Kobold heads

Monk: “I run over and tackle the kobold”
DM (me) : “okay roll a strength Check”
Monk : “nat 20”
Me: “okay you run run up tackle the Kobold and roll over on your back holding your arms around him”
Cleric: “ I hit the Kobold in the head with my hammer as the monk holds it down, you know like a golf swing”
Me: laughing, “okay roll to hit”
Cleric: “nat 20”
Me: laughing even harder now, “okay, yo hit the Kobold in the head with your hammer, you hit him with a bit more force then expecting and his head comes clean off. You see his head go flying through the air and hit another Kobold archer in the back of the room. The archer stumbles back extremely surprised, he looks up, drops his weapon and runs.”
Eldritch knight: “ I use catapult on the kobolds head and try and hit the running kobold”
Me: “ he failed the save roll damage”
Eldritch knight: “20 total”
Me: laughing my ass of at this point “as the Kobold reaches the door on the far end of the room, he turns only to see the head that just hit him flying back at him, the head smashes into his face. He smacks agents the door and goes limp.
Monk: ” I push the headless Kobold off me and ask if any one has a towel.“


“… Boy howdy that’s somethin.”