So I just found out that @pearl-likes-pi made a “company is coming” video featuring Pearl a while ago! I had no idea when I made the drawing last night! Looks like I accidentally made some fanart!:D WATCH IT IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!!

Football Terms For Theatre People

The Superbowl is coming up and was kind enough to translate the big game for all of us :)

Cheerleaders: Chorus girls.
Coach: Director.
Deflate-Gate: You lose $4.5 million on a show because your South African mystery investor suddenly dies from malaria.
End Zone: Backstage, including our dressing rooms. (Hasn’t everybody scored in a dressing room before?)
False Start: “Didn’t they call places like 15 minutes ago?”
First Down: Scene Change!
Fumble: It’s like falling out of your triple pirouette. Ugh.
Hail-Mary Pass: Oh, Lord! In football, this is when the players throw the ball really far in hopes of scoring. In our world, it’s like when a theatregoer is trying to “score” tickets to a show via the lottery system. Imagine: You’re at The Book of Mormon on 49th Street and your friend is at Wicked on 50th, and you’re keeping in touch via cellphone. Your name is called at Wicked, and now you’re running for your life to get there before they skip your name and give the tickets away to someone else. The whole time, you’re like, “Hail Mary, full of grace…”
Half Time: Intermission. Substitute a $5 bag of peanut M&Ms for a hotdog.
Huddle: We call this: Prayer Circle.
Instant Replay: “One more time, facing away from the mirror…”
Interception: To best explain this would be to refer to the way Anna Kendrick stepped onstage to sing ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ in “Camp.”
Kick Off: The start of the game, otherwise known as the “Overture.” Am I right?”


2 sides of harry styles in 6 seconds

I’d love to know how to like myself, how easy or hard to fall in love with me. How flittering my attitude is or how easy for love of myself to fade so easily. To know such things is just too silly, but still.
I’d like to fall in love with myself…
So that I’d understand why you left.
—  The Artidope

Commander Badass Lexa ||~^~||


Behold: three Shakespeare-themed Valentine’s Day cards!

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