I just glanced down and saw that it’s 3:45 and my first thought was “oh no I need to go to bed” and then a couple of seconds later I laughed and realized I have gone to bed at six AM for the past few weeks because who needs a healthy sleep schedule

so Token asks me what the anons do on weekends and the truth is unsettling as fuck, see, they don’t have to sleep so most just stand around in the dark office all that time. just standing there, still, silent, staring. waiting patiently for direction which will not come for days yet.

its just plain…eerie


How I spent my evening… because I’m so very grateful for taylorswift being on here…and because her sass is everything. Thank you for everything these last nine years… Here’s to nine more. I love you. taylorswift


Who’s a big, scary ghoul? You are!

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