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I'm a newbie, why do Cubs fans hate Sean Rodriguez?

Hi, newbie! :) Consider this your official Warm Welcome™ - it’s great to have you, and I’m so glad you’re not shy about asking questions!

It’s a little convoluted, but I’ll try to ź. FYI, you’re gonna see me omit the letters in a couple names here and there - that’s a courtesy to people who might be fans of those players, so that my post don’t invade their tags.

Flash back to the 2015 Wild Card - Cubs @ Pirates in an all-or-nothing contest for the postseason. The Pirates are getting bashed by the Cy Young Award winner, Jake Arr*eta. It’s frustrating, because it’s our second year in a row having to play the Wild Card, a single game, against a team with the best pitcher in the majors. It’s also frustrating because Arr*eta tossed some very unwarranted arrogance at a Pirates fan twitter and basically insulted the whole city. And it’s ALSO frustrating because he hit several Pirates batters despite his “legendary control.”

It’s the top of the eighth. Everyone in Pittsburgh is ready to die. And out of the bullpen trots Frank Sinatra lookalike Tony Watson to pitch to Arr*eta. Here’s something you should know about Frank Sinatra lookalike Tony Watson: he doesn’t fuck around. For better or for worse, he will retaliate if you unrepentantly bean his friends.

And that’s exactly what he does, in the form of a baseball fired neatly into the seat of Arr*eta’s pants. The latter begins losing his shit like Watson had broken his pitching hand, and - you guessed it - the benches cleared.

Honestly? It’s a run-of-the-mill bench clearer. Lots of yelling, a little elbowing, and mostly one or two guys losing their shit while the other thirty-eight try to keep them from doing anything stupid and getting themselves ejected. The Cubs backup catcher, David R*ss, in the group trying to push everyone apart and break it up, along with our friend Sean.

(Look, Sean Rodriguez is a hothead, no doubt about it. He’s never met a bench clearer he didn’t get ejected from, because he has a very very low threshold for being fucked with. If nobody pushes him, though, he’s good about not pushing back.)

What happened next was ultimately a misunderstanding. So as they’re trying to keep things cool, and seemingly out of nowhere, Rodriguez takes a BIG FUCKIN’ SWING at R*ss’s bald li'l noggin and gets tossed from the game. Not so nice. To make matters worse, he rather infamously landed a few punches on the gatorade cooler in the Pirates dugout on his way out of the game. (Hothead, remember?) He later issued an apology.

Now, here’s what the broadcast failed to explain, and what a lot of baseball fans still don’t realize - and this comes directly from R*ss; I’m not making it up. Rodriguez and R*ss were both trying to break up the fight. Sean was trying to get R*ss to back off of the Pirates, and moved towards him. R*ss put up his hands to push against Rodriguez’s chest…

…and instead misjudged the angle and wrapped them around his neck.

Of course umps didn’t catch the whole CHOKING part, and only tossed Sean. Sean, meanwhile, was (and presumably still is) livid that he was ejected for self-defense. He’s said that his fist never connected with R*ss, but in retrospect, with all the trouble it’s caused, he wishes he’d actually decked the guy.

Now, something you might notice about Cubs fans - a lot of them are lovely people. Maybe even most of them! But a lot of them are also ready to carry every grudge to the grave (as evidenced by what happened to this poor fucker). So Sean becomes the Biggest Heel in Chicago. He knows the truth, so he doesn’t really give a shit. In fact, I’m 90% sure he lowkey enjoys it.

Since then, Cubs fans have booed him in every at-bat at Wrigley. During our last series there, there was a great debacle amongst Cubs twitter because he “stared down” their pitcher. (Still no word on where he should’ve been looking during an at-bat.) Much of Chicago is convinced he’s the antichrist, but he’s found a sizable silver lining: if he plays well, it absolutely slays them. If he plays poorly, it doesn’t matter - they’ve already had the entire inning ruined by the reminder that he exists and would probably take on everyone in the stadium if given the opportunity.

In my opinion, it’s time to bury the hatchet. I’m not mad at R*ss; I’m mostly not mad at Arr*eta; I like almost every player on that team. But until the booing fans find some chill, I’m content with watching Sean Rodriguez make their li'l heads explode.

That’s about it! Just a bad situation, ultimately. I’m glad you asked and gave me a chance to elaborate. Please, if anything here is unclear, or if you have ANY OTHER QUESTIONS about the Pirates or baseball or anything AT ALL, drop me another line, on or off anon.

Hope you have a great night! 💖


Okay so!!! Me and @artcanary with help on the streams have been working on the Ninjago Superhero Au!! Me and Canary have an entire story with more info on their powers and how their powers work, but, I’m gonna wait for other people to ask about it. You can probably guess who’s who. Two however are just ocs. Feel free to ask questions! And just so you know, the group is called The Natural Disasters!

Pokemon Sun Moon Manga Previews

A boy named Akira and his Iwanko are about to embark on a great adventure in the Alola Region! But first…he’s playing fetch with his pokemon using a Monster Ball! A young girl scolds him for goofing off but Akira tells her not to worry; after all, with his Z-Ring by his side he’s ready to give it everything he’s got!

The new Sun & Moon manga will be written and drawn by Yabuno Tenya. 

Thanks to JB2448 for informing me about the previews.

Not to be confused with Pokemon Special, this is a different manga, but good news nonetheless.

A lot of ya’ll have been asking me to draw the full Universe Falls zodaic wheel, so here it is. Depending on how things go, it might change (for instance, I might replace Jasper with someone else if the need be) but this is what I got for now. I’m not gonna list all the names right here and now, since I plan on doing something else with this thing soon… But for now, enjoy!

langblr accent tag (russian)
  • langblr accent tag (russian)
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hey y’all I was tagged for this by @norwegian-wool !! I was gonna do it either way but shoutout to her for being a homie. so here’s my russian attempt at this tag, I tried to just do it without preparing anything so there’s plenty of awkwardness but w/e :~)

1. what’s your name?
2. how old are you?
3. where are you from?
4. what is/are your native language(s)?
5. when and why did you start learning start learning your target language?
6. have you ever been to a country where your target language is spoken?
7. have you ever been mistaken for a native speaker of your target language?
8. whats your favourite word in your target language?
9. what is in your opinion the most difficult word to pronounce in your target language?
10. do a tongue twister in your target language.

I tag @wonderful-language-sounds, @tchaikovskaya, @rukopisi-ne-goryat, @chaliapin@dom-takeson-russian, and literally every single other person who is learning russian and it would be so cool if you messaged me your audios so that I could listen to them and reblog them pleez

langblr accent tag by @languageoclock

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wanted to share the love today about some amazing people <3
the list is very asagao heavy im aware (theres only like two people who are not themed in asagao stuff), but you gotta go with the main fandom since thats all ive been reading lately. sorry

in other words, have a list of some wonderful people who have either written amazing things, and/or contributed awesome headcanons/ideas/etc., cause even if this is to celebrate fanfiction writer appreciate day, i feel like the fan source material is just as important as the actual content <3


im sure im missing someone and i am so sorry, so im asking people to reblog this post and add names here, even if they are duplicates, to share the love cause everyone deserves to be included! <3

Overwatch as Jem Songs

Soldier 76 — It’s a Hard, Hard Life
Reaper — Jealousy
Genji — Look Inside Yourself
McCree — Freedom
Tracer — Time is Running Out
Pharah — To the Rescue
Bastion — Alone Again
Mei — I Believe in Happy Endings
Widowmaker — Real Me
Hanzo — I’m Gonna Hunt You Down
Junkrat — Takin’ it All — Hollywood Jem
Reinhardt — Beat This
Torbjörn — Back in Shape
Winston — Putting it All Together
Roadhog — Here Comes Trouble
Zarya — Outta My Way
Symmetra — She’s Got the Power
Lúcio — Music and Danse
Zenyatta — Friend or Stranger
Mercy — Safe and Sound
Ana — Family Is…

Sombra — Who Is She Anyway

(I can’t believe I spent multiple hours on this)

This is going to be one hell of a reply post, so please bear with me. :)

A big, collective thank you to all of you who have stood up for me. It really means a lot to me. Individual responses under the cut. :)

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  • Hilmes:[meeting the Zahhāk Magi] Gentlemen. Ah. I am so sorry that I'm...
  • Arzhang:Late.
  • Sanjeh:We knew you would be.
  • Gundi:We know everything.
  • Gustaham:Past.
  • Beedo:Present.
  • Gurgan:And future.
  • Purad:[aside, to Zandeh] Indoor plumbing. It's gonna be big.
“Frigida Nocte - Reunion“ {Teen! Sam Drake x Reader}

Prologue     1    2    

a/n; thank you guys so much for the support on this series! it means the world to me!! i’m so glad everyone likes it so far,, this chapter is a little bit shorter than usual but the next one is gonna be way longer bc shit hits the fan………  y’all will see. not much happens in this chapter other than character dialogue and lil bit of scary stuff (just a lil bit) 

tagging @emiliasuncharted @brothersdrrake, @impossible-box, @tildewahlbeck to let them know the next chapter is out

Summary; As everyone arrives at the lodge, things are starting to go south because of the tension between certain people.

Warnings; violence, swearing, name calling, nsfw talk, i think mike refers to the reader as a religious term at one point or another so if that offends u… heads up

“Here we are.” you said upon stepping foot inside the Washington lodge, you wiped your boots on the doormat, Sam mimicking your actions.

“Feels just like home.” He smiles, stopping before he takes his jacket off, “I see Josh still feels like going economic on the heating bill.”

You groan, of course. Josh didn’t bother turning on the furnace before everyone came over. You two walked into the living room, Emily walking over as soon as you did. Emily came over and waved, you both waved back.

“(Y/N), glad to see you made it.” Emily says pulling you in for a hug, “Glad to see you got here before Barbie did.”

Barbie? Ah, right, she was referring to Jess. You merely nodded in reply, not wanting to start anymore drama than was needed. After exchanging small talk, you two talked to everyone who had arrived. Josh walked over,

“(Y/N)? Ashley? Wanna see your rooms?” Josh asked, you agreed as he led you upstairs to Hannah’s room. You weren’t going to debate, besides, you always used to share a room with Hannah on the winter getaways. The only difference was that she wasn’t here with you guys, and neither was Beth. He led Ashley to her room leaving you behind in Hannah’s room. As you made your way downstairs you heard a yell from the doorway.

“What’s up party people?” Mike yells, raising his arms in the air with Jess following in behind him.

Heey!” She walks in, greeting everyone a hello with a wave, Samuel doesn’t wave back and neither do you. Emily shoots a glare over to the couple, eyeing Mike a little bit.

It didn’t take you long to get out of there, you knew if you stayed you would definitely start an argument with Jessica, while she wasn’t as temperamental as Emily, you still got in fights more often.

Alongside with Mike, she also didn’t bother apologizing about the prank. Hey, maybe that’s why they got off together. You stepped outside again, taking in a deep breath of cold air to calm your nerves.

A walk, a walk would definitely help cool your nerves right now. You set out wandering not too far from the lodge, the last thing you wanted right now was to get lost, besides, Sam had the map right now. Which each second and minute that passed you were beginning to regret coming back to Blackwood Pines.

You stopped by a rail guard, observing the view from the mountain. It was breath taking, really. And it almost took your mind off of things. You rummaged through your pocket and took out your phone, no service, of course.

You turned it off, saving battery and put it back in your pocket. Truly, you got lost taking in the sight of the mountain.

“Nice view isn’t it?” You jump, startled. Turning around you wish you didn’t, you’re greeted by the one and only Mike.

Is jumping off the rail guard a bad idea?

“It’s pretty.” You reply sternly before turning around to look at the view again, your weight resting on the bar. Hopefully you’d be able to end this conversation, quickly.

“Yeah, I know something else that’s prettier.” He mentions, joining you on the guard rail.



You bite your lip, looking to your right avoiding eye contact with him, “Thank you, I suppose.” You were sure if Jess was here she’d push you straight off the mountain. If she did, you wouldn’t be complaining. 

“So, little birdy tells me you didn’t want to come here this year?” He asked, scooting closer, you scooted further away.

“Little birdy is wrong, I wanted to come here this year.” You retorted, your tone trying to remain as sincere as possible, “I knew I wouldn’t be locked up in a shed in the middle of the forest again.” 

He didn’t reply to that, and neither were you expecting him to. 

“About last year… you were getting out of hand.” He says with a sigh.

“I’m sorry, I was getting out of hand?” You turned to face him, your brows furrowed in frustration, “I’m not the one who decided to play prank of the year on Hannah.” 

Mike opened his mouth to reply but the inhuman screech behind him stopped him before could speak, you turned around, your eyes squinting to try to see something. He regained his composure and asked, “What the chicken fuck was that?”

You turned around to look at him again, frowning more intensely than before, “Another one of your pranks I suppose?” 

He shakes his head, “That wasn’t me, (Y/N).” 

Your laughter reeks with sarcasm, “Yeah, of course it wasn’t.” you breathe out watching the puff of cold air come out, “It’s never your fault isn’t it?” 

You walk away, leaving Mike staring at the general direction of the noise. You keep your head down while you’re walking and your hands in your pockets. 

“Oh, there you are.” You heard Samuel, he laughed before continuing, “thought they locked you up in a shed again.”

You shrugged, “I was sight seeing until my peace was interrupted. If you’re going that way heads up Mike’s probably playing a prank on everyone.”

His eyebrows raise, “Another prank? They never learn do they? Numbskulls.” You nod, agreeing.

“Anymore havoc at the cabin?” You ask, hoping greatly the answer was no.

“Nothing too interesting darling.” He sends you a wink before heading in the direction you came. 

“Sam! I’ve gotta tell ‘ya, me and (Y/N) heard this noise.” He laughs, “scared the badonkers outta’ us.” 

Sam’s face is serious, not really getting Mike’s humor right now. His brows are furrowed and he’s sending his glare over to Mike, “You never learn do you? These pranks aren’t doing anyone good.”

“Prank? No who told you that, (Y/N)?” He groans, “she’s really gotten her panties in a twist over last year. Hannah and Beth are gone and she hasn’t moved on yet.”

“You haven’t even given as much as an apology, how do you expect her to be on your side?” Sam steps closer to Mike.

“Listen Sam, just because you have the hots for Miss Virgin Mary doesn’t mean everything she does is justified.” 

“No, you listen up Mikey, quit trying to place the blame on someone else. What happened last year was partly your fault.” He says, for a moment only the wind could be heard. 

Sam tugs on Mike’s collar, his tone getting harsher, “Leave her alone, you don’t deserve her.”

“I see you’ve noticed my flirts–”

“I’m pretty sure the last thing she wants right now is the goddamn village bicycle following her around.”  He lets go suddenly, Mike wiping his vest in response, muttering the word village bicycle under his breath before walking off.

And so the group scatters, Jessica and Mike heading to the guest cabin, Ashley, Chris and Josh playing around with an Ouija board, Samantha going to her well deserved bath and Matt and Emily searching for their bag. 

You agreed on leading Jessica and Mike halfway to the guest cabin and Samuel remained at the cliff point where Mike left him, staring at the view of the mountains.

Stop Bullying People (NCT Dream)

Yall taking this “if somebody makes NCT Dream smuts i’m gonna kill you” joke to far like if you want them to stop its other ways,bullying them a spamming them with messages about how there in the wrong and calling them names ik you’re defending the boys and all but I know they wouldnt want y'all to fucking spam and send hurtful message to someone. It’s so many others ways to solve the issue than hurtful words and taunting ppl Like a example is a girl that is 14 made a joke about waiting on a nct dream smut when she was clearly joking about it(you can see it in the tags) and you really gonna call her all these names if anything thats sick enough two words Cyber Bullying

Stop Taking this too far, If anything the ppl who made post threatening ppl who write nct dream smuts are sickening also

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What if the reason Sherlock calls Greg the wrong name all the time is because he's embarrassed by his affection for him so he pulls the whole "pfft- me! I don't know THIS MAN's name!! Why- why would i???"

Very viable reason; I like the way you think. There have been a lot of theories (and fics) written about why Sherlock purposely or subconsciously forgets Lestrade’s first name and all of them are more artful than the running joke that the creators like to perpetuate.

I’m gonna go stick this in the tag and hope people comment with a headcanon (or six)  about this ;)

long awaited, super postponed,  really overdue and cheesy but awesome post

For all the lovely people who made my days a little brighter <3
Thank you all for just being you!!
(if you think this is already cheesy brace yourselves it’s gonna get worse)

1. I couldn’t possibly put every person I interacted with here, please don’t be sad if you aren’t included! It just means I feel that we haven’t ~bonded~ enough yet….also I’m a shy little kitten.
2. Even if the message for you is shorter, my words are just as genuine!

VERY long post so *schnipp schnapp*

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y’all know I don’t like to engage with this sort of bullshit but like…why the fuck would you make a post about how you hate a certain character…in that character’s tag??

especially if it’s a fairly minor character in an old show because literally the only people tracking that tag now are gonna be people who really LIKED that character and they are ALL gonna see it and honestly it’s just asking for trouble

like seriously…you are entitled to your opinions on characters but if all you’re saying is that you hated them then maybe…don’t tag that opinion??? with that character’s name???

it really sucks to see a new post go up in an underappreciated character tag that hardly ever has new posts as it is and instead of lovely new fic or art or meta it just turns out to be some random person saying ‘I hate this character’


Mun: Wow! Just…wow! I never thought I would make it to 100 followers! Thank you guys so much! I honestly never thought this would happen but it did T3T I give a thanks to all my followers who put up with my drawing and other stuff! I do this blog not just for me but for my followers! =3

So as of reaching 100 followers, i’m gonna do Request Openings! Meaning that I will have 20 slots open and you can request anything from NSFW, SFW, OCs, Canon Characters, anything is negotiable with me of course! Just send me an ask (off anon cause of course I need to tag who requested what ^^’) with  request and I’ll put your name in a slot! x3

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I really want to make a post for the Fics authors appreciation day, but there’s too many names I have to tag in this , I’m just gonna forget some people and it’s gonna make me sad , and I don’t want to be sad because it’s a pretty day.


Thank you to all of you, dear authors. You’re the reason I’m still there, on this fandom. You make my days shining brighter. You make me smile, scream, laugh, cry and I’M SO JEALOUS BECAUSE I CAN’T WRITE and I feel so lucky to be a part of this, and I’m so happy when I can spread your words in my fic recs.

so, yeah , basically, thank you all of you :*

Saw an Instagram account flat out rip off my morph edits of the major ships and plaster their IG name on it as a “watermark” and ngl I was gonna go ham at first but I realized they tAGGED the players so like….. Yeah don’t credit me. That’s all yours bah Felicia