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Imagine Jim getting a GIANT St. Bernard after becoming an admiral because he thinks a pet would be good for him and Spock. Spock is at first alarmed by the dog, but Jim assures him that the dog is actually really lovable and gentle. Spock yields and is okay with the St. Bernard, until he finds out that this giant dog has decided that it is a lap dog and attempts to sit on Spock's lap.

Imagine Spock trying to type out a report with this massive dog in his lap.

Bones receives the report the next day and it’s basically just lines of keyboard smash.

i just need a minute to yell @ leigh bardugo for writing a continuing series with a whole new set of characters that were every bit as moving and lovable and well balanced as the last, and completely and entirely part of their own story but perfectly placed into the same universe. 

i love the kudo family like how the fuck are all three of them so perfect????????? you would think that there is absolutely no one that is more flawless than shinichi but YUSAKU!! and YUKIKO !! they’re all so perfect and amazing and lovable….. oh my gosh i am overwhelmed just by thinking about the kudo family!! LMAO please send help immediately…

one of my biggest goals as a monsta x stan is to give the boys (wonho specifically) attention for something other than their bodies. yes it’s great, they’re good looking, etc etc. but let’s not degrade him and undermine his talent, please.

don’t stan mx because of his abs stan mx because they’re cute and lovable T___T

also tati feels like a huge missed opportunity because her drag persona (while not being wildly inventive) in pretty different from the other breakout stars we have from the past few years and i think she really bridges a gap and fills a good role the show’s cast of characters… she’s got tricks up her sleeve, she can confound, she can bring the house down, and she’s candid and bitchy but lovable and she deserves to shine even if her wigs look cheap 

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On top of that, it's good to see a characterization of Knuckles that isn't "DURR HURR STUPID" or just an angry butt-monkey in general. (Also, knowing the difference between gullibility; and the reason for it due to not being around people a lot, and actually being unintelligent)

Oh absolutely. Also him acknowledging his past failures and instead of Amy railing into him for them, she’s still her sweet lovable self and actually encourages Knuckles and supports him and that’s really goddamn good. And having him do something clever like the emerald switch and making him have some degree of ingenuity is a massive improvement over what game Knuckles is currently. Fuck me, Shattered did Amy and Knuckles JUSTICE

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I think i'm in love with Heloise. Is that a weird thing to say? Is it even possible to be so attracted to someone you know know, and someone who will never know you? *sigh*

Isn’t it a bit of the same for every one of us?

But yeah, Christine is such a “lovable” person, I think it’s pretty easy to fall for her at some level! It’s strange because she obviously doesn’t know you, and probably never will, but at the same time it’s a very fun and cute thing to live with! Don’t forget it’s only fantasy and you’ll be fine, I think, haha!


BETRAYAL was a prompt that I swear made me remember a quote from something.  Except that your blushes betray you doesn’t bring up any results from anything I can remember reading, so I don’t know what to credit for the train of thought that took me to this.

Victorian!AU.  If I ever continue this universe, it will involve Jaime and Tyrion Lannister playing the part of Lovable Rakes, Brienne Tarth as the Shy Respectable Gentlewoman, and Sansa Stark as the Scandalously Scottish Flirt.

Smutty again.

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Algebra Whiz,

Over the past two years, I’ve been blessed with the privilege of getting to know you.

You are fantastic.


You are sweet, smart, kind, funny, lovable, sarcastic, loyal, charming, mysterious, elusive, attractive, perfectly imperfect, sharp, soft, amazing, fantastic, and piz-ooops, almost gave myself away by using that word.

But, really, you are.

I love the person you were, and the one you’ve become. Past me would love present you as much and more than she loved past you.

But I’ve grown selfish, and crazy. I’ve grown to care too much about me. Past me would hate present me.

All I can hope for is that future you will love future me just as much, and more, than present me loves present you.

I love you. A lot.

Yours always,

♥E (Lucy)