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Spock is not homosexual. he is vulcan and has been trained to show no emotion and follow a path of logic. and vulcans are very ashamed to when pon Farr comes

Alright Anon I think you need to rewatch Star trek tos before agreeing to your own statement.

While I do agree that Vulcans get really embarassed to talk about pon farr (which is by the way an emotion on itself so you contradicted yourself)

But about Spock not showing emotions and not being homosexual let me show you how wrong you are:

Spock actually shows many emotions in the show but very attenuated and in his own way:

He knows how to show emotions when needed for example to give orders

Or because he simply can’t supress them

Or because he badly hides them

And because it’s who he is and even though his life is dictated by logic and supression of emotions doesn’t mean they don’t pick out sometimes, subtle but still here. (gif source: X and there are even more examples of Spock showing emotions there.)

And about him not being homosexual…

Well I’m sorry that you missed the whole point of Star trek ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Star trek is about diversity in a world where the search for knowledge and union, united everyone in the most peaceful way possible. But diversity isn’t just about race, it’s about representations. That’s why there are men and women of colors there and diversity in…relationships!

The word T’hy’la, the word that Spock uses in his mind to talk about Kirk, literally means “Brother, friend and lover” that is not anecdotal that lover is included: it is a subtext.
And Roddenberry was the king of subtext with his coworkers! (you can see what I’m talking about thanks to this post) Spock and Kirk’s relationship is based on Alexander and Hepahaestion’s. And oh would you look at that?

They were lovers 

The creator himself admitted that there were soulmates and shared a profound bond together. And I don’t want to be cheesy or anything but what is the strongest bond that can exists between two people?


But you’re right, Spock might be not homosexual, he can also be bisexual (with his relationship with Uhura) or demisexual but one thing is clear he ain’t straight.

I’m not saying they are in love but you know, I still have no heterosexual explanation for “not in front of the klingons” , “this simple feeling” , “dig it in there Mr Sp- “ and more c:

Now lemme finish that with Spock giving the Look™

how very heterosexual and emotioneless of you Spock

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: What was it really that wasn’t supposed to happen in front of the Klingons? Kirk had already embraced Spock and leaned in when Spock said it. Whatever came after, must have been more than a warm embrace from a dear friend. The only reasonable explanation is that they were about to kiss right there. There is no other way to explain it. Nothing else could have been so awkwardly, humanly emotional for Spock in the presence of the Klingons that he had to stop Kirk beforehand.

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What are your top 5 spirk moments of all of the star trek?

hohoho don’t get me started there anon…


the good old “im emo spack plz hold me” legendary. Perfect.


aah “not in front of the klingons”, a classic! very heterosexual of you Kirk


It’s not even a moment it’s a freaking episode all of it is just spock worried ™ and Kirk doing the smile ™ like “aaw my baby is worried about me how very emotionless of you mr spack”



1. My personal favorite:

This one is my favorite because you see in Kirk’s eyes how relieved and grateful he is to have him back, to feel their bound again, tightly hugging him and you know damn well that after that he didn’t let him go easily. That he kept squeezing him against his body for several hours, touching and smelling him because he thinks that if he lets go, he will be gone and that he will never see him again