thanks(?) to everyone that sent me messages and asks,i am clear up why i’m even thinking of leaving in the first place is cause i do not enjoy myself on here anymore.i feel pressured to post and pressured to live up to other blogs and generally feel unwanted. it may just be all in my head but maintaining this blog lately has become more of an obligation than something that i want to do and it’s causing me to be quite of right now i don’t know if i am gonna quit/deactivate but i just wanted to give a quick explanation so that’s that:^)

I’m sorry to the entire LGBTQIA community. Know that my heart is with you all and will be with you throughout these next four years. Know that you are supported.

I’m sorry to all the women in America, myself included, who now have to live with the idea that the government controls our entire body and reproductive rights. Remember you are all strong and competent.

I’m sorry to all the men and women of color who are scared to leave the house, go to work, or take their children to school. I hope that somehow our country can find peace so you don’t have to live in fear anymore. Don’t ever forget that you are worthy of respect just like any other human being.

I’m sorry to everyone who has or currently suffers from a mental illness. I’m sorry this night is making it worse. I’m sorry it feels like the air has left the earth and you can’t breathe. I’m sorry that our worst fears are coming true. Know that you are not alone.

I’m sorry to the Muslim men and women who will be targeted and deported for a crime they didn’t commit. I’m sorry this country has promise a life of freedom and has given you hatred instead.

I’m sorry to the Mexican and Latinx community who will have their families literally separated because someone thinks that you cause all the problems. My heart aches for you.

I’m so, so sorry to everyone negatively affected tonight. Stay safe. Stay strong.

As of now, my country is in mourning.

People are literally fearing for their lives.

There are special messages out on every social media website begging people not to commit suicide.

Way to go, America.

Narrados en una canción (P. 2)
  • ARIES: Houdini - Foster The People

Rise above going to start the war
What you want, what you need,
What’d you come here for?
Well, an eye for an eye
And an ‘F’ for fight
They’re taking me down as a prisoner’s riot

I’ve got shackles on, my words are tied
Fear can make you compromise
Lights turned up, it’s hard to hide
Sometimes I want to disappear

Focus on your ability
Focus on your ability
Now focus on your ability
Focus on your ability

  • TAURO: The Lazy Song - Bruno Mars

Today I don’t feel like doing anything
I just want to lay in my bed
Don’t feel like picking up my phone,
So leave a message at the tone
Because today I swear I’m not doing anything

I’m going to kick my feet up then stare at the fan
Turn the TV on, throw my hand in my pants
Nobody’s going to tell me I can’t

Tomorrow I’ll wake up, do some P90X
Find a really nice girl,
Have some really nice sex
And she’s going to scream out
This is great
-Oh my god, this is great-

Oh yes, I said it, I said it
I said it 'cause I can

  • GÉMINIS: Chandelier - Sia

Party girls don’t get hurt
Can’t feel anything, when will I learn?
I push it down, push it down
I’m the one for a good time call
Phone’s blowing up, ringing my doorbell
I feel the love, I feel the love

I’m going to swing from the chandelier
From the chandelier
I’m going to live like tomorrow doesn’t exist
Like it doesn’t exist
I’m going to fly like a bird through the night
Feel my tears as they dry
I’m going to swing from the chandelier
From the chandelier

But I’m holding on for dear life
Won’t look down, won’t open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light
Because I’m just holding on for tonight
Help me, I’m holding on for dear life
Won’t look down, won’t open my eyes
Keep my glass full until morning light
Because I’m just holding on for tonight
On for tonight

  • CÁNCER: One Way Or Another - Blondie

One way or another I’m going to find you
I’m going to get you, get you, get you, get you
One way or another I’m going to win you
I’m going to get you, get you, get you, get you
One way or another I’m going to see you
I’m going to meet you, meet you, meet you, meet you
One day maybe next week, I’m going to meet you
I’m going to meet you, I’ll meet you 

I’ll walk down the mall
Stand over by the wall
Where I can see it all, find out who you call
Lead you to the supermarket checkout
Some specials and rat food
Get lost in the crowd 

  • LEO: Primadonna Girl - Marina And The Diamonds

Primadonna girl, yeah,
All I ever wanted was the world,
I can’t help that I need it all,
The primadonna life, the rise and fall,
You say that I’m kinda difficult,
But it’s always someone else’s fault,
Got you wrapped around my finger, babe,
You can count on me to misbehave…

Primadonna girl,
Would you do anything for me?,
Buy a big diamond ring for me?,
Would you get down on your knees for me?,
Pop that pretty question right now baby…

Beauty queen on a silver screen,
Living life like I’m in a dream,
I know I’ve got a big ego,
I really don’t know why it’s such a big deal, though…

  • VIRGO: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - Green Day

I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don’t know where it goes
But it’s home to me and I walk alone
I walk this empty street
On the boulevard of broken dreams
Where the city sleeps
And I’m the only one and I walk alone
I walk alone I walk alone
I walk alone and I walk

My shadow’s the only one that walks beside me
My shallow hearts the only thing that’s beating
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
Till then I’ll walk alone

  • LIBRA: Pretty Hurts - Beyoncé

Pretty hurts
Shine the light on whatever’s worse
Perfection is the disease of a nation
Pretty hurts
Shine the light on whatever’s worse
Tryna fix something
But you can’t fix what you can’t see
It’s the soul that needs the surgery

Just another stage
Pageant the pain away
This time I’m gonna take the crown
Without falling down, down

Ain’t no doctor or therapeutic that can take the pain away
The pain’s inside
And nobody frees you from your body
It’s the soul that needs surgery
It’s my soul that needs surgery
Plastic smiles and denial can only take you so far
And you break when the paper signs you in the dark
You left a shattered mirror
And the shards of a beautiful girl

  • ESCORPIO: Don’t Cry - Guns N’ Roses

Don’t you cry tonight
I still love you, baby
Don’t you cry tonight
Don’t you cry tonight
There’s a heaven above you baby
And don’t you cry tonight

Give me a whisper
And give me a sigh
Give me a kiss before you tell me goodbye
Don’t you take it so hard now
And please don’t take it so bad
I’ll still be thinking of you
And the times we had, baby

And please remember that I never lied
And please remember how I felt inside
Now honey, you got to make it your own way
But you’ll be alright now, sugar
You’ll feel better tomorrow
Come the morning light now baby 

  • SAGITARIO: West Coast - Lana Del Rey

Down on the West Coast
They got a saying:
“If you’re not drinking, then you’re not playing”
But you’ve got the music
You’ve got the music in you, don’t you?

You push it hard I pull away
I’m feeling hot and on fire
I guess that no one ever really
Made me feel that much higher
Te deseo cariño, boy it’s you I desire
Your love, your love, my love

I can see my baby swinging
His Parliament’s on fire
And his hands are up on the balcony
And I’m singing oh baby, oh baby, I’m in love
I can see my sweet boy swaying
He’s crazy y cubano como yo my love
On the balcony and I’m saying
Move baby, move baby, I’m in love…

  • CAPRICORNIO: Viva La Vida - Coldplay

I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning I sleep alone
Sweep the streets I used to own

I used to roll the dice
Feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes
Listened as the crowd would sing:
“Now the old king is dead, long live the king”

I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing
Roman cavalry choirs are singing
Be my mirror my sword and shield
My missionaries in a foreign field
For some reason I can’t explain
I know Saint Peter won’t call my name
Never an honest word
But that was when I ruled the world

  • ACUARIO: Imagine - John Lennon

Imagine all the people
Living for today…
Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…

  • PISCIS: Some Nights - FUN

Some nights I stay up
Cashing in my bad luck
Some nights I call it a draw
Some nights I wish that my lips
Could build a castle
Some nights I wish they’d just fall off

That’s alright, I found a martyr in my bed tonight
Stopped my bones
From wondering who I, who I am, who I and who am I?

Well some nights, I wish that this all would end
Because I could use some friends for a change
And some nights, I’m scared you’ll forget me again
Some nights, I always win, I always win



Chapters 5 and 6 of Embers on Ice Sheets are up!!

Here are pieces I did of my favorite scenes from these chapters. Since I have this fic entirely planned out now, I’ll be updating it more regularly. I also created a playlist if anyone is interested in the other songs that will be used in this fic.

I also wanted to thank everyone who’s personally messaged me about it or been commenting and leaving Kudos. Words cannot describe how much you all make my day!! Thank you! I’m so happy I don’t have work tomorrow and I finished my hw so chapter 7 will be up sometime this week I promise.

There’s always a light in the darkness. Find yours with us.

Rikleimt’s goal has always been to heal and help our community, and right now they need us more than ever. Reach out to us if you’re in need of someone to talk to, and we’ll help you the best we can.

You are NOT alone!

Feel free to leave us a message here or on any other of our social media accounts. Our admins, much like Lexa herself, want what’s best for their people. That being said, feel free to contact them directly if you’re in need of someone who will listen (x, x, x, x, x, x, x)

@heilmojito we thank you for this amazing piece of art. We were all in need of a little light.

Hey friends, urgent advice needed: A friend was kicked out of his home two days ago after coming out to his mum and brother. He has been staying with my boyfriend since and needs advice on housing and general possibilities in London/England.

I’m not in the country right now and my bf is leaving the country soon and can’t have him stay there as flatmates aren’t comfortable with this.

Let me know if you have any advice i.e. if you know of any orgs that work with queer people of colour on housing etc. Can message me here or anonymously. A reblog would be super appreciated xx

An Even Season WOULD NOT be a repeat of season 3 and heres why

Okay so I don’t know, some of you guys who have been following my blog for a while now, might have picked up that I’m just ??? not an angry person. I like naming every single fly I see and leaving messages like “be happy” and “What’s a pigs favourite pizza? MUDLOVERS!” on the fogged up mirror after having a shower… but like recently my sister told me something that made me 


I was telling her for the millionth time how much I love Even and I couldn’t deal with how much I wanted and needed an Even season and get this, 

THIS is what she said to me: (note: please read the following in a very high pitched annoying voice that you would give someone you dislike when retelling stories)  “ew omg noooo i would hate that! omg that would suck so much and make me so annoyed.” 

Me, getting super confused and just feeling so attacked: “um what? why? what?” 

Little smelly sister: “Because omg we’ve already had evaks story! That would be so silly to do it again! it will just be season 3 all over again. Would be SO BORING”

Okay I know, I was so angry I just….couldn’t think straight and then it made me think: Did other people feel this way? Do people actually think an Even season would be an “evak” season and not a god damn Even season???? 

Because listen, that is bullshit and heres why:

1. Last season was not about Evak. 

Sure it was part of the storyline, Isak falling in love with a boy that made him see the world differently and face all of the insecurities and issues he has been repressing since season 1.

- Religion, 

- Mental illness, 

- Knowing that it’s okay to ask for help, 

- Being true to yourself, 

- Learning to accept yourself and 

- To not let fear of an uncertain future stop you from truly living life. 

Those were all of the things season 3 was about and I think it is an insult to Julie and Isak, to say that his story was just about his relationship? No. Season 3 was so much more and it was about Isak

2. Even is more than a love interest. 

oh my gosh, Even, Even, Even. This character proved to be so much more than I initially thought, the first time I laid eyes on him. This boy is amazing. He is 19 years old yet he has been through so much more than we can even imagine. He is kind, charismatic, creative, he draws silly pictures, makes movies that no one but Even himself could think of. He loves so much and smiles so bright, yet at the same time he is dealing with a serious illness that could easily control his entire life, yet ??? he is at school, trying to take charge and give himself a fulfilling happy life despite the illness that hangs over his head and tells him that he doesn’t deserve that, that he isn’t worth it. There is so much essence and potential to his character that, I just cannot see him as being just a love interest. he truly deserves to have his story told but it’s more than that…

3. His story NEEDS to be told. 

Most of my life I have spent so much time feeling things that i don’t understand and that i’m even ashamed of for feeling. How many times have you thought to yourself “no one understands me” “I am alone” How many times have you felt like no one in the entire world could possibly feel or make sense of the things you feel? 

The thing is we all have “the brain is alone” feelings but the worse part is feeling too ashamed to talk about it and believing that you are alone in how you feel. Having an Even season not only means that we have someone to represent everything that we feel and can’t put into words, someone who we can relate to and show us that if they can live a life with an illness and not let it take control, then, maybe we can too…

But it also gives a chance for people who don’t quite understand mental illness, to literally be put into the mind of someone who does and live the life of a person with bipolar. 

I can’t even fathom how brilliant that would be. Not just for people who need someone to show them they aren’t alone and how they too can fight back and be worthy of a happy life despite the illness that tells them they aren’t, but also for the people who are confused about mental illness and would like to learn more. Even can both educate, and relate to us all. 

and oh my gosh can you just imagine how brilliant that would be? Not only will we all be brought together but for once, we can talk about the things we feel and go through, without feeling ashamed and silly for feeling it. 

Because if Even Bech Næsheim, the most beautiful, sweet and charismatic guy on earth feels like this, then what is there to be ashamed of? What is there to hide? Maybe Even’s season can finally make us feel safe enough to talk about it, safe enough to not be alone. 

blue night radio - 161115
translation: fantaemsie

listener #1: sent in a message about going to see the supermoon.
jonghyun: i read the article about it, too0! i first heard about the super moon …, this kind of of word a few years ago and, ever since then, it seems like i keep hearing talk about it every year. it rained over seoul a bit here and there so i thought you couldn’t see the moon (this time). how is it? are you about to see the moon right now? for the ones who saw it …, is it the biggest moon you’ve ever seen?

listener #2: sent in a message saying that you could see the supermoon well in seoul’s sky.
jonghyun: i should try and see it, too. i’ll be leaving work later~. it seems like it’d be pretty. it’s pretty, right? but …, you know …, there’s the yellow moon and the white moon …, which one is it tonight? you know …, i really like the moon a lot. i’ve wrote lyrics about it, too. it’s somehow such a beautiful scenery, always. there’s also the full moon, half moon and the crescent moon. the amusing moon that takes on numerous shapes. it’s such an interesting natural scenery.

  • Mahiru: Kuro! You're not going to believe what happened today!
  • Kuro, gaming: The Servamp of Sloth isn't here right now, please leave a message after the beep.
  • Mahiru: Kuro... we're having a face to face conversation..
  • Kuro:
  • Kuro: Beep.
Herbs for Crystals Trade

Hi Everyone - I was super into herbs for a while and now I’m kind of over it but I have all of this stuff that I don’t need anymore!

I want to trade my herbs and herb blends for various crystals. If anyone’s interested in a trade please message me! Ideally I want one medium-large crystal per herb jar. My main goal is to clear up my space while making sure my collection goes to someone who will appreciate it!

Here are some pictures of what I have to offer!

In the above, it’s just herbs: star anise, clove, nettle, black salt, strawberry leaves, witch hazel, sea salt, thyme, coffee, orange peel, rosehips, dragon’s blood resin, lavender, rice, jasmine, powdered ginger, and peppermint.

Above are witchy blends that I have made that I no longer use. Rain water, divination powder, sleep blend, fire salts, “love yourself” blend, “dark as night” protection blend, house protection powder.

I have individual pictures of things as well. If you’re interested in a trade, let me know. I’m only interested in trading for crystals and gems and I’m not interested in clear quartz.


They’ll Tell Our Story (Cassian Andor x Reader)

I took this horse by the reigns and ran with it. (though I didn’t make too many redcoats redder with blood stains)

Using inspiration from some of my favourite Hamiltunes, I finally filled the Story of Tonight request! This was so fun to write. It satisfied my two major obsessions right now, Hamilton and Rogue One. It’s filled with a bunch of references. I wanted to include more, but I didn’t want it to sound cheesy, so here it is! I would really love to write more Hamilton-inspired fics! If anyone has any ideas, my ask box is always open.

This is set the night before the Rogue One squad leaves for Scarif. It bends the canon a bit, but it was necessary for the story to make sense.

Please send in your requests! My ask box is open and you can always message me. Thanks angels.




Requested: yep. Thanks anon you rock

Pairing(s): Cassian x Reader, Baze x Chirrut lowkey if you read between the lines, but also the whole Rogue One squad x Reader

Words: 1000 ish

Warnings: fluffiness and feelings


Drinks with the gang on what could be our last night alive… there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

Your beer and the atmosphere are bittersweet. It’s not a goodbye. You’ll never let that word pass your lips. It’s just a final chance to get a little tipsy with some good friends before your world changes completely.

You sit between Jyn and Baze at a table much too small for the six that perch around it. Bodhi is slumped over his second rum and coke (that boy is the lightest lightweight you had ever met) with Chirrut and Cassian on either side of him. The seating arrangement was at Jyn’s insistence (though you can’t imagine why she would want to sit between the most adorable couple in the resistance, you and Cassian.)

The bar was never very full to begin with, and has completely emptied save for your group by the time you’ve gotten the second round of drinks. The bartender slips into the back for a moment, and you take advantage of the alone time.

Standing, you raise your glass, “I may not live through tomorrow, but if I am to die, I wouldn’t have it any other way. When the children of the Rebellion look back on our success, they’ll tell this story. So, I propose a toast to freedom. To hope. To the six of us.”

The others stand, clinking their glasses against yours.

“Whether we succeed or fail, they will remember us.” You think of your friends, those that you’ve flown with since before you can remember, those that have lived through the war, those that have died, and those whose stories you tell. “They will tell our story.”

“The story of faith.” Baze looks across the table at Chirrut, who smiles.

“The story of strength.” Chirrut responds, reaching across the table for Baze, who takes his hand.

“The story of a little girl who found her way home, and grew up along the way.” Jyn smiles at you and Cassian.

“The story of war. And of love.” Cassian looks at you like he’s seeing for the first time, and you can’t help but grin. Bodhi quietly fangirls and Jyn gags, mocking you. Cassian pushes her back in her seat and leans over her to kiss you gently. She covers her eyes until the both of you have pulled away, and punches both of you lightly. “Gross.” She wrinkles her nose.

You speak up, “The story of a rebel, an assassin, a blind monk, his protector, a defected Imperial pilot, and a sniper. The story of the rebels who rebelled against the rebellion.” They smile at that. “The story of how a ragtag volunteer army in need of a shower,” you look pointedly at Cassian, who shrugs, eliciting laughter from everyone, “Somehow defeated an intergalactic super power.”

“Don’t jinx it.” Bodhi looks a bit worried.

“If ‘jinxing it’ was actually something to be worried about, I’d be dead.” You assure him.

“We don’t have to worry about who will tell our story after we’re gone. We can’t control that.” Baze states. “We can only control what we do. We will succeed tomorrow. I believe in that.”

“What happens if we do?” Jyn asks. “What happens if we get the plans?”

“We destroy the Death Star.” You state.

The others are silent. If we win tomorrow, we could win this war. Peace could be restored to the galaxy. Vengeance for our dead.

We could win.

These plans are the closest thing to hope that most of us have left.

You throw your head back and finish off your drink. The others follow suit. “Another round wouldn’t hurt, right?” you say in an attempt to break the tension.

Bodhi shakes his head (which is probably for the best), but the others nod. I wave to the bartender through the glass window that leads to the back. He push through the door and I stand. “We’ll have one more round tonight. Then we’ll get out of here.”

He smiles and begins pouring drinks.

Heartthrob pt 2 (Teaser #2)

“So, I have practice until six tonight, I’ll come over to your place after that?” Hoseok said as he threw his jacket over his shoulder. 

“How about I wait here until six and then we can go to your house instead? I know your parents are away for the week and my place is a bit crowded right now…” I mumbled thinking about the extended family that had invaded my home.

“Sure! Wait, how do you know my parents are away?” Hoseok ask he spun on his heel, his gaze pining me. I rolled my eyes and scrolled through the text messages exchanged between Mrs. Jung and I. She had told me a month ago that they were planning on leaving Hoseok alone and asked me to take care of him while they were away. Hoseok stared at the screen and pursed his lips.

“I’m not a child, I don’t need to be taken care of.” Hoseok said crossing his arms defensively.

“Yeah, right. Did you pack yourself a lunch today?” I asked raising my eyebrows at him. Hoseok’s eyes widened as he realized he had forgotten his lunch because his mom usually packs one for him.

“That’s okay, I have my wallet-“ I stood closer to him and reached behind him to pat the butt pockets of his jeans. I looked up at him with my hands still placed around him on his butt.

“You also forgot your wallet in your other pants.” I said cockily, smirking up at him. He looked startled for a second and then a devious smile slowly spread across his lips. He swiftly placed his arms around me trapping me against his body and leaned his face closer to mine. My heart hammered against in my chest as I felt every ridge and curve of his firm body against me. His smirked grew wider as he gazed at me, his eyes full of mischief; he moved his hands down my back to rest on my bottom.

“Hobi, what do you think you’re doing?…”

A/N: I still have a little more to write (and i have to start work now!) so this won’t be posted until the wee hours of tomorrow morning. But I hope you enjoy this sneak peak! 

11. If These Wings Could Fly

member: Jimin x reader

genre: fluff, angst

word count: 3126

summary: He was an angel, my angel, so painfully beautiful in every sense of the word that even I knew our happy ending never existed. Oh, he fell. But please, God, have mercy–he never had wings. 

Originally posted by kths

“Hey, you’ve reached Park Jimin”

Don’t do this to me.

“Unfortunately, I’m not here right now.” There was a laugh, a mere chuckle.

Thin fingers trailed the illuminated picture of the man in the contact photo, fingernails ridged and torn. Victim of a habit that had not existed before. With each sound of laughter from battered down speakers, nonetheless still sweet as honey yet painful to her ears, her hand shook in response. There was a tremor in every move, a stone in the back of her throat, weighing down to her chest, into her heart, down to her stomach and into her toes.

It wasn’t fucking fair.

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Hungry (YugBam x Reader)

Request: Poly relationship with YugBam? I think that relationship would be so cute and on the immature side as our two maknaes are so playful Fluffy interactions where they mess with other members and ends with others annoyed but mildly amused and fond of the situation? Please and thank you!

Member: Got7′s Yugyeom x Got7′s BamBam x Y/N

Type: fluff

Warning: poly relationship between Yugyeom and BamBam, it’s super cute, but if you get grossed out by it, fair warning here!

“Hyung,” Yugyeom moaned as he writhed around on the floor. “I’m hungry.”

Jinyoung looked up from the book he was reading with wide eyes and quickly scanned the room. “I’m sorry, am I the hyung you’re talking to?”

“Yessss,” Yugyeomed moaned again as he looked up at the older boy. “Jinyoung hyung, will you make me some food?”

“I’m sorry Jinyoung isn’t in right now, please leave your message after the tone,” Jinyoung yawned, looking back down to the novel in his hands. 

“HUUUUNGGRRRRYYY,” Yugyeom whined. 

I chuckled as I watched my boyfriend wiggle around on the floor. When he was tired or hungry, it seemed as if he would most often revert back into some sort of toddler mode. 

“Y/N, can’t you control that monster?” Mark groaned, passing through the living room and narrowly avoiding stepping on his dongsaeng. 

“Bammie!” I called down the hallway. “Control your boyfriend!”

“He’s your boyfriend too!” BamBam called back. I groaned and rolled my eyes, I proceed to hop over the side of the couch and wander down the hall. 

“Bammie,” I whispered, sticking my head into he and Yugyeom’s bedroom. “Yuggie is hungry…and I am too. Will you make us Thai food?”

“In ten minutes,” he muttered, tapping at his mouse furiously. Youngjae sat by his side, not even acknowledging my existence as they both focused on the game of League of Legends before them. 

I felt hands press against my sides and a voice appear in my ear. “What did he say?” Yugyeom whined, nuzzling into my neck. 

“That we have to wait,” I grumbled. 

“Aish!” Yugyeom spat, shooting BamBam a dirty look. “Bammie, don’t you love us anymore?”

“Of course I do. I heard Jaebum hyung loves you guys too, you should probably ask him to make you food.”

At that moment, JB was walking down the hall and stopped, looking at the situation with lifted brows. “This is one mess I’m not touching,” he chuckled before continuing his trek back down the hall. 

“Ten minutes in League of Legends time is like ten years,” Yugyeom moaned with a stomp. 

“Yah, Jackson hyung!” he called as he released my hips and disappeared into the next room. 

“No! Keep your lover’s quarrel in there!” Jackson screeched. “But if he happens to be cooking, I am also hungry. Just putting that out into the world if anyone was curious.”

“I mean, if we’re asking, I’m kind of hungry too,” Youngjae sighed, shooting a curious look at BamBam. “I can finish the game if you want to start cooking.”

“Ugh,” BamBam groaned, slamming the mouse down and standing. Youngjae quickly took his spot in the rolling chair and began clicking manically. 

“Hey,” I hissed, furrowing my brows. “Attitude check.”

BamBam’s face softened and he leaned into me, wrapping a careful hand on my lower back. “Sorry jagi,” he whispered, setting a delicate kiss on my temple. 

“Oh, she get’s a ‘sorry jagi?’ I get a ‘you can starve!’” Yugyeom pouted behind us. 

BamBam rolled his eyes at the younger boy and grabbed him by the wrist, pulling him in with his opposite arm. “Sorry babe,” he sighed, standing on his tiptoes and kissing Yugyeom on the temple as well. 

Yugyeom leaned away, shimmying his shoulders slowly with a pout. “So why do you call Y/N jagi and not me?”

“Dear God Yugyeom,” BamBam groaned, fighting the smile on his face. I watched the younger boy carefully as he broke into a smile as well. Both boys engulfed me in their arms and screeched as they began to tickle my sides. 

“Stahp, oh my god, please, I can’t breath!” I croaked, melting into a puddle on the hardwood as their narrow fingers flew across my ribcage. 

“The chop stick twins strike again,” JB chuckled, poking his head from the door. 

“Yah, hyung!” BamBam said, halting his tickling and looking to his older member. “Is that an insult?”

“No, the pair of you have legs that look like chopsticks, that’s all,” Jaebum said, a wry smile on his face. 

“Yah! Your…eyes look like chopsticks!” Yugyeom fired back. 

“Aish, Yugyeom, you should probably leave the insults to us,” BamBam chuckled, helping me up from the ground. 

“Your just a cinnamon roll my love,” I sighed, taking his hand in mine. “Too pure, too good.”

“I like cinnamon rolls,” BamBam nodded with a smile, wrapping his arm around Yugyeom’s waist. 

JB rolled his eyes at the exchange and looked on us pleasantly. I knew the boys were a handful for him on his own, but add me to the situation and he had to deal with chaos a lot of the time. Even though we were crazy, I was pretty sure he was still fond of us. 

“What are you making?” Jinyoung called from the living room, the appearance of BamBam making him suddenly interested. JInyoung had no self control when it came to BamBam’s Thai food although he wouldn’t admit it. 

“Pad kra prao,” BamBam said quickly as he gathered pans from different areas in the kitchen. I set my elbows on the bar and watched as BamBam tied an apron on and giggled at Yugyeom doing the same. 

“So all helpers will get rewarded with food,” BamBam nodded, smiling brightly at Yugyeom and giving him a quick kiss. 

“I don’t need to help to be fed!” Jinyoung pouted. “You have a boyfriend AND girlfriend for that.”

“Y/N can’t help because she tried to cook Thai food with me once and almost set me on fire,” BamBam chuckled. I nodded happily and shot a smug look to Jinyoung. 

“Well, I can arrange to do the same,” Jinyoung hissed, lifting his brows. 

“On second thought, Yugyeom and I will just cook for everyone and if they’d like to help that’s fine too,” BamBam nodded. “I prefer my eyebrows not scorched.”

“You’d still be cute,” Yugyeom cooed, wiggling his butt. 

“That’s beside the point,” BamBam laughed as he busied himself chopping ingredients. Jinyoung leaned beside me and put his hand under his chin. 

“You’re lucky Y/N,” he sighed, giving my a friendly smile. He slowly directed the loving expression to the boys in front of him. 

“I know I am,” I nodded, his smile spreading onto my own lips. “But what makes you say that?”

“I can’t even get one person to go out with me,” JInyoung laughed. “And you have two. They’re a pain in the ass…but they’re good guys…and they love you and each other a lot.”

I nodded slowly. “Thanks JInyoung oppa,” I sighed. “But if you think your sweet words are what’s going to make me give up my portion of delicious Thai food to you, you’re wrong.”

“Damn,” Jinyoung grumbled, his smile turning to a frown. “I take it all back. You guys suck. Quit being cute.”

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Bedtime || Dan Howell x Reader

A/N: Hello there! welcome to my blog, my name is Kailyn and I am here to share my writing with you! Not gonna lie, I wanted to have this up sooner than tonight but yesterday was my birthday, and I didn’t get home until late last night, and then when I tried to write it my internet crashed, and it was a mess. But it is here now! I really hope you guys enjoy this, seeing as it is my first Dan x Reader ever done. So, please tell me what you think. Send me messages, like it, do whatever, but please do not just leave me hanging, okay?

Quietly, you opened the door to Dan and Phil’s flat, kicking off your shoes and setting your keys down gently. Dan had warned you beforehand that he was going to be filming when you got off of work, and you wanted to disturb him as little as possible. 

As you crept up the stairs, you could hear Dan talking to the camera. You paused for a moment, loving the sound of his laugh, knowing that his dimples would be poking out at the camera. You set your bag down by one of the chairs, quietly cursing as you remembered that you left your laptop on Dan’s bed this morning. Sighing, you drop down onto one of the sofas, unlocking your phone and starting to play on it.

A few minutes later, you feel something shaking you. Grumbling, you open your eyes to see Dan’s face in yours. “Hello there.” You say, smirking at him, your eyelids drooping.

“Come on, sleepy girl. Let’s go to bed.” He says, pulling on your arms. You shake your head, groaning. 

“Carry me.” You tilt your head upwards, your eyes still not open, a small pout on your lips.

“Come on, then, love.” Dan says, bending to scoop you up in his arms, bridal style. Your arms automatically wrap around his neck, your head falling onto his chest. Dan pushes the door to your shared bedroom open with his foot, gently setting you on the bed.

You sit up, your eyes opening to almost complete darkness. You stand up and move to get pajamas, sitting back down on the bed. You start to change, not even caring that Dan is in the room. At this moment, all you want is to get some sleep, and some cuddles from Dan. 

“Someone must be really tired.” Dan mumbles in your ear, as he crawls into the bed beside you, one arm wrapping around your waist and pulling you into his chest. You murmur happily, nodding. “Goodnight, Y/n.” 

“Goodnight, Dan.” You say, and moments later you have both drifted into a content sleep, not waking up until the sun bathes you in light the next morning.

im terrified for my safety right now.

like ive said in other posts before, allyship is absolutely necessary. i need you to step up when you see harassment. 

this lack of allyship is breaking me. i frankly no longer think educating is worth the harassment i get for it. especially considering that the people i do it for, and who agree with me, will not speak up for me in return. im just scared. allyship goddamn matters. the absence of it will continue to make people leave this website. friends turn into enemies the second you say “dont support problematic books” here.

im shutting down all message services and will no longer interact with posts on my tumblr. everything will be queued. you’ll still get content and links and all, but i no longer feel safe interacting.

call it drama, call it whatever you will, but this is breaking me. i cant do this. i get the most harassment from tumblr and this is the alternative to leaving altogether.

feel free to connect with me on other spaces. but just not here.

The mission had been simple enough, Tenten grimaced as she stood straighter than usual, a bead of sweat already forming on her forehead.

Get inside the room, put the message in his desk, get outside the room.

Very simple. So very simple, in fact, that even a dimwit could do it.

And yet here she was, caught in the act, her breath leaving her abruptly. Mentally, she cursed her overconfidence – this wouldn’t have happened had she been extra careful, but her pigheadedness got to her first. Next, she cursed her best friend, Rock Lee, because… Well. None of this shit would have transpired had he stopped pestering her with his youthful nonsense.

But push her to the brink of insanity Lee did, and now Tenten found herself face-to-face with her own personal nightmare.

Hyuuga Neji. Her best friend number 2 (although Neji adamantly refused being a second to Lee in everything). Stick-up-in-ass president of the their school’s Martial Art Club. And currently reading what would be her Valentine’s Day-slash-confession card.

Tenten swore she was the butt of destiny’s joke right now.

She flinched when he cleared his throat, then went on a defensive stance when he, magically, whipped a pen out of nowhere and began scribbling something in the card.

Tenten raised a brow when Neji gave it back to her.

“What?” She asked, defenses still up as her eyes shifted between him and the card he was offering.

“Take it,” was his gruff answer. He looked away the moment Tenten did receive the card. 

With his eyes no longer focused on her, Tenten felt her lungs automatically breathe again, and she quickly checked what Neji wrote for her, already bracing herself for the incoming rejection. 

What she hadn’t expect, however, was for Neji to erase “VALENTINE” from the card’s BE MY VALENTINE message and, below the discarded word, add “forever” elegantly.

Tenten blinked, felt the air rush out of her lungs once again, before slapping her already-red cheeks. Rereading the note, she grinned nervously, her hands still shaking.

“Hyuuga Neji!” She groaned, chuckling. “This has got to be the corniest thing you’ve ever done, you jerk!”

“It better be a yes.” He was still not looking at her, though the tips of his ears had turned redder than a tomato.

Tenten reached out and pulled an ear. “It’s a yes, dummy.”  

Neji took her hand and nodded. “Good.”


That has got to be the corniest I’ve ever written but whatever cos HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!