my girlfriend bought me dlc for this game that we play together and in the notes of the gift she left a YouTube link but steam wouldn’t let me copy and paste it so, being the good girlfriend I am, I decided to just type in the whole YouTube video link into my address bar so that I made sure to watch the video she wanted me to see… so I type it in and hit enter and what do I see??? The video to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up.. she fucking rICK ROLLED ME! I DID THE WORK OF COPYING A YOUTUBE LINK BY HAND JUST TO GET RICK ROLLED. SHE TROLLED ME SO HARD AND IM SO FUCKING PROUD.

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Characters as meme songs

Eren Jaeger: Bohemian Rhapsody

Mikasa Ackerman: The Sound of Silence

Armin Arlert: Ocean Man

Jean Kirstein: Jurassic Park

Marco Bodt: My Heart Will go on (Recorder)

Annie Leonhardt: Whatcha Say

Reiner Braun” We Are Number One

Bertholdt Hoover: (an old meme) Numa Numa

Ymir: Spooky Scary Skeletons

Krista Lenz/Historia Reiss: (the oldest meme) Nyan Cat

Connie Springer: All Star

Sasha Blouse: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Erwin Smith: Never Gonna Give You Up

Levi Ackerman: Love Me Like You Do

Hanji Zoe:Windows Startup Sound

Mike Zacharias: Spongebob Trap Remix

I’ve seen posts about the paladins making up their own memes while in space, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything in regards to them referencing Earth memes and confusing the shit out of poor Allura and Coran. 


*everyone hears about Hunk’s cooking at the space mall* *proceed to throw Gordon Ramsey jokes everywhere*

Pidge, running in circles: “WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE???”

Keith, holding Lance’s face between two pieces of bread: “What are you?”

Lance: “An idiot sandwich”

Shiro, squinting at a plate of food goo: “This goo is so green, it could be coming out of your nose.”

Allura and Coran: ??????


Lance, to Keith after an argument: “Catch me outside, how bou dat???”

Allura: “We’re in space please do not exit the castle????”


*Lance slips and falls on something*

Pidge: “I can’t believe Lance is fucking dead.”

Coran, befuddled: “He’s perfectly fine all of his suits functions show-”


*loses Keith in a crowd* *Lance climbs onto a chair*



Lance: “There he is”

Allura, to Hunk: “Do humans often scream self deprecating sentences over crowds of strangers?”


Allura, in the middle of a fight: “WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP”

*cue paladins singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley*

Allura: “We are in BATTLE”


Coran, discussing infiltration plans for Galra base: “And then Shiro and Keith will enter in through the main doors.”

Shiro: “One does not simply walk into a Galra base.”

Coran: “That’s…that’s what I just said. Were you not listening?”

the signs as songs that became memes

ARIES: Gangnam Style // Psy

TAURUS: Photograph // Nickelback

GEMINI: Crawling // Linkin Park

CANCER: A Thousand Miles // Vanessa Carlton

LEO: All Star // Smash Mouth

VIRGO: Careless Whisper // George Michael

LIBRA: Wonderwall // Oasis

SCORPIO: The Sound Of Silence // Simon & Garfunkel

SAGITTARIUS: Never Gonna Give You Up // Rick Astley

CAPRICORN: Last Resort // Papa Roach

AQUARIUS: Ocean Man // Ween

PISCES: Bring Me To Life // Evanescence

The types as meme songs
  • ISTJ: Never Gonna Give You Up
  • INTJ: We are Number One
  • ISFJ: Hotline Bling
  • ESTJ: Like a Boss
  • ENTP: Trololo
  • ISTP: Running in the 90's
  • INTP: Spooky Scary Skeletons
  • ENTJ: How bad can I be?
  • ESTP: All Star
  • INFP: All around me are familiar faces( Mad World)
  • ENFJ: A cruel angel's thesis ( Evangelion op)
  • ISFP: Nyan cat
  • ESFP: Careless Whisper
  • ESFJ: Seinfeld theme
  • INFJ: Roundabout ( Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

Context: were being attacked by two hydra, and my dragonborn bard named Fiddle, plays kazoo

DM: And it’s now Fiddle’s turn.

Me: well… Exactly how hard would it be to seduce a Hydra?

DM: …. What

Me: I’m gonna play it a love song on Kazoo, and seduce it.

DM: …. Fuck, roll I guess

Me: *rolls a 19 plus my proficiency in performance and my charisma modifier* 26.

DM: I guess you-

Me: wait. *Pulls a kazoo from my bag and starts playing Rick Astleys Never Gonna Give You Up*

DM: okay- yeah- you seduce the Hydra with relative ease.

  • someone: just give up on finding the avatar already, you're not going to be able to find him
  • zuko: excuse me? 😒😤😡 aint no time ⏰⏰ to stop 😈👊 never gonna give up 💪💯 gotta catch 😎 🏃💨 the avatar 🔥💦💨🌎 gotta regain my honour 🌟👊😏
BTS as things I’ve done

Seokjin: Purposely gave my friend a broken Wii remote so I could beat her at Mario Kart.

Yoongi: Made my friend think my house was haunted by moving things around and turning things on and off and scared her so bad she refused to stay the rest of the night.

Hoseok: Almost made my mum crash the car because I shouted really loudly when I saw a bunny in a field.

Namjoon: Accidentally set fire to the greaseproof paper I was using while cooking and almost burnt the house down.

Jimin: Went on a rant about how stupid crocs are without realising the woman standing behind me was wearing them and then ran out of the store because I was so embarrassed.

Taehyung: Got lost at the Kennedy Space Centre because I walked off to take a picture of a squirrel.

Jungkook: Embarrassed my friend by dancing around a store, passionately singing along to ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ when it started playing.


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