In case someone is looking for the whole concert, someone uploaded it on youtube.

I’m so thankful!!

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Help! A friend of mine hasn't ever read a tsukkiyama fic ever and I need to fix this travesty, do you have some good (ideally long) fic recs that are like, relationship/getting together/mutual pining/miscommunication sort of things because I don't wanna just like start with the NSFW you know, and they like long fics a lot more than short ones so?? Help, you know all the good yama fics

Always glad to help~ 

Because, Friends Hug: It’s NSFW, but – but! – it’s a getting together/awkward firsts fic, and I really loved and still do love it. 

Just say “no” to parties: A oneshot, but it’s 2,000+ words, and it’s really cute! Comforting Tadashi and nervous kissing is my favorite. 

Feels like the real thing: Another oneshot, but it’s a longer one! Fake dating is my weakness, ok? 

Your voice is my favorite color: Ongoing and really quite angsty, but it’s really good, and so is the writing style! Also, it has one of my favorite Tsukki HC’s; synthesia!

Cupid is blind: Really really cute, and even though it’s a oneshot (again), it’s a getting together fic! Also, Kagehina, if you like that ship. 

I love you either way: Another in-progress fic, and I think it gets a little NSFW in later chapters, I know it’s angsty as hell, but it’s another getting together one and from what I’ve read so far, it’s really good! 

I don’t read many longer/chaptered fics, but here’s a few I hope your friend likes!