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You know why i don't buy this whole swan queen development in s4? because it was just fan pandering! the previous seasons were "swan queen less" they were against each other in everything idk man

Wahaheeeyheey my fav kind of questions

I disagree with 2 things in ur ask but i fully agree with one thing

let’s start with our disagreements

it was just fan pandering

I think you’re a confused newbie, and i think you suffer from a lack of knowledge about Once Upon A time, it’s a show about WOMEN fighting their demons, struggling with fate and destiny, healing from their issues, loving their families, believing in love and hope and magic, building relationships, growing and changing for the better, it’s all about Snow White, Emma Swan, Regina Mills, Belle French etc, Regina and Snow has a complicated relationship with its up and down, Emma and snow has a complicated relationship with its up and down as well,same for Regina and Emma you know, what they have is complex abd deep (that’s said by both the writers and the actors,as much as you all try to dismiss THIS one, it’ll only get stronger), nothing new rly, anything that goes between these MAIN characters is called a part of the actual PLOT, it is the story that the writers want to tell, it is the same story that started Once Upon A Time

do you remember the pilot? the red dress? the Evil queen’s entrance? they existed in this show before you started watching it i guess. You cannot call The Evil Queen and The Savior’s dynamic a “fan pandering” that’s insulting for the writers themselves and for the definition of “MAIN characters”, in season 1 Emma and Regina were one of the most important characters that moved the plot, without their rivalry, their fights, their interactions, their tension, without them wanting to finish one another and going against each other, there would be no ouat s1 which means no s2/s3/s4, without Emma and Regina’s interactions ouat would make no sense, let this sink and you’ll see the light i promise.

see, we’re not talking about ships here, i know tumblr gets you a lil confused and makes you believe pretty het things about your ship, but trust me, ouat is a lot more than that, Emma and Regina aka the main characters save storybrook together, they protect their son together, they use magic together, they protect their family together, they plan together, they talk about fate, magic and henry together, they defeat villains together, they team up to solve things together, they move the moon together, they go on a road trip together, they do a lot of things together, things that are really important for the show to continue and for the plot to make sense..typical main characters things ya know

maybe tumblr doesn’t show you this side of ouat, but i invite you to watch the show and ignore tumblr a lil bit (at least ur side of tumblr), it does wonder for the brain.

our second disagreement

the previous seasons were “swan queen less” they were against each other in everything

You’re logicless and your words are senseless so freaking meaningless

My children fought so much, they hurt one another and they threw each other against the wall many times before it was awesome, bcoz you know :yawns: it’s just an evil queen and a savior dealing with their shit, angry lil birds throwing a fit coz of history and all that same old crap, so you see, they have materials in their hands, they fight they argue bcoz they have MATERIALS they have history, snow white, henry, evil, goodness, etc…THAT MAKES SENSE, you know what doesn’t make sense? if the evil queen and the savior started as BFF in the pilot (or if random character 1 is in love w character 2 after 3 eps of their meeting BUTTT let’s not talk abt that :>), and after all their constant fights and delicious rivalry, the development happened and it was awesome and real and earned and and ..let’s stop right here coz this wasn’t ur question was it

let me just refresh ur memory a lil bit

Emma has helped Regina even when they were enemies

even before she knew the truth

and even after she knew who Regina was

and she believed in her when nobody else did

She saw her at her worst

but it didn’t change anything, she still saw her as Regina

or that time when Regina believed in Emma

Or you know..that time when she gave her good memories w their son

Or maybe you need yet another moment of Emma believing in Regina

or Perhaps Regina the glorious former evil queen genuinely apologizing to Emma

or maybe this idk, fanpandering much?

I think now it’s safe for you to rethink abt that “previous seasons were swan queen less” statement

and finally, our ONE agreement

idk man

I second that! you really don’t know shit, man


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