Happy birthday to the very worst monster! He’s probably, oh, I don’t know, at least a century old?

I don’t have the time to color this but I’m still pleased how this sketch came out. Did I mention I want rainbow dripping party hats for my next birthday.

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Your art is so awesome just agh,,, i wish i can get as gud as you one day


Thank you so much! I’m sure you’ll get there one day! Just keep drawing and one day you’ll get there too!

  • me writing something new:i can feel it....this is good and i'm not gonna give up
  • me:*gives up the next day*

I can’t believe she’s gone, Juno…

I know, D…I know. I just talked to her the other day…have you talked to Daddy?

No, I haven’t yet. Mom said he’s a wreck soo I’m just gonna go over there tomorrow. This is all soo sudden. Have you talked to Grandpa?

Yeah, me and Smooth went over there yesterday…he’s okay. You know him, he tries to keep his cool but I know he’s hurting. We cried some yesterday, reminiscing on old times. He’s tryna be strong for all of us…especially his kids, ya know?

Yeah…I’m gonna give him a call and check up on him. 

I called Brooklyn earlier…she didn’t answer the phone. I know she’s a mess right now but I texted Trent and he said she’s okay and he’s tryna get her through it. We’re probably gonna have to meet up or something and get the funeral arrangements together.

Yeah…I suppose. Look I’m gonna go take a nap, I’m emotionally exhausted right now. Kiss my nephew for me! Are you stopping by Mom and Dad’s tomorrow?

Yeah, I’ll be over. I can’t wait to see the twins! I haven’t seen Dany and Dean in like 2 months! And Justice and Joanna’s birthdays are coming up. It’s just soo much goin on right now.

Yeah, I can’t wait to see everyone too. It’s been a while since we’ve all got together. But I’ll see you tomorrow, sis.

Aight, sis. Goodnight…

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" #never gonna give up on this show tbh#i'm supportive" #SAME

for as long as this show runs, no matter how…interesting the storylines get–I don’t care if they end up in frickin Narnia–I will always support it.

My birthday’s actually on the 23rd, I think, but I’m down to start celebrating now! I say we have a week long birthday party. I’m gonna fill up this wishlist, so that way Amazon will give me everything I want for my birthday. That’s how it works, right? Amazon Prime gives bots who put their wishlist up presents?

Anyhow, let the partying begin!

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Name: Liz/Eli

Date and Location: 5/21/2015 USA

Last thing I googled: Never Gonna Give You Up

Gender: Genderfluid

Sexual Orientation: Asexual and Panromantic

One place that makes me happy: The movie theater

Last book I read: Kite Runner


I guess im supposed to tag 10 people, but im just gonna tag like… 5 haha :’D forgive me :’D

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me talking abt the x-files: oh u know… its about aliens and government conspiracies… and these two agents who want to find ‘the truth’ …

me thinking abt the x-files: *mulder and scully holding each others faces as phil collins - ‘you’ll be in my heart’ plays softly*

Dear television writers, 

please stop

  • brutalizing women so that your male character can have an epiphany and become stronger. 
  • thinking the only trauma destroying a women’s personhood is the only way to character development land
  • making mentally ill women the supreme villainess who deserves to die while your unstable male characters get to watch that character die and have “development” because of that death


what’s really fun is keeping track of how many times nux is thrown AWAY by the system that purpotedly created him and relies on him and the hundreds of grown-up child soldiers just like him. nux is trash. nux is barely strong enough to even go to war, he’s at the end of his rope as far as his cancer goes, and he has no value in a system that glorifies all of his defining traits.

if by some miracle he catches the eye of the center of his entire universe, it isn’t too long before he fucks up beyond all hope of redemption and is relegated to the trash heap with the rest of the traitors and breeders.

but with furiosa, max, and the wives, there’s a weird kind of freedom to fuck up there that’s never been present before. he fucks up. they kick him off the war rig. he crawls on and he fucks up again by helping out before they even know he’s there. they forgive him and move forward. he fucks up siphoning gas directly into the war rig’s engines. they let him crawl on back and then send him to do something he’s actually good at. they give him second chance after second chance after second chance and he THRIVES under it.