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Yeah when you mentioned in one of your imagines that the reader was a "hood rat" at heart offended me because you're saying that because you like rap and hood rat is used by white people to bring us down instead of using nigger

Dude look, I grew up and hung out with a lot of black people from some of the roughest neighborhoods in my city. I was this little skinny, hippie white girl who was introduced to rap music by a lot these people. And I don’t know where you’re from but the name hood rat is not used by white people as another name for the N word. The first time I ever heard that name was from one of the coolest, sweetest black girls in my class at school who said and I quote “Girl, you more of a hood rat than some of these other bitches” I took that as a compliment because these girls were my friends. So I am very aware of what I say in my stories and if it sounds like I’m trying to hard or I’m being corny, it’s because I am. I am a corny ass white girl who loves rap music and people are genuinely shocked when I tell them the kind of music that I listen to. So don’t come all up in my inbox and trying to paint me as someone racist white girl who doesn’t know shit. Anything I say or write is never meant to offend anybody but people nowadays get so god damn uppity about the littlest and stupid shit that anything anyone ever says is going to offend someone. I come here to write stories because it’s what I like to do. I don’t want to get involved in political drama bullshit, I try to stay out of the ship wars because it’s stupid and anybody can ship whoever they want it doesn’t matter to me. I just want to write stories that people like to read. So again, do not accuse me of being racist because I’m not. If you truly believe I am then guess what? The motherfucking unfollow button is right at the top. Fuck you very much have a wonderful day.

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I'd like to point out that I went to add a Poké to my friendly neighborhood instinct gym and sat there for a solid two hours defending it from a valor member. I ended up calling my friends and we drove her away. Hope you're proud of me. o(^▽^)o

“..I’m so proud of you.  @thebloodyuk is a Team Instinct success story.”

And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there and I’ll tell you how my social life faded into thin air.
In the depths of YouTube, where my skills were raised,
But in the phandom is where I spent most of my days.
Chilling out, relaxing and acting all cool but fangirling as soon as I’m out of school.
But then a couple of guys that were British and good, started invading my blue neighborhood.
My phangirling made me scream and my mom got scared.
She said “I cut off WiFi unless you stop acting weird!”
So needless to say, i stopped being obsessed.
Or so she thinks, my phangirling was just repressed.
So ever since then I have liked Phil and Dan and this is the story about how I started liking phan!

do you know what would honestly be my ideal living situation right now?  i want to live in collective housing and just… do the bulk of the cooking and a lot of the cleaning, help people move in and out, help organize and run all the events and services the collective put together (lectures, community meals open to the public, protests, the car pool, childcare, a book exchange, prescription pickup and delivery to people in the neighborhood, WHATEVER,) and have that be my job.  and in return i get a room to live in, and food to eat, and a ride to my doctor’s appointments once or twice a week.

i’d have structure, i’d have daily social interaction with multiple people, i’d have satisfying physical labor to perform every day that would get me up and about and keep me active, i’d have obligations and promises to keep me motivated and on-task, and my biggest barrier to being functional – getting out of the house and handling my own transportation – would be facilitated by other people in the collective.  i could have a couple people to help me with phone calls too, if necessary.  and i wouldn’t need money!  I DON’T NEED MONEY.  all i need is a house, and some food, and a ride, and maybe a bus pass once in awhile.  and for my copays to be covered.  and that’s it!!

what if i had someone i lived with who would sit me down every day and help me apply for food stamps?  what if getting to my psychiatrist appointments wasn’t a fucking nightmare?  what if i had things to do and people to talk to all day, instead of sitting around at home alone and camming and drinking?  what if i had 3 meals a day to prepare for a group of people?  what if i had a schedule?  what if i had something decent to eat every single day?  what if i didn’t have to spend my life in a constant state of panic over possibly losing my housing?  what would that EVEN be like


near my neighborhood there is a gym entered around a giant chicken. for the longest time, this gym was a high level team instinct. recently, i walked past and saw mystic had done a massive takeover, and the new gym leader is an exeggutor.

someone funnier than me should make a ‘chicken or the egg’ joke.

Honestly, my favorite thing about pokemon go is the fact that it’s so damned unobtrusive. I mean my phone is either in my hand, by my side, or, very carefully put in a pocket, almost the whole time.

This has lead to, talking to GeekBoy a lot more, because we’re generally pretty not distracted while we’re walking together (i’ve seen plenty of groups of friends doing the same), getting out of the house more (motivated by adorable digital animals) getting to talk with people in the neighborhood, walking my dog more often…like, this game has caused a lot of changes for the better. 

I mean sure I’ve played a lot of video games with GeekBoy, but most of those are like Mario Kart or random fighting games, where it’s one part gaming, one part flinging insults at each other.  (It’s Mario Kart, our relationship means nothing, there is no loyalty or love in Mario Kart). 

one of my fav things to do is to eat a large meal and then walk it off somewhere like a shopping center or a park or around my neighborhood 

being outside super early in the morning in my neighborhood is like surreal i went to the pokestop at 6 am and nothing felt real i didn’t see a single person except one super old lady and i honestly dont even know if she was real

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This is very embarrassing to admit but I'm looking for advice. I feel emptiness and loneliness quite deeply, it's painful. As a way to deal with this I have a tendency to use men to fill this void. Sometimes, I i have multiple relationships as a way to avoid being truly alone/abandoned. I don't want to continue this for many reasons. Does anybody else struggle with this & have any suggestions? Thank you so much.

i feel that it’s harder for me to act on it for a number of reasons but i do get the impulses. i think u gotta try and use more platonic relationships to fill the void and rely more on your friends. or like if u rlly like animals and you’re in a position to get a pet you could do that (i hang out with like stray cats in my neighborhood and it makes me feel cared abt bc they come like to my house looking for me idk it’s sad but it helps me) so yeah i hope this helps