Another not knitting post but anyone interested in two EUC hardbound young adult books? Both books were released just over a month ago and have only been read once. Vassa in the night is a russian fairy retelling and Three dark crowns is more in the dark fantasy genre.

Asking $10 for both.  Shipping would depend on where you are located, and I’d send a paypal invoice.  I just need more shelf space.  

are you a knitting or crochet kind of person? An acrylic or wool kind of person? A paid pattern or a free pattern person? A metal or wood hook/needle person? A ‘project at a time’ or a 16 WIP person? A ‘I crochet/knit everywhere I go’ or a ‘I have a specific spot’ person? 

******** DAY OF: LIVE SHOW REMINDER ********

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PopGun Presents: Set Times 10:45-11:15pm World War / 11:30-12:10am Youth Code // 12:30-1:30am Clipping

Prepare for a late night, kiddos.

P.S. I may have an extra ticket. 99.9% sure its owner can’t make it. If anyone needs one, I’ll sell it to the 1st person who contacts me, should that person confirm they’re not coming.


My first major project, relative to my experience at the time: the scarf featured in my friend’s most recent wearing-the-scarf selfie, from humble cast-on to being ready to pack and ship. (I did some final tassel tidying before packing.)

Even not relative to experience, this was a major project; this thing is a beast of a scarf. It is somewhere between 8 and 9 feet long, I think, extra wide, and knit in the round for double scarf layers + insulating effect for extra coziness. She says it keeps her warm and has held up well, and she seems to like it (??😉 ), so I guess I’m happy with it :)

Another scarf-in-action shot here.