Sometimes, dreams do come true

Suga x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary: What could Yoongi possibly be dreaming about? His answers are lackluster to say the least. Perhaps his actions might showcase his thoughts a little better…

Word count: 3,855

A/N: I feel like Yoongi’s the type of guy to 1. Toss salad like a champ 2. Be done after jizzing once. Might just be me though.

You paced around your bedroom, looking for your laptop. You sat on your bed, sighing in despair, unable to find it. You rubbed your well fed tummy thinking  “Where the hell did I place it?” You hoisted yourself up, trying to remember what Yoongi did with it last as you laid your head on your pillow. You bit your lips then suddenly remembered. You slipped your hand under his pillow and smiled when you found the grey computer folded up under there. You pulled it out and held it to your chest on your way to the living room.

You walked barefoot on the wooden floor of your apartment, the freshness of the floor sending chills up your bare legs. You found your lover comfortably laid in a foetal position on the couch. You walked around the large grey couch and eyed the pale body laid shamelessly on its side. You smiled, kneeling down on the fluffy carpet in front of the couch since there was no space for you to sit on it. You placed the laptop on the floor before turning towards Yoongi. You ran a hand through his jet black hair, careful to have an extremely light touch as you pushed his bangs back. His barely closed eyes fluttered under your touch.

“Yoongi-ah….” you whisper sweetly to him. “You’re always so sleepy.”

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Just 👏🏻a👏🏻reminder 👏🏻to👏🏻ship👏🏻the👏🏻characters 👏🏻and 👏🏻NOT 👏🏻the 👏🏻actors 👏🏻please.

tinypyrope submitted:

yay, human versions of squid kids!!! your clem drawing reminded me that i did this pencil drawing of marian a while ago while i was trying to practice shading, so i thought now would be a good time to share it c: can’t wait to see any other human versions you might do!!

trying to portray her bangs in three parts like her tentacles are was kinda tricky, so i tried to make it a bit more natural-looking than the tentacles would be. it’s a bit messy, but i figured she could be the type of person who runs her hands through her bangs when she’s stressed, so i decided to keep it like that.

Aah! She looks so nice here! And pretty close to what I’ve always imagined Marian looking like as a human (Unless I pull total 180 when I finally draw her).

But this is as lovely as always Pyrope! Thank you very much <3

themostawesomeroxburryblack  asked:

Hello, I've read all of your posts on being Catholic and living as a Catholic I adore them. They make me feel closer to it and that I am not heretical for being angry. You've given me hope and I think you write some of the most beautiful pieces on theology I've ever read. This includes having read Pieper. I don't want to be pushy or rude but have you considered writing a book on theology for modern Catholics? You'd do great. Thanks again

I’m glad you like my theology posts. :)

Believe it or not there was a time when I thought I was going to go on for a PhD and be a theology professor (which definitely would have required writing books). Who knows, maybe some day that will still happen. But after I got my Masters I realized that, as much as I love academic theology, I really wanted to do something a bit less heady, more relational and based in lived experience. So now I’m a campus minister.

shesdreamingofchen  asked:

Your tags for the makeup therapy post really moved me ㅠㅠ

You are so cute, I’m glad they did! Makeup is honestly a MASSIVE part of my happiness, whenever someone asks me “what makes you happy?” I inwardly think “makeup”. But rarely say it because people get this idea that makeup is a shallow interest that opposes natural beauty while also having the potential to damage someone’s confidence by creating this reliance on a product. And it’s just so shitty to think that some people will judge your intellect, values, and sense of self based on your usage of makeup alone. It’s not that deep. It’s a fun, positive thing and I’m glad that in recent years, people are embracing the full-on constructed beauty. 

In my case, I end up noticing a lot of things in a face that I appreciate so much because of makeup. Like how lovely someone’s skin is. Or how lovely a brow shape and hairs are. Or how the top lip has that amazing cave in above the cupid’s bow that causes the skin above to pop out a bit more. Or how much depth is in someone’s crease. All these little things that you wouldn’t notice if you didn’t have much knowledge in makeup. 

When people say those that are interested in makeup are shallow and stupid, I just kind of laugh because….well for one, re-read that sentence and note the hypocrisy. But a lot of the compliments I receive come from makeup artists / people who are knowledgeable in makeup. Not just something like “your lipcolor is so nice!”. Actual compliments like “you have such a beautiful face” “your features work so well together” ect ect. If you take time to construct your face with makeup, you work on individual parts in order to make them look a certain way you want. So you’re able to pinpoint what you find most beautiful in a facial feature, and in viewing another, you get this lightbulb in your head telling you that you’ve seen a view beautiful individual feature of a feature on an entire face. It’s impressive and heartwarming, and honestly so observant.

So to keep from rambling on, I think makeup artistry is such a pure and positive activity to dabble into. People aren’t as harsh about it anymore, but I hope we can stop this whole “people who wear a lot makeup have no priorities, are shallow, and insecure (or vain)”. Because that’s not an accurate representation to be spreading around.

I love the studyblr community so much…Like I swear I am in love with them…

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anonymous asked:

Hello, your work is amazing and the world building you've done in Tatooine slave culture is the most elaborate work a fanfic author has done in ever. With your skills, I won't be surprised if you could make an excellent original novel. I remembered you talking about gender neutral pronouns and it's only now that I've realized that our native language is exactly like that. In Filipino, you can't know the gender of the subject unless a noun is mentioned. Thanks for triggering a language epiphany.

That is awesome! Thank you for sharing it with me. :)

Also, lol, I could never write an original novel - or at least not a publishable one - because it would take me literal years. Fandom is a lot more forgiving when it comes to waiting.

I was hiking, exploring and photographing the redwoods and there is something so magical about this place…I spotted these three boys and they were so wild, happy and carefree.. My childhood was that of oceans,coasts and savannas filled with all kinds of flora and fauna..Even though I loved it..I used to daydream about forests and imagine myself walking amongst these gentle giants…I imagine a childhood spent here is something special as well..