the church

There’s this old church a few miles out into zone six. Its white paint is peeling and most of the windows are boarded up. On the side there’s a faded mural and a message that says, “You asked for a sign, and now here it is… GOD.”

Inside, the walls are covered with graffiti. People come and spray all of their negative thoughts and worries onto the dirty plaster and then go on their ways, leaving the bad things behind.

Most killjoys will go there at least once in their lives, but some go once a month, and others go a few times a week. Some who visit even pray (to God, to the Phoenix Witch, to DESTROYA, to any other deity they might recognize.) And some go just to sit and think, the broken stained glass crunching like gravel under their boots.

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ok listen. your comic was absolutely amazing and your art in general is so good and i just really love your style. just wanted to leave this here. thank you for your art..... especially for chris and josh (;

;__; thank you so much!! (for this message and the other one re: the pool fic!) i would like to write another fic, but we’ll see! for now pls enjoy the above doodle of chris mimicking your icon  

Blog Update

Hi guys!!

Some news … though not the best of news. Right now my muse for Law has completely gone. I’ve tried and failed several times over the past few weeks to get it back but no luck. 

One Piece isn’t grabbing me at the moment. Right now I have turned my attention to Magi and Adventures of Sinbad. 

I AM NOT LEAVING THE FANDOM!!!!!!!! But this blog WILL be on a little break for now. You can still message me here. I will still be around but I won’t be RPing for a while. 

@eustasskid-redhairedbastard @freckledinferno (and your billion other blogs) @eliteofficercorazon @prxvaricator as well as a few others … Law will still be around on Skype

**Hiatus officially starts now! Hopefully I won’t be away too long <3**

Full hiatus... again

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(( Aka: Real Life won’t leave me alone. >:^( 

At this point I see that it’s better to simply dissapear for a while and stop trying to organize some spare time to hang around here. Too much stuff is happening right now around me, and all my energy has to be focused somewhere else.

I’m on a full hiatus until further notice. Hope that I will be able to lurk a little, though!

As usual, I’ve a request for all my mutuals: if we have a thread and you post your answer during my absence here, please, send me a message saying that you did. I would hate to miss any of the new replies!

Take care, everyone. I hope that everybody is doing all right! I’ll be missing the sight of my dash awfully. *deep sigh* ))


As you may have noticed, I have been terribly inactive on this account and reblogging things on queue. Sorry for that u.u I’ve been busy and also quite lazy to be around here but that will change for now. To make it up to everyone and get more interactions, I’ll make this post. Please like this if you would like a starter. I will do them when I find the time, so please be patient!

Other than that, I am also interested in plots and more active on Aim. If you would like the Aim or to plot, please message me or leave your Aim down below and I will surely and happily add you! Thank you and have a great day!

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Is how they are treating Jackson due to JYPnation or is it the show??? I'm not understand, either way though it makes me really upset.

It has nothing to do with JYP Nation or the show, it’s JYPE’s manager who isn’t taking care of Jackson properly probably because of laziness.

There’s also another issue with second manager who worked with 2PM Khun before and was described as very rude by Khun’s Chinese fans, they wanted JYPE to fire him but he’s still working, now with Jackson.

translation: fluffywangs

This tweet also mentions the things this manager did (leaving Jackson alone when he was sick - fever, bloody nose)

You can read about the first manager here. We don’t know if it’s JYPE’s fault who ignore the issue and don’t control managers who work with their artists in China or something else. Fans sent messages and e-mails to JYPE asking them to fire both managers.

Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day

Hey everyone! As you might have heard, August 21st is Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day. This is a day to go to your favorite fanfics/blogs and leave comments and send messages to your favorite writers about how much you love their stories. You could even leave a comment saying that you found a line funny. But we all know many times that fanfic authors don’t get the credit they deserve (thinking of my favs right now). So in honor of today, I’m going to leave these messages here for my favs. I encourage you all to find your favs on Wattpad, Tumblr, AO3 or wherever you read your fanfics or various forms of fanfics (like imagines blogs like I’m doing) to send them love! I’m going to put the rest of this message under cut for length purposes.

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New Accent Available for Pre-order

Okay okay I’m going to post this now because otherwise I’ll keep fiddling with it and drive myself crazy… I’ll ping my pinglist and GASP Friday but this is going up. lol 

Ti- Faire Dancer - SD is now available for pre-order! Copies are 500g or 450kt and I’m willing to do holds!

You can order it on my spreadsheet or leave a message (no need to ping)

You can also preview it here!


Anon: Bts reaction when both the parents dislike him and you 😓😒

Disclaimer: I hope this is good! It’s my first ever Reaction! Don’t forget to leave feedback or message me a Reaction, Drabble, or Scenario you want to see happen! 

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Jimin:  “Jagi, I am so sorry that happened, I promise you they normally like everyone!” 

You:  “They completely shunned me! They wouldn’t even give me a chance to speak!”

Jimin: “Come here,” He would say, opening his arms up so you could cuddle with him as he would wipe your tears away.

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You: “So what do we do now? They hate us!” You exclaim, referring to the recent visit to his parents.

Jin: “Jagi, we keep going, that’s what we do, who cares about what they think?” 

You: “I guess your right,” you say, caving into his suggestion.

Jin: “C’mon, let’s go and go and make your favourite cookies and forget all this,” he would say, but deep down he would be bothered that his parents hadn’t fully accepted neither you or him.

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Namjoon: “Y/N, it’s not that bad, so what if they don’t like us? It’s not like they were ever really big figures in my life anyway,” He would say, trying to help calm you down.

You: “It’s not just that! I was really excited to meet your parents, you would always rave about how accepting they are, and when we got there, they were the complete opposite…” You said, sighing as you let your head drop.

Namjoon: “I know baby, I guess maybe they just don’t like the idea of you not being from Korea,” He suggested.

You: “Well, I’m sorry if I can’t be native from here,” you said, defensively. 

Namjoon: *turns to you* “Look, I don’t care if you aren’t Korean, I love you the way you are, okay? So forget about what they think, because you still have me, accepted or not.”

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Yoongi wouldn’t say much as both of you would silently enter the apartment you both shared. He wouldn’t know how to start the conversation. His parents had openly admitted that they do not like the both of you together as a couple, even though you both have been together for over a year now. 

You would go over the couch to sulk as he would march on over to the kitchen to make you some hot chocolate. When that was all done, he would come over to the tiny little living room you both shared and hand you the mug.

You smile lightly as him as you would sip on it. He sit down next to you and lightly pamper your head with light kisses, and that’s all you would need, just the comfort that he would still be there for you.

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Taehyung loves his parents deeply and family is really important to him, but knowing that they did not fully accepted the both of you together would crush him. He would do the best to stay positive by giving you lots of kisses and treat you like the princess you are. But his parents not fully giving both of your relationship a chance would deep down bug him.

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Much like Taehyung, he would try to stay positive and cheer you up, but he would be more physically showing that he’s hurting that his parents didn’t fully accept the both of you together. It would definitely put a slight damper in the relationship for a little while until both of you would sit down and have a talk about it.

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Jungkook is pretty sensitive so he may have to reflect as to why his parents didn’t accept you or him being together. It would bother him to the point where he wouldn’t know how to act normal around you until one day he would just break down and spill all his concerns out to you, and you the same. 

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Stop reblogging your shitty fic. Its a piece of unoriginal crap and so are you. No kne is goig to read it no matter how many times youfucking reblog it. Do you need someone to write a post on each fucking part telling you how fucking bad it is? Leave the dragon age fandom no one fucking wants you here.

I’ve literally been sitting here, staring at this message (and the others) for a good hour or two, debating whether to reply or to delete it like I usually do. I’m not having a good time of it recently, and let’s just say you’ve caught me in a very emotionally and mentally unstable mood. I’m going to regret replying to this and opening a can of worms. But there we go.

Who are you?

Are you one person sending lots of messages? Or a group of people sending one message each?

Why are you hate following me if you hate my work so much? If you hate me so much? 

What have I done to earn your anger? I’m really curious. I know you’re unlikely to answer, I’m speaking to the air. But I am curious to know what I’ve done that makes you so aggressive towards me?

You (be you one person or a group) send these messages every time I upload or reblog my own work. Every. Time. It’s a waste of your time, my time, and more than that, it’s actually very hurtful. I generally delete the messages and move on, because you don’t deserve the attention. Mine or anyone else’s. But actually, these messages are painful and mean, and take away from the nice things people have to say.

You make me regret having anon asks on, because you just abuse them and do so to make me feel like a shitty person for wanting to share something I’ve worked hard on. You make me feel like shit for wanting to take pride in the one thing I am marginally good at. And what for? Why? What is your reason for wanting me out of the Dragon Age fandom?

Is it because I don’t adhere to certain fucking headcanons? Is it because I don’t sandwich my Warden or Inquisitor between Alistair and Cullen? Is it because I don’t kiss ass? Is it because I don’t ship the ‘popular ships’? I mean, what the fuck is it? Or is it just because you have nothing better to do?

I’m so sick and fucking tired of this happening over and over again. I haven’t done anything to deserve it.

yeah I made yet retrowave another playlist MMm


Leave a message Trevor Something // Mercy Lorn // Miami Showdown DIGITALISM // Roller Mobster [Power Glove Remix] Carpenter Brut // Electric Nights [Who-Ha Electron Takeover] Stilz // Pulse of The Streets MegaDrive // It’s Safe Now Scattle // Out of Body Dance With The Dead // Neon Nights DJ Ten // Emphazed Krono // Waiting For The Cold Trevor Something


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Mr. Malone? What do you do when clay face uh...absorbs your car?

1. Do you have insurance?

If yes:

2. Is it a company based in Gotham City?

If yes:

File a claim. I mean, Old Clayface can’t keep it in there forever, now can he? I heard stories about him absorbing all sorts of junk and it poppin’ back up in random places. If and when you find it, hit up your company and tell ‘em Clayface absorbed it.

(Trust me, you’re not gonna want to use it after that.)

Now, the catch here, is they’re not going to help you immediately, which is why you’re going to call Wayne Enterprises and leave a very detailed message explaining your situation. 

There. Problem solved. 

Trust me, it works.  

wolfmoretti  asked:

hi, i just realised you left a "rant" under one of my posts and i just want you to know that i genuinely don't care what you want to see in the steve X reader tag. it's my tumblr and my posts, which i will tag however i want to. if you don't want to see that shit then BLOCK ME BITCH HAHAHA IDGAF HOE. message me next time so i can drag you and end your life. 😘😘 have a good day. - petty betty.


Originally posted by yukithekuki

Yeah that was like, 3 years ago? (She’s talking about this post

Listen I’m more than happy to block you. Especially now that my theory of you posting unrelated shit on unrelated tags is because you’re just craving for attention. 

I mean, if you don’t care why even bother to leave me a message calling me a “hoe”?

But blocking you now doesn’t help with the fact that I saw your unrelated post on an unrelated tag in the past. See, I couldn’t have known that you were gonna do that, in the past. Which is the reason why I did that rant. So that other attention craving bloggers as yourself, see that we, as hundreds of readers on the steve rogers x reader tag, are bothered with this situation. And so that this doesn’t keep happening in the future.  

I really don’t see how sending me a message (or answering my message with a reply) that consists of “threats” and calling names would drag me and end my life. It does, however, help you get what you’ve been seeking, which is attention. So you’re welcome. 

Have a good day too. Stay in school. Don’t do drugs. Be respectful to your elders. :)

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It's only fair..

That I announce to you all that I will be disappearing from this blog for some time. I am working alot these days and on my off days I’m busy getting things on order for my move.

I have my own place now and I’ll be focusing my free time on getting things in order there. I think I’d feel better if I did that since it is the source of my stress.

I’m not leaving forever but I will be gone for a while. I’ll probably poke my head in every now and then. And I will reply to direct messages as they come if I’m not busy.

I just wanted to let you guys know that you shouldn’t expect too much activity here.


Received from: Hanzo Hasashi
[09:09] I’m really looking forward to you coming to visit!
Sent to: Hanzo Hasashi
[09:12] Really?
Received from: Hanzo Hasashi
[09:14] Of course! I am super excited, Grandmaster. I thought Master Hasashi would NEVER get his act together and invite you! Did you like the invite he sent? I told him he was missing out on a prime opportunity to write ‘get over here’ on it and leave it at that, but he didn’t find that funny.
Sent to: Hanzo Hasashi
[09:15] TAKEDA! From now on you ALWAYS write your name at the start of a message when you steal your master’s phone!
Received from: Hanzo Hasashi
[09:17] Okay. I thought you always knew when it was me anyway. I’m the one who writes nice messages to you.
Sent to: Hanzo Hasashi
[09:20] You are preying on my hopes that Master Hasashi will become more civilised in his communications with me. If you write to me one more time without telling me it’s you first I am going to tell him everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.

I just had to block someone who continued to send me confrontational messages even after I told them not to.

Guys, if someone asks you to leave them alone, then you leave them alone. Someone has every right to not want to talk to you, but you have zero right to continue to push yourself into their life. 

I don’t tolerate harassment and I will not just sit here and have someone try to justify their screwed up views when I have already said that I don’t want to talk about them again. 

I’m an adult now. I got bored of that shit a very long time ago. 

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Boyneriver, I miss you and your knife friend so much. I've been sending her anons with greetings for both of you but she has been ignoring my messages lol So I've decided to give them to you personally. I leave looking for peace but I've gotten a river instead 😜... Big kisses from MadameOutlander 😉

Thursday, August 18, 2016 (1814 Standard Outlander Time)

Dear MadameOutlander,

Hola mi queried amigo! How wonderful to find you in my Ask inbox! We miss you here in Tumblrland. I completely understand your leaving, and am grateful you pop in to say hi now and then.

My 🔪 friend, assuming schedules were respected, would be a brand new cyber auntie right now, and is no doubt busy telling new mama @caitcrumbcake how to do EVERYTHING. (Knife Wumman 🔪 is very bossy, ye ken.)

Poor Mama Crumb will be getting a double dose of do because Knife Wumman 🔪 is a mama AND a labour & delivery nurse. Talk about a show-off, eh?

(When I talk to you I wonder how often Ms Google Translator plays a role in our correspondence. People of Earth whose first language is English have enough trouble understanding my streams of unconsciousness.)

 So, KW🔪 is not ignoring you. She’s simply busy sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. At least I hope Mama Crumb’s hospital-of-choice has trained labour & delivery nurses available…

I’m a wee bit confused how your search for peace gave you a river instead of peace AND a river. Hmm. Did you break the doohickey when you were looking? Please let me know. Repair technicians are standing by.

If I write @just-a-wretched-woman here, KW🔪 will be tagged, and possibly be tempted to read this post to see what drivel I’m spewing now. She’s bossy and curious.

Again, so nice to hear from you! Here’s a wee bit of peace to make your short visit to Tumblrland worthwhile.

Sincerely, with big kisses XXXXX,

boyneriver, BS, MS, PhD, lots of shady trees

File No. 021

Made with rocks… from the river…