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So how was touching jack? Was he sweaty? Did you get hold his hand or was it a fleeting touch? Tell us

it was SO CRAZY but I saw it coming omg during dear maria he threw his guitar across the stage to the guitar tech and then took his wires off and was dancing around the stage like an IDIOT !!!

and then he just jumped off the stage and climbed up the barrier and just ??? was there ??? literally a foot away from me ??? and he leant further into the crowd and was grabbing people’s hands and he grabbed miiiine and we were screaming dear maria at each other we had a #moment and then the confetti started coming down and it was INSANE, highkey one of the best moments of my liiiiiiife

and yeah he was sweaty but TBH I was sweatier and our sweat mixed wow how beautiful what a modern day love story anyway we’re thinking a june wedding and ur all invited xxx

“Switch” (ft. BTS’ Jimin) - Rated

a/n: the Jimin smut that I wanted to post last time. Enjoy!

Genre(s): Romance, Humor

Warning(s): Smut, cursing and sensitive language (If you are easily offended, please refrain from reading further. Also, you’ve been warned. Like, dude, honestly.)

Jimin managed to jab the up button while balancing you on his hip. You were laughing as you basically turned to goo under his hold. Occasionally, you would wrap your arms around him, trying to kiss his neck, but you’d laugh and let go and Jimin would have to peel you off the floor again.

“I swear I’m never leaving you with Taehyung again.” He remarked as the doors opened and he practically shoved you inside. “He might be my best friend but he’s definitely not yours.”

“But you’re miiiine…” you whined, attempting to kiss him again, but he turned his head to avoid you. “…and Tae-oppa is my best friend too, you know! We partied so hard… It was amazing, Minnie.”

Jimin scoffed unbelievably as he glanced at the numbers moving upwards to your floor. He zoned you out then and didn’t notice until you bit his earlobe. “Babyyyyy…” you whined, before whispering in a voice that you were hoping sounded sexy, “Fuck me.”

The elevator dinged and arrived at your floor just in time for Jimin to glance at your expression, trying to match it with your previous words. When he realized that you were still piss-drunk, he dragged you forward and helped you stumble towards the door of your apartment.

The moment he closed the door behind him, you had managed to collapse on the floor.

Jimin tried pulling you up, but you were being stubborn. You spread yourself on the floor, parting your legs as you run a hand from your throat, down to the valley of your chest and finally under your tight-fitting skirt. Without much preamble, you started fingering yourself over your panties and let out delirious moans. Jimin’s mouth went dry at the sight of you and he needed to slap himself to snap out of it.

“Jimin…” Ah, but the way his name rolled out of your lips was sending waves of second thoughts into his head. “Please, fuck me. Please, baby.”

‘Yah, you pervert, she’s drunk. She doesn’t know what she’s doing.’

‘Man, what are you waiting for? She’s your girlfriend and minutes ago, she practically begged you to take her.’

‘Sleep it off, dude. Just walk away and sleep it off.’

These voices nagged at Jimin while you were moaning as you slowly soaked your underwear.

Finally, Jimin decided. “Yah, get up.” He knelt beside you and slid an arm under your knees in an attempt to carry you. “Aren’t you tired? Let’s go to sleep.”

Instead of wrapping your arms around him to let him carry you, you pulled him flush against you, so that you can attack his plump lips. You moaned upon contact, his warm mouth molding against yours was pure bliss. Jimin held himself up with a hand beside your head and allowed you to kiss him, offering his tongue which you easily accepted. You didn’t try to fight for dominance because all you wanted was for him to claim you.

Your hands began sliding to his shirt and you had already unbuttoned halfway through when he regained his senses and held you down within arms-length. “No, I can’t. You’re drunk, I can’t take advantage of you.”

He began buttoning his shirt again and you propped yourself up on your elbows as you scrutinized him. On any other day, you would have swooned at his manners, but you were drunk and you were basically, though not really, entitled to be a bitch. Your next slurs came out when Jimin already stood away from you and you had managed to crawl further into the apartment. “Psh, you can’t do it because you’re a sissy. You’re a bore, Jimin!” you called as you heard him step towards your room. You were chuckling while you sloppily removed your panties and pulled your skirt up to your stomach. “And…” you snorted. “…you have a tiny dick that you can’t even get to stand, you piece of shit! Get back here, take advantage of me, noooow.”

Jimin’s stomp came back and you smirked because you could already feel yourself winning.

“Excuse me?” he raised an eyebrow at you and with your hooded eyes, you could see that his expression had already changed with just the sight of you half-naked on the floor. He realized that you were probably provoking him to change his mind, so he raised his hands in resignation. “You know what, I don’t care. I’m going to bed.”

“Nooooo!” you practically screamed, sitting up and pulling your shirt over your head. Soon your bra followed suit and only your skirt hung around your waist awkwardly. “Because… Because… Baby,” you spread your legs, angling your face towards him. “…if you leave, who’s going to take care of this?”

You thought you heard a click then; a switch, of some sort. The switch that changed Chim Chim to Park fucking Jimin.

Click. It went.

The smirk tugged at his lips quite naturally and his eyes held a glint in it. You bit your lip because you knew you were in for some trouble. “Who? Well, definitely not you, right? I mean, look at yourself, you can’t even stand.” He towered over you as he stood between your legs. “How about I assure that you really won’t be able to stand tomorrow?”

You giggled and he knelt in front of you, forcefully spreading your legs, before he dove in and licked your dripping clit. He deftly parted you with his fingers as his tongue skillfully explored your warm crevice. His lips and tongue alternated in stimulating your clit. You squeezed your nipples in response, half in frustration because he was driving you crazy and half from neurotic pleasure.

You had your thighs over his shoulders and you kept squirming under his mouth so much that he had to grip your hips tightly keep you from moving. His teeth grazed your clit and you let out a strangled noise.

“Come on, fuck boy.” You were beginning to gasp for air as he was sending you too close to orgasm, but not quite yet. “You can do much… Oh, ffff—much better. Park Jimin, fuck me, please… Please just fucking destroy me, baby ”

He answered with a groan and continued sucking your folds,  pumping a single finger in you. Soon enough, he added a second one as he continued lapping on your juices.

“Oh, oh, almost there, baby.” Your back arched, pushing yourself closer to his sinful mouth.

You were just about to fall off the edge when he stopped and attacked your breasts instead. “Do you want me to fuck you, huh?” he growled as his mouth sucked on your nipple and his fingers beaded the other.

“Yes, yes, yes…” you chanted as the rough material of his jeans slid against your sensitive opening. “…fuck me hard, Jimin.”

“What’s the magic word?” he kissed you once before whispering in your ear.

“P-Please…” you peeked at his anticipating face. “…Daddy.”

“That’s my girl.” He chuckled and sat on his heels to unbuckle his jeans and take out his shaft which was already hard and ready. He pumped it a few times, groans traveled in the back of his throat before shrugging out of his shirt. He pulled your hips closer, guiding your legs around his waist. He slid in without a warning, going hilt deep. You tossed your head back at the sudden intrusion, wondering why you ever said that his dick is tiny when he was clearly huge enough to rip you apart. Your eyebrows scrunched together when he started pulling out as gasps spilled from your lips. He withdrew completely before entering back in. Jimin started pounding into you repeatedly, his pace gradually getting faster until the room only echoed the sounds of skin against skin and cries and sighs and curses for release.

Jimin leaned over you again to pry your lips open with his, keeping his delicious pace. Your fingers littered all over his back, probably leaving scratches along the way. You moaned at the way he sucked on your lower lip and the vibrations sent tingles down his spine. He pulled one of your legs over his shoulder and started drilling into your mercilessly. Your shameless screams reverberated in the thin apartment walls and you were sure you would receive complaint letters as early as tomorrow morning.

“Ah, ah… Hmmm…” your incomprehensible gurgles urged him on as he continuously hit your g-spot. “Mmmm… Faster, baby. Just like that, come on.” You pulled him closer with a hand behind his neck and he responded with open-mouthed kissed along your chest.

Then, he stopped and pulled out of you. You were about to curse at him, but he silenced you with his lips and pulled you up so that you could wrap your legs around him and carried you to the sofa. You were expecting him to lay you down. Instead he sat down with you on his lap. He pulled away with a smooching sound and pushed back the hair from your face.

“Ride me.” He ordered while already guiding his erection under your entrance. You used his shoulder for leverage as your legs trembled while you were engulfing him with your warmth. He cursed under his breath and you found it so hot that you unconsciously answered with a low whimper. He controlled the pace even if he was under you and soon enough you were bouncing on his lap, each repetition accompanied by a corresponding sigh. His hands squeezed at your waist, before drawing circles all over your back.

You clung to him, breathed him in and the alcohol in your system seem to have evaporated just like that. You connected your foreheads, inhaled his every moan and exhaled with a resounding purr. His hands stopped wandering and his muscular arms simply gripped you as he thrusted into you deeply.

“Jimin, f-fuck, oh my g—“ You came without much warning and it washed over you so easily that you almost collapsed in Jimin’s arms. He picked you up and made you bend on all fours. He himself was close to release and he needed to feel your tight pussy around his to get it.

He entered you from behind and you swore, right there, that you thought you would cum again so easily. He towered over you and said roughly, “God, y/n. You still feel so tight.”

His words made you shiver. “…And you still feel so hard and good, Daddy.”

He groaned at the nickname as he bent over you and bit your shoulder. “You really know how to play me, huh?” he gasped as his pace became erratic. He reached over your waist and frantically stimulated the bundle of nerves on your clitoris to make you cum with him.

“Shit, shit, shit… You’re not making me…” you couldn’t finish your sentence as you felt him cum inside of you, with you clenching down on his member as you orgasmed for the second time.

You fell flat on your chest and he followed suit. You mewled under him even when he was just pulling out. He planted butterfly kisses on your shoulder and down your spine. You were wheezing for air when you scooted, so that he can lay beside you.

Click. The switch went again and Chim was beside you again, smiling contentedly (and cutely), as if he wasn’t ruining your senses mere seconds ago.

“Are you sober now?” he asked as you snuggled into his chest.

“Hmmm… very.” You replied, mirroring his smile. You kissed his chest, feeling the fatigue slowly weigh your eyelids down. “Can you stand?”

“I should be asking you that.” He chuckled.

You shook your head. “No need, I know you know that I can’t.”

“Then why?” he tipped your chin to look in your eyes.

“I want to sleep on the bed.” You playfully pouted. “Can you carry me? I won’t resist this time.”

“We already know what happens next when you do.” He winked at you as he stood up and easily picked you up in his arms. “You’re lucky I like spoiling you.”

“I’ll make it up to you if you ever get as drunk as me. I promise I’ll return the favor.” You placed a chaste kiss on his cheek and another on the mole on his neck.

He laughed and you both disappeared into the bedroom.

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The instrumental between the verses and the chorus🤔😂it’s so repetitive I just love it tho oml zayns part “I wanna tell them, I wanna tell the world that you’re miiiine GIIIIIIRL”