@thunderboltsortofapenny said: No no let’s do this! Why would steve need to be fake married. Or why would bucky need to be fake married to Steve. We need a reason. #Viper do the thing #It’ll be fun!

So I did the thing, and it’s stupid and terrible, but here, have it:

Bucky’s an EMT. Normal guy, just living his life, trying to help where he can. And then one day, all of a sudden, the aliens are invading NYC, and Bucky’s out there helping, right in the middle of the danger zone because of course he is.

There’s a fight going on, and a bunch of freaks in weird suits seem to be fighting the aliens, but Bucky doesn’t have much time to focus on anything other than all the people in dire need of medical attention. He does what he can to help, grabs the first metal bar he can find and fights only the aliens getting in his way, and works himself to exhaustion. Then there’s a blast, and it sends a man flying right into the wall next to him.

“Hey, you okay?” Bucky asks, rushing to help him, and though Bucky could’ve sworn the blow was hard enough to crush anyone’s ribs, he’s surprised to see the man–who must’ve been on his way to a costume party–stand up practically unscathed.

He’s got broad shoulders and a strong jaw and eyes of the prettiest shade of blue Bucky’s ever seen, and even with his face covered in soot and grime and blood, Bucky’s heart skips a beat.

For a few seconds the man seems a bit disoriented, then he finally registers Bucky’s presence. “What are you doing here?? Get out of the streets!”

“I was–” Bucky starts, and is cut off by an explosion right above their heads and a bunch of debris raining down on them, and a hand shoving him aside.

When he comes to, which is a surprise in itself, the dust has started to clear, and the man who’s clearly saved his life is carrying him as if he weighed nothing, concern in those beautiful eyes and a big, warm hand pressed tenderly against Bucky’s neck, checking for a pulse.

He locks eyes with Bucky and sighs in relief, the hint of a smile on his plush lips, but the hand remains where it is. “Hi,” he says. “You all right?”

“Y-yeah… Thank you,” Bucky replies, but he doesn’t move to free himself of the man’s arms. His stomach is doing something weird, and the man surely has other people to rescue, but for a few seconds they both just stay there, shell-shocked and staring at each other like the world around them has stopped.

Then something blows up nearby, and the spell is broken.

Carefully, the man helps him to his feet, makes sure Bucky’s in one piece, and then says, “Find shelter, okay? Stay inside.”

Bucky’s not planning to, but he can’t find it in him to tell that to this incredible man, so he slowly licks his lips and nods. Before turning around to leave, the man offers him a small, shy smile.

- - - - -

During the next few weeks after the Chitauri attack on NYC, every single piece of footage of the Avengers fighting against the aliens and helping civilians goes viral. Phone videos, security cameras, blurry pics.

The most popular, by far, is a snapshot of Captain America carrying a guy, who can be seen fighting aliens and helping people in other videos, bridal style, thumb caressing his jaw, and both looking like lovestruck teenagers.

Bucky can’t go to the grocery store or even do his job without being stalked by the paparazzi or Cap’s groupies or just random people wanting to know what his Avenger name is, and for how long he’s been dating Captain America.

- - - - -

“You’ve ruined my life!!” Bucky tells him, because of course, of course Captain America would pick Bucky’s park for his morning run. Of course Bucky’d slip on wet leaves on the pavement precisely this morning, and of fucking course Captain America would just happen to be around to catch him at just the right time. Bucky’s seeing red.

“I’m sorry,” Captain America says, and it’s extremely unfair just how genuine and how much like a kicked puppy he looks.

Christ, Bucky wants to punch him.

- - - - -

Steve’s been living in PR hell.

He’s spent the past weeks “saving” girls and boys alike from getting hit by a bicycle, or fainting, or a fuckton of equally stupid shit.

The second anyone spots Captain America, there’ll suddenly be some kind of dangerous situation going down, and someone hoping Cap will carry them bridal style to safety and maybe fall head over heels in love with them in the process.

Steve is tired and done and ready to get back in the ice for another few decades, and shares Pepper’s worries that someone might actually put themself in real danger soon.

“We should handle this before it gets worse,” Nat says. And Steve agrees, of course, but he just doesn’t know how.

“Just marry the guy,” Clint suggests.

Steve almost chokes to death on his own spit.


Clint shrugs. “Why not? Half the world already thinks you’re dating…”

“Clint, he hates me…”

“Only cause people keep pestering him about this. If you two get married it’ll be a circus, but then it’ll blow over. He can’t even do his job right now, right? So you pay the guy for the trouble, yadda yadda, then when this is over you two get a quick divorce, and that’s it. Problem solved.”

For two minutes, no one else opens their mouth. Then:

“He’s got a point…”

“Tony, no,” Steve whines.

“You saw the footage, how he was helping those civilians… If you have to marry someone, he’s not a bad candidate,” Nat says, and then smirks. “Plus, he’s cute.”

Steve already knows he’s lost this battle, but that doesn’t help him feel any better about this. Yes, he’s cute. Yes, he’s a brave and kind and smart guy. Yes, Steve could very easily pretend to be married to him for a while and yes it’d help them both. None of that’s the problem.

The problem is that he kind of really likes the guy.

The problem is that the guy hates him.

This is a really, really bad idea.

Happy Birthday Jack McBrayer!

Happy Birthday Jack McBrayer! Have the best day ever! An amazing day for an amazing guy! 

 Thank you so much for helping to bring us all such an amazing and positive friend like Wander. I wish you the best of luck with all of your future projects and I hope one day you will be able to return to WOY for a third season and bring Wander back to us for more adventures and lessons in friendship! You and Wander were just meant to be! 

 Thank you for signing my WOY poster too! You’re the greatest!



XXXX: So do you have any pets?

ENFJ: Yes. They don’t really do much but lay around all day and skulk around at night. I don’t really think they like my presence much though, but they’re nice company nonetheless. They’re kind of a weirdo and don’t really know whether they want to go out and do something or just hide in a hole forever. Plus they leave a mess wherever they go.

XXXX: You have a cat?

ENFJ: No, I have an INTP.

Got7 reaction to their girlfriend always wearing heels

A/N - I relate so hard to this request bc I literally wear heels every day and cannot live without them lmao. Enjoy the reaction guys~

Can you do Got7 reaction to their gf always wearing tall heels?

Mark: I don’t think Mark would care too much if you wore heels all the time or not. He might prefer a more casual look with some converse or something but as a whole, he doesn’t really mind that much.

JB: JB would probably think you’d look good wearing them and would admire your legs a lot. I think he would love to see you without the heels though sometimes, especially of you’re on the shorter side.

Jackson: Jackson would probably prefer you to not wear heels but would still think you looked amazing. If you were taller than him, he might complain a little about how small he is until you reassure him he’s perfect just as he is.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would love you wearing heels because he does like that more feminine appearance and he’d be unable to stop thinking about how amazing and elegant you looked all the time.

Youngjae: Youngjae would just want you to feel happy and comfortable all the time so you wearing heels is no big deal to him, unless they start to hurt and then he’s a protective little boyfriend who will offer to carry you for a bit.

Bambam: Bambam would take loads of pictures of you all the time because he loved all the heels you would wear with different outfits and he’d create a little photo album of you on his phone modelling them all.

Yugyeom: I think Yugyeom would try and convince you to wear flat shoes more often just because he knows they’re better for your feet than heels are. He’d think you looked really good in them though.

Open Letter To The Community

So recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts circulating of other members of the community saying things along the lines us “I’m not nearly as good looking as everyone else in the community” or “Compared to everyone else around here, I look ugly”.  I’ve also even had some people who have told me this directly in conversation, that they felt not good enough to be here, not attractive enough, or they just doubt themselves and feel intimidated to talk to people because of that.


ALL of us are here for ONE reason, a SINGLE reason we all know and have in common.

We all like tickling.  

Whether it be sexual or not, whether you consider it a fetish, kink, or just an interest/love, we are all here because we all love the same thing.  So we are all basically a community of nerds who made blogs so we can reach out and connect with others who feel the same way!  No one is better than anyone else, there’s no popularity system happening, there’s no cliques, we are literally all just a bunch of geeks who wanted to find a place to express their love for this thing we all love.

This community NEEDS you, ALL of you!  We are filled with people of all shapes, sizes, colors, sexualities, personalities, races, religions, mental illnesses….the list is endless, but we are such a beautiful place of acceptance for all of those things I’ve listed, and more and thats literally one of my favorite things about this place.  No matter what you look like, no matter how annoying you might think you are, there’s always a friend or a group of friends here that you click with because we are all such an amazingly accepting crowd.  

This community would most certainly not be at all what it is without all of you guys, its members.  Because all of us are so different, it makes it so much easier and fun when all of us come together and connect with each other here.  The fact that you look different or act different than other blogs is perfect and so more than welcome, and you’re what makes this community such an incredible place to be in. 

So please my lovelies, stop self-deprecating because you may not feel good enough to be here, or as good as another blog, but you so ARE and I WANT you here because seeing all of your little reblogs, posts, likes, and stuff make me so happy.  You MORE than deserve to be here because you’re you, you’re beautiful, you ARE good enough, and most importantly you’re unique, which is what makes this community so amazing to be a part of.  I’m honestly so honored to be a part of this family with each and every one of you here.  

-Abs xoxo

Welcome to Hannibal Cre-Ate-Ive’s Masterpost for #ReleaseTheCrackin!  Thank you so much to all the creators for making us laugh, and all of the commenters and rebloggers and kudo-givers for making us feel loved!

If we have missed your contribution, please let us know!

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And i leave you...

With the six posts below this.

I said that once i was done with “Iron Lady” i would take a break. One or two weeks off. ( I will leave gifs queued up on @keanu-c-reeves btw) and well, that’s pretty much it.

To all of those who read “IL” and sent their love and reviews, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Really. I think it’s been the best experience i’ve had on this blog so far. You all made it ten times more exciting. <3 I cannot thank you enough. (The masterpost is below this too).

AND GUESS WHO’S GOING SHOPPING TODAY AND PLANS ON FINALLY BUYING “LOLITA”!?!?  (For those who’ve asked me. Trust me. I will get back to you all when i read it and watch the film)

Adios, my friends. Stay lit.

See you soon. <3


#176 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “Meeting van at a family friends barbeque?” and “Van dating an actress and they are at a movie premiere but Van gets uncomfortable watching his girlfriend’s sex scene so they ended up fighting about it but the girl manage to convince him in the end. You know, make it as cute and fluffy as possible.”

It was good to be home and around people that didn’t want you to sign photoshopped portraits of yourself. There was time to lay around on your friends’ couches, smoking and listening to music. There was so much to catch up on. You could visit your family, make them marvel at your fantastic life, find out what they needed so you could spend all your excessive income on them. What else were you going to do with the money? Even the rainy weather felt good. You’d spent too much time in Hollyweird, and all you wanted was normality. All you wanted was to feel bored and to talk to average people and eat food made with love. It was good to be home.

Your mum’s friend was having a barbeque. Their son was back home. Like you, he was returning from worldwide adventures in stardom. His medium was sound though, where yours was film. You’d met Bondy only a handful of times. Your mum had become friends with his maybe five years ago, so he was already off touring most of the time. On the brief occasions you’d spoken him, you’d felt at ease. It was good to be reminded that weird didn’t have to mean bad. He was different to the rest of the world in a way that was charming and fun. It wasn’t an unsettling weird like half the people in the film industry. When you followed your mum into the front yard of Bondy’s parent’s house, he was sitting on the front steps. He stood when you both approached.

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heyimkandy  asked:

would there be any romantic relationship between christine and jeremy before he gets with michael? (he does get with michael right?)

yup yup ! jeremy pining for christine and michael pining for jeremy is still a thing. it’s pretty slow burn tbh. christine and jeremy eventually mutually break up (christine brings it up tho) and they accept that they’re just not that compatible and jeremy realises his crush may have blinded him a little on that. but they stay v close friends after that. the boyf riends get together is slightly slow bc jeremy realising he might like his friend more than platonically is a little shocking ya know and michael, who’s been pining for years, isn’t willing to risk a 12 year long friendship even tho there’s some obvious mutual feelings there. 

the squad is very much done in the background of all of this lmao

It kills me so much, because all throughout Tallahassee you can just see how much Killian genuinely likes Emma.  He thinks she’s an awesome badass with the bonus of being extremely attractive.  He looks at her and thinks “fuck yeah, she’s a good choice for an ally” and all he wants is for her to trust him like he already trusts her.  Which of course is what makes her chaining him up and leaving him at the top of the beanstalk so much worse, because imagine what would have happened if she’d followed her gut and trusted him like she wanted to??  Imagine how much time they’d have saved??  Ugh, it just kills me to even think about it.

Hello all,

My boyfriend is very sick right now, but he lives in another city. I’m trying to find spells to help him. He has a very powerful cough, his throat hurts, and he has a lot of back pain. Any help or prayers would be so very much appreciated. His name is Charlie.

Thank you all so much, blessed be.

If God can love me as much as He does with all the mistakes I’ve made. I have no excuse but to love others when what they do to me is only a fraction of the pain God feels when I sin against Him. Love and serve all those you meet.