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How do you think Mikorei in Titanic AU?

Oh, God. This is a glorious AU, isn’t it? First of all, and let’s just get this straight right now: there’s not going to be any, “I’ll never let go, Reisi/Mikoto. I’ll never let go.” Reisi and Mikoto aren’t about to go down like that.

I assume you want the whole tale, from beginning to end?

I like to think that Master Reisi is on his way to America to start a branch of his father’s banking firm. He’s young, talented, filthy fucking rich, and beautiful. Mikoto is young and beautiful, too, but alas, not very rich. He works in the engine room. You can imagine how unimaginably hot he is drenched in sweat all day, every day. 

Unlike Rose, who had so much of her life mapped out for her because she was a woman, Reisi gets to do what he wants. He does have to follow certain social conventions, though. His parents would like to see him married. Their banking firm will soon need a new male heir, after all. So, every night at dinner, he’s stuck entertaining the affections of the many women who’d like to ensnare him because he’s gorgeous and wealthy and, yes, very well-bred and polite. Reisi doesn’t like girls, but he knows he can’t follow the path he wants because, well, there’s a small economy that he must look after. So he tends to spend his later evenings walking along the upper promenade, brooding and smoking in equal measure. It’s peaceful there, mostly because any woman of good breeding has gone to bed and he’s left blissfully alone.

It’s on one of these late-night strolls that he realizes he’s forgotten his matches. He curses softly as he pats himself down, and then he hears a smoky voice behind him who says, “Can’t have language like that comin’ out of your pretty mouth, can we? Wanna light?”

The lit match makes Mikoto’s eyes glow and Reisi loses his damn mind at the sight of the sexy stranger. They exchange stories and lob jabs at each other, but both of them realize what’s happening. Neither’s the demurring sort, so Reisi just asks Mikoto to come back to his rooms with him. They proceed to have very acrobatic sex against the wall and on the floor before deciding that sleeping on the floor is not going to do anyone any favors. I’m talking this is the kind of sex that would make porn stars salivate. 

It’s still very, very early when Mikoto wakes. He nudges Reisi and tells him that he’s got to go to work. Of course, Reisi makes him promise to come back that evening. It carries on like that. They go about their duties during the day and continue their trysts at night. 

All’s well until that goddamn iceberg hits the boat. Fuck you, iceberg, for ruining my love story here.

Really, Reisi thinks, how annoying. He was looking forward to pinning Mikoto against the writing desk in the study and having his way with him. But it seems that the ship is sinking. He supposes he ought to do what he can to help. It’s as he’s considering the best course of action that Mikoto runs up to him and says, “Hey.” 

Reisi counters with an unamused, “Hey? You’re late.” 

Of course, leave it to the persnickety brunet to get all pissy that Mikoto’s late even though they’re taking on water, but whatever. The engineer just sighs, and says, “Idiots who built this ship didn’t build the watertight compartments tall enough. They’re only a few feet above the water line.”

And then Reisi, because he always has all the answers, says, “Perhaps we should–”

“–make holes in all the walls so that the water spreads evenly throughout the ship instead of remaining in the bow. ‘s why I was late.” This Mikoto says with a shit-eating grin, because for once, he beat the other man at his own game. He’s got a lot of practical knowledge about ships.

The two then decide to divide the distress calling work amongst some of the more able-looking folks aboard. Flares and distress signals go out constantly while Reisi helps with the evacuations. Thanks to Mikoto’s quick thinking, the boat doesn’t pitch and remains upright for much longer, allowing SS Californian to come to the rescue even though it takes them a while to get the distress signal. Some lives are lost since the boat does eventually sink, but a very many are saved. And none of the lifeboats go out half-full.

Reisi and Mikoto do pull a Rose and Jack and hop on a piece of floating wood once the ship goes down, except both of them get on it and they spend their time huddled together to keep warm. They’re both feeling rather guilty, like they could have done more. This feeling haunts them all their lives, because that’s just how they are. After they are pulled from the water, Reisi changes his name and they move to the American West. They live together on a farm that’s far enough from civilization to have privacy yet not so far as to be inconvenient. 


Very happy to see Morgan back. That was a wicked cool ending. For my Richonners who are concerned about his return. I just don’t see Lennie becoming a series regular or having a reoccurring role. That will pretty much kill any possibility of him hooking up with Michonne. The people want Richonne. Please keep the faith! That family shot in tonight’s ep was no accident.