“Tell me… Do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls?”

Joker Game Drama CD 3 “Go For It! Year 2 Class D Sakuma-Sensei” Cast Comment


–Please tell us your impressions of any scenes or lines after the recording–

Yuuki ・Horiuchi Kenyuu: Most of the scenes left a big impression for me. The idea for the haunted house plan was especially unique that I laughed a lot. Yuuki’s tone hasn’t changed from last time, so I had an easy time doing this. I’m really glad I wasn’t a middle school student character (laughs)  

Miyoshi・Shimono Hiroshi: It’s just so different from the anime that I laughed. Not to mention, I’m middle school student! I wanted to act it out, but as I thought the D Agency members really aren’t like students…. Also I realized once more that Miyoshi really is a nasty guy.

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The feeling when it’s time to eat (for Sho at least 😁)

Source: Arashi ni Shiyagare 2016/07/30

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Fish out of water: Memaids/mermen or selkies?


i mean I love mermaids! Ariel is a deep and very important part of my childhood. I spent many an hour swimming pretending to be a mermaid. i love imagining how you could world build a mermaid society. I love stories about mermaids on land or humans turned into mermaids and that whole “fish out of water” trope. I mean I really like mermaids! 


At the risk of sounding hipster…they have been done a lot. There is a wealth of stories about them and while I love them I am fascinated by selkies and all the untold stories they represent. 

Like a tragic tale of love between a man and a selkie she doesn’t want to return but she can’t stay with him anymore. Or a second generation selkie whose mother chose to stay on land but she is desperate to return to the sea. Or a selkie whose skin is stolen from her and she is forced to stay on land against her will until she can figure out a way to get it back. There are just so many possibilities! But probably the biggest reason I am in love with selkies is “Song of the Sea”  Because look at it!

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Make me choose between: historical figures, ships, eras,mythological characters, artists, or  musicians


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So here I am, thinking to myself gosh, pokemon go has actually gotten me back into the pokemon game. so what if i played one of the pokemon games. what if i actually played one that came after gen 1? because i mean, i really only played blue and yellow, and i tried silver but maybe i was too young because i got really frustrated with how it was more complicated/time became an aspect of it/etc, and never really got any of the rest of the main games afterwards. but now i’m an adult who could definitely understand and handle it so maybe i should look into one of the later gens–

>pokemon yellow and blue are available for download through the ds store for like $10

oh no

what if i replayed one of them for literally probably the millionth time in my life????

dude sonic heroes was such a good game why doesnt anyone ever talk about sonic heroes it was my shit when i was a 9 yr old it was the best sonic game