‘Alright, that’s enough.’

Yuri smiled down at Otabek.

‘Why? Am I making you uncomfortable?’



‘You’re on my lap.’

‘So what?’

‘So… it’s completely inappropriate.’

‘Because we’re at the rink?’

‘Because you are underage. And we’re at the rink, yeah.’

‘Oh, please. I’m barely two years younger than you.’

‘Still underage.’

‘Do you even know the age of consent here?’

‘Frankly, I don’t even remember where we are.’

‘We’re in Italy, you loser. The age of consent is 15.’

‘In Kazakhstan, it’s 16.’

‘Who gives a shit?!’

‘It’s just wrong, Yuri. I’m an adult…’

Yuri scoffed.

‘By whose standards?’

Yuri settled deeper onto his lap.

Before he’d been playfully wrestling with him to get him to delete the picture he’d just taken.

Things had changed.

Otabek should have known better than to start this argument with the smaller boy on top of him.

Yuri moved Otabek’s hands to his own hips, cocking his head and waiting for the next move.

‘I’m not touching you like this, Yuri.’

‘You touch me like this every single day!’

‘That’s when we skate. It’s part of the routine.’

‘Is the erection each time part of the routine also?’

Otabek closed his eyes.

He was stupid to think Yuri wouldn’t notice that.

‘I’m sorry. It’s unintentional.’

Yuri pushed their hips together.

‘What about this one? Is it also unintentional?’

He considered shoving him the ground, but thought better of it.

Small as he may be, that little ball of fury isn’t something he wanted focused on himself.

‘Yes. It is.’

‘You are SO boring.’

If there was one thing Otabek was sick of, it was being called boring.

He tightened his fingers on Yuri’s hips, suppressing a smile when he jumped.

‘And you’re a spoiled little brat.’

Yuri was absolutely baffled.


‘You make demands, throw fits, and everyone is supposed to give you exactly what you ask for? It doesn’t work that way with me, I’m not Victor.’

The younger boy’s anger had yet to cut through his confusion.

‘How does it work with you?’ He asked softly.

‘With me, you ask permission, and you listen to me when I say no. I’m sick of getting this shit from you.’

He lifted the feather light boy from his lap and stood, looking down at him now.

‘Your birthday is coming up, isn’t it? Your 16th?’

Yuri nodded, swallowing hard.

Otabek took Yuri’s chin between his thumb and forefinger, staring into his bright green eyes.

‘How about this. You play nice for the next few days, and I will take you out for dinner on your birthday and…’

He held Yuri’s hand to the bulge in his jeans.

‘…this will be significantly more intentional. What do you say?’

Yuri nodded, blushing furiously.

Otabek stepped back, patting him on the head.

‘Good kitty.’

‘Oh, fuck you.’

oh lord someone stop me.

part 2