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SPIN: Coachella 5 Best Friday Sets
There’s a lot about Haim that makes these sisters of the San Fernando Valley seem destined for arenas, and not all of those factors make sense side by side on paper. There’s the perfectly produced staccato pop of a song like “Falling,” which live sounds just as polished and twice as acrobatic as it does on Days Are Gone — Michael Jackson parsed three ways. Then there’s their propensity for shreddy Zepplinesque blues jamming, exemplified by an extended cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Oh Well.” There’s that innate siren-like charm, juxtaposed against bassist Este Haim’s incredible scowling O-face (the theatrical tragedy mask made funky), and that freaky sibling mind-meld thing that happens when they wind up harmonizing on an adlibbed, “Come on, Coachella!” Pretty like pop and ugly like rock, but the reason it meshes so well feels familial.

  • Me:*starts fanfiction* right so this is...oh okay, it’s set in America. Cool.
  • ME:*uses American terms and brands, does a bit of research* Oops! It’s couch not sofa, I’ll just change that!
  • Me:*reading fanfiction of show/book/movie/whatever set in UK*
  • Me:Okay well thats not a thing here really...
  • Fic:On the roadtrip they were 15 hours outside of London
  • Me:Well okay, you're in the sea then
  • Fic:He took off his pants
  • Me:Which pants? English pants or American pants? Did he remove trousers or underwear? Is he naked or in his English pants? This is important I need to know
  • Fic:So they nipped to Wallmart for Lucky Charms.
  • Me:Nope.
  • Fic:what an ass
  • Me:ARSE have you TRIED to say ‘ass’ with a British accent? It sounds ridiculous
  • Fic:mom
  • Me:I give up
  • Fic:Little league soccer! HIGHSCHOOL AU!
  • Me:*leaves*

MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

First of all, Damon took a pretty great selfie on my phone yesterday at Warped in Bonnor Springs. Also he took one a picture with me before handing my phone back so yay~ but I attached Damon’s selfie on my phone, so there’s that & tell him from me that he wins at life bc it made me laugh for like 10 minutes. Also I was the kid that fell like right in front of you when you passed the Shark stage at one point😂 I’m okay!

I met Cody Carson again & the rest of Set It Off as well this time and Cody gave me a big hug and he gives the best hugs ever & im super sad I didn’t get a picture but oh well.

My sister and I met Soupy Campbell & later I was in the shade behind Shark stage before The Wonder Years went on & I wrote a note to Soupy that said “thank you for saving my little sister’s life. I’d be lost without her.” And a roadie gave it to him for me, and he passed it around to the rest of the band. He saw me & I mouthed “thank you” to him and he. Made a heart with his hands. I was almost in tears because they really did save her life.

I met Juliet Simms & she is queen, she is the sweetest most genuine person I have ever met. She hugged me and took a picture with me. Also, I wrote a letter to her, Andy, Jake, CC, and Ash about my #1WordForJinxx project. I wasn’t sure if I would get to meet any of BVB again, so I asked Juliet if she could share it with the guys. I also told her that it was a surprise for Jinxx so he couldn’t find out. Juliet said, and I quote, “of course! I’ll absolutely make sure they all see it, and I’ll do it when Jinxx is sleeping or something, or get someone to get him out of the bus for awhile. I love your idea, you’re so sweet! He’s going to love it! I’ll absolutely be sure that the guys read it! Thank you!” So I’m super excited because that’s gonna make my project perfect! Humongous thank you to Juliet!💕

When Pierce The Veil were coming out for their signing, a guard slammed his arm across my chest thinking I was running at ptv. I actually was just looking for my sister & walking in the same general direction as ptv were. Jaime saw him and saw how hard his arm hit me & said, “dude back the fuck off, she seems pretty harmless.” Which I was thankful for bc the dude was huge and the impact knocked the wind out of me. Jaime smiled and waved at me when I passed the tent later on.

When Black Veil Brides was walking to the backstage area of Shark stage- I should mention we found a great spot that was shaded, we could sit against the fence, it was behind Shark so was relatively quieter, & was right by where all you cool people walked in and out from the buses into the venue.- so when Black Veil Brides walked out, my sis and I were waiting there. Clearly, Jinxx has had a huge impact on my life. So when we all saw them, tons of girls yelled “hi”

They smiled at us & I was like crying bc Jinxx just means a lot to me ok.
After their set, they all high fived a few people on their way back. I was the last one Jinxx high fives & he sorta held onto my hand for a second. He hugged me real quick before he had to keep moving but I was shaking and crying for like an hour bc he remembered and he cared and I just.. Gah. Thank you Jinxxy c: Also!! This is a bit out of order but it’s the best thing ever so best for last.
When Black Veil Brides were headed backstage to the Shark stage & they said hi to us- A few days ago, a girl on Twitter told Jinxx she named her lizard after him & asked how he felt having a lizard named after him. Jinxx replied, “like a lizard king”

So a few seconds after they’d walked past, my sis yelled to Jinxx “YO LIZARD KING!” Jinxx turned around and made the greatest face ever. It fit the situation and the name Lizard King so precisely and it was just so fucking funny. I’m so pissed at myself for not getting a picture of the face he made in response because it basically made my day, and considering my day was Warped Tour, and that bvb hadn’t even played yet, that’s saying something. Just that Jinxx responded to the name Lizard King, and then made such a great face in response to it, I laughed so hard I cried. It was the greatest thing ever tbh.

Jinxx is my favorite if you hadn’t figured that out. (I’m a violinist, my bias is acceptable, shush.)😂 and this was by far my favorite Jinxxy moment EVER. And I’ve been a Jinxx fan since I was like 7, which was almost 10 years ago. So pre-bvb even. I found bvb when Jinxx joined. I dunno. He started playing violin at age 7, and that’s around when I started, too. I started a few months before I turned 7. The photo I attached of Jinxx, Jake and Ash walking to Shark backstage area was seconds before my sis yelled to Jinxx & he turned and made the face. He knew what we were talking about and that we were talking to him and he responded with so much excitement and it was glorious. If you see Jinxx, tell him the two girls who yelled “yo lizard king” say that his reaction made our lives complete bc it was kinda perfect tbh.

perfectlyrose  asked:

ten/rose fake dating (AU or canon-ish, whichever), if you're still taking ficlet prompts! :)

“You’re my boyfriend.”

John spluttered into his oatmeal and looked up at his best friend. Rose was gnawing on her bottom lip and wringing her hands in front of her.

“Mum’s invited me to her New Year’s party, and has been trying to set me up with the bloke down the hall for ages, and I know she’ll have invited him, so to get her to stop I told her I have a boyfriend.”

She looked so panicked and desperate that John couldn’t help but say a simple “okay”, which was how he found himself being hugged and questioned by various members of Rose’s family on New Year’s Eve.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t difficult at all to be a fake-boyfriend. He knew almost everything there was so know about Rose, and she knew almost everything about him. Rather than lying, he simply told the truth.

“We met at the coffee shop when I spilled my tea on her new blouse.”

“I think Rose would make a brilliant artist. Half of our flat is covered with her paintings.”

“Oh, did I say our flat…”

“No, I do not intend on hurting your daughter, Ms. Tyler. I would never. Rose is my very best friend.”

Their questions got bolder and raunchier as the night wore on and as more alcohol was consumed. Rose was absolutely mortified, and tried to steer the attention away from John, trying to make their awkward situation as tolerable as she could.

“I’m so sorry,” she said for the hundredth time, after her cousin Mo asked them how their sex life was.

Still red in the face, John wrapped his arm around Rose and said, “No worries. They’ll probably all have forgotten this come morning.”

Rose leaned into his chest, and waited impatiently for midnight. Midnight was a reasonable time to leave a New Year’s party, right?

Finally, the countdown began, and Rose managed to slip away with John down the fire escape.

“Blimey, I thought that would never end!” she moaned, swinging their linked hand lightly between them.

John was quiet beside her. Rose chanced a glance up at him, but he was lost in his head. She breathed a sigh of relief; he often got lost in his thoughts. At least he wasn’t mad at her for dragging him to the party.

They were almost back to their flat when John slowed down and his fingers tightened against hers.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

With every silent moment that passed, Rose feared he was more cross about the evening than he’d let on, and was now about to explode.

“I know tonight was a complete and total farce,” he began, rubbing at the back of his neck nervously. “And I know I was only your pretend boyfriend. But I was thinking, do you maybe, I dunno, want to try that out for real?”

John looked at her anxiously, his eyes darting all across her face. Rose felt breathless.

“Only if you want,” he hastily continued, raking his fingers through his hair. “If you don’t, that’s fine. We can still be mates.”

Rose took his hand away from the mess he’d made of his hair and held it between them.

“Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?” she asked hopefully.

He swallowed thickly and nodded.

Rose grinned widely at him, her heart racing with joy in her chest.

“You know this means Mum will be expecting you at all future parties from now on,” she warned, a playful smile tugging at her lips.

A slow smile lit up John’s face, even as he tried to make a grimace at the suggestion. He wrapped his arms around Rose and rested his hands on the small of her back. He leaned closer to Rose until he could feel her breath puffing against his lips.

“Well, now that you mention it…”

Rose swatted at his chest, and then grabbed at his shirt as his lips pressed lightly to hers. She pulled him tighter to him and deepened the kiss, tentatively tracing his lips with her tongue. John pulled back with a gasp.

“As long as you promise to keep doing that, I’ll even face the devil himself for you.”

Rose rolled her eyes at him.

“I dunno if I should be insulted that you compared my mum to the devil.”



“You love it,” he said, and froze at his choice of words.

Rose smiled gently at him and traced her fingers across his jaw line before cupping his cheek.

“I really do,” she murmured softly.

John couldn’t help the shy smile and he wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug, despite still standing outside in the cold.

“Me, too,” he whispered in her ear, pulling back to lock lips with her once more.

send me a pairing and a prompt, and i’ll write a 3 sentence fic a short drabble


Well now I know why these two have so many fanfictions with them being paired together, lol.
The dialogue in this game is so suggestive.

thilbo rec list time yo

Ok this is for cazzabean who wanted non-death thilbo fics but idk, if anyone else is interested, these are some of my personal favourites! Most of them are pretty well-known already but ey

These are gonna be organised roughly by word count- smallest to largest :)

Middle-earth verse (ie hobbits and dwarves exist)

  • Of Dwarves Courting Hobbits - 2k; ‘Thorin attempts to court an unaware Bilbo' Oh my god emotionally constipated Thorin is the best thing and all the misunderstandings and the conclusion are so sweet 
  • Riddle Me This - 3.5k; 'Bilbo loves riddles, Thorin hates games' Set just after the first film ends, Thorin is so precious and awkward here omg
  • Overtures -  2.6k; Bilbo knows that cities are not built on companionship and the occasional plate of scones’ AU shamelessly denying the end of the Hobbit where Bilbo lives in Erebor and he and Thorin are a cute couple and why couldn’t it have ended this way
  • Made and Remade the Necklace of Songs - 19.4k; In a Middle Earth where dwarves dream of Heartsongs and hobbits carry the name of their fated partner as private Mark, Bilbo Baggins had never been able to properly translate the strange rows of runes inscribed on his wrist. And likewise, Thorin Oakenshield had never imagined he would hear the voice of his Heartsong from a fussy little gentlehobbit’ Ok soulmate AU that gets a tiny bit angsty but the ending makes up for it :3
  • Thorin Oakenshield’s Majestic Diary - WIP 22k; Thorin Oakenshield, King Under the Mountain and Totally Majestic Badass of Middle Earth, does not have a raging hard-on for Bilbo Baggins. No, seriously. Just read his diary’ You’ve probably heard me talk about this BECAUSE IT’S HILARIOUS OMFG. Follows the movie-version and is currently near the beginning of DoS- I have literally been on the verge of tears from laughing so hard so this is a definite read-it-now
  • Clarity of Vision - WIP 75k; 'In a Middle-Earth where Erebor never fell, a shadow remains in the heart of the Lonely Mountain. Bilbo Baggins finds himself drawn reluctantly into a quest that will lead him across the continent—from Bree to Lake Evendim to the icy North and beyond—with a party of five dwarves searching for an artifact that will cure the ailing King Thrór.’ I love this fic for reasons I can’t really explain but it’s wonderful and I almost cried in one of the later chapters because it was so beautiful 
  • Burned To A Cinder - WIP 240k;A Cinderella-esque AU. Bilbo, a lonely hobbit of the Shire in the valley outside Erebor, gets a job as a cook in the dwarf kingdom to pass the time and keep himself occupied after his mother’s death. One day he meets a regal dwarf, who he thinks is a thief and trespasser, and throws an apple at his head, never knowing he’s just assaulted the dwarven Prince. Thus begins the antagonistic and somewhat odd courtship of a hobbit and the next King of Erebor’ Ok this is long but it’s so wonderful and Bilbo’s first few meetings with Thorin are perfect you have to read it omg

Human AUs 

  • The Trouble with Chocolate Kisses - WIP 14k; 'Fill for a prompt on the Kink Meme: “Little Kili hasn’t grasped that Hershey’s Kisses are just the chocolates, and not chocolates that come with kisses.” It’s basically that, but with the beginnings of Thilbo Bagginshield, paranoid blonde headmasters and Dis swearing a blue streak’ Ok so teacher!Bilbo, biker!Thorin and bby!Fili and Kili and omg it’s so cute  (◡‿◡✿)
  • Color Me Mine - WIP 15.8k; Kindergarten has just gotten significantly better. Just ask Thorin, who’s got the biggest crush on the new kid in class, Bilbo Baggins. With the help of his friends, Thorin knows that he can take back the swings from the 1st graders, show up the K-1 class in the school pageant, and win the heart of one curly haired boy. Yup. Kindergarten is going to be a year to remember.’ Oh my gosh this one is so adorable :333 It’s still kinda short and easy to read so would definitely recommend this first :D
  • The Sons of Durin - 96k;Bilbo Baggins is a humble grocer, living a simple, quiet life. He likes his solitude and his predictable routine. The police say the Sons of Durin are a crime family. The government has labeled them a group of environmental terrorists. Thorin Oakenshield will tell you that they are simply desperate for a home. But when Bilbo is dragged into the midst of the group as their unwilling burglar, his life will take a turn for the terrifying, and everything he has taken for granted will be torn asunder.’ This was one of the first hobbit fics I found :3 A modern re-telling of the Hobbit that is absolutely wonderful 
  • ***And it’s kinda sequel: Children of the Lonely Mountain- WIP 50k; this is a bunch of one shots set around the first one that range from freaking adorable to really bittersweet and angsty- srsly there’s some major emotional whiplash going on here
  • Take From Me My Lace - WIP 84k; Bilba Baggins, popular model for a premier lingerie company, isn’t always entirely convinced that the perks of the job are worth the hassle. Can’t she even go to the shops without being recognized? But Thorin Oakenshield doesn’t seem to recognize her at all, even with her nearly-naked breasts forever plastered across half of London. That’s… a very refreshing change’ Genderbent model Bilbo and fireman Thorin- I love this fic so much I celebrate each time it’s updated :’)

Ok so these were the first fics that I thought of/had been reading recently that weren’t too angsty/completely avoided BoftFA - there are so many more written by this amazing fandom that I’ve missed out :3

So I hope carrie (and anyone else) enjoys them! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

(hey carrie you want me to make you a sad Fili and Kili feels list some time?;)


Epic Moments in Villain History (Maleficent’s Curse): 

Maleficent: Well, quite the glittering assemblage, King Stefan: royalty, nobility, the gentry, and…ehehehe, how quaint: even the rabble. I really felt quite distressed at not received an invitation.

Merryweather: You weren’t wanted!

Maleficent: NOT WHA…hehehe…Oh dear, what an awkward situation.  I had hoped it was merely due to some oversight.  Well, in that event, I’d best be on my way…

The Queen: And you’re not offended, your excellency?

Maleficent: Why no, your majesty.  And to show I bear no ill-will, I too shall bestow a gift on the child. Listen well, all of you! The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty; beloved by all who know her.  But, before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday: she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die!

The Queen: Oh no!

King Stefan: Seize that creature!

Maleficent: Stand back, you fools!

-”Sleeping Beauty”

‘Oddly specific AUs’

Prompt: ‘I hired you to be my date to a wedding’ AU

Paring: Gajevy

Second part here!

“Oh Lu, it’s going to be just beautiful!” Levy found no trouble in joyously fawning over her best friend’s upcoming wedding. The ample weight of last minute supplies held no deterrent as she almost skipped with it. After setting down the box half her petite size, she came up to the blonde’s watchful eyes. “Lu?”

“Have you figured out who is going to be your ‘plus one?’ You’re definitely cutting it close.” Lucy raised a brow anxiously waiting to hear word on her date.

Levy nervously gulped as she looked away. “Well you see…” She began to speak soft words ultimately unable to piece together a proper sentence.

“Hmm?” The blonde bent at the waist meeting an eventual eye contact.

“Don’t worry about it Lu.” The blunette laughed softly knowing that vague reassurance wouldn’t suffice.

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dogmermaid  asked:

Cartinelli; now that steve is back, peggy tells him stories about her life after the war. one day, she tells him about a waitress she once knew... (sorry if this is a crappy prompt (^_^;))

Set in the Winter Soldier, right? OH MY GOD YOU’RE KILLING ME


Also, I haven’t watched Winter Soldier, I actually had to youtube the scene and OH GOD THE EMOCHENS! ALL OF THE EMOCHENS!


“Steve … You’re alive. You … You came back,” Peggy’s voice wavered, suddenly overwhelmed with happiness as she realised who was with her, “It’s been so long… So long.”

“Well, I couldn’t leave my best girl,” Steve smiled gently, squeezing Peggy’s hand, “Not when she owes me a dance.”

Peggy laughed and lifted a shaky hand to wipe away her tears. After all these years of thinking Steve had died, here he was, just as she remembered him.

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Destiny CLOSED

Oh boy. Tonight’s the night, and I was so nervous. I had a blind date that a Co-worker had set up for me. But honestly I would NEVER do something like this, and I do feel a bit.. Desperate. But that’s not it, I just haven’t been having the best luck with women. At all. I don’t know, I guess I just haven’t had the right girlfriend. Well not since my ex that was like 4 years ago, or longer.. Not sure, I actually don’t remember. But It’s like she spread a secret code to all women kind to not date me. I shook my head at the stupid thought as I threw on a black blazer over my dress shirt, with two buttons undo at the collar. I had matching black dress pants and spit shine black dress shoes. I ran my hand through my hair to calm it down. Some women didn’t like how.. Uh.. Wild it was? I had spiky layers that just stood up on it’s own, nothing I could really do about it. Not even hair gel really worked. After my attempt of trying to tame the beast of hair on my head, it just stuck back up in it’s original place. 

I sighed and shook my head, it was hopeless. I turned and grabbed my watch and strapped it on my wrist and grabbed my wallet from on top of my dresser. I sprayed myself with a nice cologne, it was new. Hopefully women liked it as much as I did. I turned and looked at my full body mirror that hung on the back of my closest door. Oh wow, I managed to spruce myself up real good! I was proud of myself. I grabbed my keys and walked out of my bedroom and I got into my jet-black 2015 Mustang GT500, I drove to the restaurant that I was supposed to meet my blind date at. She had dark hair, supposedly. But I don’t know what style.. But I shouldn’t be picky, I should be grateful and happy a woman even agreed to do a blind date with me. I arrived shortly after I left my apartment and sat down, waiting for whoever my mystery date was. I was still extremely nervous. k-chxn

Fic Rec

All According to Script by PurpleButtons0203

The Sawada family was a strange bunch.

On the day of their first and only child’s birth, the couple had taken one look at their son’s beautiful orange eyes and wild, fluffy brown hair, and had burst into tears. Most had thought it to be the joy of new parenthood, but that assumption was quickly and violently ripped apart when Nana had wailed “Oh kami, he’s a main character!”

Look I know I don’t usually do this and honestly I’m not supposed to. I’m studying. But. 

There’s only one chapter but please at least read it to the end. The end is the best part

This is a beautiful story that’s in the progress. A very nice sense of humor and while there are a few mistakes here and there it’s totally unnoticeable. And, well, the first chapter set a really nice tone to it. 

Of course, my sense of humor is questionable at best but yeah. Tsuna kind of feels like Tsuna there, but he’s more or less, well, tired. Snarky and tired and wonderful. 


Summary: Only Lucy understands Juvia’s feelings of abandonment. Post Fairy Tail 424.
Rated: T
Pairings: No pairings, just friendship. But implied NaLu and Gruvia I suppose.

It had been a few months since Natsu had made a reappearance in Lucy’s life after disappearing for a year. After his over-the-top, most likely criminal, tagging on the royal castle, the two, along with Happy, had set out on an adventure to find and bring back together the former guild members of Fairy Tail.

After finding a doubting Wendy, a lonely Juvia, and a traitorous Gray, Lucy was beginning to think that bringing Fairy Tail back together was going to be more tedious than she had originally thought. Though, she couldn’t exactly blame them, or their feelings of skepticism and doubt.

Fairy Tail was home.

The disbandment of the guild was like turning your back on your family.

There was plenty of reason behind their feelings of insecurity.

Or maybe Lucy was just being cynical about the entire situation.

Deep inside, the hurt and betrayal that she would never voice was burning brightly. While she smiled and laughed on the outside, the blonde couldn’t shake off the anger and animosity she felt. And at times when Natsu was being the most hypocritical, that was when her true feelings had surfaced.

Because he had left her first.

Fairy Tail she could handle.

But her best friend leaving her with as much as a note for his last words?

That destroyed her.

She was being unfair, blaming Natsu for her turmoil and pitting him at the source of her pain and feeling of betrayal. They had all experienced pain and lost after the battle with Tartaros. She with the sacrifice of Aquarius and him with the loss of his father. It must have taken him all the courage, all the strength in him to leave Fairy Tail, to leave her the way he did.

But it didn’t make it any less painful.


At the mention of her name, the celestial mage turned her head towards the voice calling out to her.

“Hi, Juvia.” She smiled weakly, trying to shake off the melancholic thoughts from her mind.

“Juvia heard from Wendy-san that you and Natsu-san were trying to bring back the guild.” The blue haired woman took a seat next to the blonde, her hands settled in her lap.

Lucy smiled bigger, nodding slightly. “Yes! We want to rebuild Fairy Tail and bring everyone back.”

Juvia’s eyes didn’t move from her hands, and a look of sadness crossed her blue eyes.

“Juvia does not wish to return unless Gray-sama is with Juvia.”

The smile fell from Lucy’s lips as those words left Juvia’s mouth. Juvia was in love with Gray, it only made sense for her to not return. They had shared a life together for six months until Gray disappeared.

‘What is it with the men in Fairy Tail leaving anyway?’ The blonde thought bitterly to herself.

“We’ll get him back. Don’t worry, Juvia.” Putting a hand to her shoulder, Lucy squeezed it lightly. “And then we can get the rest of Fairy Tail back together.”

Juvia smiled slightly at her longtime “love rival.” But Juvia was not stupid, nor dense. She could see the masked feelings behind Lucy’s brown eyes.

She was in pain.

And after witnessing the slight quarrel between Lucy and Natsu earlier, it was clear to see that Natsu had left her love rival behind also. Because there was nothing but bitterness in the celestial mage’s voice, which was uncommon for the blonde.

“Lucy-san, may Juvia ask you a question?”

Lucy blinked, not knowing what to expect. But she nodded and smiled, saying “Of course.”

“Was Lucy-san left behind by Natsu-san?”

Surprised by her sudden forwardness, the blonde didn’t react immediately. But after letting the question sink in, Lucy found herself engulfed in sadness. Over the past few months, she had learned to keep her depression at bay, controlling her emotions, especially around Natsu.

She bit her lip, struggling to make eye contact with the blue haired mage. “I wouldn’t necessarily say left behind…”

“Natsu left for a year, without me, to train, to become stronger.” Because even if Lucy was angry at him, she couldn’t hold her best friend accountable for his actions.

“Juvia is not dense, Lucy-san. Juvia can see that Lucy-san is still affected by Natsu-san’s disappearance. Juvia saw the tension between the two of you earlier.” Juvia wasn’t an idiot. Though she called Lucy her love rival, she knew that the blonde had a special bond with Natsu Dragneel. Whatever it was, whether something romantic, or something deeper than that, Lucy wouldn’t fall for her precious Gray-sama.

With her mouth agape, and eyes slightly bulged, the blonde turned away, her eyes fell with guilt and shame.

“I admit, there is still a part of me that wants to blame Natsu that is still so angry with him for just leaving me behind.” A sad smile crossed her face, trying to bury those darkening thoughts. “But, I think about how hard it must have been for him to leave us like that. I think about all that we lost during the battle with Tartaros. I think about the scars that were left behind.”

At the moment those words left her lips, Lucy’s hand reached for her keys, clenching Aquarius broken key tightly.

“So for Natsu, this was the only way for him to move on, to go forward.”

And that’s what Lucy truly wants to believe. Because she couldn’t image him leaving her behind for any other reason.

“Juvia killed the monster that controlled Gray-sama’s father.” Juvia began, clenching her hands tightly in her lap. “At times, even though Gray-sama said he forgave Juvia and thanked her for freeing her father of his suffering, Juvia feels like Gray-sama still blamed Juvia and secretly hated Juvia.”

“So when Gray-sama disappeared, Juvia couldn’t help but feel like Gray-sama left because he still blamed Juvia for his father’s death.”

Juvia began to cry, her heart feeling overwhelmed with emotions. It was always a thought in the back of her mind, that Gray secretly hated her for essentially killing her. And he only stayed with Juvia out of spite. And when he got the opportunity, leave her.

Like he did now.

Lucy enveloped Juvia in a hug, her heart feeling for the water mage beside her. She understood the anguish, the heartbreak the girl beside her was experiencing. For Lucy, it was hell. Not only having Fairy Tail disband, but having Natsu disappear from her life. But for Juvia, she would imagine it was much worse.

Natsu lost his father in front of him, Lucy watching the battle from afar.

But Juvia helped aided in Gray’s father’s death.

It was logical why Juvia thought Gray hated her.

And it didn’t help the situation that the ice mage had ended up disappearing 6 months.

“Gray is normally an apathetic person who rarely opens up to others.” The blonde said, “For him to open himself to you, live with you, share memories with you, it speaks for itself on what you mean to him.”

Pulling away from Juvia, Lucy rested her hands on either side of Juvia’s shoulders, smiling at her with a smile of empathy.

“Like Natsu, I’m sure Gray has a reason for disappearing for 6 months and leaving you behind. He wouldn’t leave without a sort of explanation. Gray is lots of things, but he isn’t the type to abandon another, especially when he knows what it feels like to be alone.”

The tears pooled from her eyes, falling, streaming from her sullen, blue eyes. Juvia admired Lucy for her optimism and her sense of hope. Because even though she had suffered, the blonde kept her chin up and smiled, believing that everything would be okay.

“We’re going to find him. And when we do, we’ll give him a good talking too.” With a blink and snarky smirk, Lucy punched her fist into her open hand, mimicking Natsu’s movements.

Juvia smiled, nodding her head, wiping away at the tears in her eyes. She decided she must be strong too. Because she couldn’t fall behind her Gray-sama.

“Yo! Lucy! Let’s go! We gotta get to Sabertooth!”

Natsu Dragneel’s voice rang throughout the small house, a look of determination written across his face. He poked his head inside, Happy floating behind him.

“Come on, Lucy!” Happy said.

Called woman turned back to Juvia and winked, a grin settling on her lips. “We’ll find him, okay? So just sit tight!” The blue haired woman smiled slightly, having the upmost faith in her companion.

The blonde stood from the chair, stretching slightly. “Alright, let’s go!”

“I’ll stay here with Juvia-san until you get back. Have a safe trip you two!” Wendy waved with a smile.

Natsu and Lucy nodded, heading out the door, with Happy flying behind them. Watching from the window, Juvia observed the blonde and pink headed individuals, making their way towards the Sabertooth guild. She smiled as her chest lightened up slightly.

In that moment, Juvia felt hopeful once more.

And that Fairy Tail wasn’t over quite yet.

I’m watching the film “Unbranded” for the second time, and I’m honestly torn in two directions over it.

Amazing horses. Amazing countryside.

Careless horsemanship on some parts though, which honestly sets me back.

I mean, the four guys are Aggies, so it’s really not a surprise to me (no offense to my Aggie fans out there, but I have yet to meet an Aggie boy I really like). I feel like there were better ways this could have been done, but I also was taught quite a few ways of “cowboy” type horsemanship, my best friend has been around a lot of good ol’ cowboys, and I just.

Ugh. I don’t know.

I suppose there are three main things I wholeheartedly disagree with? Oh well. I think the points it makes in the mustang debate, as far as range management goes, are EXTREMELY valid.


Sometimes I wish emotions were more like math logic problems, with a clear set of variables that could be followed through to one correct solution.

I mean, it sort of is, except for the clear set of variables part, and the part about there being only one solution. Oh yea, and the part about a solution that’s correct.

This is all messy, and personally… I feel inadequate recently to handle the mess well.

Best case, I keep my mouth shut till I sort things out. But then, I miss out on my team being able to support me. But then, I risk saying the wrong thing and upsetting people who were just trying to be my support. But then, if I don’t let myself be vulnerable, we can’t grow together. But then, but then, but then….

Aw crap. I’m going to have suck this up and open up to the team. But I don’t wanna. But we could be better if I do. And we won’t be better off I don’t.

AUGH! It’s worse than I thought… This is math, it’s just more specifically like statistics. I really much prefer algebra.

I really like the inclusion of costumes with kinks! Especially when they dress in something that sets them up perfectly for their “role.” But even in general it’s the best thing seeing characters dress up, it’s like my favorite part of Halloween. I guess there’s candy stuffing too, although I’m still ambivalent on how I feel about that being stuffing material OTL

Oh jeez.. Well in some official art Zapp dressed up as a (mummy..?) werewolf, which is just yes for my big-bad-wolf-loving self. Really I’m a sucker for the werewolf gimmick for all my faves BUT I’ll try to offer some variety. Demyx I think would be funny in a gaudy 80s rockstar getup that someone(s) decides he must lose, one way or another. Bokuto I can’t help but think of a cupid getup for the wings.. yeah the wings.. … And put Zevran in a sexy cop outfit. Because I have a mighty thirst.

AS FOR OCs.. it’s bad because I don’t like trying to shove ideas on others’ characters OTL But it would be funny seeing some in fandom outfits for one. Like Hans had the Han Solo getup and Caelum that Leia dress (I’m so sorry), or Kai in a sports anime outfit hahaha. And Wiggy imagine Jake in a sexy teacher costume or a kingly raiment to fuel his ego lmao.  I DUNNO THOUGH BUT THIS SOUNDS LIKE IT’D BE FUN. Like everyone should draw/write their OCs in their Halloween costumes!

… Okay so that answer above? Apply nigh-everyone from it here. HAHAHA oh but a few more could be included here too that they’d need to fill out, like Spark in a Snorlax costume, or my OCs Colt or Jarehs in a lumberjack outfit. Or ya know.. Takuya Sekizan in a cowboy costume w/ assless chaps. Because I have a mighty thirst.