• The soundtrack, which is being sold on the 30th of November, is a go. It’s well and truly confirmed now there are 87 songs on this OST, with 45 carried over from last year.

  • The Request Award 2016 live stream will be happening tonight at 9 pm (Japanese time, obviously), so if you haven’t filled in the survey yet, head here. (You need to pick your favourite song and leave your email address at the minimum, but you can also list the reason why you picked the song you did (in Japanese, of course), leave a message for DJ Shirai and/or leave a penname. The survey will be open until 7 pm today.)
So my friend is really interested in homestuck, but he says he's too ugly to cosplay as Dirk Strider.

Now listen a second. 
You all need to help me prove he’s wrong and he could



a great Dirk because

fuck look at him.

Ok now please, do what you want, but help andreaharumonia’s self esteem explode because he thinks he’s ugly.
Thank you for your help :v


Hello Homestucks!

Inspired by similar projects spread over several other fandoms, we bring to you the Homestuck Positivity Project in the hopes of spreading a little love in the fandom in these hard hiatus-bound times.

In a fandom as big as ours there’s bound to be a compliment or ten gone unsaid, and we’re here to present to you an opportunity to share these compliments with the rest of the world. Got an artist, writer or other creator of homestuck related content you really want to give a shoutout to? A friend who means a lot? A fellow blogger who you feel needs a little pick-me-up? Here’s your chance!

All you need to do is read our rules and then drop your compliment right here into our submission box and we will work it onto our template.

If you’ve got any questions about the project or anything related just drop them into our askbox.

Even if you don’t intend to leave a message to anyone right now, please reblog this post and share the message with the rest of the fandom. Who knows, you might make someone’s day yet!

(8/11) “My years in Turkey have been the hardest four years of my life. When we first arrived from Syria, we couldn’t communicate with anyone. I had no friends. If we wanted an egg from the store, we had to make chicken sounds. I paid for everything in this apartment by working as an interpreter for an NGO. We started at a zero and I built us up to a six, all by myself, and I’m very proud of that. But we can go no further without citizenship. I can’t get a degree. I can’t work any other job. Turkey has taken many refugees and we should be thankful for that. And the people here were nice to us at first. Our neighbors brought us rice and food. But then more refugees came. And more. And then everything changed. Now people shout at us in the streets. They tell us to leave. But we have nowhere to go. A man recently started sending me messages on Facebook, saying: ‘Get out!’ I didn’t even know him! Why me? Why did he choose me? We’ve had to switch apartments four times because our landlord decided that Arabic people are no longer allowed. I’ve been hit by a car. My sister got hit in the face at school and lost two teeth, and now her vision is bad in one eye. Being a refugee is really hard. They blame us for everything. They blame us for no jobs. For crowded streets. For crime. They say that we are the reason for everything bad. And if war ever comes to Turkey, we’ll be the first to die. Because they’ll blame us for that too.”


As of now, 2.5% of the HONY community has signed the petition supporting Aya’s appeal for American resettlement. It would only take 6% of the community to reach a million signatures. Please consider adding your voice:


“Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter” & “Dear White People”

It seems you can watch them now for free if you sign up for Amazon Prime 30-day Trials (is free and you can leave the trial at any time)

To try it sign up for free here first

I tried it but sadly the streaming does not work in my country but I would be interested to know if it works for anyone else. Please leave me a message if you sign up and you can watch the movie.

After sign up go here to watch the movies: 

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter   //   Dear White People

Please let me know if it works, thank you.

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Imagine if… Regina sacrifices herself to save Emma, and she’s caught in some sort of purgatory, and she finds Robin there. So she thinks maybe this is the end of her story, but Robin says she can’t stay here because her story isn’t over yet and her happy ending is still waiting for her. She feels bad leaving him, but he says he’s only been waiting to give her this message and now his soul can be at rest.

And BOOM she wakes up. On the street right where she had died. TLK from Emma. Regina looks confused and Emma says… “You saved me. Now I saved you.”

The end.

It will never happen in the show but there you have it.

I just want to say that it takes courage to expose feelings. And what has been done to Thiago [Silva] is a crime. Because he exposed his feelings and got emotional in the Seleção. I want to show him my sympathy. He showed he has heart and reason. When he showed his feelings, his character, when he exposed his soul and had the courage to show off his emotion, people jumped in saying ‘Oh! He didn’t have self control.’ Let’s think about it for a bit. We are both things, we are the ability and we are the soul, and the heart, we are human too.
—  Tite, Corinthian’s current (and possibly Brazil’s future) coach
Supernatural Imagine: Trying to Bake with Dean Around

Originally posted by bennylafitte

Baking Up a Storm

You’re humming to yourself as you pour the flour and sugar into the bowl.  A slow day with no cases or hunts left you with a day to relax for a bit. You decided that you’d do some baking today. 

You crack two eggs and add them to your mix. Then, you pick up the bowl with the plan to head to the next counter where the other ingredients you needed were sitting.

Instead, you crash into a very solid and warm chest. The bowl falls to the ground with a clatter, your ingredients splattering onto the floor.

You scowl. “Dean! Look what you did!”

Dean’s staring at the ground and then at you with wide eyes. “I didn’t know you were going to come crashing into me!”

“Why were you right behind me and didn’t say a word?”

“I…just wanted to watch you work.”

You feel your anger ebb away at his words, but you’re too stubborn to forgive him just yet. After all, you still had a very big mess that was all over the floor. You leaned down under Dean’s confused gaze.

You scoop a handful of egg yolk and flour, stand up, and splat. What was once in your hand was now smeared in Dean’s green plaid shirt.


“There, now we’re even.” You say smugly. Dean’s eyes narrowed.

“I don’t think so, [Y/N].” He grabs a handful of the fallen mixture as you back away and turn when you realize what’s happening.

You’re too late. You feel the cold runny liquid run down your neck. You turn back and glare. Dean is smirking, arms crossed in challenge.

You narrow your eyes with a similar smile. “You’re on.”

Dean’s about to hurl the three eggs he’s got in his hands at you. You’ve got a plate raised before your face like a shield with dashes of paprika on your face like war paint.

You hear a groan. You glance over at Dean whose eyes are at the door. Your eyes follow his gaze.

Sam’s surveying the war zone of a kitchen you two have created, the bags he had brought dropped on the floor beside him. You and Dean grin sheepishly at each other as Sam speaks.

“Every single time! I leave for ten minutes, guys. Ten minutes. I mean, really?”

You decide you don’t even feel bad as Dean winks at you from under his saucepan helmet.  


Brave New Souls: Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writers of the 21st Century

Directed by Brandon Easton

“ This documentary explores the thoughts, goals and inspirations of a new generation of Black creators in graphic novels, television, cinema, literature and digital media. 

Producer/director Brandon M. Easton wanted to shine much-needed light on new Black writers whose contributions and market awareness have been buried under the onslaught of the myriad of entertainment options in the 21st century. 

Brandon also wanted to provide a window into their creative process and expose both aspiring writers and potential fans to incredibly imaginative, witty and sophisticated storytelling that challenges your perception of reality. ”

I think you can watch it now for free if you sign up for Amazon Prime 30-day Trials (is free and you can leave the trial at any time)

To try it sign up for free here first

I tried it but sadly the streaming does not work in my country but I would be interested to know if it works for anyone else. Please leave me a message if you sign up and you can watch the movie.

After sign up go here to watch the movie: Amazon

Please let me know if it works, thank you.

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Sky’s MTF Transgender Surgery Fund.

I’m an Australian transgender woman. I work full time but also do my very best to support my son (I’m a single parent) leaving little left for my transition on one income.

I don’t expect the GoFundMe platform to pay for my entire transition, but I do need to keep hope that one day I’ll get to my goal of feeling complete and whole as a person, and that this helps in some way however small.

If you can’t donate, please just share this link. Maybe someone else can, or they can pass it on as well, its about to become very expensive to be a trans woman here because of our new Priminister and the horrible budget on medical costs they have put through. Just FYI girls and boys his name is Tony Abbot, feel free to send him a message on twitter or Facebook.

I could go on about that guy and his political party but I’ll leave that alone for now.


Please visit her GoFundMe page, donate if you can, and please signal boost.

hello!! after seeing hoshino’s recent post on instagram i felt that we as a fandom should do something to show support and love for her between now and the release. here’s how this will work:

on tumblr, twitter, and instagram, i want as many of you as possible to post something with the tag #keepwalkinghoshinosensei, and say how you got into d.gray-man, how long you’ve been into it, and what it means to you, as well as a message of love and support for hoshino from all of us. you can draw art for her if you’d like as well.

as well as this, leave a message on hoshino’s most recent post on instagram using the tag and give her support and love and tell her we’re all proud of her for coming this far and we’ll be supportive no matter how many updates we get. even if you’re disappointed that dgm will be released quarterly, do not include that in your message.

there’s no set deadline or goal for this. between now and the 17th, and beyond that, if we keep posting support across these three sites i hope hoshino will see our support, and that’s all i’m aiming for with this tbh.

please post on instagram as well as tumblr. hoshino will highly unlikely see our supportive messages otherwise. but since the fandom is very active on here i felt a starter post would be better on this site than twitter/ig. posting on tumblr is simply to signal boost the tag and get it popular, instagram is where we mainly need to post stuff.

so yea, no idea how big this will turn out but if we can get enough people involved so that hoshino can see it that’d be great!! thank you ♥


It is pretty crazy how much the plant on the left has grown since I first got it, i have another post here  of it if you wanna see it when it was a bb but now it’s kind of dividing not really sure what’s happening it lost a lot of leaves so I propagated it and now it’s doing that. 

besides my plant being weird life is good I missed this warm weather! prom is coming up and i’m taking a boi from tumblr :^) hes flying from minn. to come so that’s exciting.