I finished my Mercy mittens! Shes kinda my fav Overwatch char. I just really love playing support, though I’ve been trying to get better at Pharah. Someday haha. These are based on Mercy’s “Huge Rez” spray. I’ve charted the mittens and plan on putting out a pattern for my fellow Overwatch knitters hehe. This pair will be listed later in my Etsy for a lot less then if I were to custom make them, as they are my testing pair. I love the way these mittens fit😊

Turning Point Cover!!
I just really wanted to get this out there asdfghjkl
Turning Point Cover!!

I made a cover of Turning Point!! <3
I absolutely love love love love Go!Child and all their songs and aaaaa they’re just AMAZING

Seriously you guys should check them out!
And I swear I have good voice it’s just the microphone.
I’m probably gonna upload a cover for Telescope in the near future so watch out for that too!

I’m just gonna
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hello ;;w;;)//
I hope you guys like it aaaa


Little Lists: Book with Jewish Characters that I can’t wait to read!

Knit One is a f/f romance and both main characters of Wild are bi, and as I understand it there’s important gay characters in Upside too! so really, this is The Gay Jewish TBR List. amazing.