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in regards to post/138451044175, yeah i think it's pretty obvious that as a non-korean person you shouldn't get the tattoo done in hangul. despite what the opposing anon says, if there's an english translation for the lyrics, then it's translatable - even if you feel like some of the meaning is lost, it's still the translated lyrics. i agree that it's OP's right to do whatever they want with their body so in the end they might do it anyway, but i hope they take our thoughts into account.

Yeah, as a Korean it makes me EXTREMELY uncomfortable when a non-Korean has a Korean tattoo… It honestly just really grosses me out and it would be very very very difficult for me to perceive that person as anything but a racist, fetishizing, accessorizing koreaboo who says “wahh I want to go to Korea to teach English so I can be with my oppa!!!!!!” but people will get them regardless of what I say, bodily autonomy is one thing but just know you will make lots of people uncomfortable if you have a tattoo in Korean.
-Mod Y