What I hate about Jackson Wang

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I hate that you doubt yourself at times

I hate that you are so breathtakingly beautiful and sometimes do not realize it

I hate that you felt you needed to lose weight to be more attractive because frankly it just isn’t possible

I hate that your laugh is the cutest thing on earth (Sorry Youngjae)

I hate that people sleep on you and you take it to heart

I hate that you have my heart (So does my bf)

I hate the cute way you eat

I hate the way you effortlessly can speak so many languages

I hateeeeee your deep voice that snatches my soul ok

I hate the way you are excited by life and that it excites me 

I hate the fact that you are so generous, caring, and hardworking yet people don’t see that

I think the one thing I hate the most is that not everyone in the world will get to experience the love and appreciation I have for you 

Los signos como canciones de Lil Peep☆

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Aries LiL PEEP - Awful Things

Tauro: Lil Peep - Star Shopping

Cáncer ☆lil peep☆ // the brightside

Geminis:☆ LiL PEEP ☆ - Beamerboy

Leo :☆lil peep☆ // we think too much

Virgo :Lil Peep – No Respect

Libra:LiL PEEP - About U

Escorpio :LIL PEEP - GIRLS

Sagitario:LIL PEEP - OMFG

Capricornio:☆lil peep☆ // hellboy

Acuario: ☆LiL PEEP☆ - Crybaby

Piscis:lil peep; u said 

I don’t know what most people mean when they use the word love. If they haven’t contorted their lives around a hope sharp enough to bleed them empty, then I think they’re just kidding. A hope undoes what tiny pride you have, and makes you thankful for the undoing, so long as it promises another hour with the person who is now the world. Maybe people mean attractiveness, or affection, or pleasantness, or security. Like the nonbelievers in church who enjoy the hymns or go for the sense of community, but avert their eyes from the cross. I feel sorry for them. They are dead before their time.
—  Adam Haslett, Imagine Me Gone

nashi x storm
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In the summer taako will just walk up to Kravitz and hold him no words just the sweet embrace of death Kravitz pretends to be annoyed the first few times but he can't help it

‘can i not just show my boyfriend i appreciate him by giving him spontaneous hugs?’

‘you can but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s like a hundred degrees outside’