Kissyface cecilos trade with montillyet because this art deity somehow wanted?? to trade??? with? mE?? I’ve loved her Cecil and Carlos designs since I first discovered this fandom so it was v fun to attempt to draw them even if it..wasn’t..e.xactly successful *melts into the floor* (there was supposed to be more to this but I had to crop it way down bc anatomy was not my friend today)

Did they just kiss? Are they about to kiss? Both?? itisamystery.png

I worked a bit more on my Rumple doodle, and while it could still be fiddled with, I stopped here because I want it to be relatively simple, and it was intended to just be a scribble.  I wasn’t really planning on uploading it to Redbubble or Society6, but if any of you would be interested in having it on a t-shirt, mug, bag, etc., let me know and I’ll upload it right away.  

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Please reblog but do not crop/edit/repost.  Thank you!

Please don’t use my artwork for any purpose (including icons, edits, backgrounds etc) without permission from me! I will usually give permission but I like to do it on a case-by-case basis, especially if you want to crop or manipulate it in any way. Just message me if you want to use it and I will let you know if it is okay, and how to appropriately credit me.

This doesn’t apply to if the artwork was made specifically for you (e.g. commissions, giveaways), or if you want to use it for your personal desktop or phone background. c:


This was meant to be a larger image with more characters for the holidays but I ended being very busy and never finished it. Decided to repost it onto here since the cropping isn’t good on my old blog. And I’ve included the sketch just for funzies

Anywho, here’s some korrasami fan art!

First Art Trade ever is complete ! This one is for the lovely duz-machines-1984 that had requested old cuddly leo and raph at the Northampton home, it’s in regards to their fialt-tmnt Verse, so if you are just as much of a sucker for leoxraph you need to check it outt
Anyways I hope you enjoy and I hope this is cute enough because really I was sobbing the whole time drawing this, old turtles kill me.
I cropped a closer picture of just the turtles but I’m on my phone atm and I can’t upload it! Might try later


It’s been seven months since I first posted Redefining Routine!! Wah… When I first added drawings to my fic, I just followed a simple set of rules — use only one brush setting, keep backgrounds simple, and stick to a limited colour palette. As the story progressed, I began deviating from my own guidelines, and for Memorable Mundane I practically ignored them altogether ;;

I experimented with drawing traditionally first and then refining the sketch digitally, I started adding really unnecessary details, and I even tried drawing the background first before doing the line art (which was painful because the bg ended up getting covered AND cropped out!! but it was good practice, I guess)

It’s such an experience to work on this story tbh. With every update I always remind myself that I’d keep writing regardless of whether or not someone was going to read it, but wOW a whole bunch of you actually do read it, and I’m very thankful for that ;__;

132/365 photo project

Pyramid. Sticking with structures for another day, I wondered if you’d enjoy this?

At first glance it’s a pyramid on a misty day, being lit from one side. but it’s actually a corner of my bedroom, where a wall hits the ceiling.

I woke to it being lit just as it is and couldn’t stop staring at it. Focusing and defocusing my eyes, enjoying how the three dimensional elements changed.

By cropping, and leaving out all the context, the image becomes an abstraction, just the kind of abstraction that calls to me to raise a camera to my eye.

© StueyB

Some announcements

Hi friends! Here are some things:

  1. The art prints of undine!lock pinups came in! I just have to sign them and crop them down, then I will be sending those out. Hopefully by next weekend, but I’ll post here to let everyone know. If you want one, details are here. <3 Thank you to everyone who ordered, I appreciate you!
  2. After my next RL update, I will be locking my Ao3 stories. I’m doing this to prevent muggles from finding my Sherlock Holmes erotica. That just means you need to make an Ao3 account in order to read them. It just requires an email and the patience to wait a couple days until you get your invitation. It’s a minor inconvenience for access, in my opinion, and helps keep me safe. Thanks for understanding!

Is this okay?

I just screenshotted one of yours and added a bit of BG color >< Can I use it as a profile pic? I’ll credit you and everything, I just love your art of Trucy so so much

yes go ahead- i usually.. don’t want my art edited in any way. i don’t mind if you want to use them for anything but please leave them as it is… (cropping or using them as icons is fine though but yea other than that no edits pls)

but eh it’s not that much of a big deal for me so go ahead as long as it’s not edited like extremely or anything

and it’s nice of you to ask first, so thank you for that!

So if you saw the previous post this is the drawing I lost, I got this from a screenshot but I lost a lot of stuff

(I basically just threw my name beside this crop of the screenshot and yeah I am gonna mope)