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delete the pancake phanart! its not true !!! dan confirmed that phil made it during his younow. you are spreading false statements

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I am terrified of what JKR is going to do to Ron and Hermione in Cursed Child

She better treat them right or I’ll pretend that the book doesn’t exist (at best), curse the book altogether (medium severity), or decry her as an author of anything romione outside the 7 main books (max severity). It’ll depend on how well she treats them… which I guess means that if she’s good to them, I’ll forgive all past grievances to my beloved otp.

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I’ve seen E2-Iris push Barry up against the wall and make-out with him at least a zillion times already and each time I just-

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Okay so please help me out. Every time I draw rose she looks like she has dreads. Any tips on how to make her ringlets look more like actual curls? I'm so sorry to bother you but I love your art and k thought you may have some tips

ah, I’m not sure I’m the best person to ask, since I’ve only ever drawn Rose once and I had trouble getting the hair to look right, too. I could try to offer some advice, though.

If they’re looking like dreadlocks, I’d guess you’re maybe making the ringlets too tight/thin (What you’re going for is to make tubes of hair, noticeably hollow in the middle. Rose’s curls are really wide, like you could stick your whole hand through the middle of them probably.) and having them start further up on the head than you need to. Maybe try drawing a mass of hair, similar to how you would with Amethyst and Jasper (since Rose is also a Quartz), and then instead of the pointed tufts they have, draw the wide tubes of curls Rose has (they’re ‘heavier’ than tufts, so they hang down rather than point up, generally). Try to keep the bulk of the hair toward the top just a mass and add the curls toward the bottom, rather than making tubes of curls from the roots to the tips.

In “Lion 3: Straight to Video”, Rose’s hair is more like full tubes, you also see this a bit in pictures of Rose, like the one with Greg in “Laser Light Cannon” and the big portrait in Steven’s room. But I think after “Lion 3: Straight to Video”, they decided against that for animation, since all subsequent portrayals of Rose have the generally featureless fluffy mass on top with the curls toward the bottom. You can see this in the episodes “Story for Steven”, “We Need to Talk”, and “The Answer”, as well as when Amethyst shapeshifted into her in “Maximum Capacity” and Pearl’s projection of her in “Rose’s Scabbard”. All of these offer great refs for her hair and I’d recommend looking at them for reference when drawing. Also, here’s the ref sheet for her in “Story for Steven”

I’m sure someone more practiced at drawing Rose could give better advice, though


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(Day 10/14) [10/12]

I had a bit of an epiphany tonight while chatting about how Mulder and Scully being broken up has played out and how its been handled so far. The general consensus among the group was that whatever their relationship is right now, it’s working. The tension is working and the banter is working, and I think we can all agree that the revival so far has not been short on MSR (thank you Morgan brothers).

But we have 2 episodes left to go, and their breakup hasn’t been addressed since episode 1 (and barely even then). CC is telling us this is how things had to play out if we are to stay to true to who they are as people and to the passage of time, but he’s shown us absolutely nothing to support this except for a lip service line about Mulder being depressed. And what I realized was that he isn’t giving us any insight into their breakup because in a way, he hasn’t really broken them up. He’s just pretending in a way like the whole thing never happened to begin with. Mulder & Scully’s history is there, it’s there 23 years deep, but that’s in thanks to Gillian & David, not the story.

And I keep coming back to the continuity issues and the reshuffling of episodes that has been driving me crazy, and this is part of it. There just isn’t enough time in 6 episodes to address why Mulder & Scully broke up, and William, and the conspiracy, while still giving us comedic MOTW episodes (and my rambling on this are best saved for another post). So CC uses the idea of a “breakup” as a quick and easy fix to get Mulder & Scully to that emotional place he always considered ideal. Not apart and not together. The breakup wasn’t an actual thing that happened to these characters, it’s just a cheap tool which he uses to pretend these issues never were there in the first place.

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Every time, and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME I see you posted something, I start screaming and THEN check it out. Your art is SO f*cking beautiful and anyone who doubts that should go see a doctor. That is all.