Prompt: Could you do a smexy Solangelo in which Nico has always been wearing low waisted pants and then one day he wears high waisted ones that show off his ass and Will can't take his hands off him? I know it's weird but I just got this idea and idk

by @justagirlinabookworld

Alright, for as long as it took me to actually sit down and write this… I hope it doesn’t completely suck. The timeline is technically a little off (because the Stolls have to be in the same place at the same time that Leo is alive again and Solangelo is canon but we can just ignore that)

~ ~ ~

Nico di Angelo has never been big on what some would call “fashion.” It’s a fairly black and white world, to him, and Nico sees it simply. He has two options. There’s the white– complex, with intricate designs and endless worrying of what may work and what may not; but there’s also the black– simple and easy, with straightforward logos and classic slogans. To Nico, simple and easy is what’s best. After all, it’s always worked for him, a facet of Nico di Angelo that’s always been accepted by his friends and never questioned by his boyfriend, who likes Nico for Nico, not for his fashion sense.

So when he gets up and walks over to his dresser for what he expects to be a simple and easy, normal day at Camp Half Blood, he’s headed for his normal outfit of a black t-shirt (featuring the album cover of his latest favourite band), jeans that might be just a little too big for him, and his leather jacket.

It seems a little odd when the drawer he pulls out is lighter than he’d normally expect, but he thinks little of it. Shrugging his shirt over his shoulder, Nico reaches into the drawer for his classic, baggy black jeans.

Only he finds none.

Scrunching up his eyebrows, Nico leans down and shuffles through his drawer. He’s got seven pairs of socks, three T-shirts he didn’t know were in there, and a stray drachma he didn’t remember acquiring, but no jeans. None, that is, except for an old pair Hazel had given him when he first started staying at Camp Jupiter.

Shrugging, Nico grabs the jeans and heads to his bathroom, dressing quickly and forgetting the difference between his comfortable, low-waisted jeans and these new ones.

The sounds of someone shuffling around on Nico’s porch sends him a bit on edge; walking quickly over to the door and yanking it open, Nico is only slightly surprised to see Leo on the other side of the door in jeans that look suspiciously like his own.

Nico clears his throat. “Uh… Hey, Leo. What’s up?”

Leo, previously on his way down the cabin steps, cringes and turns partially around, meeting Nico’s gaze with a sheepish look of his own. “Ah, not much. Just on my way out.”

“Why were you here in the first place, Valdez?” Nico didn’t really mind seeing him there, but it was a rare occasion when Leo actively sought out Nico on his own. Leo sighs and turns all the way around, leaving Nico to the realization that Leo’s jeans really aren’t Leo’s at all.

“Well it’s really a funny story, actually,” he begins. “So the Stolls and I got in a little prank war.” Nico rolls his eyes, knowing anything involving pranks and the Stolls isn’t a “little” occurrence.

“Alright,” Leo hedges, “it was a little bit of a massive prank war. There was an argument about the last game of capture the flag, and while yeah, I technically did rig their cabin first, that really didn’t give them the right to feed my clothes to the Naiads. So my response was to-”

“Valdez. Why are you wearing my jeans?”

“You’re the one closest to my size. Chiron’s working on getting more, but we’ve run out in our storage and it’ll take him at least a day to get clothes from the city. Come on, Nico, please? I was going to tell you eventually.”

Another eye roll from Nico. “No you weren’t. But whatever, that’s fine. Just wash them before you bring them back, alright?”

Leo whoops and thanks Nico, running down the steps for what Nico imagines is only more prank planning. Nico grabs his leather jacket from inside the cabin before shrugging it on and heading over to breakfast. Now that he’s thought about these jeans being different from the ones he normally wears, Nico has realized that these are just a little bit tighter, and they sit just a little bit higher on his waist.

Nico thinks little of it until he gets to the mess hall, sitting in his normal spot at the Hades table, where Will, Jason, and Piper usually join him.

He thinks little of it until Will’s eyes are glued to him, for a reason he doesn’t really understand, the minute he walks in.

He thinks little of it until Will’s hand wanders over to his thigh in the middle of breakfast, causing Nico to almost spit out his food.

Until Will casually pats Nico’s ass when he gets up to clear his plate.

Until Will’s hand just keeps on roaming, trailing fire from his knee to the middle of his thigh,  once he sits back down, and Will just keeps talking to Jason across the table.

It isn’t until after breakfast, when Will catches Nico behind the mess hall and pushes him up against the back wall, hands roaming and mind wandering places Nico wants to follow, that Nico gets an idea of what’s so different. Because while Will may like Nico for Nico, regardless of his fashion sense…

Will bites Nico’s lip, kissing him against the back of the mess hall with his hands exploring the high waistline of Nico’s pants and his ass just below. “Damn,” Will murmurs, but Nico barely hears him his mind is so far away. “You look good, di Angelo.”

Nico’s response is wrapping his arms around Will, pushing them through the shadows of the mess hall and back to the Hades cabin.

Leo returns Nico’s jeans a few days later, as promised. It’s weird, though. Because as Nico folded his jeans, slipping them back into his drawer, he had the thought that maybe– just maybe– he would consider switching up his wardrobe every now and then.

Prompt:  A fic where Katie is pregnant with Travis. And its realleh cute.
by @marvin-the-depressed-robot-42
  • Katie couldn’t find the right time to tell Travis. He was always going on about something which was one of the things she loved about him. He was always so expressive. The only problem was that now, when she really needed to, she couldn’t get a word in.

  • “Platypuses are so cool! Did you know they’re monotremes, which means they’re one of the few mammals that lay eggs? Scientists thought they were a hoax when they were first discovered because-” He dropped the eggs he was taking out for breakfast, and Katie stifled a laugh.

  • “Aw, fuck!” Travis said. “Babe, it’s not that funny, come on… ok, maybe it’s a little funny-” and he dissolved into laughter as well.

  • But Katie sobered quickly, remembering her news.

  • “Travis, I have to tell you something.”

  • “Hmm?” he hummed, cracking the remaining egg into a pan. “Shit, I forgot butter. Hey, did you know that in the 1860s, France was low on butter so Napoleon III offered money for someone to come up with a cheap butter substitute. That’s why-”

  • “Travis!” Katie said, trying to get his attention. “Travis!!!” she yelled a bit louder. Finally, she shouted. “TRAVIS!!!!” That startled him out of his rant.

  • “I have to tell you something.” She took a deep breath. “I’m-”

  • “Pregnant?” He finished. “I know. You missed the garbage when you threw the test out, and it was my turn to take the trash out.”

  • “You…. you KNEW??” She stammered. “You asshole! I was carrying that around for weeks!! And you KNEW??? I was so scared of what you would say…”

  • “Yeah, well,” he said. “It’s great news anyway”

  • “Yes, yes it is.” she replied with a smile. “I love you, you know- Hey, what’s burning?”

  • “Shit, my eggs!” he yelled, running back to the kitchen.

  • Katie smiled. Everything was going to be just fine, if Travis didn’t burn down the apartment by the end of the week.