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WOLFSTAR HEADCANON REQUEST *sits in the corner patiently*

  • so.
  • i like to imagine that sirius was the first person remus told about his.. problem.
  • remus always had a special connection with sirius compared to the other boys.
  • and it wasn’t anything against the others. 
  • it was the fact that remus was in love with him.
  • and he really did not think sirius felt the same way.
  • but remus was oblivious to the fact that people truly loved him - because he did not believe he was lovable.
  • remus was nervous that day he told sirius.
  • he rubbed his palms repeatedly on his thighs, and he would loosen his non-existent collar.
  • sirius was also nervous.
  • but only because remus seemed so off and upset.
  • “what is it, remus?” sirius asked him quietly.
  • they were sitting together alone that night in the gryffindor common room.
  • it was four am.
  • neither of them could sleep.
  • sirius watched remus gulp and had to remember not to stare too long.
  • he couldn’t make it obvious that he found him beautiful. 
  • sirius felt his pulse in his ears.
  • the anticipation was killing him. 
  • “i’m a werewolf.” remus whispered.
  • remus avoided eye contact with sirius.
  • sirius felt the shocked expression etch upon his face, but his face suddenly fell, and he felt a tear roll down his cheek.
  • he cupped remus’s face so he would look at him again.
  • he didn’t care if it made it obvious that he was in love with him anymore.
  • remus had to know he was there for him. 
  • “it makes no difference to me, you’re still my remus.”
  • remus’s cheeks were flushed.
  • he was shocked by this endearment, especially since sirius usually showed his affection by playful teasing.
  • remus’s throat felt dry.
  • sirius looked down at his lips and then back into his eyes, and then he realized he was still cupping remus’s face.
  • embarrassed, he quickly dropped his hands.
  • he cleared his throat before speaking again.
  • “i mean, it makes sense. you couldn’t hide it forever. you do truly hate the night and the moon. it should have been obvious.”
  • sirius tried to make himself seem more lighthearted.
  • he tried to act like that moment didn’t happen.
  • remus frowned.
  • “don’t do that,” remus suddenly said, “don’t act like that moment didn’t happen.”
  • “wha-what are you talking about?”
  • “you know what i’m talking about, sirius.”
  • silence.
  • sirius swallowed the remaining saliva in his mouth.
  • he didn’t know how to respond.
  • he knew it was insensitive for him to just leave right after remus’s confession, but he couldn’t be this vulnerable.
  • he couldn’t make his feelings for remus anymore obvious.
  • he got up very suddenly and was walking back toward the stairs, until he felt a rough hand grab his wrist.
  • sirius felt a sensation trail up his arm.
  • “don’t go,” remus said faintly, “i-i don’t want to be alone anymore. i just want to be with you.
  • sirius understood, and he sat back down on the couch without hesitation.
  • remus didn’t let go of his wrist.
  • he kept his hand tightly locked around it. 
  • and then remus did something he had never done before.
  • he rubbed his wrist with the pad of his thumb, and he rested his head on sirius’s shoulder.
  • sirius felt like he was on fire.
  • and then remus sighed a sigh of relief. 
  • sirius felt his body relax. 
  • “it’s okay,” remus reassured him, “it can just be between us.
  • sirius knew in that moment he wasn’t talking about him being a werewolf.
  • he was talking about something more. 

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So I decided to rewatch yoi and it really hit me how different Victor was from ep 1-3,where he was still trying to impress Yuuri with his Charming Persona,vs what we know now,this very pure,very lovable,very touchy-feely man. I love how that wall got smashed. I love that not only Yuuri goes through a fantastic personal journey,but Victor does too. I wanted so bad to see Victor vulnerable,but I realised that him as happy as he is now IS him being vulnerable to the world.

And the first time that Victor ever became that pure man was when Yuri showed him complete,pure fun and laughter and surprise. That reveal was put in the perfect spot,if it were earlier than we wouldn’t see the huge impact that Yuri has brought into Victor’s life. HE brought out that pure love. And stupid Victor came to the onsen putting on that Persona. He was actually insecure of this pure side of his,and anxious of showing his vulnerability to the world. Man I love this. 

RIGHT ANON?!? I totally get why the man was so intent on putting up that persona at first, poor thing. I guess he felt like he needed to in a way not only to protect himself but also because he wanted to impress Yuuri or whatever it was he was trying to do. And because we know he was pining for a while already, he was 100% def trying to seduce Yuuri like Yuuri seduced him lmao until he realized that his rather blunt way of doing things was just not going to work, because this Yuuri was far too shy without all that alcohol fueling him.

And I love that Victor realized this and just… shifted gears. He understood and changed his way of showing affection/attraction from something blatant to something Yuuri was far more comfortable with–and it worked. It worked because those gentle touches, those warm hugs, that emotional support were all things Yuuri craved. Victor realized that Yuuri wanted him for who he was, wanted him to just be there as himself, and that gave him the courage to show off a softer side to himself. He softened up in a way because he fell even deeper in love with Yuuri, because for once here’s a person who’s said in plain words to Victor that Victor is more than enough, just the way he is. There was no need for that playboy persona anymore. And it’s no wonder Yuuri fell in love with Victor–who always treated him with respect and made sure he knew that he was loved and never alone.

I wish I were more eloquent today but I just woke up lmao. Basically I’m crying forever, anon. I love this too. ;____;


just a short video for our lovable Seungri.

Zodiac Advent Calendar Day 10

The Signs as Fantastic Beasts Characters 

Newt Scamander - Sagittarius, Pisces                                                           Newt is an eccentric wizard who feels more comfortable around creatures than he does around humans. He seems a little bit awkward but he also is a caring, lovable and funny person. Newt is very protective over his creatures and just wants to make them feel comfortable and at the same time wants to make the wizarding world familiar with them. He is dedicated and tirelessly searches new information for his book. 

Porpentina Goldstein - Virgo, Capricorn                                                         Porpentina is a woman who is naturally ambitious. She has a level-headed, practical personality and is often described as “grounded”. But at the same time one can definitely say that she has a lot of heart, courage and strength. Tina is soulful and has a desire to stand up for what is right. 

Queenie Goldstein - Libra, Aquarius                                                               Queenie is often considered a “bombshell” because of her magnetic beauty and charm. She is a free-spirited and kind-hearted woman. As a Legilimens, which is a witch or wizard who can look through the many layers of a person’s mind, she is very empathetic. Queenie is charming and sweet as well as daring and brave.

Jacob Kowalski - Taurus Leo                                                                           Jacob, a No-Maj and wannabe baker bumps into the wizarding world when he met Newt and his case. He is loyal, lovable and curious about exploring the world of magic. Jacob is brave and unafraid of adventures but he also likes to enjoy some time with strudel, cocoa and Queenie. 

Credence Barebone - Gemini, Cancer                                                               Credence is a shy, quiet and mysterious boy. He almost always seems to be desperate and sad, this is because he was abused by his adoptive mother, the leader of the No-Maj anti-witchcraft group. He is a vulnerable and inconspicuous person but no one can see that he is strong and powerful deep inside. 

Percival Graves/ Gellert Grindelwald - Aries, Scorpio                                   Percival is a powerful auror and the right-hand man of Seraphina Picquery the President of MACUSA. He is somewhat of an authoritarian, as he seems to be very shrewd and single-minded. However Grindelwald himself is considered a charming and brilliant wizard. He is highly intelligent, magically talented and idealistic but also ruthless and vicious tempered. 

you: hopefully having a nice weekend, being cute and lovable and happy

me: 2 boxes full of outstanding 5 and 6iv salandits, they are all male

Listen. Merribela is my ultimate weakness. My Achilles heel. Their just so PERFECT Isabela who doesn’t think she’s capable of a long term loving relationship, Merrill who sees past how Isabela sees herself and loves her for everything, not “despite” anything. Merrill who doesn’t see how Isabela could see anything in her because wow, isabelas so beautiful and exciting and Merrill sees herself as So boring and inexperienced in the world, and Isabela seeing everything in Merrill that Merrill doesn’t see. Them loving each other and being so DIFFERENT but also so alike at heart, their desire to help people, their yearning for adventure and knowledge go so well together I mean just imagine them exploring ancient ruins together and learning so much and having so much fun. Them helping refugees and elves in the alienage because they both know what it’s like to have nothing and no one. Isabela learning that she IS deserving of love and that people do care for her, that she’s lovable and kind and hilarious because Merrill never stops reminding her of this. Merrill realizing she doesn’t have to do anything alone anymore, that she can ask for help when she needs it and Isabela will never judge her. Them both learning that they always have each other’s backs no matter what and they never have to feel alone or unloved again

Does anyone feel concerned by this trend in fandom where “characters I don’t like are definitely [negative characteristic]” and “characters I like are [positive characteristics]”, like “I feel like kylo ren is homophobic” and the like. I could care less about it in the terms of fandom but it does reflect their thought processes and how they see the real world. Doe they realize that very persuasive, attractive, lovable people can be incredibly homophobic? It just seems like these kiddos aren’t prepared for the world. 

Hey beautiful, stop crying now, wipe away those tears and smile. You’re too beautiful to cry. Your eyes are so precious to cry over someone who doesn’t even deserve it. Your heart is so fragile to keep on giving it to someone who keeps on throwing it away. You are such a precious gem that deserves to be loved and to keep. Whoever hurt you doesn’t deserve you and doesn’t even know what he lost. Don’t ever cry over someone who’ve never seen your worth. The girl like you should handle with so much care, especially your heart. Don’t ever think that there’s something wrong with you, that you’re not enough because you are a lovable person. And a love like yours deserves a love that will embrace and can protect your heart. Stop crying now, you are so beautiful remember that. A beautiul smile should dance across your face, it’s much better than seeing tears tracing your face. You deserve a love like yours and don’t you worry, you’ll meet someone who will give you that kind of love.

Since Top Speed brought this up in this episode, Nemurin was a good girl for sure, but she created the biggest problem in the show.

During her final dream trip, Nemurin enter this girl’s dream and gave her some at the time harmless words of encouragement. Who was this girl?

Well as of episode 10, we find out for certain that it was in fact Swim-Swim.

Still, this was just a small bit of harmless encouragement, Nemurin has probably done this before in the other dreams she’s visited. Nothing could go wrong, right? Right?


Oh Nemurin, you were so very lovable, but you also unknowingly, accidentally caused the deaths of Ruler, Winterprison, Top Speed, Alice and Tama… o3o

Oh the irony…..

But at the end of the day we know whose fault this really is:

Yep, that thing. Dam you Fav! Dam you to hell you monochrome-turd-looking-fake-Kyubey! DAM YOU!!!!! ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!


[ txt ;; nerdbrother ] oops? you weren’t home.
[ txt ;; nerdbrother ] i drank in bed and my own blanket is ruined.
[ txt ;; nerdbrother ] you know you love me okay. just remember i’m cute and you love me.

[text: assholebro]: fuck that. you stole my blanket.
[text: assholebro]: how many times do i have to tell you not to drink anything in your bed?
[text: assholebro]: i was going to make ‘my cute and lovable’ bro brownies but fuck that. I’m not doing shit.