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What's the difference between executive dysfunction and laziness? I can't tell which one it is that I have.

The following is copied from this ask I answered:

Short answer: If you have to ask, it’s probably executive dysfunction.

Long answer: Lazy is an ableist concept that is a function of a capitalistic system that teaches us that our value comes solely from what we produce. In this system, any time not spent producing is viewed as wasted. Time spent taking care of yourself is viewed as squandered.

However, taking care of yourself is important. Resting is important. We are no good to anyone if we run ourselves into the ground and time spent relaxing or otherwise taking care of ourselves should be valued rather than painted as a bad thing.

Lazy is a weapon used to attack people (or ourselves) for not playing into the system well enough. Lazy says “You could be productive, but you choose not to be and I am shaming you for that choice.” Never mind that self-care IS productive, just not in a way that capitalism can profit from (though a lot of people are trying to change that by promoting ideas of self-care as spending money on things).

When you add disability into the mix, lazy becomes ableist. The message changes to “Regardless of your impairments, I expect you to perform to able-bodied standards and won’t take ‘excuses’ of any kind for not living up to these impossible standards.” Lazy never takes into account what impairments may be preventing a person from performing a task.

This is especially poignant for people with executive dysfunction. Executive function can make it challenging or impossible to complete tasks. Executive function can leave us staring at a wall for hours doing nothing because we can’t get ourselves to move. To the outside observer, this is often labeled lazy. Our struggles are written off as a lack of will power or obstinance.

However, you are not lazy for not producing all the time. Whether that’s due to executive function, another disability, or just because you’re devoting some time to self-care, you are not lazy.

As for how to know if you are experiencing executive dysfunction, one of the common ways that it presents is wanting to do a task or knowing you need to do a task and not being able to do it. For instance, if you are sitting there thinking to yourself “I need to do X. I need to do X. I need to do X. And now. And nooow. And noooow” rather than knowing you need to do a task and choosing to do something else instead.

Executive function can also mean getting stuck in a task, so you may be playing a silly phone game knowing that you need to do something and being unable to break away from your game to go do it. You are not lazy for doing something else. You are dealing with a disability.

I hope this helps!

TL;DR: Lazy is an ableist notion of capitalism that doesn’t really exist. If you’re asking this question, it’s likely executive dysfunction.


In Oshu things are fair. All my boys have smol sprites, ok?

Fanart based on Date Shigezane from Slbp. 

  • Background is an actual sprite from the game, I only drew the cheeky boy.
  • Dont use without permission. Dont repost anywhere.

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Awww your sweater with the shoulders showing is too cute on you! You look so fabulous ^^

I live in Texas so often its really much too hot to wear the clothes that I like (big sweaters, jeans, boots, hoodies - comfort clothes I guess?). That and I anxious very easily, so I’m prone to ‘overheat’ even when it’s generally pretty cool outside. 

But the really cool thing about these sweaters is that because they don’t have the shoulders and the sleeves are long, if it gets too hot for me I can just slide my arms out of them and tie the sleeves up in the back!

All that while still being pretty darn cute!

Thank you for the ask, hope ya have a wonderful night/day!!