so I just got to work. the job that I love, and have loved for about a year now. That I really, really, really love. And also really, really, really need for money. And my boss just told me that they are shutting down the entire business, that my last day working will be Sunday, and that everything will be closed down by Tuesday. He said he’d give me a recommendation for a new job, but I really don’t want a new job. Now I have no job. 20 minutes ago I had my dream job, and now I don’t have a job…and I didn’t even do anything wrong or fuck something up to deserve it 

The Supreme Court just issued a ruling that will take birth control out of the hands of women who need it. Their decision gives employers the power to deny women the new birth control benefits of the Affordable Care Act — allowing bosses to force their personal beliefs on employees.

This isn’t over. We’re not going to let a handful of extreme bosses and politicians turn back the clock — we’re moving forward, not backward, and we’re not done fighting for women’s access to birth control.

Oops, My Bed (one shot)

TITLE: Oops, My Bed
GENRE: fluff, romance
FIC SUMMARY: After tirelessly searching for a job, Erin landed a sweet secretary spot at a prestigious company. Erin and her friends celebrated at a hip club, which leads her to a one night stand with a dashing mysterious man, only to find out that he is her boss.
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: We all love businessman!Tom. If this is received well, then I might make it into a multichaptered fic. Enjoy!

 It was a dark and stormy night. But that didn’t deter my friends and me from celebrating. Dressed in a cute black halter dress, I donned matching black high heels and teardrop earrings with my hair swept to look effortless in a loose bun. It was party time and Denise, Michelle, Anna and Kayla wanted me to embrace my new independence and celebrate about getting a job, after 6 months unemployed and leeching off the money from the girls and my parents.

Of course, that meant going to one of the hippest clubs in London, and dancing. And drinks, a whole load of drinks. The club was fairly crowded, but not too crowded that I felt like suffocating, or I could throw up from the stench of people’s sweat and cologne assaulting my nose.

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I thought I’d try developing a technique that was faster than a true painting. This failed that goal. But hey, lightning!

Bless people who are kind to hostesses and waiters. Bless the people who don’t get angry when they cannot sit at a certain table, bless the ones who don’t mind where they sit, bless those who even after waiting are still kind, bless those who create conversations with the hostess or waitstaff while understanding if they have to leave and attend other business. Bless people who are nice and respectful to workers in restaurants. 

Let’s clear the record, and debunk one of these common (false) lines about birth control access.

Here’s the truth: Nearly ALL American women have used birth control, and giving them affordable access to the health care they need isn’t just good policy; it’s common sense. 

Under the Affordable Care Act, every health insurance plan covers women’s birth control with no additional co-pay (just like other forms of preventive health care like cancer screenings and well-woman exams—what’s controversial about that?). It offers important savings, and ensures women are able to use it correctly—neither of which was a reality without this benefit.

No matter which way you spin it, this is basic health care, and a woman’s decisions about it are hers—not her boss’s.


work was awesome, we all had a great time and my boss was super in love with my (mediocre) cosplay
also she said she’d comp me materials + labor for making the costume and I’m like ???? okay?? $70 in fabric and 35+ hours of work idek how much she’s gonna pay me *_* but apparently it was such a huge success that she wants to do more themed parties where I dress up and teach and brb laying down bc I just realised I’m getting paid to cosplay

So wait… Still no gun control laws?
Great. Because the right to carry a gun even in an elementary school is waayyyyyy more important than the right to get fucking married and the right women (don’t) have to their own bodies…
Like, they can take away my right to decide what to do with my own uterus but GOD FORBID I can’t take a gun to the fucking movie theater?????????