so excited for those season 3 karamel dynamics <3 <3

they include: 

  • kara as kara, excited because mon-el the misogynist has been sent into space
  • kara as kara danvers, thrilled because mike matthews is floating away through the stars where he can’t publicly berate her any longer
  • kara as supergirl, absolutely fucking pumped because mon-el is in some black hole somewhere and he’s never going to become valor because he’s not a hero; he’s a man who accepted slavery and misogyny, never tried to change, and left after repeatedly shaming his girlfriend for being a good person while never making a single move to change himself or repent for the gross things he’s done

kara is thrilled for these upcoming changes and so am i!!! 


YA LIT MEME REDUX; (4/10) books or series
gone by michael grant

“no. i believe in free will. i think we make our own decisions and carry out our own actions. and our actions have consequences. the world is what we make it. but I think sometime we can ask god to help us and he will. sometime i think he looks down and say, ‘wow, look what those idiots are up to now. i guess i better help them along a little’.”