So, this day has not gone as planned. The plan was to catch up with some of my studies, clean the house after the masons had been there, and maybe draw a little and be productive.

What happened was the biggest sob-day i’ve had in a while. I guess i needed it, i still feel like there’s more i need to let out (meaning i still feel like utter shit), but i just had to pull myself back together and get back home (i escaped to my mum’s house earlier today, where she’ll live for less than a month before she’s moving). I try to stay postivie, and usually it works, but some days is just too much. I even went to the store in my pyjamas without realising.


Very happy to see Morgan back. That was a wicked cool ending. For my Richonners who are concerned about his return. I just don’t see Lennie becoming a series regular or having a reoccurring role. That will pretty much kill any possibility of him hooking up with Michonne. The people want Richonne. Please keep the faith! That family shot in tonight’s ep was no accident.