kaiju-and-kyojin  asked:

I've heard that Porygon2 is a pretty good tank, thoughts?

“Heh… heh-heh… tank…”

“Anyway, yeah, I heard that, too. Never got to experience that stage in a Porygon’s life. Personally as a Porygon-Z, I prefer the role of a special sweeper, but to each their own.” ^v^

Art by the wonderful @daily-reuniclus! Thank you so much for the exchange! =)

anonymous asked:

Can you stop hovering or is it permanent?

“Well sure I can stop hovering if I want to. It’s kinda like standing up and sitting down for you guys out there with legs. See?” ^v^

(Art was brought to you by the talented @daily-sneaselandarkrai, with which I did the ask trade with her sideblog @ocassionalforcesofnature)