curious feet, they pattered past us unnoticed…not just to the beginning of the wet floor but all the way to the very end and back into the carpeted room, turning round and round in little circles of wonderment at the steadily increasing indelible green marks magically appearing around him.

Later, I had a look and confirmed that, yes, all along the footprint trail the tacky paint had pulled up to reveal small but numerous patches of powdery, lumpy concrete. So, having used every last scrap of green, I mixed some more…but without the same palette, it was a very different green. 

No matter, I thought, I’ll make it a feature - and ended up with a solid trail of huge polka dots which still seemed to be undeniably following in Brennan’s footsteps. 

No matter, I thought, I’ll just paint them all over. En masse, the sickly-green polka dots now looked like a swamp dinsosaur’s back covered with bunions.

No matter, I thought, I’ll add a better colour on top. Finding another tin of paint store-labelled as dark green, I mixed it up well…to find it was bright red. 

Well, I spent all that time mixing it so I may as well try it, I decided, and dripped thin circles of red around each bunion, giving a 3D, oozing effect.

Feverishly, I cracked open another can and tried to cover up this new disaster, now going for a full Pollock-splatter technique.

After a few more hours and a few more tins, I finally felt I had an art room floor worthy of the name. Standing on it now gives a palpable feeling of creative liberation; a space where anything goes and that’s alright!

And it’s all thanks to Brennan’s small but vastly curious feet, without whom the floor would be a dull, un-marked expanse of green.

I’ll share more about my studio and what’s happening in it soon…but first, starting tomorrow, I’ll be starting another serialised post - of my article on Dream wisdom paired with the Zhouyi and African Dream Root, in the current Caduceus magazine.

anonymous asked:

did either of you ever play one of the twins, hallie or annie?

I did! Hallie and Annie Parker were my creations, nonnie. Though, I had two sets of twins with those names. Hallie and Annie were the Shelley Hennig twins and then for like three weeks I had Phoebe Tonkin and Nina Dobrev sisters with those names. Both times I played Hallie.

Entry #1

Topic of the week is, more or less, Religion and Science.

It’s a never ending topic, I think. These two have been pit against each other for countless years, and many people think that one is exclusive of the other, meaning you can’t have one with the other.

This is completely untrue. It’s my firm belief that though there are instances where discussing one needs not to involve the other, Religion and Science have a longstanding relationship that you cannot automatically invalidate.

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Praire St Mercantile
External image

We’ve got these great rope pots and bowls in stock, handmade by Prairie St Mercantile. They can be used for so many things - from storing odds and sods to serving bread, they are really versatile, lovely items for your home. 

Heres what Lisa, who makes all these lovely things says about her company - 

I think my shop started the way most do. I started by making things that I wanted in my own home. The idea of using items made with two human hands is a great one. My friends and family responded well to my creations, and so I thought others may as well. Honestly though, my children are my toughest critics, and when they would watch me sew and get excited, “ is that for me mom? can I have that one?” I knew I was on the right track.

My grandmother taught me to crochet and knit, which I picked up easily and loved. Her attempt at teaching me Italian however, did not have the same success. When I was little my mother made all my clothes and when I started my family, I wanted to give my children the same gift. It is a truly special gift, to give someone your time, patience, and love in an article of clothing, quilt, or toy.

I work from my home. I have a room all to myself, with good north light and a pretty view. I sew and create everyday, and it makes me happy. I hope my treasures my others happy too!

External image


I have created a map to run alongside my illustrations and creations with inspiration from The Spiral. I though that this was a great way to show where The Spiral would have been situated and where it came from as the V&A receive many international guests whom would not know exactly their way around London, and therefor I thought a more in detail map wouldn’t have worked as well as this design. I have taken the basic outline of the UK and inserted part of The Spiral’s pattern (situated in the Architecture gallery at the V&A) as I thought it would be visually interesting. In my opinion this map has been successful as it is easy to understand and also very basic and clear, however effective. 

I had to pray to God; both for
to thank Him and apologize; that
one of his creations; had
just stolen all devotion; from
my heart; and though His Name escaped
my lips; just then, twas only for the fact
that I was lacking in possession of; Her name;
I hadn’t earned it; yet, I prayed again; “Dear God!
Remove her from my life or else I’ll never;
have the will or even power; to
sustain You in my heart; whi'le
I am within Her aspect e'er again.”

But secretly, of course you know;
I’d throw it all away
But secretly of course you know
I’d throw it all away
to be within her aspect e'er again.

You weren’t the one
who broke my heart,
It was God;
She was wearing
  a body like yours
   at the time.


#didntbreakmyheart #god #brokemyheart #letmedown #breakup #nottheone #mistakenidentity #nicebody #driventodistraction #spiritualexperience #loveatfirstsight (at New York Model Management)