Tired of Waiting [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

Request: Sebastian X reader X hunter where Seb gets really jealous bc u hang around hunter a lot but when Seb punches him out of reckless rage hunter groans in pain and confesses that he did it only bc he got tired of waiting for Seb to make a move and thought jealousy would lead him to confessing his feelings for you bc he knows u won’t do it either (reader is friendly but shy when it comes to her own feelings) and Seb apologizes and runs to find u and just fluff in the end pls? Maybe Seb stuttering >.<

a/n: i lowkey dont like hunter

DISCLAIMER: its not mine, its @superheroesandnetflix

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You brushed off your light blue ripped skinny jeans, waiting for Hunter outside of Lima Bean. Earlier today you received a text from him asking if you wanted to meet up and hang out. You weren’t one to deny someone’s request, you didn’t have the heart.

Sighing, you checked your phone for any notifications. You heard a small chuckle near you, causing you to turn around. Sebastian was there, leaning against a slightly dirty, old brick wall. You glared at him, crossing your arms across your pink crop top. “It’s not nice to scare people.” you scolded playfully.

He smirked, shaking his head and running his slender fingers through his dark brown hair. “Well, I’m not exactly a nice person.” he smiled. You smiled back, cocking your head, H/C curls falling off your shoulders.

“You’re nice to me.” you pointed out smugly. He rolled his eyes playfully, pushing himself off the wall, stalking towards you. Your shy personality took place, causing you to back up slightly.

He frowned, stopping in front of you. “I don’t bite?” He chuckled in a questioning tone. You blushed and looked down, finding interest in your white converse. A loud, deep voice called your name from behind.

You spun around yet again, finding Hunter hunched over, grabbing his stomach and gasping for air. Your eyebrows furrowed, walking towards him. Placing a hand on his shoulder, you helped him up. Meanwhile, when your back was facing Sebastian, you didn’t notice the scowl on his face.

Hunter stood up, and gave you a charming smile. Your cheeks reddened, giggling lightly. This only enraged Sebastian more. With a small scoff, Sebastian spins on his heels, walking into the Cafè.

Honestly, you were the type of girl to blush at any contact or attention an attractive looking man gave you. Most girls would probably swoon when a guy as handsome as Hunter smiled like that. But not you. Nope. You had to fall head over heels for a different Warbler. More or less, Criminal Chipmunk; courtesy of Kurt.

Hunter held out an arm, which you gladly took. He walked you in, and told you to find a table. You walked over to an empty table, the one you always studied for finals at. Hunter came over a few minutes later, with two drinks in his hand. He set down his drink, then placed yours in front of you. You smiled, eyeing the drink. “How did you know my order?” you asked, laughing.

He smiled shyly, pointing to the counter. “I asked the waitress. I didn’t know you went here that often.” he laughed. You nodded, taking a sip.

“This is my second home. I’m friends with all the waitresses.” you laughed with him, falling into a conversation about everyday things.

“So, are you interested in anyone?” Hunter asked, eyes boring in yours. You opened your mouth, trying to say something, but no words formed. He coughed awkwardly, then nodded his head, like he mentally made a decision. “Look, Y/N, I really, really like you. Alot.” he confessed, leaning forward. Your eyes widened, surprised. “Will you go on a date with me?” He whispered, taking your hand.

You gasped, not sure what to do. Thankfully, Sebastian was there, and heard the whole conversation. Unfortunately, he was mad. He stomped over to your table, and grabbed Hunter’s shirt, punching him hard. You gasped, mouth open. People’s gazes focused out the table, wondering what the commotion was about. You pushed your chair out, and ran out of the shop.

Hunter was still in shock, unable to move. Sebastian saw you hurry out, and he went after you. You found your way into at the front of McKinley, sitting down at one of the blue benches. You heard footsteps heading in your direction, and you slowly looked up. Sebastian was standing there, out of breath.

You huffed in annoyance, turning your back to him. You heard him sigh heavily, and felt the bench tilt slightly went he sat down. “ Y/N.” he whispered. You hummed, still not looking at him. “Look, I’m sorry about the scene back there. I have a good reason why I did that though.” he confessed, running his fingers through his gelled hair.

You scoffed, glaring at him. He looked surprised, you never gave anyone dirty looks. “Then why did you do it Smythe?” you questioned angrily.

He opened his mouth, and closed it again, looking for the right words. “I-I um. I just..” he stuttered, twiddling with his long fingers. You raised an eyebrow, one leg crossing over the other. “I know t-that this is a really bad time, because of what just happened and you are extremely pissed at me, but I need to let you know know because I was almost too late, which is actually why I just did what I just did but..” he rambled nervously, sighing.

You smirked. Sebastian was never nervous. He was known to be cocky and confident. But you somehow managed to make him a small adorable ball of nervousness. You cleared your throat, interrupting his word vomit. He blushed, and finally looked you straight in the eyes, ocean green eyes staring into yours. “I like you Y/N. I punched Hunter because I was.. jealous.” he admitted, face red.

You smiled, placing a small hand on his big one, squeezing it reassuringly. He looked at you, then at your hand, then back at you. He smiled, and you copied. “You don’t need to be jealous.” You whisper softly, leaning forward. He furrows his eyebrows, tilting his head. “I like you too, Seb.” You smiled.

He grinned, so wide his eyes squinted, sparkling happily. He leaned forward, silently asking for permission, and you nodded in confirmation. He locked your lips in his, sucking lightly at the top one. You both smiled into the kiss, as he wrapped his arms around you waist, pulling you onto his lap. You ran your hands through his hair, tugging lightly at the ends.

He moans into your mouth, rubbing your back. You pull away, staring into his beautiful eyes, leaning your forehead on his. He pecked your lips, making you giggle. “I was tired of waiting.” He whispered.

You smiled, kissing him again. “You don’t have too.”

Can I just say that I never stop thinking about you?
In the most innocent way, of course.
Like, when I hear about a gallery opening
Or a play being held in town.
I think about how we could never have movie nights
Because movies suck and it’s funnier to laugh at each other singing karaoke.
I think about how fun it would be to take you camping
Because I know you claim that you suck at hiking but
I also know how much you love the sunset from high places.
I think about you when I have sweets,
We both know I would love to eat them myself but
The way you smile at my little treat gifts is more than enough for me to save them for you.
I think about you in the middle of chemistry class
Because I can’t escape the feeling of happiness of how naturally your friend called me your girlfriend and how your immediate reaction was to cuddle into me.
I think about you every second I can
Because you make me smile so easily
Because it’s the little things that make you excited
Because, even though you’ll call me weird, I miss your smell because it brings me back to lying with you body pressed against mine and your hair blocking my nose.
I think about you as much as I can
Because you can’t ever be mine
And I’m not sure I want you to be
Because your friendship means so much to me
So you’ll never read this
Because I can’t lose you
Over some dumb crush.
—  I finally stop writing about him because she’s clouding my mind now.