I really wanna buy or make my own dream catcher. I don’t wanna do so for aesthetic as it doesn’t actually match mine but because my friend who was half native american taught me about them and I honestly am pretty spiritual and believe they might help with my nightmare issues.

I don’t want to appropriate the culture because I have a great respect for the Ojibwe and Lakota people as well as many other tribes, but I honestly think it might offer me some help. What do?

A Night On the Town

Because Niall and Justin are currently hanging out, I was inspired to write this 20-second long Nustin drabble. Let me begin by saying that it is 1:06 AM, I’ve only ever gotten passing grades in my English classes, and I wrote this in 2 minutes. I’d like to thank @hellaplantsjpg for being my lovely beta. Enjoy!

He saw him sitting across the dimly lit room, it was Justin Bieber.

Niall had never seen a prettier face, it was some kind of angel mixed with Miley Cyrus.

It was sweaty in the club they were in, but he was determined to get into Justin’s pants tonight. He couldn’t really focus on much else.

“Pop Lock It Drop It” started playing and Justin stood up from his barstool and began popping it. Niall became hard in his jeans.

The night went on and Niall eventually started talking to Justin. Niall invited him back to his place where they eventually sinned and lived happily ever after. The End.

an actual look at the inevitable moment in season 8 when jaime sees tormund hitting on brienne with his own two eyes and melts down as a person

what does he want with brienne, anyway?

she dresses funny, she listens to the starks, she’s not even cute … in a conventional way

i mean, she’s just like this … nerd who hangs around the girls she swore to protect all the time, and she’s too tall. i couldn’t take her anywhere.

what am i stressed about? this is, like, BRIENNE.

okay, okay, so she’s kind of a betty. but what would she want with tormund? he couldn’t make her happy. brienne needs someone who respects her; someone to listen to her naive but weirdly uplifting speeches about doing the right thing; someone to laugh at her jokes … in case she ever makes any.

then suddenly …