Camila talking to the paparazzi when leaving Katsuya with her mom


and california never felt like home to me
until i had you on the open road



Thank you guys so much for liking the blog and submitting all the incredible fanart and cosplay you’re making! I love this show and I’m glad I get to share it with such cool, talented, original, lovely people! :)

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How do you feel about all the hate for the Star Wars prequels? While I like the OT better because they have Luke, I personally liked those movies fine? But I feel like if I say so in public I have to be ready for an argument.

Yeah, that about sums it up.

I like the OT better as a whole, too, because I think the storytelling is tighter and Luke’s character arc is just amazing and, tbqh, because I have a greater preference for redemption stories.

That said, I like the prequels as well. Were they perfect? No. But really the OT wasn’t either: there’s plenty of clunky dialogue and awkward plotholes and retcons in both trilogies. I think the prequels do a good job of setting up the OT, and they make the galaxy a much, much larger place than the OT gave us.

But the most important thing the prequels do, for me at least, is cast the redemption story of the OT in a new light.

I’m one of those people who is, technically, in the PT generation, but I grew up with the OT, and I was old enough when the PT started coming out that I still remember all of my old headcanons and thoughts about Star Wars when the OT was all that existed.

And I’m not sure people realize what a massive difference the PT’s portrayal of the Jedi makes for the meaning and theme of the OT? I mean, when the OT was all we had, it read very much as: this is the story of Luke Skywalker, and how he redeems his father. And that’s what I fell in love with Star Wars for. But back then, the Jedi came across as pretty straight-forwardly good, especially Yoda. Oh, you still had Obi-Wan “Certain Points of View” Kenobi telling Luke he’d have to kill his own father or he’d be letting the Emperor win. And that has always disturbed me. But before the PT, it somehow didn’t read as quite so disturbing to me? And the Yoda of ESB and ROTJ really did come across as a wise, compassionate, and all around good person.

The biggest thing the PT does, for me, is to show us what the Jedi were actually like. And the thing is, they were deeply, fundamentally flawed. In ESB Yoda tells Luke that wars don’t make one great, but the Jedi were warriors. By the end of the PT, that was their defining characteristic, to the point that they didn’t seem to know how to solve problems other than by fighting. They talked about compassion (or at least, Anakin did - I find it interesting that we don’t hear any of the other PT era Jedi ever so much as mention the word), but they didn’t live it. They held themselves aloof from the general public and they were embroiled in politics. They sent children to fight and die in wars. They took charge of a slave army of beings genetically engineered to be more obedient with seemingly no qualms.

Obviously, the Sith are without question worse than the Jedi. But the OT painted a picture that was largely black and white (although it was possible to read between the lines with Obi-Wan, and his lies to Luke were always pretty shady), but the PT explicitly repainted the picture in shades of grey. (One of many reasons why “Only a Sith deals in absolutes” is so hilarious to me.)

Suddenly, in light of the PT, the OT becomes a redemption narrative for everyone, not just Anakin. Luke redeems his father, and he also redeems the Jedi. Luke and Leia together redeem the Republic, which was just as flawed and broken as the old Jedi Order.

And to me that makes the story of Star Wars much richer. And, actually, it even makes it more hopeful. It’s about rebuilding a broken world full of broken people, and it insists (because Luke was right) that redemption is possible and the world can be rebuilt.
fic: incalescent
By Organization for Transformative Works

(5,649 words)

rating: nc-17
pairing: harry/louis

The onset of heat is something Louis still hasn’t learned to recognize. [a/b/o. non-au] 


Can’t believe this sweet baby girl is 4 months old today! 👶🏻💛👼🏼

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I swear, you and Hubby are relationship goals! Any tips for maintaining such a fun and healthy relationship? :)


That’s sweet of you to say, thank you. It’s really worth pointing out though that it hasn’t always been fun and healthy. You’re taking two separate lives and trying to smoosh them together to create a shared life, and you should expect there be problems along the way.

There’s no One True Path, I don’t think. Every individual and every relationship is different. I’ll be happy to tell you some stuff that I’ve discovered over the years and I think they’re generally applicable, but they come from my experiences. My experiences will never trump yours.

There are, I believe, three important things that factor into meaningful relationships (and this is for any type of relationship: romantic, friendship, whatever): Honesty, Communication, Effort. And if you can work Sense of Humour in there too, then you’ve got bonus stats in everything else.

Honesty is the foundation of any relationship. Honesty with each other, and honesty with yourself. A relationship built on lies can’t withstand.

Communication is absolutely necessary. You need to be able to voice what you think and how you’re feeling to everyone involved in the relationship. Nobody here is a mind reader, and you shouldn’t expect them to be. And you can avoid just so much damage ahead of time. Talking out something small can neutralize it before it becomes something huge, and as someone who has been through both the small things and the huge things, I will take the small things every single time. And communication only brings further understanding, which is amazing not just in helping you connect with the other person(s), but again just neutralizes so much shit before it becomes shit.

And then effort, which is I think the key to maintaining a relationship, and the part I tend to see missing most often (including in myself). The thing with effort is that there’s no finish line. You can’t ever stop. It may not always be difficult, you may find the effort comes quite naturally, and that’s awesome. But even when it’s not coming naturally, you still have to put it in. Equal effort into a relationship is a must by all parties, all the time.**  If you ever find yourself not bothering or even wanting to, it’s time to revisit honesty and communication.

Sense of humour, like I said, is the bonus for everything. It can make every other piece that much more enjoyable. Plus, when you fuck up (and you WILL fuck up), there’s nothing quite so healing as sharing a laugh.

(**) Now I say “equal effort all the time”, and obviously that’s not realistic. For example, I struggle with depression, so sometimes Hubby is putting in 100% and I’m putting in maybe 2%. But that 2% is also my 100% possible at that time. And this is where communication comes in, because my 2% may purely be in letting Hubby know when I’m having a tough time. But that’s so important because it lets him understand and adjust. We’re not machines, and it’s impractical for us to expect or assume that our effort will always be equal. Each relationship’s “levels” are personal and specific and the only right or wrong lies in the feelings of everyone involved.


The many faces of Oikawa Tooru

to be honest: tumblr has made me feel awful about liking so many places and cultures. Since I was about 9 I was lucky enough to be able to travel to many places around europe. For the amount of time i was there, I saw and learned so much. I went to school and was surrounded by people from all corners of the globe. Speaking and being able to be friends with them was an amazing experience. From religion, to language, to tradition and other things i learned from my peers and got to view a bit of their own world. All the countries amaze me, and one of the things I want to do the most in life is travel. I want to be able to meet people,see extraordinary things and places and try different foods. Sorry this was nothing but a long ramble, I just needed to write this down..

Thank you to all those who have followed and supported this blog and me over last few years. 

I wouldn’t of made it this far without you, all my lovely followers and friends i have made along the way of I guess i long journey as far. I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH. For one coping with my recent Hiatus and two slow updates forgive me. But this is for all of you.I hope you all have a brillant day and stay beautiful and awesome. (>wo)b

With much love and great thanks

Cat~ <3<3<3<3<3<3