“Do you still want to continue this? You don’t deserve to be hid. You deserve someone who’s proud to have you and claim that you’re hers. Hindi katulad sa akin na kailangan pa nating magtago para lang magpatuloy ang relasyon natin.” aniya.

Nanatili lamang siyang nakayuko habang ako naman ay diretso lang ang titig sa kanya. Hindi ko na maalala kung pang-ilang beses na namin ‘tong pinag-usapan pero isa pa rin ang sagot ko. No way, Thane! Baby, I’m not gonna give you up. Kakayanin ko ang ganitong set-up sa ngayon. Hindi ko gusto ng patagong relasyon pero dahil ayaw mong madismaya ang mga magulang mo sayo ay rerespetuhin ko ang desisyon mo.

“Baby, I can wait. When the right time comes, I’ll ask for your parent’s permission for us to happen. I want us to happen.. so bad. And.. I can’t stand seeing you without me.” Hindi ko mapigilan ang pagkabasag ng boses ko sa mga huling salita.

She looks blue. Damn, baby. Tell me what’s on your beautiful mind? What are you thinking? Tell me, please.

“I don’t think I could still do this. Ayaw ko nang magsinungaling kina Mom at Dad. Let’s just end this up.” What?

Hinabol ko ang tingin niya ngunit iniiwas niya ito sa akin. Oh baby, you didn’t mean it, right?

Kinakabahan ako pero hindi ko yun pinahalata sa kanya. Pakiramdam ko, anytime mawawala na siya sa akin. Dammit! Inabot ko ang siko niya para maramdaman niya na ayaw ko ang gusto niyang iparating. Hinanap ko ang mga mata niya ngunit iniiwas niya pa rin ito sa akin.

“Come again, baby? I didn’t hear you right.” Pinilit kong maging maayos ang pagkakasabi habang nakahilig na ang ulo ko sa balikat niya. I love the scent of my girl. I don’t think I could still be this in love with someone else. Baby, please tell me you didn’t mean it.

Inangat ko ang ulo ko nang naramdaman ko siyang gumalaw. Matapang niya akong tiningnan. Nakita kong basa ang mga pisngi nito.

“Baby, what’s wrong? Did I do anything wrong? What made you upset? Tell me, baby. Please?” tanong ko ulit sa kanya, nagbabaka sakaling maayos pa kami.

“Damn, Ken! I don’t want you anymore! I don’t want to continue this illegal relationship. I don’t want to be a disappointment to my parents. Itigil na natin 'to! I want you gone!” Sigaw niya sa akin kasabay ng pagpikit niya dahilan kung bakit tumulo ulit ang mga nagbabadya pang mga luha.

Nalaglag ang panga ko sa sinabi niya. Natulala ako sa mga ibinato niya sa aking mga salita. Para akong sinaksak sa mga narinig ko. What happened to our promises, baby? What happened to our future? What happened to us? What did I do?

Gaano man kasakit ang mga sinabi niya sa akin, wala pa ring mas sasakit dahil nakikita ko siyang umiiyak. Galit ako sayo, Thane, but hell I won’t tell you this! Galit ako sayo pero mahal pa rin kita. Nakikita ko lang ang mga luha mo ay napapawi na agad ang galit ko at doble pa ang sakit na nararamdaman ko. Fuck! Fuck this!

I’ve got to go to auditions for the school musical tomorrow, but I have no idea what song to do for my audition, so I’m just gonna-
If I get 50 notes on this post before tomorrow, I will sing ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ for my drama audition

one of the greatest things that happened in the 3rd book of PJO was that you get this scene right, the scene where the villain (Luke) is weakened and one of the heroes (Thalia) has him cornered, and this is when the villain is like “ha… you will never do it…. you dont have the.. guts!!” and you think, oh man she’s gonna give up, and he’s going to kill her. But then,, THEN.. Thalia is basically like “lol… bye Luke” and fucking kicks him in the chest and he falls off a cliff………… honestly…. iconic


the couples of falsettos wallpapers/lockscreens

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signs as 80′s songs

aries - you spin me round (like a record) - dead or alive
taurus - under pressure - queen & david bowie
gemini - she drives me crazy - fine young cannibals
cancer - footloose - kenny loggins
leo - don’t stop believin’ - journey
virgo - free fallin’ - tom petty
libra - careless whisper - george michael
scorpio - thriller - michael jackson
sagittarius - never gonna give you up - rick astley
capricorn - don’t you (forget about me) - simple minds
aquarius - the final countdown - europe
pisces - walk this way - run-dmc & aerosmith

alright Shiro fans listen up

i know season 3 was something of a sucker punch for a lot of us. Shiro was completely gone, and when he did come back he was… wrong. i think most of us can agree that the Shiro we got back wasn’t the Real Shiro - not the Shiro we’ve known and loved for two seasons. however you feel about Clone-Shiro or Kuron or The Winter Paladin (whatever you want to call him), he’s not our Shiro. Our Shiro is still out there somewhere, and we still don’t know where he is and what happened to him, and that’s really tough and i miss our adorable confused dork a whole heck of a lot.

it doesn’t help that the run-up to this season was marked by a lot of fans arguing for such-and-such a character to permanently take over as Black Paladin. as if Shiro was only ever a stop-gap Paladin, or a placeholder for someone else. Shiro disappeared and whilst Shiro stans spent the hiatus desperately wondering if he was okay and coming back, other fans spent their time arguing for their own fave to take Shiro’s spot on the team. i had to endure a lot of meta explaining how Shiro was a “bad leader” and why some other character (usually Keith, let’s be honest) was actually much better suited to be Black Paladin and leader of Voltron. i had to endure a lot of concern-trolling along the lines of “Shiro will be much happier if he doesn’t have to lead! being a Paladin hurts him! he needs to step down so he can rest!”

and then season 3 dropped and it seemed to play out exactly as those people wanted. Keith got to lead Voltron and pilot the Black Lion. “Shiro” came back and named Keith as the “true Paladin” of Black. Team Voltron got a reshuffle, and there was no room in the new line-up for Shiro.

that hurt a lot. i’m not gonna lie about that. after all the build-up and development we got for Shiro and the Black Lion over the first two seasons, the pain of seeing her reject Shiro - even as a fake clone version of him - is very real and very raw.


i stand by the meta i have written about Shiro and the Black Lion. i stand by all of it. there are multiple signs and clear pointers across the first two seasons of Voltron that confirm, very clearly, that Shiro is the Black Lion’s true Paladin and the rightful leader of Voltron. and there are plenty of signs in season 3 that Keith is not the rightful Paladin of the Black Lion.

look at how much Keith struggled with piloting Black the first time he flew her, and how hard he found it to form Voltron. Shiro didn’t have that problem. he could fly the Black Lion straight away - just like Keith could fly the Red Lion straight away. because Keith is made for Red, and Shiro is made for Black, and Shiro is made to lead Voltron - which is why he was able to rally the team and form Voltron the first time he ever flew his Lion.

he’s a natural. a natural for Black Paladin and a natural for leader of Voltron.

Shiro and the Black Lion did not go through all the bonding and heartache and struggle they did over the first two seasons just so Shiro could step aside for someone else. Keith has not bonded with Black the way Shiro has. he never will - because he can’t. she’s not his Lion. his true Lion is Red, and eventually he will end up piloting the Red Lion again - and he’ll be much happier for it, because Red actually suits him and works well with him and gets him.

i know in my bones that Shiro is the only true Black Paladin and the only rightful leader of Voltron. i’m confident that he will be back on the show eventually, and that when he’s back he’ll once again be the Black Paladin and leader. that scene where he retrieves his bayard from Zarkon doesn’t lie. it’s powerful and meaningful and it illustrates very clearly that Shiro is the one true Paladin of the Black Lion. there is no debate about this. 

Shiro is the only true Black Paladin. i’ll say it as many times as it takes. i’ll scream it into the void if i have to. 

Shiro is gone for now, and in his absence a lot of people are going to argue that he’s a terrible leader and Keith is doing a much better job of it, or that Not Shiro is somehow “better” than the Shiro we know and love because he stood aside for Keith, or that Shiro when he comes back will be “happier” and “better suited” to flying a different Lion or not flying a Lion at all.

those people are wrong. we know they’re wrong. Shiro’s rightful place on the team is in the Black Lion, leading Voltron. again: i’ll say it as many times as it takes.

but Shiro isn’t around right now to prove that it’s true. we only have Not Shiro, and the memory of Shiro from seasons 1 and 2. people can say what they like about him right now and can’t defend himself because he’s not in the show and the team seems to be very much going along without him.

but i’m not going to let people slander Shiro in his absence. i’m not going to let people drag him down and criticise him and sideline him and call him useless and worthless and a spare wheel.

Shiro needs us right now. he’s been a source of comfort and validation and reassurance and healing for a lot of us in the two seasons we’ve had him on the show - and now he’s gone and people are coming for him hard in his absence and he needs us. he needs us to step up and push back and not let people slander his character whilst they hand his role to someone else. we need to defend him and praise him and name him for what he is: the Black Paladin, the decisive head of Voltron, the leader of the team and the only true pilot of the Black Lion.

he’d do the same for any one of us. now we have to do the same for him. we can’t give up on him. we have to keep fighting, just like Shiro would.

so until the new season drops in October, i will defend Shiro with my life. i will post as much positive Shiro content as i can, and i’ll be tagging everything as ‘black paladin shiro’ - because that’s who Shiro is. and anyone who wants to come at me and tell me that Shiro isn’t the real leader and he’s not the real Black Paladin is gonna get hit with every single word of meta i’ve ever written about Shiro and the Black Lion and Shiro’s importance to the team and the show and the fans.

i’m not gonna sit here and take it. Shiro would want us to fight, and that’s what i’m going to do.

Shiro is the only true Black Paladin, and anyone who wants to argue otherwise can meet me in the pit

au where adam has had it up to HERE with his next door neighbor playing the bagpipes very poorly so he storms over there but its a little girl and its opal and ronan is her teacher and it’s the uilleann pipes actually and he doesn’t want to crush her hopes and dreams so he’s like “i just came to tell you…… that your music……. is so beautiful.” and ronan ofc sees right through him so he’s like well if you like it that much how about you come over to listen every week so opal can get used to having an audience (: since you’re clearly such a big fan (: and adam agrees out of spite and also because, again, he does not want to crush opal’s hopes and dreams, and that’s how adam meets his future husband and child essentially because he agrees to spend every thursday evening risking the hearing in his one good ear in order to hear opal stumble through ronan’s meticulously arranged uilleann pipes rendition of “never gonna give you up”