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Imagine Stiles getting annoyed at your obsession for Fall Out Boy, and annoying him even more by belting out the lyrics of their songs into his ear.

——— Request for anon ———

“I swear,” Stiles shouts as he punches the radio off in annoyance, cutting off the beginning of a Fall Out Boy song, “if I have to hear another damn Fall Out Boy song on this road trip!”

“Oh, come on, Stiles!” you whine from the back seat, looking to Scott for some backup, but he’s too amused with how you had managed to get Stiles so riled up with your constant sing-along to every FOB song you heard to be of any help. “Sing it with me: ‘She’s an American beauty! I’m an American psycho!’”

“I’m gonna’ go psycho if you keep shouting that song in my ear!”

Getting reviews is so nerve wracking because it’s like when I get the notification there’s a momentary spike in excitement and delight but then immediately afterward there’s a feeling of dread because I have no idea what type of review it’s gonna be. On the one hand, I could get a long gushing review that makes me super happy, but on the other hand, I could just get a one sentence review along the lines of ‘pls no ichigo in the future’. Which first of all, doesn’t even have anything to do with the current plot, and second of all, results in an instant feeling of annoyance followed by a drop in motivation because what part of don’t tell me how to write my story do people not understand.


“You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

Can we talk about what an acting fangirl Lana is.  This scene was filmed in some actual mine really far away and she drove out there on her day off to watch because she didn’t have any scenes with Bobby in the pilot and wanted to watch him work.

“Do you miss him?”

“More than you can imagine.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. It’s a nice thought actually. That somewhere, in another universe or whatever, me and him end up getting a happy ending.”


Will x Abigail: Swallow Me Whole (Fan Mix)
A mix dedicated to showcasing the parasitic, unhealthy affections of Will Graham and Abigail Hobbs, as seen through Will’s imaginative perspective.

i. amber run, 5 a.m. (& you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone / & you don’t know who to love until you’re lost / & you don’t know how to feel until the moment’s passed / I wish you’d live like you’re made of glass); ii. florence and the machine, strangeness & charm (& our particles that burn it all because they aim for each other, & although we stick together it seems that we are stranging one another); iii. bear’s den, when you break (& I have seen all that you’ve seen, & I have been where you’ve been / No, our hands will never be clean, at least we can hold each other); iv. dawn golden, discoloration (& you knelt beside me & you started to pray / & the whites of your eyes blackened with a hardened decay); v. a boy & his kite, till the end of time (I spent 40 days and 40 nights with no food or drink, just you in my mind / I reached out my hand & gave you sight, I turned your dirty water into wine); vi. aaron tveit, there’s a world (There’s a world, there’s a world I know / A place we can go where the pain will go away); vii. andrew belle, open your eyes (She’ll be a star now, I will follow her lead / She’ll be a scar now, I will still let her bleed); viii. cary brothers, ride (You saw all my pieces broken, this darkness that I could never show); ix. ella henderson, yours (& if I be feeling heavy, you take me from the dark / Your arms, they keep me steady so nothing could fall apart); x. foy vance, be the song (When nightmares come, keep you awake / Babe close your eyes, I’ll take the weight); xi. memoryhouse, modern, normal (Made a choice to feel new, let this aging skin fill in the cracks that you are peeling away); xii. the narrative, tautou (brand new cover) (I’m stinking like a stone in the sea / I’m burning like a bridge for your body)

Tales of 69 min - Horrible cooks

Can you actually reach out and grab it? Is it a tangible thing? Can I feel hope and grab onto it and pass it along to you in a gift box if I felt you needed it? I believe that hope is different for everyone. It can come in the form of a person, a song, a painting, or from a stranger. We find it everywhere and anywhere, but never nowhere.
Hope can keep people going. Hope is powerful, it is healing. To be hopeful is to believe in something greater than the “now”. To experience the feeling that you can have what you want, to see the possibilities of obtaining your desires. When we hope, we acknowledge that things may not be how we want them to be right now, but we look towards the future knowing that something better exists. What’s so amazing is that we aren’t guaranteed this end result we look for, but we try anyway.
—  Hope, morgan rae brown