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A neat idea that’s been floating around in my head for a while

A year-long multi-magazine crossover event. But not just any crossover. This is a crossover that tells a story. You are a spy who has been sent to a ski lodge to make contact with someone. The pattern for your outfit will be in issue one of the story. In issue two you will be sent to the lost and found to pick up a left mitten. (the pattern will be for a hat and mitten set) The third will be for your contact’s sweater…or is it? Turns out you have two contacts and your second contact’s outfit will be patterned out in the fourth and final issue.

And did I mention that it’s a contest? In order to win you have to guess where on a two-page spread your contact is. One grand prize winner will win a cash prize, a goody bag (which includes subscriptions to the participating magazines) and an invite to the event-ending party. First place wins the goody bag, and an invite. Second place gets a goody bag.  And second place wins magazine subscriptions.