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hey scribs! i've been to a couple of your streams and i noticed that your spotify play bar is pinned to the top of your desktop - do you know how to get it to do that? :0

  1. click the “+” in the sources box
  2. click “window capture”
  3. make sure to have the window you want to capture visible in the background
  4. hold down alt to crop the window
  5. resize if needed and ur done

this is what mine looks like all done btw:

hope this helped!!

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Ethan & dirty talk oh god please😩😍

Ethan would be touching you during dirty talk and would do most of it in public. Like his hand in between your thighs while you guys are out at dinner with the family and he would whisper in your ear “I want you” “I need you right now” which he then leads you into the bathroom of the restaurant and fucks you in the stall while saying things like “you’re all mine princess” “god you feel so good” and such

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For sensual night.. you and Harry waiting till marriage and when you're finally on your honeymoon, he makes it the best night of your life.. I can't even write about it omg

You waited your whole life, just to be in this moment, with the man of your dreams, taking care of you so soft and sweet. And of course, he doesn’t want to hurt you, never ever does he want to hurt his sweet angel.

“Look at tha’.. so beautiful, and all mine.” Harry says, after he has kissed sweetly down your front, lingering touches sliding down your sides to your hips, his hot breaths now hitting your core. You look down to him between your legs, as he kisses the insides of your sides, his nose pressing against your soft skin.

“Waited so long fo’ this..” he mumbles in between kisses, curls shading his face. “How was I able to?” He asks quietly, lips curving up against you.

“Let’s get yeh all relaxed.. yeah?”

Your hand flies in Harry’s hair, gently pulling it back, as he suckles on your clit, cheeks hollowed, the room filling up with your moans and whimpers.

It was so long.. now so sweet.