im making cinnamon rolls and oh man i think i made too much dough

its barely half done with the rising time and its starting to flow out of the bowl 

oh jeez oh man im gonna have cinnamon rolls for months 

or if im really hungry 3 hours

also i dont think i ever showed you how the pizza ended up so ehre you go

Iwaizumi stares at the board, pen held tightly in his hand. He hunches over his notebook, scribbling down the notes. He’s so concentrated on not falling behind that he doesn’t notice that the teacher stops. Not just the teacher, but the whole class. Then, slowly, he refocuses on what’s happening around him and that’s when he hears a loud song echoing around the room.

Never Gonna Give You Up blares out at full volume from his phone. Iwaizumi flushes red in embarrassment, eyes growing wide. He awkwardly pulls out his phone, jerkily shutting off the ring tone and cutting off the music.

The teacher simply raises an eyebrow, turning back to the board. Kuroo, sitting next to him, grins smugly.

“Boyfriend steal your phone again?” He teases, smiling so hard his teeth shows.

Iwaizumi feels his neck heat up. It’s obvious that maybe he should change the password, because then he wouldn’t get embarrassed like every other time this has happened.

“Dude, you gotta change that password of yours,” Kuroo scolds lightly, eyes flicking back to the front so he can jot down some more notes.

Iwaizumi groans, hiding his flushed face with his hand. Now looking down at his phone, he sees that Hanamaki also changed his background. It’s from the previous week when they had fallen asleep on the couch. The picture is of Hanamaki laying gently on his bare chest, grinning into the camera.

Iwaizumi sighs again. He really needed to talk to Hanamaki about this.


“Hajime!” Hanamaki cheers, turning around. Their huge black Maine Coon mews in greeting from where she’s resting in her owner’s arms. “Welcome back!”

“Hiro,” Iwaizumi repeats. Hanamaki frowns, hugging the cat to his body as he raises an eyebrow in question. “You need to stop changing my ring tone.”

Hanamaki, instead of being guilty, beams. “Nope!” He sings, setting the cat down and walking off to his room.

Iwaizumi sighs. At least he tried.

An Off-Kilter Limerick

I’m gonna grow my hair out gray;
I’m gonna move to Santa Fe.
Gonna get some relief,
paint like Georgia O’Keefe,
and roll in the sage all damn day.

I’m gonna give up this urban show,
head out to New Mexico.
Gotta turn off these channels,
maybe get me some flannels—
give the simple life a go.

I’m gonna get up at 5 a.m.,
then the next day do it again.
But instead of a farm,
I’ll be using my arm
to push against paper and pen.

Naw, I ain’t gonna sit here and wallow,
reading books about Springsteen, and Kahlo—
I’ll tell you this much:
done with Twitter and such.
And anything else that rings hollow.

Yep, it’s off to the scrub brush for me,
home of horses and turquoise jewelry.
So if you look toward that sunrise
you go ‘head and surmise—
That under it I’ve become free.