Halla! Please feel free to suggest any words and I’ll edit them into this post!

adda: verb, to add. e.g. to add a friend on fb.

ass: short for ‘altså‘, can be used quite loosely, f.x. therefore, so, well.

drita: adjective, shitfaced, pissed, hammered, basically a way of saying you’re really drunk.

dritt: adjective and noun, shit.

drittsekk: adjective and noun, literally means shit bag, could be translated as asshole.

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(puts paper towel tube around mouth)

if you rp m/m or f/f ships and infantilize everything they do or only rp them for sex and smut and The Fetishes ™

u are fetishizing them.

it doesn’t matter that it’s Just RP it’s the same as consuming incredibly slanted porn only probably worse because you’re justifying it to yourself as “ok” because it’s fiction and as we all know fiction does not allowance make.

my bro was racially profiled at macy’s today by this old racist white woman. he had a bag in his hand and a hoodie on and he was just looking at shit when she accused him of stealing. she snatched his bag and searched it to find that he DIDNT fucking steal anything, of course. it made me so fucking mad??? just bc he’s tan n he had a hoodie on made her automatically think he had stole something??? n then she SNATCHED this bag n forcibly searched it like?????? i’m so mad rn i’m fuming.

optimisticweirdo  asked:

what i meant about heathers and dear evan hansen being in the same musical i meant them going to the same school and evan and connor being friends with veronica and JD, the heathers teasing evan and jared and connor defending him maybe? (maybe connor and duke have a secret friendship idk i just saw so much fanart of both i thought it was one huge musical) any headcannons for that?

OHHHOHH OK so a crossover? Hmmmmm

  • JD and Connor would be toxic as fuck friends, they’d enable each other to do terrible things or they’d just cancel each other and implode. 
  • Heather Chandler and Jared would be fuckbuddies who also talk shit about literally everyone. 
  • Heather M would probably latch on to Alana and be friends with her
  • Zoe would deck Heather Duke in the fucking jaw because that’s what I want
  • Connor and Duke probably kissed once and immediately after Heather C. and Jared find out and drag her ass with so much shade. 
  • Zoe and Veronica begin a ‘protect Evan club’ because Kurt and Ram would start singing BLUE to Evan, and Evan is frozen in fear. 

fetchtival  asked:

Favorite Raven costume?


Okay, I love the leotard from the cartoon and DCAU, I DO.


I’m a sucker for the modern twist on her classic look. 

It’s got a similar style to her NTT outfit, it’s pretty sexy but not overstated, and the boots are a definite plus, imo. Not to mention, the cape. Definitely my personal favourite design. (This is from Johns’ run, if anyone is wondering). 

Her leotard would be a close second.

N52 is definitely at the very bottom (why the ever living fuck is she a bird? I am so sick of this birb shit in literally everything Raven related, ffs, LET IT GO. It looks like she rolled around in glue and bird feathers and it’s just DUMB) and, thanks to Pham’s atrocity, I’m not particularly crazy about her Rebirth costume, either. Maybe if Meyers were still drawing her (as it was his concept), but as of now, meh. 

Honourable mention is the DC Bombshells number. CUUUUTE.

Thanks for the ask! :D

Not that any of you probably care, but I’m sorry for not being very active lately. School and finals are literally shitting on me but I’m done Thursday so I’ll be back for Summer don’t you fret.

Bangtan in Bangkok

The boys literally lost their shit today, they posted so much, back to back, and they were actually having fun. I think it’s because they really enjoyed their stay there, and the whole credit goes to the fans! They showed the whole Fandom how you should treat your idols, they maintained their space and privacy and let them be. They carried out beautifully executed fan projects in the concerts which in turn made our boys happy. So overall, Bangtan babies were really happy and pleased. They didn’t feel obligated to post anything, they posted whatever they liked, it was not prethought but just have-to-do-in-the-moment thing and I love this side. They all posted, not just one member and I feel blessed. Thank you Thai ARMYs! I hope y'all enjoyed the concerts and had a lot of fun! Stay blessed and healthy!!

Movie Night: Godzilla vs. Hedora (1971)

So Husband and I decided to watch a movie tonight, and we’re both REALLY big fans of Godzilla. Though, we tend to stay away from the Showa Era Godzilla (the 60′s and 70′s) because those movies are SHIT. Literally, shit. This is the era where Godzilla was more of an environmentalist than Green Peace.

So, naturally, we grabbed some dinner, and decided to subject ourselves to some Godzilla shame. Join is us in our pain:

- Based on the opening singing sequence I’m not sure if I’m watching an old Godzilla film, or an old Bond film.

- this movie is PAINFULLY Hippy.

- are those.. sea monkies? 

- Why are you putting sea monkies in polluted water?

- You’re a ‘scientist’. Why are you putting ANYTHING in polluted water?

- Random dude in a night club tripping out on heck knows what and hallucinating (I think? Maybe) that everyone is dancing while wearing terrifying fish masks.

- And now we’re getting an animated segment about Hedora? Why.

- Godzilla and Hedora are making what I can only assume are giant monster lewd gestures at each other instead of actually fighting.

- And now, a brief lesson on different galaxies in space. 

- Seriously wtf is with the Hedora animations segments….

- and now, a brief animated lesson on how Nuclear Fission works.

- Wow… Hedora melts people into anatomically incorrect skeletons!

-  A bunch of hippies got together to throw flaming torches at Hedora. Why did you think this would be effective?

-Hedora has magical transformation sequence animations. Omg.

- Usually you’re supposed to at least SHOW the Japanese Defence Force loosing to Godzilla. In this one they just sit there. With radios.

- Godzilla isn’t even destroying a city in this one. He’s managed to find this miraculously large, COMPLETELY EMPTY area of space. Near Tokyo. THAT JUST HAPPENS TO HAVE ONE CONVENIENT POWER STATION IN THE MIDDLE OF IT.

- I think Godzilla just pulled out Hedora’s nads?

- Oh yay he’s dead.

- Oh wait, he’s not dead. Such a surprise.





-Ok so for good measure, Godzilla must stomp and punch the empty Hedora costume, I mean body.


Well, that was a dark chapter in Godzilla’s history. 

omg I need a drink.