when my crush’s zodiac sign isn’t compatible with mine: we all know deep down zodiac is fake and idk why we pretend it’s real. make your own decisions with your life don’t cling to zodiacs like they actually mean anything. they’re just stars it doesn’t even matter

when their zodiac is compatible: as you can see we’re meant to be.  we have been blessed by the heavens; we are fated to be together. don’t try to argue with me on this the stars never lie

y'all ever think about how differently merle would treat angus after story and song? it’s canon that merle feels threatened by angus because he’s insecure in his own ability to be part of the team (and, it’s implied, to be a father), but once he has his memories of the century back, he’s not really that person anymore

and slowly angus begins to realize, after the tenth or so time he spends time with mavis and merle brings them snacks (merle is 100% a celery and hummus parent, but it’s the thought that counts), that this isnt a long con. merle doesn’t act like tolerating his presence is a huge effort anymore. he teases him, but it’s the same way he jokes with mookie. he doesn’t laugh at him. he doesn’t imply that angus is a burden.

and unlike taako (who still makes fun of him, albeit much more gently) and magnus (who wrote him a clumsy apology note), merle seems to have completely blocked out any memory of bullying angus. lup makes reference to it in front of him and merle deadass pretends he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. “love the kid like he’s my own,” he says, nudging angus. “i was rootin for ya the whole time.” lup raises an eyebrow at angus, but he’s too busy trying not to smile-cry to dispute it.

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Edit: added mine translations

Edit #2: Apparently the “fingers” part is an idiomatic expression. Literally putting fingers together = watching in envy while being helpless.

Look at these 2 master(?) villains

Shigaraki: The effort you’ve spent!! It’s all mine now!!
Shigaraki: From now on, just watch at the sidelines in envy!! Let’s do our best!!

Chisaki is scared! LUL

Spinner: Hurry up or they’ll gonna come soon!! Get in!!
Background: Robbers — !
Chisaki: *throb… throb…*
Shigaraki: It’s our turn next.

RIP press F to pay respects

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Say I was a potential first time gun owner looking at handguns with an appreciation for movie and video game firearms and wanted something a little more interesting than a hammerless glock but in 9mm, what would you recommend?

If you’re a fan of 80s & 90s cop shows/movies, John Woo films, Black Lagoon, etc, there’s the Beretta 92.

If you’re a Cowboy Bebop fan, there’s the Jericho 941/Baby Eagle.

And if you’re into Metal Gear Solid, Rainbow Six, Counter Strike & damn near any “tactical” game there’s the H&K USP, or the even wilder Mark 23 (two of my all time favorite firearms ever)

If you like anything with Navy SEALs, there’s the SIG P226.

Like Splinter Cell and don’t mind more expensive & harder to find ammo? There’s the FN Five seveN.

If you’re a fan of Gunsmith Cats and want a very solid pistol, there’s the CZ 75 (another fave of mine)

Then there’s all the flavors of 1911s…

And if you’re a John Wick fan, get a HK P30L.

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Poem Title:  History?

My hope is draining.
It’s been days now.
No one seems to remember me much,
even my old job.
It’s just me and my brother,
My sun in my life.
Heh. Sun… I haven’t seen that in a while.
I used to be important,
One of the royalties.
Helping with the kingdoms experiments;
discovering, experimenting, mining, scavenging.
I wish they all remember this.
But at the same time I don’t
It made me lose someone important
Well, I think… i don’t know.
Everyone seems to have forgotten them anyways,
He probably was imaginary.
I probably was all alone.
My old job probably didn’t even happen.
Oh well, I usually see this in a dream anyways.
Must be a dream.
A dream…

 I feel like your a safe person to go and let out this kind of creative stuff to. and welp, taking in that hunch, here’s a poem. My friend asked for a sad one, and with my head canon of snas, i just had to write one about ‘im.

It’s not exactly SSLL or the paps artwork I promised you, but I’m getting there, i just need the inspiration and aspiration for it :) .

Thank you so much tho for writing and giving out more inspirations to other people.

the tortoise’s two cents:  Lemme just say that 1) I’m a sucker for poetry (I have an absurd amount of notebooks filled with poems), and 2) this is so nice, and I adore those Sans headcanons.  It just has so much of him in it– the fact that it’s like a dream (just gonna RESET anyway), and Papyrus really is the sun in Sans’s life.  

I love it, and thank you for being so sweet.  I’m so glad that you feel like I’m a safe person to send creative stuff to, and that I can provide some inspiration!  <3